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August 2002


Paglia... Many are wordsmiths -- journalists or academics who run in packs. Leftism has become wordplay -- a refuge for bourgeois intellectuals guilty about their comfort and privilege. The crisis of the Left was signaled 20 years ago by academe's retreat into poststructuralism an elitist, jargon-filled methodology practiced by literati with scant knowledge of history. MacDonald's thesis, even Jew Stein's thesis fit reality more skinnily.

Oy! Stop the Blood Libel!

Jews only murdered 52! or 56! What could be more genocidal than teaching the young of a race that their race DOES NOT EXIST? Nobody ever claimed that the jewish race does not exist, merely that he wished it.

Califags Move to De Facto Outlawing of Home-Schooling

This is a real flashpoint. A nob Christian has openly called for parents to take their kids out of ZOG's clutches. He worries about homoprop, but fagprop is just a drop in the great bucket of kikeslop yidprop. Nevertheless, his call for yanking is EXACTLY right -- that kicks ZOG right in the nuts more than one way: not only does it deprive them of revenues to an extent, it openly shows the way for others, and represents a direct rejection of the corrupt and kike-operated machine. Nevertheless, on July 16, the California education department issued a memo that stated: "In California, home-schooling -- a situation where non-credentialed parents teach their own children, exclusively, at home whether using correspondence courses or other types of courses -- is not an authorized exemption from mandatory public school attendance." ... Each school-age child that does not enroll in the local public school represents lost potential income of $4,000 to $6,000. FUCK YOU ZOG. FUCK YOU KIKES. NO COMPROMISE: JEWS OUT OF AMERICA. White parents: your children are too valuable to be entrusted to "public schools." Above all, realize this: public schools are not failing, they are succeeding. It is your perception of their nature and purpose that is lacking if you don't see this.

Good, But Bad

Here, the eternal hopping-back-and-forth-from-one-foot-to-the-other Jewish neurosis. Law that protects Hasids also helps "white supremacists." It helps the synagogue you see and we're all for that but at the same time those Christians are using it to proselytize and that of course is terrible we're sure you agree. What to do, what to do? Strengthen the law? Repeal it? I know! Yitzchok! You write a column against it! Sol! Give us a piece in favor! Paychecks all around! It's Good For Jews!

Jews: Legends in Their Own Minds

Here on the grub-faced cunt lizzie.


Here Jew Charen neatly avoids blaming the jew press and jew-indoctrinators of the feebs for the focus on this guy rather than the jewish culprit, whom she never even mentions. But why should she? That wouldn't be "good for jews."

Latest from Chimpistan

Those who have Zanu (PF) cards get food; those who don't starve. ... "The food trucks arrive in the villages once a week," the man explains. "Everyone has to stand up and shout 'Long Live Robert Mugabe!', 'Down with the whites!' and 'Down with Morgan Tsvangirai!'," (the opposition leader). "Only those who can prove they are members of the Zanu (PF) can queue. They say to the others 'go and get your food from Tony Blair in No 10 Downing Street in London!' But we don't know where London is." As everyone in the hotel room nods in agreement, a woman, a former shop assistant whose husband died of Aids, begins to cry. THANKS, JEWS. Mugabe plans to starve the half of the (13m) country that recognizes he's an ape in pants. Whites there ought to take guns and shoot nigger Mugabe and take over the country.

Semites Sue, Settle, Split Swag

Here, Jewish extortionists divide up the loot after suing McDonald's over their non-kosher junk food. "Call it fair play or chutzpah, but the Orthodox Union, the Baltimore-based Star-K kosher certification laboratories and the Conservative movement's National Ramah Commission will likely split $1 million of the $12 million settlement." One for you and one for me. One for you and one for me. Hey! No grabbing!

NEA Mind Control

Instilling self-hate in goys, the mission of our public indoctrination centers.

A Nigger Is a Nigger Is a Nigger

TWISM! Here on Burmeister, murdered by nigger(s).

Israeli Nukes

Here on censorship of the sights and sounds of 9/11. A good point: televitz would be a better medium with less talk, more eye extension. Of course, the writer Simpson here is a brainwashed Semitophile. Here Buchanan on Jew Bloomberg. Segregation was law rooted in the moral belief of white folks that social mixing of the races was wrong and ruinous. Busing and compulsory integration are legal and judicial reflections of the opposite belief i.e, that integration is so great a good its claims supersede all property rights and the freedom of folks who wish to live apart. Segregationists and integrationists both used the power of law to impose their vision of the good society on non-believers. Depose the imposers! DEATH TO THE KIKES. Revolution is coming. I'm willing to put my life on the line to end Jewish Tyranny, and I believe the same is true of most VNN readers. JOIN US IN WASHINGTON THIS SATURDAY -- AUGUST 24TH. America is a free country? How do you figure? Because people buy, wave cheap flags made in China? You can no longer hire or fire whom you please. ... You cannot sell your home to whomever you wish. Your child cannot go to the neighborhood school in some districts, it if upsets the desired racial balance. While you are free to read pornography, blaspheme and use filthy language, if you use an ethnic slur, or even show "insensitivity," you go before the Inquisition. In the 1950s, the middle class paid a tiny fraction of family income in federal taxes. Today, upper-middle income taxpayers pay close to 40 percent in U.S. income taxes, and when Social Security, state, property and sales taxes are factored in, more than half of all they earn. Socialism has triumphed, by another name. Face it, White man: you're a slave in all but name. And your masters HATE you. ITZ COMING. The application of critical thought is one vice that is never socially approved. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Suckpoop Demand Suckspace at Senate Trough

And he should get it! He's no worse or different than the rest of the 'poops. How fast do you think he'd move to deny a VNN application? Hahahaha! I've decided the Senate Press Gallery and the Standing Committee of Correspondents can take their "provisional" approval of WorldNetDaily and -- pardon the expression -- shove it. Great! Why not apply that thinking to the kikes you butt-floss daily?

Movie Review: 'The Majestic'

A nice taste of the fifties, but suffused with jewish 'McCarthyism' Toni Brian


Kikes are dangerously arrogant, and it shows up everywhere. Guns aren't for you, guns are for jews. More dirt headed your way, thanks to jews. Does Israel plan to murder every Palestinian? Here, you want to back the attack, unless you're some kind of pervert, right? Here on OKC.

Fag Rabbis

Do not read this if you are anywhere near the dinner table, or you will need a major extended hurl break.

Jigs Bein' Jigs

Ship 'em back. Niggers make everything worse. That's not just me and Chris Rock saying it, it's all recorded human history. Fox: we lick ass! you decide! report here.

Djiboutis Claim We Owe Them

Niggers. They look sort of like humans. Not much else to be said for them. Calipso Louie, singin' for his supper. "The number nine is...PREGNANT!" -- Blame Jesse! Here Hoffman on White slaves.

Young Voters Realize Democracy is a Sham

If voting changed things, it would be illegal.

Media: Jewfags at NYT Celebrate Fag "Unions"

Do you, Amoebic Dysentary, take it, Mr. Recktail Gonorrhea, to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, to allow him to use your rectum as a meat locker in sickness and in health? Do you promise to drink your aids cocktails with interlocking arms for now and all eternity? "I-oooooh!" I now pronounce you queer and invert! A lovelier couple of dicksmokers I've never seen! Oy! Welling, a tear's! I always cry at weddings, don't you? "Ladies and gentlemen...I give you Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Peterpuffer!"

You Might Be A Wigger If...

The crazy things the denatured white believes. Why be a wannabe turd when you can be a White man? Frank Shell

First-rate new VNN promo from Sven here. Malcom X graphic here. A couple of shots of an NA banner here. Neat cartoon here. Really cool patriot poster satire here and here.

American Jews Say: White Lives Are Worth NOTHING

The jews are preparing to release a serial murderer of Whites in 2006: The Inkster native's multistate killing spree ended in 1982. Sitting in a Texas jail, an immunity deal in hand, Watts nonchalantly described to Michigan and Texas authorities how he took the lives of 13 women since 1979. He was a suspect in another 26 deaths, including six in Michigan and two in Windsor. Before he left for prison, he told a Texas judge: "You know, if they ever let me out, I'll kill again." Watts is scheduled to get the chance in 2006, when he's set to become the nation's first serial killer to be freed. JOIN US ON THE 24TH -- NEXT SATURDAY -- AT THE NATION'S CAPITOL. BE THERE, WHITE MAN. TAKE YOUR NATION BACK FROM THE JEW. By some accounts, Watts killed as many as 60 women. This is the System the jews have created, White man. It is illegitimate. It does not represent the will of the people. It represents the Interests of the Jew.

