What Are You Worth, White Man?

by Don Hines

August 13, 2002


Well, how do you know (how do you determine) your worth in this lifetime? How do you know whether or not you are successful? How do you know if you are a successful White Man?

Everybody wants to be a success -- the best he can be -- the best jew, the best White Man. So how do you do it? What's the standard and who sets the standard? Who are some heroes? Maybe you're a White Man phenom and maybe to a jew you ain't worth nothin'.

What Are You Worth?

Are You a Success?

What are you worth to the jew tribe?

What are you worth to your White race?


1) Your jew quotient. What is your worth to the jew tribe? What is your jew net worth. What is your jew success quotient? Simple. Compute your score.

100 points if you are a jew -- you win automatically.

100 points. You are a White Man and breed outside your race. 100 points right now. Jackpot, without lifting your finger.

50 points if you are a Third World alien with 10 children "diversifying" America.

50 points. White Man with a wife that works and only one white child in public school.

50 points. You're a White feminist and/or a homosexual.

20 points. For a White Man -- A thorough "education" (indoctrination) -- a profession or government employment. For a White Woman, a career.

20 points. A White Man who slaves his whole lifetime and pays taxes -- transfer payments to minorities and Third World aliens displacing his White Race -- and then spends his last dime at a jew-run terminal care center.

20 points. You keep your mouth perfectly Semitically Correct shut. A lifetime of working, consuming and obeying and Mammon-chasing -- BMW, trophy house and childless death.

20 points. You're White, you don't own a gun, you paraded in the Million Mom March.

Examples of heroes with high jew quotients:

a) Michael Milkin

b) Alan Dershowitz

c) Michael Jackson

d) O.J.

e) Sarah Brady

f) Janet Reno

g) Hillary Clinton

Can you count? Well, add it up. What's your score? What's your jew net worth? What's your overall jew quotient?

2) Your White Man net worth? What are you worth to your White Race? What is the bottom line of your White ballance sheet. Add it up. 250 points. Each homeschooled 100% Pure White Baby equals 50 points. 5 homeschooled White Babies puts you off the charts with a score of 250.

20 points. Your economic independence from ZOG -- non-public employment. A trade. An electrician with a garden equals 20 points. A municiple judge or lawyer or Old Maid school teacher living in a condo equals 0%.

20 points. Strong White racial consciousness and activism equals 20 points. Kievsky equals 20 points. Alan Dershowitz equals 0 points.

20 points. You own a firearm and know how to use it. Jeff Cooper equals 20 points. Sarah Brady equals 0 points.

Examples of heroes with off-the-chart White Man balance sheets:

a) Patrick Henry

b) Kievsky

c) An unnamed, unknown, "poor," "uneducated," "hateful" 100% White, racist tradesman (genetically sound with an IQ of 125) with a 100% Pure White Wife and 6 White Kids is off the charts. Highest possible White Man score, with a jew quotient of 100 times worse than nothin'.

ALL RIGHT. WHITE MAN. Add it up . Can you count? Well then, What's your jew quotient?

What's the bottom line of your White Man ballance sheet?

Do you score big as a jew or a White Man? Are you middlin'? What's your net worth? Not your Arthur Andersen Enron Mammon-chasing net worth, not your jew net worth.

What's your White Man net worth?

Well, how'd you do? Are YOU worth anything? Are YOU a success?


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