Stop the Hate!

by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

July 3, 2002

Could there ever be a more ironic title for a White Nationalist article? Paradoxical is the term I prefer, as paradox is the master key to all enlightenment. To understand politics, philosophy, or religion, you have to realize the eternal rule that is paradox. And at the end of this article, I am confident that the reader will fully comprehend its strange title. I admit to the reader that this passage is rather long, but please bear with me. These are things that need to be said if we are to be successful.


I want to point out that while I am a member of the National Alliance, I am not writing this as their representative. Rather I am addressing the entire white nationalist community with a heartfelt call to reason.


With that said, my inspiration for this article was the profound wisdom of a senior member in the Arizona National Alliance chapter. He was reiterating the need for a clean image; innocent and professional. Anybody can talk about changing our image, and many are talking about it now. What struck me about the way this person described the problem is his genuine passion for the subject. I am convinced that I was listening to a man who loves his race in the same way that Hitler, Mussolini, or Vlassov did. One could sense the sincere concern in his voice, similar to a father concerned about the welfare of his children. And is there any other way we should see this relationship? We men are the fathers of our race as the women are the mothers; we are a family. It is one thing to talk about how bad society is getting, but it is another entirely to truly realize it. Maybe I have never truly realized the danger. It is possible that the speaker about whom I write does not fully understand either. I suspect very few of us really do comprehend, and that we occasionally run off track. Perhaps one can only know when it is one's own wife or daughter who is the victim of a gang-rape, similar to those we hear mentioned on American Dissident Voices. I personally hope that I can truly understand our struggle without being that intimately acquainted with the horrible price of defeat.

Getting back to the story, our esteemed speaker reiterated several of the points of which he spoke during the now well-remembered meeting of 23 June 2002. One of the most important messages he conveyed is the need to stop the hate. Yes that's right, dear reader, we need to stop hating. I agree and I am entirely sincere when I say this. The truth is that as high-class as the National Alliance is in comparison to other groups, we still have a lot of misfits and hateful people in our midst. We have people that want to be "politically incorrect," and thus they want to fit in with a group where it is acceptable to say 'nigger,' 'kike,' 'spic,' etc. We have a lot of people who pay their dues and even show up to meetings, but they don't want to do anything active because they believe that there is a federal agent around every corner, ready to arrest them under non-existent laws. We have the skinheads who care more about music, beer, and fighting amongst themselves than straightening up and becoming revolutionaries comparable to the Nazi SA, the Italian blackshirts, or the Spanish blueshirts. Our speaker also said the most sobering statement I have heard in my short existence as a racist: The White Power movement is dead. Damn right it is.


When did the movement die? I personally believe that it died when a bullet took the life of George Lincoln Rockwell, ending an era when a man who called himself a Nazi could actually run for office. With the end of that era, so went the political climate where we could defend ourselves physically against ARA types, and not get the book thrown at us in court. People like Dr. Pierce are clearly and diligently trying to rebuild that movement, and with that revived movement we may once again enjoy the luxuries of the Rockwell era. I am referring to the luxury of self-defense, the luxury of marching in front of the White House or Congress, the sacred ability to get one completely honest television interview. But we will not see those days again unless we start living up to the standards set by Pierce, Rockwell, Hitler, and other historical figures in this movement. The Waffen SS was not a group of violent, reactionary misfits. It recruited primarily from the Hitler Youth, which was dedicated to molding young men into morally, spiritually, and physically healthy soldiers instead of thugs. Rockwell's movement transformed drug-using, nihilistic beatniks into clean-cut revolutionaries. And it is clear that Pierce intends to do the same. We need to start paying attention when he says: "We want the winners, not the losers."

So now that we have established when the movement died, the next logical question to answer is why the movement is dead. My theory is that we simply forgot what we are doing. We lost track of our goals, and more important, we did not fully appreciate the price of defeat. Appeals to white nationalists to tolerate homosexuality are a grim sign of how far down the ladder we have slid. I will tackle this subject specifically later, but right now I am merely stating it as an example. What we need to do is reiterate what we believe in, why we believe it, and what we are going to do about it. Then the next step is to turn our findings into actions.