Darkies Out of Dutchland

No one needs niggers, enemy of grub and man alike. Here on nazi doctors.

Bushes Disagree Over Iraq

Interesting if true... More cracks in warmonger brigade. Here on feds withholding crucial 9/11 info. Not "our" feds! What AmeriKwa has come to. Here Zuckerman pumps for war. How many Zuckermans do you suppose are in the U.S. army? Negative fifteen? America, run by assholes, hated worldwide. Here on Flight 93. U.S. threatens Arab states.

The Speech That Got Debs Jailed

Agreeing with the government is the only truly free speech. The rest costs. Finding fodder harder, says army.

German Resistance Site

Auf Deutsch, some Englisch.

Latest from Zimby

Whites beaten up, dispossessed, shit on as evil, etc etc. Here that Buckle woman.

Cantrell and "Poe"

Not a good column. Cantrell's thinking is confused. Cultures can be whatever they want to be as long as they leave other cultures alone, he says. Just as a libertarian says you can do whatever you want as long as you don't use force. Yeah, just ignore biology and history, draw an arbitrary line and declare anyone who crosses it immoral. Presumably his blameless Celts spread across Europe to Asia without ass-stomping anybody in their way. Permit me to doubt. It seems Cantrell would be perfectly happy with the genocide of the Celts, as long as the Germanics went down with them. Don't be similarly foolish, White man. World history does not divide into Good Celts and Evil Others. A wiser Celt than Cantrell -- Thomas Jefferson -- knew that our American culture grew naturally and organically out of the British Isles, and before that, the German forests.

Oy! Nobody Likes the Gefilte Silverfisz

It's what you do, jew! One thing you do, guilty jew, is enforce race-mixing and disintegration on the other races you compete with. It's good for you when their daughters are raped and their schools fall apart like here in Birmingham. And then you force Cracker Graham and the other Christian cowards to write that "racism is a sin" in the articles you let appear in your media. DEATH TO THE JEWS. Maybe that's a little strong, kike? Nah. Your behavior warrants it. Here jew crybabies go off on jag after Congress candidate criticizes opponent for taking money from Jews in Hollywood. Not that he actually uses the word, of course.


A new phenomenon based on mobile-phone text-messaging. Here on the left having lost its way. Here on skool violence. Here on a nigger serial rapist after human women in Vegas.

Whites Appropriating Black Culture is a Jewish Big Lie

As Jimmy Cantrell has written, rock and roll did not come from niggers. More poe-dope comments here. "Poe"-grebissky takes the cake. Dig his subtitle: "The Official Website of Author and Journalist Richard Poe." As distinct from all those unofficial ones started up by his groupies. What a self-important, slow-witted twat. The self-importance of the average con goes a great way to explaining why he always loses the big stakes. More here from Poestein Derthowitz.

White Pride: Thor Heyerdahl

"Poe" writes on the man, his followers, their coverage.

New translation service offered here. White Internet Service Provider here. Screw the jew, work ONLY with Whites.

Why We Are Right

Our beliefs jibe with history, experience, and biology, and that is why our enemies seek to suppress J.R. Colson

And Now They Come For The Printers - Again

One of Britain's best-known 'free speech' printers, Tony Hancock, is due to face Crown Court trial at Leeds on 2nd September 2002 for printing ("Aiding and Abetting") the publication of 'Merrie England 2002,' a book which satirized Britain's multi-racial society. This is an assessment of what -- and who -- is behind this Vidar

Raising Elite White Children

Racial consciousness alone is not Andrei Kievksy

The Murder of Britain

Not by immigration enthusiasts -- by Jews. Meanwhile the jews are up to their usual tricks, demanding special rules. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Here on niggers gang rapists in Britain. Here on dropping Russian population. Here rags assault news crew tracking story about Lebanese gang rape against White girls. Here in America a nigger encourages niggers to vote for a nigger.

Aesthetic Hitler

In lengthening retrospect, it becomes harder to credit categorical distinctions between Nazi aesthetics and those of redoubtable modern movements in architecture and design, including the Bauhaus. They share roots in avant-garde Vienna. Here a vague shitstein is discommoded over non-vitriol poured on Hitler.


Here on legal dispute over French 9/11 book. Here Son of Graham goes after Islam. "Islam--unlike Christianity--has among its basic teachings a deep intolerance for those who follow other faiths." What does the Talmud say about other religions, Fwankie?

Who Won?

Here on the dumbing down of Britain. White genius moves and improves the world. Refuting anarchism here. Here hisps are forming gangs targeting White cops for murder.

Medi: Pop Culture

First, Elvis... Here on FCC banning analog tv. Broadcasters are unhappy that more people have not purchased high-definition televisions, thus opening up new advertising and commercial markets for them. Rather than begin broadcasting more digital programming and creating the demand in the marketplace for new equipment on which to view it, the broadcasters are using the heavy hand of government to create the demand for its shows.

Man seeks sales/mgt/HR position around Cleveland, but will relocate here.

Cool new cartoon from Dresden here.

Giles campaign graphic here, and graphic of NA LTEs here.

New Willie cartoons, first panel here, conclusion here.

Support your local jazzbo here. Cool, right to the point Hitler promo here from Toni, and molto bellissimo, buena serra or thatsa pizza! or whatever the Italians say, spoof of CNN here, courtesy of Herr Hollett. First-rate piece of work, itz! Rubba you fingers over my rich, Corinthian leather! GREAT work everybody.

Individualism and the Folkish State, Part II

On volitional consciousness, which allows us to say no to Dale Peterson

Where's the White Sharon?

Whining and sniveling about civil rights and international law is garbage: Sharon and Mugabe are heroes to their tribes. Where's ours? Don Hines

Divisiveness Bad for Diversity

"Good for jews," then itz "diversity": encouraged, subsidized. "Bad for jews," itz divisiveness: frowned on, banned. Either way, you pay to subsidize the agenda of the jews, White man. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here Mexishits off fishhead soup fan -- in North Carolina. What could be more AmeriKwan than that?

The Rally

Jews' tools, like a bad fifties sci-fi movie, barely try to hide the strings. Here U.S. military personnel are told it's illegal to attend the rally. Democracy refutes itself daily in itz "free" press. Here NA active in Delaware.

War and the State

Generally invaluable in strengthening it. Good background on sociology, jew-ridden academic movement. He viewed the discipline of sociology as an extension of two theories of society, both as old as Classical Greece: monism and pluralism. In Plato's political monism and Aristotle's political pluralism, we find the war of the worldviews. For Nisbet, the bad guys were Plato, Hobbes, and Rousseau. The good guys were Aristotle and Burke. Here on specific prep-prompts for war on Iraq. Here a humorous anti-war Flash. Dumbed-down, deracinated students: another Jewish success story. Here Donahue on 9/11, connection to Here on anthrax.

Jews Make America HATED Worldwide

They get the short-term benefits, we get the long-term consequences. And the minute things go bad for us, these kikes running our country will be off to Indonesia. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the vermin we subsidize in New Square aren't learning Micronesian Grub Latin in their stinky shuls. Here jews work to damage their opponents by means fair and foul. Here La Paglia. Many Americans, myself included, have wondered for years why our safety and security are compromised by an inflexible foreign policy that has set the entire Muslim world against us. And: The media rarely allow Arab views to be heard unfiltered and unframed, and too often, Arabs are portrayed as irrational or medieval, clamoring cartoon figures of no interest until they begin to adopt Western ways. Here some of the doltish pseudo-thought underlying Christian support for Christ-killers.

