My First National Alliance Meeting and the Unexpected Entertainment

by Jasa P. Slovjanski

June 29, 2002

I, Jasa P. Slovjanski, am writing this as a report of the events involving the Arizona chapter of the National Alliance in Phoenix on 23 June 2002. I also hope to highlight some key lessons to be learned from this experience. Having recently become an Alliance member, and having been to two informal meetings with prospective members, I was eager to meet more National Alliance members at the June meeting and get involved. I am an avid reader of Vanguard News Network and I am familiar with the stories of "anti-racist" counter-demonstrators at National Alliance rallies. But those were rallies, not private meetings. To be honest I was a bit surprised to encounter any opposition whatsoever on such an occasion.

To get right to the point, we of the Phoenix chapter had quite a reception at the community center we met at on the 23rd. Somehow somebody managed to find the date, time, and location of our meeting ahead of time. Just to make this more fun for you the reader, I challenge you to guess what kind of people made up our opposition:

A. Members of the local MENSA chapter;

B. A collection of popular and successful attorneys and experienced doctors;

C. A group of about 25 people at the most, consisting primarily of affluent self-hating white kids (some probably still in high school or just failed their first senior year), as well as some Jews and their various minions.

Do you need more time to contemplate your answer? As usual, our white heroes of the National Alliance emerged the moral victor, as our members continually acted in a civil manner while under a constant barrage of profanities and slogans that most likely came from the ADL's Wheel of Anti-Racist Phrases (Patent Pending). I am sure that readers are very familiar with old favorites like: There's only one race, the HUMAN race! And then there's the ever popular: "There's no such thing as the white race!" These were mixed with shouts of gibberish that were for the most part comprised of various profane words added before or after the word Nazi or Fascist. Although they clearly intended to break up our meeting, thanks to the community center staff and the excellent soundproofing in the conference rooms, everything went rather smoothly. The demonstration merely added comic relief and livened up a hot Sunday afternoon. One notable attribute of this particular event that sets it apart from the other anti-racist stories I have read is its humorous nature.

In the other anti-racist demonstration anecdotes, the anti-racists are almost identical in stature to the ones we encountered. Yet these anti-racists had absolutely no intimidation factor whatsoever. They still outnumbered us heavily, but their actions suggested that they didn't feel very confident (I suppose from their perspective I wouldn't feel very confident either.) There were detectives present and the conference center officials kept the anti-racists at bay, but from my point of view, I doubt that the rabble would have tried anything direct against us even if they were left unhindered. These pathetic hecklers were an eternal testament to two eternal truths of the White Nationalist. The first is that it is these anti-racists who are ignorant, filthy, and hateful, rather than the other way around, as portrayed by the media. The second truth is that these people are truly weak in every conceivable way. They are physically and mentally weak, and they have no concept of willpower or discipline. They are the byproducts of the feminized society that the Jews have crafted for us. If the numbers were reversed, or it was just one White Nationalist facing one of them, they would not be so idealistic. In fact I am inclined to believe (and I am sure the reader will agree), that had it not been for their large number and police protection they would never think of yelling profanities at us, or hold signs proclaiming: THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI. Oh no, I have the feeling that instead of screaming "F---in' Nazis!" they would probably be saying, "Let me get that door for you, my Aryan friend!" Such is the nature of their resolve (or lack thereof).

As comical as the anti-racist protest was, there are important lessons to be learned from their behavior, as well as the details of the event in its entirety. The first observation was how important image is for the modern White Nationalist. Coincidently, at the meeting one of our senior members gave an excellent presentation on the need for having a spotless image. He made references to the Waffen SS, who for the most part were literally boy scouts (the SS was aggressive in recruiting from the Hitler Youth). He reiterated what every National Alliance member should know, that is, how important it is that we defy the media stereotypes. I experienced that very concept that day before the meeting. I had arrived about two hours early because I had to take the bus. The meeting was to take place an hour after the community center opened, so when opening time was near I decided to remain in the vicinity in case any of our people came early and needed to set something up. There was a small crowd of people outside the community center, but from a distance they didn't look very suspicious. Neither did I; I was wearing my army PT pants with my Serbian Chetnik t-shirt (our organizers originally planned to have Jujitsu training after the meeting but considering the size of the room and the number of people that attended it was obvious why they decided against it). Then I began to notice a strange trend. The gathering had several "punk"-type youths in it, and as I neared the conference center a car pulled into the parking lot with a plethora of bumper stickers displaying various left-wing slogans such as: MEAT IS MURDER. And as I rounded the corner of the sidewalk to head in the door, I caught a glimpse of two posterboard signs. I couldn't see them very well but it didn't matter; at that point I knew exactly what was going on.

