And Now They Come For The Printers - Again

by Vidar

August 16, 2002

Most people believe that "Britain is a free society", but they do not know that this is so. They have not tested the proposition because they tend not to have strong ideas on crucial topics which, if expressed, might bring them into conflict with Authority.

Furthermore, most people are infinitely suggestible. They accept the package of 'facts', ideas and values concerning the past, present and future of society served up to them by the education system and the mass media. The primary function of those entities is "social control" -- that is, getting the masses of people to think, and therefore to behave, in a way which makes them compliant to the will of the authorities.

Free Speech does not exist in theory. It only exists in practice. It does not exist in a society whose members do not object to the actions of the authorities either because they are denied any knowledge of what is going on or are fed false information.

It only exists when truthful information is freely available to all and where individual members of society impart their opinions to any who may choose to listen, even when -- especially when -- such opinions compromise the credibility of those in authority. This ideal state of affairs does not exist in Britain today. It has never existed.

Prior to the development of the mass media in the early 20th century -- which awoke the authorities to the possibility of manipulating and directing the mind of the masses and thereby making "democracy" possible -- the authorities never pretended (as they do today) that free speech existed or should exist. The authorities ("the state", "the Establishment" -- call them what you will) used their power to safeguard their position and to crush opposition. After all, they reasoned, what else is power for?


In the centuries which preceded the disaster of the First World War, an essential element of the belief-system which the authorities sought to promote among the masses was adherence to religion -- Christianity -- which, regardless of any personal conviction, was undeniably a useful tool for "an ordered society," that is, social control.

In yesteryear atheists and other religious sceptics expressed and published their opinions at their peril. Police raids, arrests, seizure of documents, and show-trials at The Old Bailey or Assize courts were commonplace. Huge fines and swingeing jail sentences were handed down enthusiastically by Judges who took the opportunity to pour venom on those who had dared to deny the existence of "Our Saviour Jesus Christ, the God of Mercy".

Not only were atheist speakers and writers hounded into jail, but, in order to hobble the ability of atheists to reach the public with their ideas, a sustained attempt was made to intimidate their printers.

Jail sentences, fines, bankruptcy, the loss of their equipment -- all this was the fate of small jobbing printers whose function was to print clients' texts to earn their daily bread. Many of these printers, either because they were sceptics themselves or because they chose to take a stand for the freedom of the press, refused to be intimidated and were sent to jail time and again.

Christian believers may have been "offended" by refutations, even lampoonings, of their religion. But were they so insecure in their 'faith' -- or so pompous -- that they could not cope with criticism? Did they not have money and media power aplenty to hit back at their critics? And what happened to Christ's injunction to his followers to "Turn the other cheek" to those who strike them?

Today, in our post-Darwinian "enlightenment", we shudder with horror at the oppressive treatment accorded to religious sceptics and their printers which took place, we emphasise, almost within living memory. Why did the Police, the Courts and other organs of the state behave in such an intolerant and tyrannical fashion against the exponents of a minority opinion?

Why? Because it was state policy to uphold religion as a means of social control of the masses. Sceptics were seen by the authorities as a threat to their power, to the order of society set out in the hymn 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' which made reference to the rich in their mansions and the poor standing obediently at their gates, a state of affairs ordered by God.


Today religious sceptics and their printers are not hounded and persecuted in this fashion, but exactly the same kind of persecution is now being meted out by the state to another group of ideological dissenters (and their printers) who have been systematically demonised by the mass media to secure public acceptance of the tyranny.

The targets this time are the so-called "racists". Their crime? There has only ever been one crime: challenging the state's social-control strategies.

Talk of "Free Speech" and a "Free Press" is cheap and easy when the state does not feel itself threatened. But when it detects an issue which might destabilise the status quo then all the oppressive devices of the 19th century and before are retrieved from lawyers' cupboards, dusted down and modified to meet the needs of the current crisis.

In 1992 the self-proclaimed racialist Colin Jordan, who has campaigned against race-mixing and the power of Zionist-Jewry for 60 years, wrote a satirical small book called 'Merrie England 2000'. This fictional work sought to depict what a multi-racial Britain would be like by the arrival of the millennium.

The various fictional incidents in the story were illustrated by amusing cartoons. The following gives a clue as to the satirical contents of Mr. Jordan's book:

  • Special events were organised annually to commemorate "The Holocaust" in which British gentile people were required to behave in a guilt-ridden fashion in the presence of Jews even though their forefathers had fought and died in a war to defeat the Nazis.

  • 'Political Correctness' propaganda promoted the rights of coloured immigrants as superior to those of indigenous White British people.