No Civil Rights for Whites

Here PC Roberts hints at why whites have been dispossessed in their own land, but never really comes out and says it: Jew. "EEOC bureaucrat, JEW Alfred W. Blumrosen, illegally and unconstitutionally subverted the statutory purpose of the law... JEW Blumrosen...redefine(d) discrimination from a purposeful action against an individual to the absence of proportional representation regardless of discriminatory intent. Thus did JEW Blumrosen originate the system of race and gender privileges.... (As a result) the United States white people have no political representation. Whites have to struggle in the courts against government opposition to claim any resemblance to equal rights. Explicit government policies have made whites second class citizens. Whites are a dispossessed majority in their own country." No shit, Sherlock. And JEW Blumrosen is a -- what, class? A Pole? A Russian? An Esquimo? No, class, he's a JEW a JEW A JEW A JEW A JEW A JEW. What is he? A JEEEEEEEW. A Tikkun Olam-er Yehudi, and he helped tikkun you out of the way. That's why we say NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Keyboard Kikes on the Warpath

The kikes are riding high, as this choice wit from Steyn shows. It's obvious that the longer Saddam stays in power the more Jordan will be corrupted, and eventually we'll wind up with one more Arab sewer state. Huh. One diplomat remarks on Israel's being a "shitty" little country and it goes around the world. This sort of casual reference goes unnoted -- daily. Here claims about the way Iraq will defend itself if the U.S. attacks. Here on the British support or lack of it for the Jews' War. Here from National Review editors. Have you noticed that nobody but jews even cares about Iraq? Iraq has no relation to anything going on in America at all. It is solely the jews who are consumed with destroying the country because that's good for their country - Israel.

Jews Plan Nuclear War on Iraq

What a foolish mistake to allow this Hate State to come into existence. And they want you to bail them out in Brazil, White man.

Kikes Demonize Opposition

Nation of Islam... Only the jewish race can be allowed to exist. All other races must blend and disappear: that is jewish religious doctrine. Compare the letters Suckpoop Joe gets with the ones VNN gets. WND = Mass Feeding Corporation. Here on German "neo-nazi" said to be British agent. Fighting invaders jews let in here.


Niggers know where their grubs are buttered. Good insight here into the hateful inferiority that is jew-organized Official Negritude. The individual black who tries to act like a man has no chance. The irony is that official niggers are too stupid to realize that they are the tools of Jews far more than the "Toms" they accuse are tools of Whites. You're a tool of the White man if you propose standing on your own two feet. A nigger is never so tall as when it stoops to accept a welfare check, say Shmuel's Own Blackies, smiled on approvingly by Br'er Saul's media. Here a spic pol rapes a girl.

The Tower

There are only 14 million Jews in the whole world -- and they appear to all be standing on one another's shoulders, forming a teetering, swaying tower of organizations and associations of organizations and federations of associations. Here, "Calls for change within the leading American Jewish representative body, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, gathered steam this week as several of its largest member-organizations signed on to a proposal for structural reform." VNN is really excited about this; we are scarcely able to contain our enthusiasm.

Racist Jews Indoctrinate Their Young

"With their abundant classroom hours, impressionable young students and highly involved parents, Jewish nursery schools have the power to help shape the Jewish identity of children and their families." Now substitute "White" for "Jewish," and listen to the shrieks of outrage! ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Jews Fortify Their Segregated Schools

While White kids are forced by Jewish-pushed "multiculturalism" to go to school with niggers, spics, all manner of hazardous, disease-ridden dirt, Jews are blocking out the world to protect little Pinchas and Perla. "The yeshiva has installed a magnetic swipe pass-card system, reinforced the building and set up a system of roll-down gates in several hallways that prevent an intruder from having full access to the school...The Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan hired armed guards and a director of security to educate the students and faculty, updated its closed circuit television system and made other physical changes to make the building safer. Other schools, such as the Yeshiva of North Jersey located in River Edge, N.J., have issued identification cards to all students and parents and have hired guards. The Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, Fla., has alarmed every door, installed a camera surveillance system and fenced the perimeter of the campus." ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

It's Those Jews Again

Is there a single Gentile in "public" broadcasting? Here, "A Yiddish World Remembered" to run on PBS. "The filmmakers interview dozens of native Yiddish speakers who grew up in Eastern Europe about their past day-to-day lives, as well as scholars of Yiddish and Jewish history...In one incident that wound up on the cutting-room floor, Goldberg interviewed an elderly Pole who spent 15 minutes on camera denouncing Jews. 'I didn't tell him I was Jewish,' Goldberg said, but the man did nothing to hide his attitudes. He then went two houses down, where a neighbor talked about the Jewish friends he had as a child." Much better -- and that's a wrap! Kill your Televitz, White man.

They Think They're Getting Away With It

Here, the Jewish take on a book, "American Jihad." Sept. 11 attacks due to "Islamic fundamentalism," not to America's support for sick, vicious little Israel. Right. SAVE AMERICAN LIVES -- DUMP ISRAEL.

Victims Always, Part 3

This must be "hoist on their own petard" week at the Forward -- a special edition to commemorate Jewish "victims" of Jewish Communism, Yids blown up by the bomb they themselves planted. They actually expect sympathy. Here, another heart-rending tale. "In many ways, the life of Vladimir Talmy, son of Yiddish journalist and co-founder of the American Communist Party Leon Talmy, is an echo of his father's. Both personally suffered from Stalin's persecutions during the post-World War II era.While Vladimir Talmy was released from a labor camp after Stalin's death, Leon Talmy was less fortunate. A defendant in the trumped-up Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee trials, Leon Talmy was arrested on July 3, 1949 and was executed with fellow committee members on August 12,1952." Good riddance.

Victims Always, Part 4

This doesn't stop. Here, Jewish poetry about dead Jews. All "artists," of course. Not a sheister or snake-oil salesman in the lot, no, no. Spare us.

Victims Always -- Part 5

Oi,, this still doesn't stop. "Fifty years ago, on August 12, 1952, Joseph Stalin's henchmen executed the cream of the Soviet Jewish literary and intellectual world on trumped-up charges of espionage and sedition. The event is remembered in Jewish communities around the world as the Night of the Murdered Yiddish Poets, the culmination of Stalin's murderous assault on Jewish culture and Yiddish literature." Gee. As famous Jewish heroin addict Lenny Bruce once said about a Doberman, "You raise him. You train him. Ten years later, he kills you." Thus, Jews and their Communism. Funny.

Technology: Artificial Sight Now Real

Dobelle has designed a three-part system: a miniature video camera, a signal processor, and the brain implants. The camera, mounted on a pair of eyeglasses, captures the scene in front of the wearer. The processor translates the image into a series of signals that the brain can understand, then sends the information to the implant. The picture is fed into the brain and, if everything goes according to plan, the brain will "see" the image. Here a robot teaches itself to fly, quickly. Here they work out kinks on Ebola virus. Here doubts about the origin of 'fossil' fuels. The sun is good. Here the claim human cloning has low chance of success.

Media: Eisner Examined

Non-fans popping off... Here slob-liar may produce a movie off "Stupid White Men." Here on AOL 8.0.

Nipponese Creativity

The spirit of the shogun lives: Nipper plans war of redemptive terror carried out by...cockroaches. "Cockroaches eat human eyelashes. I couldn't think of anything more satisfying than to have somebody wake up and discover a cockroach has eaten away their eyelashes," he tells Donto. "And women hate cockroaches. I'll ruin their mental state by unleashing hundreds of thousands of cockroaches onto the streets. And I'm breeding big American cockroaches, which put Japanese versions to shame."

O'Rourke on Twain

Art and literature matter; politics is just for getting rid of the jews. I remember walking down the street one day, and I caught a glimpse of my own reflection in a store window. Has it ever happened to you that you saw your reflection but you thought you were looking at the reflection of someone else? Well, that's what happened to me. I was just looking at this reflection and thinking That person is a little old to be dressing like that. And then -- Whoops, it was me! Genuine progress is usually the result of that sort of realization. It is never planned by some fat-assed she-kike burrocrat in the bowels of Health, Wealth and Transfer Payments. Here on AmeriKwa, where any manny kin grow up in a log cabin fearing calico cats and become King of Wusseria. Here's what Jews want to destroy -- and what you can fight to preserve on the 24th. In D.C. In front of the Capitol White men built.

Go to Hell, Pinhead Asscraft

This calico-cat-fearing, Semitic-ass-licking Christian kook wants camps for citizens. Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants. Here Suckpoop Joe bravely calls Arafat pro-Nazi scum. Hey what about the kikes whose ass you suck around the clock, Shitlips? They worked with the Nazis too. Joe? Nary a sound... Yasser Arafat is an unrepentant terrorist -- the modern-day inventor of Arab terrorism... Why does he qualify it "Arab" terrorism -- because KIKES like the ones he ass-licks every day of the year started modern terrorism by blowing up the King David hotel. Suckpoop Joe, Suckpoop Joe, I can't stand that Suckpoop Joe. Feel free to email the anile analinguist here. More here from sixie crank Hal Lindsey, apparently preparing for an upcoming Shatner lookalike contest. For how long, Jim, we put up...with...this arrant ass-suckery? Dammit, Jim, I'm a Suck-poop, not an ichthyologist!

