Why We Are Right

by J.R. Colson

August 16, 2002

People have often asked me "how do you know that your racial and social views are correct? How can you go around saying the things that you say about Jews and minorities, without really knowing for sure if you are right?" In fact, my own father has asked me those types of questions.

The answers to those questions come to me pretty easily and without much thought -- due to a few years of pondering such queries about my beliefs.

I feel very strongly that my racial and social views are correct because:

a) I am siding with the people who rightfully call America what it is: a European-based republic, not an egalitarian "democracy."

b) I am siding with the people who rightfully view the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as an individual guarantee rather than something that applies only to "the militia." Since early American militia members owned their own guns, such militias could not have been "the equivalent of today's National Guard," where the guns of Guard enlistees are government property and are kept in a locked government armory.

c) I am "taking sides" with the people who rightly refer to Jews as a race, not the liars who insist that Jews are "only a religion." I myself can spot a Jew in a crowded shopping mall eight times out of ten, meaning that Jews are indeed a race.

d) I can see for myself that the human races do differ greatly, unlike Jewish/leftist claims that race is "only skin deep," and that "a person's skin color has nothing to do with his/her behavior." Additionally, my personal conversations with an anthropologist bolster such a conclusion, e.g. Blacks have longer shin (lower leg) bones.

e) Differences in the human sexes are both obvious and significant -- yet the Jew-dominated media, Jewish Hollywood and various leftists keep informing me that men and women are "equal" except for their genitals and their height/weight.

f) It is apparent that the wrongly-named U.S."Civil War" between the Confederate states and the Union was not fought over the issue of slavery, as our media and our schoolteachers tell us regularly, but was fought due to a variety of cultural and financial reasons.[1] [One must wonder how the South could join the Union voluntarily but not likewise unjoin it without a threat of war from the North].

g) I understand just how sickening it was that America -- for "some strange reason" -- sided with the Soviet Union in 1933 -- even though by then the heavily-Jewish Soviet regime had already murdered roughly 10 million of its citizens, most of them non-Jews. America even supplied the Soviet Communists with airplanes and trucks, which they used to slaughter and slaughter some more.[2] Note that this was long before Adolf Hitler had killed anyone in any concentration camp.

Those and other factors tell me that my beliefs about Jews and minorities have great merit, since they are based on provable facts rather than silly Jewish/leftist nonsense. Those features above ensure that I will not suddenly decide one day to abandon my nationalist activity simply because a relative of mine calls me a "hater."

I have looked beyond the Jew-invented, PC dogma that surrounds Hitler. I have studied for myself the physical features of men vs. women. I have observed firsthand what happens when racial minorities invade a previously all-White neighborhood. I know what happens when public schools begin to teach our children Marxist and feminist ideas -- ideas that came originally from Jews such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and the Jews of the influential Frankfurt School -- the latter, ironically, having been expelled from Nazi Germany due to their Marxism; those Frankfurt Jews then came to America, ensuring that our gentile culture would be poisoned by Jewish/Marxist "equality" crapola.[3]

The point here is that my racial and social views are rooted in fact, not Marxist dogma pushed by ethnocentric people with surnames ending in "-berg," "-stein," and "-witz." My beliefs spring from both observable and recorded human behavior. As a result, I am no doubt correct in my racial and social views. We are no doubt correct in our racial and social views.

Feels great to know that, doesn't it?


[1] The South Was Right!, by J. R. Kennedy and W. D. Kennedy, 1998, Pelican Publishing Co. This book skillfully debunks many myths about the U.S. "Civil War."

[2] America eventually gave the Soviets 14,795 airplanes, 375,883 trucks and 7,056 tanks. This was a horrible crime committed by FDR -- of such a magnitude that FDR's name should be stricken from every statue and plaque in America. Source: essay by Francis P. Yockey, "What Is Behind The Hanging Of The Eleven Jews In Prague?," December 1952.

[3] The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, 1998, Praeger; pages 155ff, hardcover.


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