  • A poor old White British woman was prosecuted for "incitement to racial hatred" because she had named her pet black labrador Nigger -- in commemoration of the famous dog of the same name owned by RAF Battle of Britain fighter ace Douglas Bader.

  • Trafalgar Square was renamed Mandela Square. The statue of Admiral Nelson was removed from its column and replaced with a likeness of Nelson Mandela.


Shortly after Mr. Jordan started distributing 'Merrie England 2000' approaches were made to the Attorney General and to the Director of Public Prosecutions by the Board of Deputies of British Jews {formerly graced by the prominent paedophile and chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust Greville Janner}and various other ethnical minority organisations mobilised by the Board to get Mr. Jordan prosecuted under Section 19 of The Public Order Act as Amended by the Race Relations Act for "publishing matter intended or in all the circumstances likely to incite racial hatred".

At that time a Conservative government was in power and this Jewish agitation was rejected.

Perhaps the Conservative law officers hesitated on the grounds that a previous Labour Attorney General, the late Sam Silkin MP -- a celebrated leading member of the Jewish community -- went on record as telling 'The Jewish Chronicle' that books were put into a different category to leaflets and newspapers when consideration was being given to prosecution for incitement to racial hatred. Leaflets and newspapers could be distributed to and read by crowds of people in the street. Books had to be taken home. Reading them was a private activity.

A year after Labour won the 1997 general election Mr. Jordan published a leaflet entitled 'Jack Straw's Jewish Justice'. This was far from complimentary to Mr. Straw, a Jew, who was then the Labour government's Home Secretary. Among other things, it made references to Jewish religious beliefs as expounded in 'The Talmud' and which reflected on the veracity of Jews under oath in Court proceedings.


Once again the Board of Deputies of British Jews' lobbyists and their allies among other ethnic and political groups got to work and this time -- BINGO! -- the then Labour Attorney General gave permission not only for the recent leaflet to be prosecuted, but also the book 'Merrie England 2000' which had been published (and forgotten by everybody but the vengeful Board!) seven years before.The appropiately named Michael Whine of the board of deputies will be cross examined on the Jewish 'love book' The Talmud.

These media Jews used to pussyfoot questioning by fawning media creeps usually collapse under serious questoning as Hilberg did in Canadawhen when the great Holocaust expert fluffed his line. This should be quite entertaining -- a transcript will be put online.

Among those mobilised by the Board to give statements of complaint to the Police was Gerry Gable, publisher of the notoriously mendacious "anti-fascist" magazine 'Searchlight' and member of the Advisory Panel of the Metropolitan Police 'Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force' at the invitation of Assistant Chief Constable John Grieve.The Board of Deputies has a track record of initiating arson attacks when pseudo legal means of supressing dissent fail.

It is noteworthy that one of Mr. Gable's best friends and 'Searchlight' "researcher", Manny Carpel, was convicted and jailed at Lewes Crown Court in 1981 for an arson attack on a print works in the Bell Brook industrial estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, which caused huge damage and endangered the lives of firemen who battled to prevent the inferno spreading to other factories.

(This was not the first time that Jewish terrorists had resorted to arson against printers. The former Labour Government Cabinet Minister Christopher Mayhew reported in his book 'Publish It Not' that the print works of the 'South Wales Echo' had been fire-bombed in the 1970s for taking on as a commercial job the printing of leaflets published by a lawful pro-Palestinian group.)

Not only was Mr. Jordan's home at Greenhow Hill, North Yorkshire, raided and ransacked by the Police -- but, in a manner entirely unprecedented in "Race Act" prosecutions, the factory of Mr. Jordan's printer was also raided.

The printer was the well-known "free speech" printer Tony Hancock, of The Print Factory, Uckfield, East Sussex. (Yes -- the same print works which Gerry Gable's pal gutted by fire in a terrorist attack.) Mr. Jordan's job folder was not hidden. It was found by raiding Police officers filed away along with all Mr. Hancock's other clients' job bags. Clearly Mr. Hancock had no premonition that Mr. Jordan's items might be considered to be illegal.


His other clients included Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Greek and Italian restaurants, local hairdressers, local farmers, engineers, carnival organisers, estate agents, builders, Nigerian Christian evangelists etc., as well as Labour, Conservative and Liberal and BNP constituency parties.

In due course Mr. Jordan, as author and publisher of the booklet and leaflet, was charged with two counts of "Incitement to racial hatred" and Mr. Hancock was charged with two corresponding "aiding and abetting" offences.

The Race Relations Act (subsumed into the Public Order Act) was first brought into law in 1965. Since that time, Parliament has revised the Act on several occasions to beef it up, most notably when it was decided that a defendant could be found 'guilty' even if the Jury did not believe he or she "intended" to incite racial hatred -- even if the Crown failed to prove that racial hatred had been incited -- but merely if they felt that incitement to racial hatred had been "likely in all the circumstances".