The first thing we must remember is that we must be motivated by love for our race. This is the movement based on the highest and most natural form of love, never hate. Why do we not tolerate miscegenation, integration, and multiculturalism? We have two choices: We do not tolerate these practices because we hate other races; or we love our own race and understand that such practices are harmful the self-determination and preservation of our race. Here in Arizona, one might be inclined to think that we hate Mexicans and Mexican culture. I really don't hate them at all; I am only concerned with the welfare of our race. I realize that to allow the Mexicans or any other race to take over (and that is exactly what is happening), will ultimately be destructive of our people. In order for Aryan people to have all their fundamental rights, we cannot live under the occupation of a foreign people. This is the same reason that the Serbian population of Bosnia rose up and carved out a state consisting of areas they historically dominated. Even though Serbs and Muslim Bosnians are essentially the same people by blood (some Muslims are Croatian), the Serbs knew the profound cultural differences between their people and history demanded they secure a nation for their own.

Just as we must not be motivated by hate, neither must we be motivated by a personal vendetta. I can name several legitimate grievances I have with the Jews and other races. My grandfather, a paratrooper in the Second World War, came frighteningly close to death when Vichy French flak literally blew up the man who jumped just before him. And after all his sacrifices, the Jews repay him by persuading his nation that his values were racist, sexist, and 'unrealistic.' The neighborhood he lives in now is what the Mexicans call a 'barrio,' or slum. When he bought that house it was not in a barrio; it was in what we would call the suburbs today. The Circle K down the street is now a Mexican-run Quick-Stop, and customers can purchase actual crack pipes that are in full view. The Jewish impact on our culture struck me personally when I joined the army. After being lied to and stabbed in the back repeatedly by a system that preaches diversity and harmony, things suddenly changed come September 11. All these years they told me this nation was for everyone, and now suddenly it's my country! The army topped off their cup of insolence by railroading me into accepting an Other than Honorable discharge on a false charge. So I have my share of personal vendettas. As a result of those experiences, I will no longer fly or display the American flag. Joining the National Alliance is not a solution to personal grudges, and those experiences were not my motives for joining.

Everyone who supports an ideology does so for both personal and collective reasons. My personal reason is to help prevent the state of affairs in the west today from spilling over into liberated Russia and other Slavic states. There are many Russians and Serbs here in the United States who are as dear to me as my own family members. I want to ensure that they will not be brainwashed by American democracy and egalitarianism. I want them to preserve their own culture, traditions, and beliefs; all things from which I have been severed. My goal is that when the moment of truth comes, when we here must face what so many whites experienced in South Africa, Haiti, and Zimbabwe, we as a people will not submit to a quiet death. I know that day is coming, and to me it is a question of how many white people will stand up and fight. Will you organize your neighborhood to raid the local gun shops and arsenals? Or will you be paralyzed with fear as you look on while teenage white girls are ravaged by gangs of several dozen thugs? If we do not do enough to get our message out, that is how the majority of white people will react in such a situation. Some of them will even feel guilty, and believe it is because of racists like us that the non-whites are committing such vile acts. That is how most white people react today when they hear about such crimes.


Joining the movement is not about being politically incorrect; constantly using racial slurs and making racist jokes. How many of you would walk into a public place and openly refer to people as niggers, spics, or kikes? I certainly wouldn't. Yes I tell racist jokes and use the occasional epithet when talking amongst other racists, but I am not about to verify the media stereotypes by constantly using them outside of private conversations. A black, a Mexican, or a Jew is not Aryan. It's just that simple. I don't care what you call them, they are not one of us. I am more concerned with our race than others; and that's the way it ought to be. Instead the movement is damaged every time some idiot Klan member or skinhead appears on a talk-show, repeatedly using ethnic slurs and violent language while our enemies claim victory again and again. Part of the reason why they demonize us so often is that we make it so easy for them.

Racial slurs tend to get out of hand too. I remember finding Polish jokes on the World Church of the Creator's comedy site. Wake up people; the Polish are some of our greatest allies. No people have felt the blade of Jewish treachery more keenly than the Slavs, and the Polish are no exception. Furthermore, the stereotype that is widely supported in modern Judeo-American culture is surely one of the most audacious. Sobieski, Curie, Chopin, Pilsudski, and Pulaski are just a few names in a long list of Aryan role-models that are paved over by idiotic jokes. The idea that any Aryan nationalist would partake of such groundless stereotypes against their own kin shows how we have been derailed. We get so caught up with racial slurs and genuine hatred that we are even alienating large groups of our own race!

