Come to Ireland

by Peter in Ireland

July 5, 2002

The Irish Government would like to officially invite you -- that is everybody from the African and Asian continents as well as all Roma gypsies -- to come here and live a life of luxury and special privilege for the rest of your lives courtesy of the Irish Taxpayer.

Invitations have been sent out to all the third world to come to Ireland and be made for life. Free house, free car, free medical care, free driving lessons, driving license exemption, road tax exemption, insurance exemption, free baby buggies, free phone and electricity (just don't pay these bills) and many, many more perks; many, many government agencies and voluntary groups to look after you. Your faces will be put up on posters all over the country to spread the good news and to teach people especially ignorant people that you are ideal citizens and models of respectability. Your faces will be in every newspaper and every advertisement so that the ignorant locals will get used to you and learn to love you as they should. The media will enthuse about how great it is to have you. There will of course be haters who will hate you just because of the colour of your skin. They are bigots and need education but they are very few. And they can be prosecuted for incitement to hate if you so desire. You are culturally enriching, so bring your Witch doctors your AIDS, your illegitimacy, your infanticide, gang rape, child rape, female circumcision, human trafficking, child slavery, prostitution, child prostitution, war dances -- it will enhance the everyday lives of the culturally deprived Ireland.

You can work on the sly and make extra money keeping a native out of a job but that's if you're stupid, most don't. Work? That's for Irish that's below the dignity of Asians and Africans. Of course you'll pretend you want to work and you will say things like you want to contribute to Irish society, you can even say that not being allowed to work makes you feel isolated and it's preventing you from integrating into Irish society.

But why work when you can join lots of credit card scams or car insurance scams, very lucrative and soon you'll be able to get compensation from anyone you feel like getting it from. Just take a case to the non-elected Equality Authority and claim you were discriminated against because of the colour of your skin and they will order the person or the premises to pay lots more money. Or if anyone makes a racial slur against you like Michael McNulty, he or she will be locked up.

Send home some of the free money that the Irish give you so that the rest of your friends and family can come and get free houses, free cars, free mobile phones and if anyone looks at you sideways shout 'RACISM'. Remember they are privileged to have you because you bring enrichment and diversity. Don't worry about the cost (as if you would). It only costs on average 750 and there are already 200,000 of you here already so that's only 5,000,000,000. But don't worry the Irish have got lots of money and it's about time taxes went up. There are only 140,000 people unemployed here that's nothing, that's even less than the number of illegal immigrants.



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