Invasion Of The Money Snatchers

Here, a story whose main point can be safely ignored, marked out as the perennial we're-just-like-you Jewish bullshit that it is; Jews are not about to become manual laborers just because some yeshiva-with-a-gimmick is going to charge $15,000 to teach a Hasid how to drive a nail. Have you ever seen these people? They're lucky if they can make it down the block without tripping over their own shoelaces -- they walk around looking up at rainbows, shouting, A zeich'n! A zeich'n vum himml!" A sign from God! There's an ulterior motive here, though. "To lure observant Jews to the three-shul town of Lancaster, in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country, Rabbi Shaya Sackett decided he would need a draw that would be hard to find anywhere else." Watch for another Postville, Iowa-style Jewish takeover, which a Jew has already -- think fast -- written a book about! How do invading Jews treat "the locals?" "You do not acknowledge them. You do not say hello to them. You say hello to them and it's the beginning of assimilation. You start being friendly with them and that means our children start playing and then we are involved in social exchange with them and that's the end of us as the chosen people." Israel against the nations! The White "religion of civility" is a poor match for Jewish hubris and hate, wouldn't you agree? Time for the New Hardness. No Jews. Just Right.

Indoctrination by Public School

Don't let THEM (kikes) inject your kids with their lies. Here a jew cries about "anti-Semitism." Well, what's the term for the Jew-promulgated White hate OUR kids get in the "public" schools?

Israel and Iraq

One is filled with evil murderers and parasites sucking $10 million of American blood money each and every day of the year. The other is about to be attacked as our enemy. How droll. Here on the mess in Afghanistan, by Fisk. Here on Arab attitudes. Not even Britain wants a piece of this Kikekampf. More doubt here from mainline con source. Here on the "self-hating" Jews, hands-down the oddest of the Semitical construct categories. The thing doesn't exist. It's simply the term for the rare jew who goes against the jew agenda. Jews aren't gentlemen. They admit no category for honest, moral men who oppose their agenda. Such creatures by definition cannot exist. When you oppose God's partners -- they literally believe that, the same way Christians literally believe in Rapture and Revelation -- you are evil. Kikes are religious kooks, but since they control the papers, only their enemies are called that, even though those enemies are usually their biggest fans, because they're too stoopid to see through their own bought, shifty- and milk-eyed leaders like Cracker Graham.

The Amoeba

There are only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet the organism never stops this show of dividing, flowing, re-combining. Here, the never-ending, exhausting pretense of fresh, daily surprise as Jews affect to look in mirror, "discover selves," act all shocked at what they see. We've not been Jewy enough! We need to re-evaluate, re-assess, re-invigorate, re-dedicate, re-new, re-form, re-double our Jewiness! This, of course, will involve "a new Jewish unity initiative, a new Jewish rhetorical initiative, a new Jewish linguistic initiative, a new Jewish literacy initiative, a new Jewish values initiative, a new Jewish hospitality initiative, a new Jewish spirituality initiative, a new Jewish community initiative," and, naturlich, "a new Jewish nationalist initiative." We're all out of breath! New! Jewish! Initiative! nine times a week, every week, year after year after year...No Jews. SHUT UP!

Freepers Scratch Heads, No Light Bulbs

Mexeekans won't vote Repulingcunt. Beeg problem, senor!


Chimps in charge... More here. And here.

Men and Marriage

Interesting stats... Here on Virginia Woolf, not real complimentary. By so contemptuously denying the achievements of the past, bought at so great a cost of thought and effort, she totally misunderstood the material and intellectual conditions that made possible her own life, with its languorous contemplation of the exquisite. The writer, though, is no more interested in the truth about the German nationalists than twit Woolf is about the past. Here on The Brothers Karamazov. A great writer -- who utterly despised jews. Great on this. Great on that. Great on the other. Wrong on jews. Right, right, right, wrong. Right? Wrong! Right, right, right, NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Simulated Semite Snags Squirming Snakeheads

What's "live, illegal, non-native?" What's "carnivorous, reputedly land-walking," and "scavenges and destroys the local ecosystem when it is put in an alien habitat?" Besides Jews, that is. Oh! The three-foot-long snakehead fish, a disgusting Oriental manifestation of "diversity" that now threatens to take over America's waterways. Here, freak-museum huckster "acquired three live northern snakehead fish from a market in New York's Chinatown -- despite restrictions barring the sale of live snakeheads -- by asking a friend to claim that she was an Orthodox Jew who needed to kill the fish according to dietary laws." ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. VNN is rushing tanks of Jew-Eating Squid to the scene. We'll keep you posted.

No Nigger Dress Allowed

Niggers lower standards. That's why Jews forced them into our communities. Here, the completely non-White Most Unwanted. Diversity is our greatest strength...on the police blotter. Whites are completely screwed in employment by the federal government. About 30 percent of all Hispanics in the United States are noncitizens. About 100% are non-humans. Whites have been underrepresented every year since at least 1984, the earliest year for which the OPM has provided figures. Name the nigger. Here on Evil Delaware, guilty of insufficient jew-lackeyism and other unforgivable crimes.

Victims Always, Culprits Never

Here, the standard-issue, weeping-on-your-shoulder material about Jews as victims of Jewish Communism. We Aren't Listening Anymore(TM). Here, more crying about sausage named after Stalin. "Stalin presided over a quarter-century reign of terror that left millions of his subjects dead. Nobody suffered more than Jews." Of course. "I told the owner of my neighborhood Russian deli that I was upset by the presence of Stalinskaya Brand Smoked Sausage on the menu. He looked genuinely surprised. 'What's the matter?' he asked. 'Isn't it fresh?'" Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

"Christian Zionists" Commit Race Treason

Here, the Holy Land Tour Guides, off their medication and running amok. World Trade Center destroyed, with thousands of innocent people dying for Israel, and the insane start a telethon to support...Israel. "Dozens of Christian television stations are slated to air a five-hour telethon next week in support of Israeli victims of terrorism, with half the money raised earmarked for a fund organized by the United Jewish Communities and its national network of charitable federations." As if that weren't enough, the Jewish parasite would like to cadge even more cash from credulous Christers. "So far, Lipman said, his organization has not attempted to raise money from Christians for the federation's annual campaign benefiting local, national and international Jewish causes...'That's an area we are moving slowly on,'" whispers the louse as it creeps cautiously along. Shout "NO BLOOD FOR ISRAEL!" in the middle of the sermon. Stand up and walk out of that church, White man. You're one heartbeat away from having a Jewish Pope as it is.

Invasion: Spain

Niggers are no better in Espana than in Brixton or your neighborhood. Here English cops are busy tracing the DNA on a "hate" postcard sent to a wog doctor. The state isn't threatened by marauding nogs, it is STRENGTHENED by that. It is threatened by Whites who stand up against it by pointing out our collective racial interests. Face it: the only thing that threatens the whos are the whoms trying to flip the switch or wiping their ass with the tax bill. You can murder anybody you like in Washington, D.C., and get away with it, but just try to avoid paying your parking tickets. Here dead invaders.

Russian Reorg

Billionaires battle for control...

Danglestein Diaries Make Dazzling Debut

First Anne, now Leo. Here we go again -- the book, the play, the movie, the eighteen-hour TV extravaganza. Jews claim to have uncovered some bundle of scribblings attributed to one Leo Frank, the original Swingin' Sheeny, lynched in 1915 for the murder of a young White girl. "'It's like coming across a very precious gem that you didn't know was there,' said the Marcus Center's executive director, Gary Zola, of the donation. 'These letters are a window on the mind of a man who is falsely accused, and who knows he is innocent -- it's as obvious as the nose on his face." We'll say!

The Rally...

The tension mounts, as the musky maskmen argle-bargle amongst themselves, like a nest of rabid silverfish, and very nearly as hygienic.