This topic brings us to the question of what our goals are concerning race. The media want people to believe that our objective is to slaughter all other races. Once again we play right into their hands when we put out violent music and video games like Ethnic Cleansing. Yes, I am well acquainted with how violent and racist rap music is. Yet aren't we supposed to be above that sort of violence? Can anyone remember that the reason why we want to preserve white nations and white culture is because we want a civilized society to live in? Does anybody remember that the reason we don't want to live in an African society is because we value morality and disciplined behavior? I realize that violence is going to be an inevitable obstacle to our overall goal. But let's cross that bridge when we come to it. If we could create a white nation without having to fire a single round, I would be ecstatic. The reality is that there is much violence going on now, and it is only going to get worse. If I am still in this country when that time comes, I will be strapping on my bandolier and picking up my Mauser. And until that day comes, I am not going to preach to people on the street about killing all the Mexicans, Jews, or blacks.


Another example of how far we've fallen is the treatment of Christians by some of the white nationalist movement. I do not intend to convince anybody that this should be a religious movement, and I realize that some might accuse me of being preachy. Again, I ask the reader to bear with me and hear my whole argument. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Rockwell certainly didn't fully endorse any sort of religion in their movement either. But rather than mocking Christianity like the Jews, they recognized it as an integral part of their nations' history and culture. They knew that nowhere in Christianity is there anything that suggests the equality of man; nor does it endorse the Jews as an object of worship. The Bible presents the story of Israelites (not the Jews of today), who manage to anger God so much that he severs all ties with them. We all know how the Jews angered the people of every nation that they have inhabited, but the Bible says they even broke God's patience! Many modern white nationalists like to play both sides in this issue. Remember when we point out the mass slaughter of Christians in the Soviet Union? Remember when people complained about the media mocking and destroying Christian values? Does anybody possess enough memory to recall the Jew-backed Muslim genocide of Christian Serbs in the early '90s? Most white nationalists preach about these historical events, but then later are making fun of Christianity and calling for its abolition.

We often talk about traitors in our government, media, and other institutions, yet we never insist that those institutions need to be eliminated entirely. Christianity is certainly not a natural Aryan religion, but those who study its true history know that it was essentially 'Aryanized.' It brought us to a new level of civilization. The Cossacks of Russia are known for being devout followers of Orthodox Christianity, so much so that it is a vital part of their identity (as it is for virtually every European nation). Yet did the Cossacks treat the Jews like the Chosen people? Did they turn the other cheek in the face of Turkish invasions? The truth is that they stood fast against the Jews and non-whites hundreds of years ago and they continue to make that stand today. When the Serbs were invaded by the Turks, they could not know about race and genetics. They could not contemplate that mixing with the enemy would gradually change their identity over the course of centuries. Yet they saw the Turk as a heathen, and thus their faith was so strong it would act as a motive for racial preservation. If a Serbian girl were raped and impregnated with the child of a Turkish invader, she would either kill herself or the baby. If she couldn't do it, the local village residents would assist her. This behavior existed in the Balkans and it is probably the only reason why people like the Serbs, Greeks, and Bulgarians are still Aryan peoples today.

Again, I do not suggest that this movement should endorse any religion. I also do not let my religious beliefs divide me from the ideological principles of Dr. Pierce or even Matt Hale. Both these esteemed gentlemen have had far more time than I to watch the western church betray its own values and deliver its services to the enemy. I grew up in such a treasonous church. But my racial awakening took place in Russia, where I saw devout Christians who are vehemently opposed to racial mixing and Jews. I also observed the plight of the Serbs, who, unlike American church-goers, will still die for their faith as they did throughout their history. Thus I have seen a more encouraging example of the faith.

Christianity, like the government, desperately needs a thorough cleansing. The pastor that preaches race-mixing and the evangelist who supports bloodthirsty Zionism are no more a traitor than the government officials that do the same. Just as the politician twists American concepts to justify his actions, the pastor molds the Bible to create an ideology that will shield him from criticism. I personally would hate to think that there is no Hell for people like that. Again, I am not trying to convert anyone. I understand fully where Dr. Pierce is coming from regarding this issue, and my religion commands that I support his cause because God made me an Aryan. All I ask is for white nationalists to not join in with the Jews and mock Christian values. Christianity has caused many to go over to the other side, but it is also a tool to help us bring those people back. Keep your eyes on Serbia and Russia.


