Is Zionism "The Second Beast" of Revelation?

by Joseph Sarandos

June 29, 2002

PART 1: "The Mark of the Beast"

It has been suggested that "The Cross of David" might be in fact "The Mark of the Beast" who is also referred to as "The Antichrist" in the religious beliefs of Christians and others, in this sense:

Antichrist: The epithet of the great antagonist who was expected by the early Church to set himself up against Christ in the last days before the Second Coming.

To non-Christians, this term implies and infers "Anti-God" or "Anti-Goodness," meaning "Evil."

If I were into religious symbolism, which I am not, I could make an even stronger case of which this "Antichrist" might have been, i.e.;

"The number of his name shall be 666."


Now, of course I did not ever point out this coincidence as having any significance while Reagan was President of the United States, or even after it became publicized that he and his "astrologically-guided" second wife, Nancy, had been gift-deeded a retirement mansion with the street address of 666 (that was subsequently changed at their request).

Did Reagan do or allow anything during his administration that could be considered as "Antichrist" in nature or effect?

Well yes, as a matter of fact, he did. He was President and George W. Bush was his Vice-President when Public Law 96-272, the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980, became passed into law. Title I of this Act established programs and funding for adoption and foster care assistance for children under title IV (Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Aid to Child Welfare Services) of the Social Security Act.

And of course, it is now a matter of documented history, that just since the passage of this particular Act, many millions of American families; especially male-headed Christian families, have been totally destroyed in the wake of the machinery that began full-scale operation only after passage of this particular Act into law, and that millions more babies and children have been at least greatly traumatized, if not actually among the ones who lost their innocence, their virginity, and/or their very lives, after being removed from their God-assigned parents and placed into the care of well-paid strangers.

However, Reagan was not President when the pre-enabling foundation for CPS was conceived and put into place in the 1970's, starting with Public Law 93-247 the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 (CAPTA).

Neither has Reagan been President all the while that this, definitively unholy, child-stealing and family-wrecking industry has grown into the $100-billion-per-year enterprise that it now is.

So, while it is more than probable that Nancy Reagan was totally aware of and in agreement with this, noble-sounding but wholly evil scheme to destroy the basic unit of American Society, it is highly improbable that the professional actor and "great communicator" Ronald had even the foggiest notion about this, or most other workings of the Federal Bureaucracy, while he was being paid to do only what he did best; to read and deliver lines that had been authored by others.

However, the parallel that has been drawn between "666" and the symbol of Judaism; the 6-sided, 6-triangled and 6-pointed "Star of David," is not either very "far-fetched" in connection with, not only the CPS scheme, but every other agenda that has resulted from such, noble-sounding but evil-resulting Acts and Laws of the American Government (long list, but includes all of the so-called "Equality," "PC," "Anti-Hate," and other "social-engineering" and "legislated-morality" laws and regulations), which have in common only that they have engendered more tensions, mistrusts and hatreds than had ever existed between the various factions that constitute the "general public" of our multi-racial, multi-cultural, "neo-Babylonian" nation - which nation had begun, succeeded and prospered under the axioms, "Together we stand, but divided we fall," and, "A house divided cannot stand."

Yes, Zionist (Political) Jews have indeed been "the prime movers and shakers" behind each and every socially-divisive and unity-weakening, government-decreed and government-funded "program" that has been launched in America since the 1940s, under both Republican and Democrat presidencies.

No, it is not that any significant numbers of "Jews by race/nationality/religion/politics" have gotten themselves elected into State and Federal-level offices, but that they have instead, via their combined and inordinate amounts of wealth and voting-power, in addition to their nearly exclusive ownership of, and great control over the wholly private News and Entertainment industries in America, gotten their obligated/indentured slaves into such offices.

But, they themselves have constituted the controlling majority of non-elective officials, employees and contractors of the Executive, Administrative and Judicial Branches of the State and Federal Governments; as their smartest and most-trusted lawyers and consultants, as well as their most gifted Speechwriters and Public Relations experts.

They have closely surrounded each American President since the close of WWII, just as they now closely surround almost every State Governor.

PART 2: The Zionist Agenda in Perspective

As was explained in Part 1, the Zionists have been behind each of the separate Government Programs and Social Movements that are having the common results of starting and perpetuating internecine warfare in America, which is having the same effect here that it had in ancient Greece and other strong empires - to hasten the internal collapse of this nation.

They have also been behind all of the "dumbing down" grading-method changes in our Public Schools, the elimination of Prayers and Bible-studies, and the teaching of "Evolution" and "Sex Education" curricula therein.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are of the notion that all the Zionist Jews really want is to have a homeland of their own, and that Israel is the object of that desire. This idea also fits comfortably with the religious beliefs of the Christian majority here - that until or unless the Second Temple of David is rebuilt in Israel, there can be no "Second Coming of Jesus."

