Individualism and the Folkish State, Part II

by Dale Peterson

August 15, 2002

Volitional Consciousness

All living beings, great and small and not excluding man, are endowed by the genetic legacy of their evolutionary ancestors with an asset that separates them from simple machines. That asset is a volitional consciousness, or 'free will' as it is often called. It is volitional, in that a deliberate choice is involved, and consciousness, in that an awareness of such choices exists.

Some believe that only we featherless bipeds are endowed with such an asset, perhaps to try to justify man's dominion over the beasts; I on the other hand see no reason to believe why humans should be the only creatures on this earth with any degree of freedom of mind, and I dislike the notion that we need to pretend to be gifted with any kind of unique freedom in order to morally secure ourselves as masters of this earth -- our mastery is demonstrated through our deeds. This mastery did not come about accidentaly, but through millennia of evolution as the fittest survived and the weak didn't.

No animal is governed entirely by instinct -- your common sense should tell you that -- just as no human is entirely devoid of instinctive urges and the like. There is instinct and there is volition; they may be mixed many times in unequal parts, however a majority of one does not mean the absence of the other, and to believe otherwise is foolhardy. I will not attempt to explain exactly how volition came about, as I do not know and I expect one day science will unlock that valuable secret. What I can explain is that should we be considered by yourself as mindless creatures without volitional consciousness and acting by instinct alone, why not place a gun to your head and pull the trigger? -- what use is there in operating the machine any further? That you will die, you say? If you are a subscriber to the aforementioned beliefs, then you were never alive.

A living death is a state of existence where you are technically alive, by all standards of modern medicine, but you are technically dead by the standard of whether you possess a volitional consciousness. You are the man to whom I just asked to place a gun to his temple and paint the walls with his cerebellum, because you are the undead man who has nothing to lose by doing so.

Both one's volition and one's consciousness can be lost in diverse ways. The former, or at least a part of it, is given up whenever you allow someone to have control of the choices you make; the latter usually follows when the former is lost, although its departure tends to be subtler and slower.

Consciousness is lost most times today without even realizing it. The subtle programming of Jewish television, music, and movies, as well as the 'trendy' peer pressure to act, dress, and think like your friends, has turned this last century's breed of White people into lemmings. Men and women who, in a hundred years, have gone from listening to the music they liked -- because they liked it -- to listening to what everyone else is listening to, for fear of being different. White men a hundred years ago were the head of the household, but a century later all that expression brings from the mouths of the children of my generation is a Jewish snicker -- they know that the days of Dad setting boundaries under his roof are gone. Back in those days White women were afraid to let their knees show in a dress for fear they might be considered flirtatious and wild. These days it is the norm for women to dress and talk and act as if they belong in a whorehouse.

Men have been feminized and domesticated, their aggressive and dominant natures tamed by 'it's all good' Jew new-ageism. Women have been masculinized and made to believe that they're just the same, if not better, than men at most things. Hence in this day and age we now get to enjoy both the faggoty 'new age guys,' the hyperactive geeky kids with their plaited hair and baggy Niggerpants; the 250-lb. solo mothers who drive around with bumper stickers reading 'Fuck Men!'; and the bombastic She-groid broodmare Marine Sergeants barking orders at their 6' White Male superiors. Welcome to our world, haven't we come a long way.

It is exactly this world that lends itself to breaking the spirit of the White man, arresting his willpower by promoting egalitarianism, allowing his abilities to stagnate in school as he passes over the hard sciences in favor of nonsense like 'Non-Euclidean Geometry,' 'Communication' and 'African Studies.' The system is set up to break him down, to strip him of everything that makes him a man, and to toss him, kicking and screaming, into the gutter of a garbage-filled multi-racial society. To the people who now ask why we have a society filled with men who don't act masculine and women who don't act feminine, I answer: you. Our young men and young women are, as soon as they enter the school system and sometimes before that, subjected to constant attacks on their consciousness. They are subjugated, domesticated, collectivized and to put it bluntly fucked in the head quite a bit as they grow up, and this only continues as they mature into adults, enter the workforce, and go on to have children of their own. Things don't always go to plan though.

Every now and then, one of the lemmings wakes up, by himself, and the world before his freshly-opened eyes is a sight that scares him out of his wits. Usually it happens between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five. A man realizes he has sleepwalked through the last fifteen years. He awakes to find himself married to a wife he can't stand, with kids who hate him -- kids she won't let him discipline.

Perhaps it's one Saturday afternoon when he realizes he can't fucking stand Ricki Lake and wonders why he takes the time to watch it with his wife, just because it's her favorite show. Perhaps it's one Sunday evening when at dinnertime his 14-year-old daughter doesn't want to sit down and eat with the family because she would rather go out and 'party' with her boyfriend, a real baggy-panted gift from the gods she introduces as 'Jamal,' who speaks with a lisp and just happens to be wanted in seven states for various felonies ranging from car conversion to attempted murder. Perhaps it's one Monday morning while he's standing in front of the mirror of the men's room of his work after five or ten minutes jerking off in the cubicle to yet another picture of Anna Kournikova he downloaded off his company computer, and for a second he catches himself wondering whether the black plaid-front pants he's wearing accentuate the fact that he still has a hard-on from the viagra he took last night so he could once again pretend that his wife actually aroused him, but today he doesn't want to offend the female chairman -- oops, 'chairperson,' he thinks, mentally correcting himself -- of the new diversity meeting scheme his company has introduced mandatory for all employees. That man, for that second, wakes up and thinks, "What the fuck am I doing? What the hell has happened to me? Where the hell have I been for the last twenty years?" Usually that's when the guy ends up greeting his boss, his co-workers, and of course the Negress 'chairperson' at his ten-thirty 'situation conference' wearing jeans, and carrying a shiny new Ruger Mini-14 with a full clip that'll soon be empty.