Hyperactive Hyper-Jews Hype Hyper-Helper Handbooks

Here, Jewish "hyper-parents" and pushers with -- you guessed it -- books to sell! "Just as Jewish assimilationist dreams invented Hollywood and Jewish neuroses helped create a language of American comedy, Jewish striving (combined with an acute business sense) has spawned a new niche industry: perfecting the years formerly known as childhood." Every Jew a legend in his own mind; the heroic, bookselling, Jewish self-promotion continues, with "Test Pilot: How I Broke Testing Barriers for Millions of Students and Caused a Sonic Boom in the Business of Education," in which some Kaplan or other describes how he pioneered the lucrative field of test preparation after he was rejected from five medical schools...Kaplan Inc. is now the largest of the test preparation companies, with revenues that grew from $78 million in 1991 to over $500 million today." Another Yid peddles her ""Watsamatta U: A Get-A-Grip Guide to Staying Sane Through Your Child's College Application," in which this Kasdin "details her Herculean efforts to land a spot in a top school for her children: private tutors, informational interviews, forced attendance at college planning nights and, of course, excessive nagging." This one's tops on our want list -- right next to malignant melanoma. Is there anyone who'd miss Jews?

Hating Hitler

He just won't go away. Why? Partly because the jews need a bogeyman to keep the geld flowing, mostly because he was right about jews. Here Australian gets land where Jewish Tyrants murdered Branch Davidians.


Whites know how. Nogs know find grubs. Frank Sinatra parody here. Here companies are rated by poofter affinity. Here on a genetic mutation that supposedly led to speech. Don't drink, don't smoke, do pack heat.

Bailing Out the Boyzim in Brazil

God forbid a jew should lose money. That's what the Great White Saf (jew term for 'sap' or 'sucker') is for. You're nothing but a big sapsucker to the kikes, White man. Join us on the 24th and have something to say about that. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. They talk about Enron all day long. But they never tell you about the kikes robbing YOU blind, White man.

Media: Pro Blogging

Changing forms as the 'Net evolves. More here. Here on MEMRI. Hal Turner interviewed here. Readers can participate in Memphis paper's "credibility project." Sponsored by the Associated Press Managing Editors organization, it's called the National Roundtable Credibility Project. Its aim is to halt what many view as the erosion of newspapers' credibility with their readers. Gee, there's a hard call. No paper in the country will report honestly anything contradicting the jewish agenda. Events are cut to fit the picture of the world Jews want you to see. People don't know that, but they sense it. America -- all we do is complain anymore. That's the America Jew laws promulgated by Jew lawyers has wrought. Setting class against class, brother against brother -- good for no one except the jew. Here on the Suckpoop's ongoing struggle to get a press pass from the corrupt Senate gallery.

Here the adventures of Willy, the national socialist monkey! First panel here then here. Some head turning required.

Great new promo by Toni here. And contrast the smiling, happy, normal visages in the picture with the hateful, paranoid, fat, shifty-eyed, dyspeptic faces of jews like the podhoretzes, frank rich, michael kinsley. Who would you rather live among? Yep. All Whites feel that way. Let's make it happen. Join us the 24th. Help stamp out jewish hate.

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft, Vol. 1, No. 3

Another letter from Lovecraft, on the virtues of the "Nordick" A. Trumbo

Individualism and the Folkish State

On the nature and meaning of Dale Peterson

What Are You Worth, White Man?

A way to measure your value to the White Don Hines

America Is Being Murdered by Jews

Via Mexican-hatpin-through-the-ear Dance. DEATH TO THE JEWS. Jews are solely, completely, entirely -- by which I mean 100% -- responsible for opening our borders to Mexico. Let me tell you something kikes. The American zit is coming to a head, and we White blood cells are going to explode all over your ugly visages, and you aren't going to like it one bit. You are an infection, and we are going to disinfect you. A Mexican is not an American, it doesn't matter how many WASP cunts like bushy say otherwise. A bit more here. Hey, Jews! You've done the bragging. Are you ready to do the blame? Not gonna be fun, itz! BRITAIN FOR BRITISH. WOG SNOUTS OUT. One in five of the U.S. population was born abroad or born of parents who were born abroad. Make a nice inscription above the shithouse door over your mass grave, guilty Jews. As one Briton put it, "we resisted Hitler in order to become a colony for Africa, Asia, and the Middle East." Yeah, in other words HITLER WAS RIGHT. Keep up the pressure, White man. The Jew will crack. He's built to. Made of inferior materials. Of lies and balderdash and paranoia compact! We're not out to get you, kikn! We're out to acknowledge you! Jews on gibbets: social engineering that works! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DANGLESTEIN. Truth is an anti-Semite, like all good people.

Monkey Power

The denouement or the climax, as the remaining rump of white farmers is cut off. Nothing left but us niggers, boss! More here. See if freepowitz dimwitzim can figure out what's happening... I heard that a black Zimbabwean in South Africa told a white farmer here, "Why don't you people fight? You must fight because this [Land Reform] is coming to your country too". And it's coming to your country too, European and American. NOTHING GOES RIGHT, UNTIL WE GO WHITE. More here on Zimbya, my lord. Here a nigger murders a White human. Here a couple shitskins try to rape a female female. Here another gang rape in Oz. FIVE teenagers as young as 13, and two men have been charged with the pack rape of a 25-year-old woman during an almost five-hour ordeal in remote WA. Who let these monkeys in? Jews. Here Canny Sammy on Zimby 'keys.

Nazis After One Year, Going into 1934

Compare with something a bushy might say -- or any of his advising jews, or any of the warmongering juden of the checka-Commentariat. If they lie about everything else, what's the chance they're telling the truth about the German nationalists? ITZ COMING. There is no a single one of our deep problems that would not be solved if the controlling kahnmunist jews were destroyed and out of the way.

Hitler's 'Table Talk'

How reliable? Henry Picker and Heinrich Heim were the two scribes who took down what Hitler said at his mealtime conversations. Hermann Rauschning wrote a book called Conversations with Hitler (also: Hitler Speaks). Problem: How can we assess their reliability? Latest Irving diary here. Note this about kikes controlling Duval street retail in Key West: The twenty-two such stores in Duval-street were all owned until recently by one Israeli family, using the word family in both its normal and its mafia sense. The local newspaper, The Citizen, ran a chilling exposé of their real activities in drug-money laundering a couple of years ago, impervious to the inevitable squawk of "anti-Semitism" that this provoked. If a kike fingers it, he infects it. Ever notice that? The shittiest of all races, itz. To say jew is to say "racist crook." I see him gesticulating vigorously, shrugging his shoulders, raising his arms in mock despair, both palms upwards, the very caricature of a Jewish street-trader. It must be in their microchip"... What a piece of shit the kike is! And get this: ...I call in at the store alone and tackle Benny. His chutzpah is gone. I say to him that he has a choice: give me the cash that the girls earned now or face, well, a lot of grief from the authorities and me. Paul has asked me to make a report, I add, and that report goes straight on to the Immigration. He fishes out half a dozen ten-dollar bill from the till, whining: "Why are they doing this to me! After all that my family has been through. I came to America after such suffering." Get it? That's the kike race and the Ho-ho-holocaust in a nutshell. A joke and a Santa Claus in one, itz! Like a garden-weasel, Swiss-extortion army knife, itz! Don't be a saf (sucker), White man. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY. He knows it -- do you?


A number of articles about this remarkable woman. She never cried about not getting respect, she simply accomplished things that were objectively worthy of it. That's how it works, gals.

Greedy Kikes Demand More White Slave Money for Israel

Fuck you, Israel, fuck you, Israel, fuck you, Israel -- DEATH TO THE KIKES. Note the comment, though! Here the repugnant pickle-nosed parasites gather to knit their brows to benit the world. Here Duke site hosts banned French site, "Radical Unity," the party of the alleged would-be assassin. Here Halfway Millard actually emits a 'jew,' mentioning that a jewish hate group "Union of French Jewish Students" is the reason Duke has to host Radical Unity's site. Jews believe all non-Jews are anti-Semites, and any disagreement with or opposition to the the jewish agenda is anti-Semitism and should be illegal. What appears to be a cartoon describing jews as haters here, from the LAT. Mirabile dictu, have never seen such a thing. STOP THE HATE, JEWS. Here a retiring Repulingcunt actually comes out against the Jews' War on Iraq. Here Cockburn on what's driving Bushy.