Within the conference center I stayed away from everybody, and wandered about trying to find the room we had reserved. While I received a few suspicious looks, nobody said a word to me or approached me at all. Apparently these demonstrators were expecting all heavily tattooed skinheads or goose-stepping uniformed Stormtroopers. We had apparently disappointed them. We shattered their hopes again when we had to unload some materials from several cars, and thus it was required that we once again brave the Gauntlet of Idiocy. As we walked out to the parking lot (this was probably less than ten minutes after our unit leader, his son, and some other members had arrived and the demonstration actually started), the anti-racists thought they were victorious. They obviously believed that we had given up so soon. I particularly remember one kid with a bongo drum (he had a drum but no rhythm), who loudly exclaimed, "Did you know this drum is from Africa?" It was hard not saying anything back, but the whole time I was biting my tongue and thinking, Yeah kid, so is the HIV virus, Ebola, and over 50% of America's crime rate! I didn't want to risk validating their stereotypes so I had to shelf quite a number of witty comebacks and various smart-ass observations I had thought of at the time. It also meant that I could not try to lighten up the crowd with my repertoire of hilarious Jew jokes.

When they realized that we were not leaving at all, they quickly reverted to their profanity-hurling strategy. Then they put their brains together (which raised their collective IQ just enough to rival a cinder block) and came up with the motto: NAZIS GO HOME! This they chanted periodically after that point, although the soundproofed walls reduced their volume considerably. At some point they decided to revise their chant and shout: RACISTS GO HOME! I actually found this new chant far more inclusive because I consider myself to be more of a Fascist than a National Socialist. Racist serves as a good catch-all term. I was honored. After we had secured our belongings in the conference room, we noticed our unit leader Mr. Heider was missing. We found him out front surrounded by the demonstrators; I assume he was there to flag down more of our members so they knew we were still there. The scene reminded me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the town constable tries to explain the process of logic to a throng of witch-hunting town idiots. Of course the facts Mr. Heider was quoting are easily verifiable unlike the nonsensical scientific method that appears in the movie. As you might expect, our village idiots were not satisfied with hearing Heider's facts, but rather their usual cornucopia of catchy slogans that they learn in between their ballgames and sitcoms.

This brought to mind a question that every White Nationalist must ponder from time to time. Can the white anti-racist be cured? Is there hope? From what I observed, there is a very slim chance. He is a pack creature, and thus when found in large numbers there is no possibility of reaching him. Yet get him alone, and the tables can be turned. The key is not to bombard them at once with the facts, but to first expose and make him aware of his own ignorance. The anti-racist usually has no idea why believes what he believes. He knows very little about Marx(or he has been given a twisted, Marxist view of history), he has never heard of the Frankfurt school or Franz Boas, and his views of a "racist" come from TV and Hollywood. So he is not only ignorant of his own culture, but he is also ignorant in regards to the basis of his current ideology. To illustrate, when Mr. Heider was holding back the mindless mob, he mentioned what the Jews did to Europe through Communist revolution. Immediately the lemmings laughed; surely that couldn't be true! The high school history teacher never said it! One kid(yes, kid) repeated the insidious lie that the Communists persecuted Jews just like the Nazis. At that point, one could read the name of every last Jewish Communist in history and the people would not relent. They didn't come there to hear facts or learn anything, they were there to feel good about themselves by pointing the finger at us and hating one of the government-sanctioned villains. Perhaps it numbs the pain of their meaningless and unhappy lives more than their marijuana, meth, or crank. When I who have Russian roots heard them make their idiotic comments about Communism, I wanted to ask them: How many of you ever lived in Russia? How many of you ever studied its specific history? Do any of you know what a Political Commissar was? Do any of you know What the NKVD was? How many of you can even speak a single sentence in Russian? While some of those questions don't seem related to the specific topic, they are the type of questions that must be asked. The subject must realize that he is ignorant; he says Communism wasn't Jewish yet he never bothered to look. White Nationalists by far are more intelligent, well-read, and self-educated than most people. The subject must understand that he is intellectually inferior, but if he will just open his eyes he too can be enlightened without six years of college and reading dozens of books filled with Freudian drivel.

