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The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a progressive Jew-run, Marxist/socialist/feminist organization for destroying the Founders' America -- for destroying the founding race and culture of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION in America;

FOR EMASCULATING right reason in white men and taking their civilization from them (read my essay, "The Great Taking");

FOR NAME-CALLING any right-wing opposition to their socialist/communist agenda;

FOR FLOODING America with nation-destroying, anti-white immigrants from the Third World, in order to effect their utopian goals (read my essay, "An Unholy Alliance and Its Coming Armageddon");

FOR TRANSFORMING America into their ideal "Universal Nation," to serve their utopian goal of One-World, Global Economic Socialism;

AND FOR KEEPING progressive Jews in positions of power and authority, as they build in America the UNIVERSALISM they tried constructing in pre-WWII Germany, which effort helped to spawn Hitler's revenge-taking (read my essay, "The Progressive Jew in 'Weimar' America").

Marxian Jews' Whoring 'Love'

The political right in America is all but defeated in its attempts to restore good civil society. The Jewish/Christian/Humanist-run Left is close to calling "checkmate," as it rebuffs once again conservatives' challenges to Leftism's whoring "love," which perversion is driving America into the dust bin of history (read my essays, "Liberals' Love-Crimes: Why Left-Wing 'love' Begets Right-Wing 'Hate'" / "Two Legs of the Same Whore" / and "Trucfemism"; and read my essays on Marxism).

A Diseased Whore

The Left is a diseased whore. It "loves" and embraces all comers, spreading its well-exercised legs to raise the self-esteem of every sinner within its list of acceptable sins.

Its politics naturally are Marxist, socialist and feminist since stripping away individualism to worship the collective -- accomplished, firstly, by championing individuals' right to an EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES against the best interests of the democratic majority, then, secondly, by shifting to the defense of MAJORITY WILL after it has been succes- sfully collectivized to embrace UNIVERSALISM -- is a necessary means for ridding the TOTALITARIAN STATE of Leftism's gravest enemies:

INTOLERANCE (one's refusal to compromise moral principles and accommodate the immorality of others or the state),

BIGOTRY (one's reason-based judgements and abiding faith in God-inspired wisdom, which teaches us right from wrong), and

DISCRIMINATION (one's evaluation of others' actions and thinking, accepting or rejecting them according to one's moral principles--not the state's); all tools a free, liberty-loving individual needs for protecting himself and his community from the tyranny of Leftism (read my essay, "Bigots").

The ADL's Embrace of Evil

What LEFTISM calls "love" is really a surrender to -- an embracement of -- EVIL. What it calls "hate," and rejects, is vigilance against the enemies of good civil society. Leftism makes wrongs in human behavior appear right by championing t o l e r a n c e for what good civil society rejects as immorality and/or incivility (read my essay, "Name of the Beast").

For example, IT EXTOLS the benefits of pornography and every form of sexual deviancy excepting child molestation, which perversion it eventually shall t o l e r a t e (the man/boy movement is gaining "understanding" and sympathy among progressive Jews and liberal Christians);

IT EXCUSES criminality and heaps blame on anything or anyone but the perpetrators;

IT CHAMPIONS homosexuality as normalcy, helping sodomites seduce the nation into accepting their disease-spreading and family-wrecking craft;

IT PROTECTS the killing of wombed babies, which innocent human life it deems an "unviable tissue mass";

IT PROMOTES sex education and sex experimentation for children and teen-agers, believing that any restriction by parents is child abuse;

IT DEMANDS open borders and welcomes all comers, sacrificing good social order for the teeming chaos it craves to feeel alive (read my essays, "Dan Rather Hates" and "The Donahue Syndrome");

IT VIEWS any kind of concern or care for good breeding in humans as elitism, hoping the races -- especially the mostly resistant white race -- copulate into a mongrelized collective of servants for the state (read my essay, "Plumbing the Depths of Marxist/Socialist/Feminism and its Ignoble Works");

ITS COLLECTIVIST GOAL is UNIVERSALISM for humanity, where the collective's interests always come before the individual's, and where every person surrenders his/her personal interests for that of the greater "good," a truly equalizing and "loving" social order for eliminating INTOLERANCE, BIGOTRY and DISCRIMINATION -- each of which is absolutely necessary for defending m o r a l liberty.


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