The Rally

Here on the Jewish racists and their good buddies the "Anti-Racist" Alliance. Duh, I'll hit him, coach! The ADL, a militant Zionist-Masonic organization that represents the interests of the Government of Israel in the United States, has been publicly linked to the group Anti-Racist Action in a number of recent news stories, which have been republished on this website. ARA National Director Gerard Bello recently agreed to front large sums of money from the ADL, which he used to attempt to bribe several white power activists into committing crimes and acts of violence designed to disrupt white nationalist activities and link white nationalist groups with criminal acts. More here on Arabs for and against rally goals.

9/11 Speculation

Not hot enough to melt steel, they say...


Funny how little we hear about this stuff. The ecotista can burn down $2 million in property, but it won't get an inch of coverage. Some clown can daub a hooked cross on a hay silo, and it rates multiple stories. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. The Animal Liberation Front said it was responsible for the May 3 truck fire at Sims Poultry, and the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility for a fire in January 2000 that destroyed a home under construction in a subdivision north of Lake Monroe. More here on fires set in Oregon by friends of the log.

The Gentle Sough of a Kahn in Despair

Race is all, as I and Jew Disraeli say. America's problems were caused by Jews. Clean up the jews, restore discipline, boom, an even better nation returns. Why better? Because it will understand the reason it fell in the first place. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Nothing goes right until you go White. Kahns will never tell you the truth because they don't have the balls to risk losing their paychecks. Brown-Derbyshire knows what we racists say is the truth, but he hasn't the guts to come out and agree. Hahahahaha! Where now, little man? Poor little Derbio, sitting there lamenting the beshattung that is pop culture, crazy immigration policies, complete control of the mass media. All of which may be laid at the feet of his very own bosses! Brook them, eh wot, derby-"man"? HAHAHAHAHA! Not waitin' up on that one! UNTIL YOU GO WHITE, NOTHING GOES RIGHT. Get out of the way, Republikahns, White is where itz at. Join Whites in front of your Capitol, White man, on August 24th. I personally would like every VNN reader within 500 miles to get his or her ass down to the Capitol and join the biggest pro-American WHITE rally since WWII. You want a personl reason? A chance for glory and a place in history as part of the Great Regeneration. THE FUTURE IS OURS. Even when large majorities of Americans favor a conservative policy, nothing will be done to implement it. For example.... Funny, wonder where he read that one? Ever notice how everything moves VNNward over time? That's not because of us, that's because what we say is the TRUTH. As I've often said, open borders immigration and the destruction of segregation were NOT wanted by most Americans. Most Americans -- democratically -- favored racial separation and racist immigration. In a democracy, by theory, majority will is supposed to prevail. But the jews CHEATED! And now they warmonger left and right and under the polar icecap to change anything they don't like. And of course, whatever they do is done in the name of "democracy." DEATH TO THE JEWS. Anything we do to the jews is justified in light of what they have done to us. There are no absolutes, there are simply winners and losers. What we need to win is New Hardness individually, and White Race as the new religion, to which that hardness is dedicated. That is the way out. No promise, but a strong possibility. It's time to start stomping mudholes in the asses of these Lilienthaliputian kikes. Here Locke tries to counter Derby. Contra Locke letter here.

Say No To the Jews' War on Iraq, White Man

The United States government is illegitimate. Our soldiers belong on the border, shooting Mexicans, not in Southwestern Asia, carrying water for the kikes. contrary to a flat assertion made by the Fox Network loudmouth Bill O'Reilly (New York Post, August 8, 2002) Germans do not "owe" the American government to the point of being obligated to put themselves at risk in a neocon-fomented war against Iraq. OReilly repeats the fiction that the US "rebuilt" Germany after lots of devastation just happened to occur there. In fact the Germans rebuilt their own country, thanks to patriotic classical liberals like Ludwig Erhard, despite the fact the US, like the other occupying powers, set out to treat postwar Germany vindictively. O'Reilly's a classic suckpoop-ignoramus who I will guarantee you has no idea that millions of Germans were starved to death after WWII. You don't have time to study history when you're sucking jewish ass to get ahead, eh, O'Reilly? What Jew Gottfried says about the treatment of Germany is true, but as always, he omits the crucial element: JEWS were responsible for that treatment. Germany was treated the way the jewish agenda dictated. Reese here. We must cashier the kikes writing our foreign policy. Let's declare war on the kikes. I'd like to see one brigade of these shit-people invade Iraq. Get out there you pudgy fags. Jonah Goldberg on artillery! Boy, boy, boy would I give my left nut to be able to draw. I would draw Washington Crossing the Delaware with neokikes substituted for Americans. Don't tell me I'm the only one in the world who finds a cartoon cat with a bomb belt leaping on consternated Asscraft a riot! Here an interview with Hussein. Jews have made America shit. The remark by kike cunt Albright that 500,000 dead Iraqi babies was a reasonable price -- that cunt spoke in OUR name. This is the shit jews have brought upon us -- the hatred of the world, which looks at us as monsters. What did Iraq ever do to the U.S.? Not a single thing. Israel takes $10 million of our dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. Israel has the nuclear arms, not Iraq. Israel doesn't allow inspection, Iraq does. DEATH TO THE JEWS. More here dismissing those against Isarel and various slave-funded government programs the jew deems necessary dismissed as postmodernists. Anything but traditional American. The jew claims that appelation for himself, now that he's in the catbird seat. Big fan of patriotism, our jew. Semites & suckpoops; sinecures & suppression: AmeriKwa 2002. More here, from Fred Reed, questioning America's stability. Whites back passively away, frightened in their own country, moving deeper into the suburbs, acceding to every demand. The others advance, knowing that the advantage is theirs. But it may be that this just raises the stakes should conflict come. The racial divide is by itself every bit enough to cause disaster. Yep. More jerking here: Profound division, and profound anger, permeate white America itself. Some of it follows the fault lines of partisan politics, but partakes of something deeper. It is not politics as usual. The antagonism is between the traditionally American and what for brevity may be called the politically correct. It verges on hatred. Yep. More and more and more Whites understand what the Jews have done to America, and are pledging their LIVES to stopping it. Tired of being a Consumer, White man? Join us. The Jews have made of our fine state an AmeriKwa, and more and more Whites are realizing they have nothing to lose. Their way lie Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our way lie hope and the future. THE FUTURE IS OURS. The Greatest Generation is US, White man. And our great achievement will not be knocking out brave men who understood and battled the jews, but taking out the jews themselves. Third time's the charm. World War III is White vs. Jew. The America, the Southern, the German revolutions will all be redeemed in this Ragnarok. So it is written. So it shall be. Keep your eyes open on August 24th, Fred.

Kikes Cry Hot, Wet Tears

First up, AIDS-ridden uber-kike Brudnoy. What's the definition of anti-Semite, class? That's right -- non-Jew. There are jews and anti-Semites, and never kid yourself there's any third class. To Jews who claim "Protocols" is a forgery: Why don't you produce the real document so we can compare? I love the way jews point out all these inconsistencies in their enemies' position toward Israel. Yet they never acknowledge that absolutely NOBODY has any kind of forum or position to criticze Israel anywhere that matters. Jews really are the kid who kills itz parents and demands leniency as an orphan. Their every argument is disingenuous. Here Jew warmonger Perle calls for spilling White blood to further Israel's agenda. Here one of kike Horowitz's boys blasts Sobran and others for calling the anti-American yidn warmongers warmongers. Oy! So unfair to bears, itz! Say, how long after So Cal becomes Aztlan do you think it will take Kike Horowitz to change his name to Ortiz? Here's a perfect example of what I mean about the puling-orphan approach: "What I fear is the neoconservatives," Matthews told an audience at Brown University. "They want to fight the North Koreans again. Iran. Iraq. Syria. Libya." Before long, "they'll go after China." Matthews, who forgot to mention Saudi Arabia, Sudan and France, exposes what sounds like a Jewish conspiracy, facilitated by Republican oilmen. The TV host conveniently failed to mention that every poll shows that a majority of Americans support military action against Iraq. Gee, shithead, if I have all tv, radio, movies, print and 98% of the Internet under my thumb, I could convince 'em Whoopi Goldberg's good-looking too! Hey, numbnuts, ask 'em how many Americans know that because of the Jews that control "America" and her foreign policy literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Iraqi babies have died. I would like to praise Chris Matthews for speaking out against the neocons. Very unusual for his type, and I applaud it, and hope others follow the example. Here Ann Coulter, dumber with each successive column. Funny how hysterical they sound when assuring us the American people want war with Iraq. I get the sense you don't really believe that, Annie-Get-Your-Gun.