What makes such a one-on-one encounter with a white anti-racist so difficult is the way the other side recruits them. As we were all leaving I managed to procure a handful of small flyers that were thrown at us by a female demonstrator. The flyers referred to the National Alliance as a "racist terrorist collective" (I doubt the term 'terrorist' would have appeared had it not been for 9/11), and it claimed we advocated the elimination of all non-WASPs. Absolutely no contact information or organization name was to be found on the flyer, thus nobody could give them a call and ask them upon what to they base their claims. The flyers had directions to the community center, so obviously these flyers were spread in a certain location (such as a dormitory or crack-house) so as to get demonstrators to come. The inflammatory language was specifically intended to ensure that the demonstrators would remain entirely hostile rather then try to engage in a normal conversation. We have to get our message into the same place where those flyers were spread. Unlike whomever put them out, all National Alliance packets and flyers have contact information on them. People need to see that the National Alliance and other White Nationalists back up their claims with facts instead of loaded vocabulary.

The end of the meeting was probably the best part of the whole event. All of us "Nazi-Fascist-Racist-Sexist-Homophobes" walked out together while being jeered by the mindless mob. I remember one person telling us that we had been "humiliated by a Jew." That was strange because I certainly didn't feel humiliated, rather I felt excited and proud. One of our senior members walked straight through a thick group of demonstrators, and the pencil-necked anti-racists scattered like roaches when the lights come on. I followed his lead and found that it is a rather flattering experience to see people jump out of your way so quickly. Everyone went home and the anti-racists looked like one giant collective jackass. Even better, an anti-racist with a video-camera had taped the whole event, so without some damn good editing they now have irrefutable evidence of how pitiful their rally was. To this day I have not heard a peep about the event on any local news show, nor have I seen so much as a letter to the editor in the newspaper.

The final score?

National Alliance: 1

Mob of ignorant morons with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon: 0

In conclusion, I am sure some might think I am taking an approach that is much too humorous in dealing with White Nationalist issues. My rationale is that these people need to be humiliated and stripped of every last shred of credibility their media masters and sociology professors constructed for them. These people make me just as angry as they would any White Nationalist. Who cannot feel angry when the person that calls you the hater is screaming profanities and telling you to die? Who cannot be infuriated when what seems like a white kid, who has probably never really lived a day in his life, tells you that, "there is no white race." A high school junior with no knowledge of his own heritage thinks he is going to enlighten you about race? Of course that makes me mad. And nothing makes me more sick than their total lack of decency. There were about five females at our meeting, all of whom had to endure the same profanity and death threats. What could be so evil that it convinces a young white male to yell profanities not only at women, but white women (one of them was under eighteen), simply because someone told him that their beliefs were evil. Even worse is that the current majority of whites see absolutely nothing wrong with a parade of homosexuals displaying their perversion in public, yet virtually none of them would care that a young white female has to endure such profane harassment because some anonymous source said she was a Nazi. The truth is a lot of those same whites would be out there shouting their profanities along with the crowd if they could manage to pry their gaze from the electronic idiot box. So yes, I am angry, but I am not going to let an emotion govern my thoughts. No responsible European would. Instead, let's laugh at their failure, and march on to victory. This latest event shows how weak the minions of the left are getting, and they will only become weaker until not even stories of Nazis marching through the streets could get these losers off the couch. From now on, don't waste energy hating them, just laugh at them.

Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski
Assistant Director of Propaganda, National Alliance of Arizona

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