However, North America is the only land in the world that fits the description of their "Promised Land," or "The land of milk and honey."

In fact, the wealthiest and most powerful of the Zionists choose not to reside in the religiously symbolic "homeland" that is the Arab-surrounded, mostly-desert, war-scarred Nation of Israel.

Instead, they and other wealthy Jews have already purchased their private territories in the most-desirable areas of America, with the planned expectation that this land will become their land, by default, once us Gentiles have become too weak and disunited to hold it - hence their consistent activism toward weakening the morals, the average intelligence and education, and even the separate racial identities among us of the combined and multi-colored "other race."

History shows that the nomadic Jews had been forcibly expelled from land after land all over the Western World, and always for the same basic reasons, involving their refusal to assimilate either socially or patriotically, while carefully and methodically accumulating inordinate percentages of the available wealth and political influence in each of those lands. These practices had invariably led to, not the "jealousy" of the native peoples as the Jews claim, but their resentment at being outsmarted and exploited by this strange and foreign presence in their lands. In other words, the Jews were never popular with the ordinary citizenry in those many lands.

So this time around, the non-religious sector of the Jewish race - the wholly politically and financially interested sector - the ones who had solely planned and initiated the Zionist agenda, sought to correct the worst common mistake of their religious predecessors, by making their race both Pitied and Popular in America.

There can be no denying that Jews have indeed become very popular in America. The most "hyped," popular, rich and powerful entertainers in America since WWII have been Jews. To name a few in no particular chronological or alphabetical order: George Burns, Carl Reiner, Jerry Lewis, Fran Dresher, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Milton Berle, Paul Simon, Stan Getz, Kenny G, Mel Tormé, Mel Brooks, Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, Jane Seymour, Rodney Dangerfield, Sid Caesar, Don Rickles, Tom Arnold, David Shwimmer, David Duchovny, Imogene Coca, Goldie Hawn, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks, Red Buttons, Gilda Radner, Barbra Streisand, Tony Curtis, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Landon, Cary Grant, Al Jolson, William Shatner, Mandy Pitinkin, Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Bette Midler, Kirk and Michel Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Yasmine Bleeth, and the list goes on and on.

To name a few of the most respected and popular Jewish newscasters, there are Ted Koppel, David Horowitz, Barbara Walters, Wolf Blitzer, and of course Ari Fleischer.

Among popular Jews in sports there are Mark Spitz, Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, Al Rosen, Shawn Green, Marv Albert, Howard Cosell, Bill Stern, Melvyn Allen, and a few more players and announcers.

Among the most famous and powerful Jewish lawyers and judges, there are Alan Dershowitz, William Kunzler, Abe Fortas, Marcia Clark, Ruth Brader Ginsburg, Louis Brandeis, Steven Breyer, Felix Frankfurter and Benjamin Cardozo (yes, most are U.S. Supreme Court Justices).

This well establishes that the Jews have made themselves very popular and respected in America.

As for the sympathy and pity that they have simultaneously garnered, just look to the numbers and popularity of the various Holocaust-related books, films, television shows and documentaries that have been released, and the number of Holocaust museums and monuments that have sprung up in America within just the past two decades.

It is appropriate to mention that the Jews have also become the most-protected minority in America, as well as the only minority race that has not participated in the "Great melting-pot" miscegenation that the Jewish-controlled Entertainment Media had "hard-sold" to the current generation of White Americans while deeming it "Politically Incorrect" for anyone to voice or show disapproval of such interracial couplings and the children so produced. Now they have gone a step further, by eliciting laws that make it felonious to speak publicly against such miscegenation, deeming that to be "engendering racial hatred," and which same group of laws make a felony of voicing "racial slurs," but which law has only been applied in the cases of White persons uttering slurs against Jews, Blacks and Latinos, even while the Jews openly refer to White females as "Shiksa" (an offensive, disparaging term for a non-Jewish girl or woman) and White people in general as "Goyim" (an offensive and disparaging term for people who are not Jewish), and even while Black entertainers openly refer to themselves as "Niggaz and Gangstaz" and to Whites as "Whitey," and even while Latinos refer to Whites as "Anglos and Gringos."

Having so built their newfound position of popularity, sympathy and respect among the general population of a White host nation - which nation happens also to be the militarily and financially strongest in the current world - and having successfully garnered an inordinate percentage of the private wealth of this nation as they had done in all previous host-nations, the Zionists Jews have been strongly and blatantly exerting their power and influence over the American Government.