Forget the mystics behind the pulpit preaching rebirth out of their Jewish Bibles to the masses of asses, this is what I call a man born again. Of course he doesn't have to start executing his co-workers, he could simply walk out the door, get in his car and drive away. Both happen, not frequently, given our population, but often enough that you'll know when it happens. It could be the Oriental reporter on the nightly news talking about the White postal worker who woke up one day and had enough, the man who seemed to be perfectly normal, and one day he just 'snapped,' sending a dozen of his simian Postal Service co-workers to the morgue in the process. Or it could be the Marine who goes AWOL from his base, and ends up in a Mississippi clock tower picking off Joe-Sixpacks and stupid Sally-Soccermoms with his .223 caliber rifle. Or it could be the municipal laborer in New York who 'snaps' one evening and ends up in a subway killing Negro thuggers and muggers with a bowie knife in the shadows of twilight. It happens all the time, but most people don't realize it until it happens to them, and by that stage they usually can't deal with it. All the frustration of living in a society which drains consciousness from the able in order to make them submissive to their feminazi wives, to make them a pushover for their delinquent kids, and to equalize them with the 75-IQ Spooks with a radio for a brain builds up, and they 'snap' for an instant back to consciousness; afraid, alone, and very very pissed off. That's not insanity because it's abnormal. Normality in this society is degenerate hedonism, 'men' with less balls than their wives, repressed homosexual urges, race-mixing mothers, and fornicating penises-on-two-legs fucking anything with an orifice. MTV culture, 'Ali-G in da house,' Will Smith cracking jokes abouut Whitey, and the anorexic half-naked whores pasted over the pages of glossy magazines and called fashion by smirking Jews. What they, the lemmings, call normal, I call disgusting.

Volition is the freedom to do what you want, to make choices: whether to go the store and get Scotch Fillet or T-Bone steaks, whether to drive a red car or a blue one, whether to take a pee now or hold it till you finish reading this sentence or this paragraph. All these are choices made consciously, you are aware you are making them, and you can consciously decide between the options available to you. There is such a thing as a subconscious choice; this is what hypnotism exploits, by suggesting limited options and allowing the subconscious mind to choose between them of its own volition -- and make no mistake, hypnotism is not direction, it is suggestion -- people can be made to voluntarily do things they would not otherwise do. People can not, however, be made through hypnosis to do anything that they strongly do not want to do. Suggestion is a powerful tool in manipulating the volition of the subconscious mind, as the heightened awareness of consciousness is more intuitive and can consider its options on its own -- the subconscious has difficulty doing so, and is more passive when it comes to following the suggestions of others. But one need not be hypnotized for suggestions to be made to the subconscious mind. Hypnotism is, after all, only a deep state of passive relaxation -- any state of passive relaxation can allow suggestion to overcome intuition. Some of you may remember about the slogans that some movie theaters edited into reels of film years ago in order to make their patrons hungry and thirsty, and therefore spend more at the food and drink counter. The practice worked for three reasons:

  1. When in a movie theater, there is no interaction, you are sitting back and absorbing the information from the big screen and the speakers, and your role is completely passive in contrast to the projector and soundtrack, which are completely active.

  2. In the darkness of a movie theater, it is not hard to become tired, and it is a naturally relaxing environment. You're sitting on comfortable seats in an air-conditioned climate, perhaps eating or drinking something (activities which in themselve are naturally relaxant).

  3. You are sitting, surrounded by about a hundred other people who are probably doing much the same thing as you are. The atmosphere is communal, and it makes you more receptive to eat or drink, if you see others walking in and out with such items. It also affects you in that the audience laughs at what they find funny, and even if you would not consciously find a particular thing funny, you might find yourself laughing as well, or at least find it funnier than you might have otherwise. This is also the principle behind the canned laughter on TV shows. Monkey-see, monkey-do. The less 'awake' the White man is, the less of a threat to the Jewish infrastructure, and the less he chooses to decide things on his own, the better for these enemies.

The importance of understanding consciousness and volition, the way our current society affects both of these things, and the reason I have taken so much time explaining the nature of volitional consciouness, is because this is a fundamental part of having a coherant understanding of the philosophy which, once applied, can reform this destructive and degenerate near-communist Jew society into an efficient and civilized White folkish state. We must understand what the lemming is and how he is created before we can begin to awaken him to reality or alternatively manipulate that lemming's behavior to our advantage.

I exist, I can choose, and I therefore choose to continue existing. Those that now believe we do not exist, you may kill yourself, for by your reason you have nothing to lose. Those who now believe that we can not choose, then I command you to kill yourself, I have a feeling you'll choose otherwise. Those who now honestly believe that we neither exist nor can choose, you people are already dead. Explanations of these most fundamental concepts are primary reading for anyone seriously interested in understanding the philosophical nature of politics, for once understood, like the fundamental formulae they teach you in calculus, they make understanding the rest much easier by comparison. Volitional consciousness is what makes us independent beings; it allows us to choose between two separate paths, to weigh up two separate values -- the one to our benefit and the one that is not. It is because not all men choose the former that understanding the capacity to make such a decision is required in understanding their behavior.


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