Angry Kraken Want Jew Blood

Your day is coming, jewboys. Do you know what it feels like to be eaten raw by a squid? I'll daresay you don't. Itz not pleasant -- for you! Even to those unversed in marine biology, it was clearly a remarkable discovery: a 250kg beast, 15 metres long, with eight giant arms, eyes the size of small plates, a parrot-like central beak and -- as one observer enthusiastically put it -- "calamari the size of truck tyres". What they don't tell you is this august creature carried the remains of a dershowitz in each arm, and itz beak was full of schnozz d'yahood. ITZ COMING.

Landlubbin' Lung-fish Rarin' to Rend Jewflesh

Knife-toothed, primitive-lunged illegal aliens hate jews as much as every other life form short of the august kraken. Here on disease and humanity.

Virtually All Great Writers Despised Jews

That's a powerful sign that the most perceptive among us see the jew for what it is. Here on stinky Stan Fish and and anti-Castro prof denied tenure.

Faith in ZOG Erodes

Americans know something is wrong. Only Whites have the answer. The public's faith in Social Security is the test of faith in our era. Nobody expects to get rich through Social Security, but almost everyone expects to be kept in comfort. When that faith smashes into the statistical reality of $25 trillion in unfunded liabilities (including Medicare), faith in government will depart. Not one person reading VNN knows that America wouldn't be better off if it were completely White. That's all we're saying.

She-Doogas Back on the Barbie

When the Aryan's away, the savages will play... At the hillside she clambered on to the funeral pyre and sat waving to the crowd with a beatific smile. Brandishing incense sticks, the crowd surged forward, chanting "Suttee Mata, Suttee Mata," the goddess of women who die sacrificing themselves to ensure their husband's successful rebirth into a new life. Now there's a good woman, dog-loyal. It's not up to us to morally judge this stuff, it's up to us to kill the people letting doogas into our country. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Jews Use Immigration to Destroy Britain

Just like America... Here NYC approves queer "marriage." Here on Rosie Starkist and her stupid mag. Here some genitalia freaks depart the earthly scene. Here the Jewish Denial Virus spreads. More NYC political stuff here from Russ Smith, founder of New York Press, a decent rag, if wrong about everything essential. Here jewish comics pump for male dick-sucking brigade. Green Lantern says "Yes!" to sucking green dicks. Can Thuperman be far behind? Er, close behind? Whee! Read-ins for all the transgendered at their little high-school fag clubs. Here Jim Nob spreads the jewish Big Lie that the Nazis, rather than the jews, were gun grabbers. Schopenhauer called the jews "the great masters of the lie."

Media: Gibson to Make Film on Jesus

Gibson's a Catholic who's fathered many kids. The project, entitled Passion, might end up being an independent production as no studio has stepped up to the plate yet. Your "Braveheart" is August 24th at the Capitol, White man. BE THERE. Here the one and only Suckpoop Joe on "Signs." Reactions here. Of course, his shallow, incompetent review pales beside Cat Lady's. And he would never tell you, tweezy little sphincter-lamprey that he is, that it's a non-Jew-directed film, and that jews are responsible for Hollywood rot he beblubs. Here one of Suckpoop Joe's junior assistant 'poops tries to explain -- without reference to Semites -- why Christians are losing AmeriKwa. Gee, real hard to understand, itz. A black with the guts to stand up and admit niggers are the source of nigger problems gets hooted and jeered by the Affen. Another "Signs" review here, or mixed in with bigfoot bs. Here some letters, including comments on " Signs."

Media II: Salon Writer Advises Big Media How NOT to Lose Money on 'Net

Salon has only wasted $70m or so of IPO money, so who better for tips? Fact is, the Internet is something. Not everything, not nothing, something. Here on the death of a technical Internet pioneer, strangely enough neither kike nor hottentot but Norwegian. Whodathunkit? All you need to understand the media is knowledge of the Jewish agenda, the jewish position on any question. Those opposed to the agenda are evil. This works for any issue. Here for example the "Greatest" generation were "great" because they undertook the destruction of the jews' enemy, Germany, yet evil because they knew how to deal with niggers.

Amis' Koba

The jews are a little edgy about this one. Criticize Stalin, after all, and you might eventually get around to criticizing the kikes who set up the system that birthed him. No jews, no Stalin. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. In Conquest's opinion, the visceral reaction to Nazism entails a verdict that it was morally worse than Stalinism, even if its eventual hecatomb was a less colossal one. Ah, but Conquest must live in the British world, and publish in the Jewish. He has every incentive to make that less than critical judgment. Pay attention to his evidence, not his words. Those who were killed in Ukraine, by a state-sponsored famine, were not killed as Ukrainians in quite the same way as the Ukrainian Jews of Babi Yar were later killed as Jews. Ridiculous argument, but nice to see the jews starting to have to defend what they've done -- commission and coverup. One of the cardinal opportunities our side has passed up is to make up children's lesson-units to counter each point of the kikes' "Ho-ho-holocaust" indoctrination. These would be natural tools in the hands of White parents fighting to free their public schools of indoctrination. That Germany was "literate" and "cultured" and did whatever it actually did to the jews -- displace them from power at a bare minimum -- cuts both ways, as these morons never grasp. Maybe if we were as highly cultured as those Germans we would do the same to our Jews. Naw. How could that be? More cultured than WWF-watching, MTV-watching, cube-coke-drinking, USA-Toady-reading AmeriKwa, where "diversity is our greatest strength"? How could anybody be more cultured or morally refined than we are? Hahahahahahaaha! Heehehehehehehe! You can't get out what you don't have in, jackasses! I smell you! And you STINK! We sit here and applaud the kikes, let them takeover the high points and positions, let them impose their agenda, let them destroy our civilization, open our daughters vaginas to their raping niggers, our borders to their marauding Mexcrement, our armories to their white-slaving brethren in Israel, our sons' veins to for their enemies. The stupid, evil Germans simply reached out and snapped the kikes heads off. Do we judge nationalist Germany? Well perhaps, me maties, Germany JUDGES US! Oy! Thought for the day, itz! Yes, our Judging (where that tolerance run off to, boys?) of them is a judgment of us, you FOOLS. UNTIL YOU GO WHITE, NOTHING GOES RIGHT. DEATH TO THE JEWS. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here on changes in the English language.


And busts... The plants were neatly organized in rows at the bottom of three four-acre meadows that were surrounded by trees. They hugged the tree line, so they couldn't be seen from the air -- but unbeknownst to us the cops were using infrared photography to spot growers from the sky. The pot came up cooler than the trees and thus could be differentiated from legal flora. That's how they found it. We slaves pay these ex-football players to do this kind of crap. Here Taki on kike Waksal and Lennon. Britain's population is by far the worst-educated and most culturally debased of any industrialized country, its youth no doubt consuming more drugs and alcohol and having more teenage pregnancies than anywhere else on earth. There is more antisocial disorder in British cities than anywhere in Europe, and crime is far above that in America. Naming an airport after someone whose behavior typified what the Brits have turned into is, I imagine, the logical conclusion to Britain's barbarism. More on immigration invasion in Britain here.

Sand Castles

It's up to us to do what we can, and the rest will take care of Marc Moran

The Second Plight

The horror "we" visited on Germany in World War II is coming home to haunt us, as we have failed to deal with the jews now controlling us, and blaring their mockery from every Mary Streitenberger


What the jew-led left does and Founders' America

Movie Review: 'Spy Kids II: Island of Lost Dreams

The first "Spy Kids" was good, this one The Cat Lady

Why Whites Should Be Racially Conscious

Ways to make inroads among unaware Max Power

Let Them Eat Cake

When you murder the White goose, the eggs stop Edgar Steele

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Thought I was gone for good, did you? HA! Perish the thought! I'm rested, rejuvenated and ready to get back into the swing of Mark Rivers

A Few "Good" Men?