The Zionists have been buying and paying for their controlling influence over our government and judiciary, by providing the election campaign funding, as well as the bloc votes, necessary for anyone to achieve State- and Federal-level offices in this, politically-corrupt and morally-bankrupt oligarchy of ours.

The wholly private news media in America belong mostly to Zionist Jews, and so have become an organ of the Zionist movement, by which they pump out their subtle propaganda while altering the news and therefore the public opinion, in favor of the Jews and their exclusive interests in America and the world.

The Jews are not only among the wealthiest and most powerful, but also the smartest people in the world, with the average Jew being able to score an average of 15 points higher than the average White person on standard IQ tests. But by nature, the Jewish people are timid and cowardly in terms of physical violence (even though their own Scriptures tell unsupported tales of their vast courage and great victories against overwhelming odds in ancient battles and wars). This timidity is strongly demonstrated by the fact that they have been remarkably absent from all of the "contact" sports, from all of the "dangerous" occupations and pursuits, and even from the non-religious, non-legal and non-medical branches of the Armed Forces of America.

Even with all their wealth and intelligence, the light-skinned Semitic Jews have never before been able to seize full control in any White-dominated nation in the world, nor have they ever dared to wage war against any White peoples, or even against any dark-skinned Semitic Arabs except with the backing and support of Whites such as in the cases of their war with Egypt and their "settling" the new State of Israel on the land of the Palestinians. This has been due to their inherent timidity.

In other words, the Political Zionists are now attempting to achieve by guile and deception that which the Religious Jews have been unable to achieve in the entire history of their race/nationality/religion, which is dominance over the naturally aggressive White race, as the only means by which they might ultimately attain the common goal of both Judaism and Zionism, which goal is dominion (absolute and unquestionable authority) over the rest of mankind on earth.

They seek this destiny for all full-blooded Jews in the world, which is why they continue to protect the "purity" of their own race in America while encouraging and assisting the miscegenation between Whites and all other races in this so-called "Great Melting-pot" which has become in reality more akin to a Pressure-cooker.

Therefore, the seeming "long term alliance" that they have gradually established between America and Israel is a total sham. In their actual long-term strategy, they plan only to exploit the strength and aggressiveness of White America, to rid themselves of their immediate enemies who both own and surround the Palestinian territory upon which their Symbolic homeland is being re-established.

But after that immediate goal is reached in the Mid-east, which would necessarily and unavoidably involve the deaths of very many hundreds of thousands of America's true and courageous Patriots, leaving behind mostly the weak and demoralized citizenry that the Jews have been building here, would come the next phase in the Zionist agenda, i.e.;

As by then the only unified and clearly-identifiable race in America, which by then would also be the smartest, richest and most-powerful segment of American society, the Jews would be the only force in the world that would be ready, willing and able to assume the leadership role in this failed nation.

And only then would their agenda enter its final phase. Not only will they have claimed and established their actual homeland here, but they will have become the single strongest nation in the world, both financially and militarily, but without the impossible debt-structure of the financially and morally bankrupted government that they will have displaced and supplanted in America.

So they, in the worldly position that America now holds, could then easily subdue all other nations, thereby fulfilling both their own believed destiny and the symbolic prophecy of this Biblical passage, provided that one man would become the sole leader of the Jews:

New American Bible [Revelation: Chapter 13, Verses 11-18 inclusive] The Second Beast: Then I saw another wild beast come up out of the earth; it had two horns like a ram and it spoke like a dragon. It used the authority of the first beast to promote its interests by making the world and all its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound had been healed. It performed great prodigies; it could even make fire come down from heaven to earth as men looked on. Because of the prodigies it was allowed to perform by authority of the first beast, it led astray the earth's inhabitants, telling them to make an idol in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived. The second wild beast was then permitted to give life to the beast's image, so that the image had the power of speech and of putting to death anyone who refused to worship it. It forced all men, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to accept a stamped image on their right hand or their forehead. Moreover, it did not allow a man to buy or sell anything unless he was first marked with the name of the beast or the number that stood for its name.

A certain wisdom is needed here; with a little ingenuity anyone can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a certain man. The man's number is six hundred sixty-six.


Now here, in these two parts, in the fewest words and simplest language that I find possible to clearly explain such a very long and complex subject, is the total of my hypothesis with regard to the Zionist agenda.

Whether you choose to accept, challenge, or altogether ignore this hypothesis, and whether you choose to take some form of, or no action at all, to either help or hinder the subject agenda, is left solely to your own discretion as an individual or as a group.


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