A more recent topic that ties into this subject is the idea of tolerance of homosexuals in the movement. I have already written an article on this subject, but I would like to add a summary here. This is a perfect example of how people have forgot what we are doing. I suppose some people have been so busy mocking the Christians and their morality, that they actually tolerate this idea. So there were some homosexuals in the Nazi movement; anybody remember the Night of Long Knives? Does anybody remember what happened when these people were found to be homosexuals? Can anybody remember one of our major issues against the Jews; that being the fact that they fervently support the homosexual movement? I was under the impression that we opposed the Jew in this issue because we don't want a nation where perversion is seen as normal. The fact that we will never be able to fully eliminate homosexuality is no reason not to try to limit it to the extremely low levels that existed prior to the Freudian revolution. If we are able to once again build a white nation based on European values, we can drive the homosexual back into the closet. First we must expose Freudian psychology as the perverted drivel that it is. One of biggest reasons for the proliferation of homosexuality today is simply the idea that someone can be born a homosexual. Publicly and repeatedly refute that idea, and over a few generations they will shrink drastically in number. Naturally we cannot enforce what goes on in the bedroom, and we shouldn't care. But a nationalist state cannot endorse perversion in any way. Thus there must be laws prohibiting homosexual organizations, clubs, and parades. We must keep them and their ideas out of the media, and we must teach children in the schools that they are in complete control of their sexual desires. We must back that up by providing the necessary discipline that is needed to resist any manner of sexual urge. A person that is a slave to sexual desires is not much more advanced than a dog.


Another problem with the movement today is that not enough people are doing anything. Yes, writing articles like these and communicating with other nationalists is important, but it doesn't spread the message if you are preaching to the choir. The Arizona National Alliance chapter has found better ways of spreading the message than blanketing a parking lot with leaflets. Most people today are too hurried or lazy to read anything, and thus the local chapter developed CDs with specially selected ADV broadcasts on them. They know that leaflets tend to end up in the trash without being read. Now it's time to get out and do something. I have only been in the organization for about a week, but I don't think any amount of work I can do here will ever satiate my desire to be part of an actual revolution. That doesn't mean I won't do anything in between nothing and total revolution. After my racial awakening, I had a vision of shedding all "normal" ways of life and becoming a full-time revolutionary of some sort. But unexpected events and economic obstacles prevent me from realizing that vision at this time. Thus I chose to join the National Alliance because it is something I can do now, and it is something that can help me in both my personal and collective goals. The latter of those goals is ultimately the preservation and advancement of my race. I joined not because I hate anybody or because I wanted to be politically incorrect, nor was my decision based on my justifiable personal grievances. The National Alliance is a means to an end that I desperately wish to reach. It may never elevate me to the status of the next Adolf Hitler, but it allows me to support and advance the cause within the confines of my current limitations. I do not claim to speak for Dr. Pierce or the Alliance, but for their sake I tell you the reader that their success depends on you. Supporters are great, but every revolutionary movement needs leadership. The success of the National Alliance and the goals it strives for depends solely on the quality of its members.


In conclusion, I am reminded of a wise saying I heard from one of my Army comrades. During our job training phase (AIT), we were allowed weekend passes to stay off-post in Augusta, Georgia. My friend and I would often have very intelligent discussions about philosophy on Sunday morning. After describing my ideas of Slavic nationalism, he told me, "Whatever you do, remember that those who cannot think, hate." How true that is. Hate is an emotion; and we must follow logic and reason as opposed to an emotion. We have plenty of legitimate reasons to be angry, and just as many reasons to hate certain things, but we need to reiterate to ourselves what it is we believe in and why. We need to think about quality before quantity. The entire movement needs to build a stable foundation before taking on the masses. Thus we must put the added stress on quality. That means start enforcing some kind of professional dress-code at meetings and gatherings. Start covering up your tattoos, and create a code of discipline for yourself. The entire movement could use some kind of training program to mold people into clean-cut revolutionaries, as did Rockwell's movement.

None of us are perfect. I have my share of flaws, but all of them can and are being rectified to the best of my ability. Anybody reading this is probably very familiar with the writings and speeches of Dr. Pierce. His desire to create a professional, clean-cut image for the movement is often discussed. Take his advice and turn that goal into reality. Most of our recruits may be products of a nihilistic culture, but before such people can be productive to the movement as a whole they must accept discipline and professionalism. It may be easier to recruit a bunch of violent skinheads, but without the proper training they will inevitably become a liability to the entire movement. In summary, we must convey the image of innocence and professionalism as was so eloquently stated by the speaker I mentioned in the beginning. We have to ensure we have the right motives, the right goals, and present the right image to the public. To paraphrase Napoleon: The White revolution is over, we are the revolution!


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