But despite all these revisions and regardless of whether a Conservative or a Labour administration was in power, Parliament has never seen fit to amend the law of making the printers of published matter liable to a charge of "aiding and abetting" the author and/or publisher of such matter.

By charging Mr. Hancock with the "aiding and abetting" the current Labour Government, under pressure from its Jewish patrons, is trying to create a new category of crime by the back door which Parliament has refused to enact despite several opportunities to do so.

D.P.P.'s TACTICS TO TRY AND WANGLE A MULTI-RACIAL JURY The committal proceedings in this case took place at Harrogate Magistrates Court, North Yorkshire. Cases sent for trial from Harrogate are normally referred to York Crown Court, also in the county of North Yorkshire. York is a city not noted for its multi-racial population.

In this instance the Director of Public Prosecutions has wangled the trial to be referred to Leeds Crown Court in the county of West Yorkshire. This city is blessed with a huge population of Afro-Caribbeans and Asians and large and powerful Jewish community. Appeals against this blatant attempt by the Prosecution to wangle a jury more likely to be sympathetic to its case have been rejected by senior judges on the grounds of "the balance of convenience"!

The political spite motivating all these various abuses of the legal process will be obvious to all. This malice becomes all the more glaring when it is learned that as a result of his advanced age and serious heart condition, the prosecution against Mr. Jordan, who faced the substantive charge in this matter, has been "stayed" -- not abandoned -- providing he ceases all political activity. But the subsidiary charge against Mr. Hancock, his printer, is being pursued with vindictive expedition.

So this prosecution is not about justice. It is about shutting people up.

Mr. Hancock has never been a member of any political group with which Mr. Jordan was connected. He has never associated socially with Mr. Jordan. He did not give Mr. Jordan any special prices on his jobs. He did not discuss with Mr. Jordan the content of the two items concerned or the method whereby Mr. Jordan would "publish" them after they had been printed. The prosecuting authorities know all this.

The alliance of Jewish community leaders and Labour government ministers who secured this prosecution against Mr. Hancock are desperate to set a legal precedent which is designed to intimidate ALL printers. If they manage to obtain a 'guilty' verdict against Mr. Hancock it will be a signal to all jobbing printers throughout the land:


"Be safe! Don't publish anything which touches of the problems of multi-racialism, let alone on the power of the Jewish community -- then you can be sure that you won't end up in Court charged with 'aiding and abetting and incitement to racial hatred'!"

Apart from the factor of lobbying by the hugely influential Board of Deputies of British Jews, why should the authorities resort to such oppressive tactics against a small jobbing printer?

Because after the shock of the Black riots in Britain's big cities in the 1980s (which terrified the Police) the state has come to see that the Black and Asian population in Britain has now achieved a "critical mass" -- set to enlarge by 2 million each decade -- which is quite capable of overwhelming all of the traditional law enforcement agencies of the state and could only be confronted by the army in a terrible racial civil war (hence the frantic rush to secure more ethnic minority recruits into the armed services!)

Such a terrible scenario must be avoided at all costs. The ethnic minorities must be placated at every turn. Let the West Indians smoke dope openly in Brixton. Let Muslims create a state-within-a-state in Bradford. Turn a blind eye to the mugging of our old folk for their pensions and our children for their mobile phones. Lavish National Lottery money on groups who campaign for the admission of bogus asylum-seekers.

Official spokespersons -- especially for the Police -- must grovel to the ethnic minorities at every opportunity. Money must be showered upon them. Their every "racial discrimination" legal action, however vexatious and preposterous, must be settled 'out of Court' with large dollops of taxpayers' cash and cringing public apologies. Public money must also be lavished upon their "community leaders" -- even when they are convicted of criminal offences such as drunken assault on the Police.


But MORE than all this pampering is needed to keep the riot-prone ethnic minorities happy:

White people who oppose multi-racialism must be harassed, prosecuted, fined and jailed at every turn so that no possible spark of opposition to the multi-racial society exists to ignite the looming race-war which the authorities -- who created the situation -- fear.

That is why the home of 80 year old lone campaigner Colin Jordan, the author and publisher of the "offending" items, was raided following a dawn knock. That is why the print works of Tony Hancock was raided. That is why he now faces a charge the like of which Parliament has declined to enact even though the acknowledged publisher no longer faces trial.



All people -- no matter what their political allegiance, if any -- who believe in Free Speech and a Free Press should give Tony Hancock all possible support in opposing this tyranny. Contact him at:

The Print Factory,
Unit 30, Bell Brook Industrial Estate,
Bell Lane, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QL.
Telephone: 01825 764707. Fax: 01825 764253.
e-mail: .