You have to draw the line somewhere, and between races is the best J.R. Colson

Paper Tiger vs. Zippo Lighter, Part 3

Get the lemmings to mock eminently mockable action films, and laugh at comedies in the wrong Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

An Open Letter to President Bill Clinton

Only two ways Bill can go down in P.L.W.

An Idea

On creating a White R. Joans

Riddle Me This, White Man!

Some P.L.W.

The Genocide of White Western Civilization in America

The story nobody talks about, let alone the reason it's Founders' America

Israel Doesn't Seem Real Thrilled About Diversity

Ethiopians want their skullcaps! Isn't "diversity Israel's greatest strength"? Here Christian saps for skullcaps. Here more jews telling us how important jews are. Here a kikeling murderer demands special treatment. All jews do is issue demands and express synthetic outrage when they aren't immediately met. Here government support for Israeli tech firms, against American firms, no doubt? They steal our secrets, steal our technology, sell them to China -- this is their reward. Here beanie babies organize to get more White dollars flowing to Hymieland. Here Jew calls Germans lazy. You philo-sucks take the cake for stupidity. More here re attack on Iraq.

Traficant Night at the Ballpark

Sons of truckers get in free... McCarthy was right. Here an interview with Faurisson. And here with Hoffman. Here on Heston having to give up his guns for Alzheimers.

Moscow Today

Change comes quickly...

The Jewish Filter -- An Exemplar

No truth, no fact can stand being strained through the Semitic sieve. Slide a sheet of earnest, forthright Pfefferkuchen into Hymie's hot oven, and out comes this, well, matzoh -- flat, dull, sniffed at by rabbis for approval. Here, the entire White Holocaust of Zimbabwe neatly reduced to the standard heartstring-plucking, hand-wringing Oi, veh is mir, I-have-no-insurance sob story about the plight of a Jew who -- when it comes right down to it -- torched his own store. How long must the Chicago Tribune have searched to locate Max Rosenfels? He's probably the only kike among the thousands of farmers being driven off their land by Mugabe's insane, hell-bent-on-famine "government." No matter! The world's 14 million Jews are the benchmark, the given -- the standard to which all must be compared and by which everything must be judged, you see. In shoving the obligatory Jewish lens before our eyes, the Trib has unwittingly provided us with an opportunity for a bit of gleeful Schadenfreude -- a chance to snicker at a distraught Yid as the local niggery (turned loose by Jewish-backed "civil rights") plunders Rosenfels' bureau, roots through his closets. "[The] silver teaspoon collection...vanished, along with the German bedside clock...the family's plates, silverware and linens." Ha ha. "We're working as normally as you can with a bunch of people rubbing their hands together nearby and saying, `You're doing a nice job planting our corn.'" Now you know how Gentiles feel with that slavering Jew of a landlord, lawyer, loan shark breathing down their necks, hm? Rosenfels insists that "if the police come to arrest him and take the land, he will collapse to the smooth, worn concrete floor of the house he built and force the men to drag him away to jail." As the savages haul you weeping out your own front gate and unceremoniously deposit God's Chosen Backside in the dust of the road, Max, keep repeating to yourself, "Our strength and our progress depend on our diversity." After all -- words to live by, they're!

Jews Being Jewy

There's a jewish connection to everything, and it's called entropy. Jews are entropy in human form. Congratulations to Heeb on surviving to its second issue. I truly am surprised. All that crap that didn't make it into the premier is rounded up here: In addition to sloshing ink on some minor Jewish celebrities (such as Gen X novelist Jonathan Safran Foer and Al Goldstein, the "300-pound, 66-year-old megalomanic diabetic . . . pornographer"), Heeb introduces a formidable tribe of newcomers: boxing champs Michael Rothberger and Dmitry Salita, fashion designer Claude Sabbah, who happens to be both Jewish and Arab, a group of crusading rabbis in L.A. (, and Shai Shahar, a former $150-an-hour gigolo who says he slept with over 500 women in almost 10 years. How is there money to print something like this? For Jewish garbage, always funding, there's. Bleyer, who intended the name as an ironic twist on an old ethnic slur, thinks people need to lighten up. She points to the increasing presence of advertisers in the second issue (including Tanqueray and Stella Artois) as a "sign that the name isn't turning people off." The magazine uses donated office space and has a large volunteer staff. To offset a limited promotion budget, the mag, which sells for $4.95, is distributed nationally to the likes of Barnes & Noble and Hudson News. This summer, according to Edison, Heeb landed a four-year, $40,000-a-year grant from the New York federation of the United Jewish Appeal's Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal, which should help Edison achieve his goal of publishing on a regular quarterly schedule. Never a problem getting jewish crap distributed.

War on Terror Could Take "20 Years"

Israel has many enemies. Another version of jewish terror: circumcision. Here jews being jewy. High words, low actions: Jewry in a nutshell. Here on Hasidics, ultimate scammers. Note how this "right-wing" Jews, one of "us" according to Doorman Taylor, leaps to defend his hebrew-buddy scamsters. All Jews care about is whether something is "good for jews." Receiving tens of millions of your White tax dollars is "good for jews." Get the particularly jewish claim that these dirty, mangy kikes "save" us money by being on welfare! That is the echt jewish religious tradition: lying through your Hut! Here an index of resources on the kike.


Here on celebrates: "I would have had to pay for my own classes." Guess who IS paying? Here on the ten best towns for shitskins. Imagine a magazine doing a cover story on the "ten best towns for Whites." Here we import gook teachers. Here on the courting of the vote of unwanted shitskins.

Nigs Bein' Nigs

Niglets hammer other niglet into black pudding. Jigs make bad authorities. Here a gook commits suicide by croc. Here a typical story concerning what America has become. Racial segregation works. People want it. That's why the jews outlawed it. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. A solution we can live with. More here on the evil niggers spread, thanks to the jews who loosed them on our civilization.

Roth: The Jewish Sickness

Writing about Jews is not art. It's complaining and neuroticism. Here a jew fires a writer for running a private website on his own time. Here a well-remunerated zaddik.

Myopic Media

The big questions left to, settled by Jews in New York. Here an assault on "American" televitz.

NPR: The New California

All you can do is shake your head. And join us in D.C. on the 24th -- two weeks from today.

The Nigger Rapes and Murders

But if you mention it, YOU got to jail. That's the system the jews have set up. Destroying the White man is a Jewish religious value the jew disguises as "fixing" the world.

Not In Our Interest

Strom explains what the jews are up to with regard to pushing White Americans into assuming the Jewish agenda.

Sobran on Weber, IHR

The courage, honor, and glory lie in opposing the Jews.

9/11 Secret Hearings

The feds love total-tech spying.

Kike Flight

These racist jews are so full of hate they flee when diversity enters their neighborhood. Workshops! Seminars! Called for, they're!


Not enough coloreds have exposure to Whites. There must be a White space where Whites control their own destiny, otherwise this garbage will kill us. We don't exist to provide exposure to negroes. Whites are evil racist oppressors and its a big problem if minorities aren't exposed to them.

Yet Another Fake Hate Crime

Nigness as usual....chimpette spray paints "racial slurs" on her garage and torches her new car (because she couldn't afford it...) White lemming neighbors rush in with thousands of guilt-dollars, food, bananas, etc. Their knee-jerk reaction to monkey howls of "racixt!" "hate crime!" "mBwana!" are the result of Zionist programming, simple as that. Someday, when whites control the airwaves, we won't come running when darkie cries "wolf!" Many of us already aren't listening anymore...NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Israel: Guilt by Association A-OK

McCarthyism just fine in Israel. Are you guilty of being related to someone who committed a "crime"? The Jews blow up your house. Support from British freemasonry. For these reasons and more, ITZ COMING. Here orthodox have the most synagogues. Jews aren't dying off, they're breeding on your dime, White man. Collective punishment -- the Jewish way, itz! Here on the Jewish Denial Virus.

Home-School Your Tot

Dobson's call to remove kids from public schools was the bravest thing done by a Christian leader in years. Not brave by any historical standards, but brave for brainwasheds. On Randy Weaver here.

Even Birds Hate Niggers!

The veiled finding: birds will not live around niggers if they can possibly avoid it. Niggers are the starlings of the human community. Unattractive, noisy, driving attractive species before them. Here a less attractive black bird spends $9k of not-her money on feather straightener. I don't care what it shows on a MacDonalds 365/jigaboo, Hannibal was NOT a boolie.

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