Also: Please forward this message to all your Contacts. Thank you.

Below is the leaflet that is the subject of the prosecution,the book Merrie England may be found online at .

The two sides of

Jack Straw's

Jewish Justice

THIS SIDE: persecution of British patriots by Jack Straw, the Jewish Home Secretary, pictured here.

OVERLEAF: his prosecution of Jewish literature expressing racial hatred of non-Jews, contrary to the law he uses against British patriots.

Prime Minister Blair, facade for Jewish backers and devoted to Israel's interests, has installed Jewish Jack Straw as Home Secretary or virtual commissar of what amounts to creeping communism whereby Coloured immigration and Coloured colonialisation, leading to eventual Coloured predominance, is forced on Britons by a law which robs them of their freedom of speech, so as to stop them resisting the robbery of homeland and heritage. This law is the Public Order Act 1986, Part III, which makes it punishable as 'racial hatred' to speak out freely against the Coloured Invasion of Britain and the Jewish ascendency in Britain's politics, media, law, industry and commerce.

Under this illegitimate law -- illegitimate because in violation of the supreme commandment of racial and national survival -- Straw is bringing the Police into disrepute by putting them to his political purpose against patriotic opponenets. His THOUGHT POLICE are kept busy breaking into the homes of such upholders of Britain for the British as Colin Jordan to find the means to prosecute and fine or goal them, while muggers and murderers and ordinary house breakers (distinct from the licenced burglars in blue) get away with it, the police pleading that they lack resources.

With his campaign of suppression, Straw has turned the Crown Prosecution Service into a Crown PERSECUTION Service. Just now he has ordered a big drive to recruit a large number of Coloured coppers to help control our White folk. His family came over here from foreign parts beseeching refuge. Now, he and his kind are eagerly engaged in persecuting us with a foreign tyranny.



An Englishman's home was once his castle, but not any longer under the home-invading Home Office of his enemy of British Freedom. Stand up and fight back! Identify Straw as one of Britain's worst criminals for his harm to our heritage, deserving trial for treason!





Overleaf, we have the Jewish Home Secretary, Jack Straw, vigorous, ruthless and zealous in his enforcement of his Public Order Act, Part III, to penalise the racial patriotism of Britons in order to force Coloured immigration and Jewish ascendancy on them with the effect of depriving them of ownership and control of their homeland and their traditional freedom of expression. Here, on this side, we see him operating no such law for his own kind, and instead granting them immunity from prosecution.

Below in the cut-out coupon we present two shining examples of Jewish racial hatred which are about as insulting and conducive to racial hatred, and expressive of it, as anything you can imagine. These two passages occur in their supremely venerated "Talmud," the paramount book of guidance and inspiration for Jews, stocked and distributed today by Jewish book-sellers. There, as you see, we non-Jews are viciously insulted with the allegation that we indulge in sexual intercourse with animals and prefer it. This is the sort of racial defamation, abounding in "The Talmud", in which Straw and the other Jews surrounding Blair - such as his mentor, the millenium-dome-man Mandelson, have been brought up in as their ancestral ethos.

While Straw, commissar of the THOUGHT-POLICE, sends his politically "bent" policemen -- as renegades drawing dirty money for their dirty work -- to invade and ransack the homes of campaigners for a Britain for the British, such as Colin Jordan, he does nothing about "The Talmud", sanctioning Jewish racial hatred by his persistent inaction. Do not let this despotic deceiver get away with it! Complete the coupon of complaint below and send it off today. And send to Gothic Ripples, Greenhow Hill, Harrogate, HG3 5JQ, the printer and publisher of this leaflet, for extra copies of it at 20 for 1, post free.


To:- The Director of Public Prosecutions, 50 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7EX

I here lay complaint concerning passages insulting to non-Jews and likely to cause racial hatred contained in the book, "The Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonian Talmud" published and distributed, contrary to the Public Order Act 1986, Part III, Section 19 (1), and possessed for distribution, contrary to Section 23 (1) by the Soncino Press Ltd, 20 Cambridge Terrace, Gateshead, NE8 IRP.

I cite in particular in the tractate entitled "Abodah Zarah" 22a:- "One should not place cattle in heathens' inns, because they are suspected of immoral practice with them." And also 22b:- "Why then should we not leave female animals alone with female heathens? - Said Mar 'Ukba b. Hama: Because heathens frequent their neighbours' wives, and should one by chance not find her in, and find the cattle there, he might use it immorally. You may also say that even if he should find her in he might use the animal, as a Master has said: Heathens prefer the cattle of Israelites to their own wives".

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