The Genocide of White Western Civilization in America

by Founders' America


Major conservative magazines and newspapers continue their silence on the greatest story of the century, if not millennium: the rapid diminishment of power and influence of the founding race and culture of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION, engineered by Marxists and capitalists' importation of people of color from the Third World (the former to build a one-world Utopia and the latter to increase consumerism and its concomitant profit-taking).

In reporting recent census numbers on the stunning increase of Asian and Hispanic populations since 1990 (11% and 40%, respectively), Paul Harvey led his radio piece with these words: "THE BROWNING OF AMERICA."

Actually, the demographic shift from white to people of color represents a phenomenon better described as:

THE GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION in North America ((and in all other white-built democracies suffering such immigration)).

[ Note: Minorities use their race and culture to petition the federal government, via anti-white/pro-minority laws and regulations, against the historically constitutional rights and interests of your m a j o r i t y white race and Western culture. This is no democracy nor democratic republic! Clever Marxist/socialist/feminist Democrats had opened the floodgates even more after Clintigula took office, using open borders and the INS to gather potential Democrat voters (Marxist-minded voters from around the world; especially from Mexico, Central America and South America). ]

You'll Wake Up In Chains

You're already enslaved to tyrannical government, which applies against your founding white race and Western culture these civilization-wrecking tyrannies:

-SOAKING THE CULTURE with sex and violence and pornography via Supreme Court decisions against the white majority's wishes while a cowardly Congress abdicates its power to effect the majority's will (the Founder Fathers would think us mad to molest the mind of our children with such fare),

-CONFISCATORY TAXATION requiring both spouses to work (the Founders would have gone to war to halt this rate of taxation),

-FORCED INTEGRATION of blacks -- along with other races and cultures and religions and languages from around the world -- and a subsequent moral/cultural decline to meet their lower heritable standards (the Founders would not have tolerated such undemocratic and unconstitutional social engineering),

-IMPORTATION of ANTI-WHTIE/ANTI-WESTERN immigrants from the Third World, to dethrone the host race and culture (the Founders would have gone to war to stop socialists' utopian mongrelization schemes),

-INTRUSIVE ORWELLIAN SOCIALISM in matters of family life, education, religion, health care and retirement (the Founders designed our government to prevent such tyrannical intrusions, which have wrecked families, dumbed-down education, humanized religion, diminished health care and seriously endangered retirement programs),

-DIMINISHING MILITARY PREPAREDNESS, via Democrat feminists' insane equality demands (the Founders both laugh and cry over this one),

-GIFTING DEADLY MILITARY TECHONOLOGY and know-how to our enemies, for both political gain and ideological allegiances to Marxist principles (the Founders would have had these Democrats in the White House and Congress charged with treason; Republicans' dirty hands and culpability inhibiting such a move notwithstanding),

-ABORTING WOMBED BABIES while driving women into the workforce, flushing white Western civilization down human slaughterhouse sinks, and while fewer and fewer white women marry and raise children to healthy maturity (the Founders loved their race and culture, and they were keen students of history, which history refutes every idea liberals' liberalism has heaped on this once-great and once-moral civilization).

Conservative Elites Cowardly Keep Their Silence

You are witnessing the death of a civilization, forged by white British and European pioneers.

Cowardly conservatives are silent about it because raising the matter invites charges of racism from leftist social engineers, from Marxian Jews, who'll stop at nothing to finish what they lust after:

a utopian, U.N.-run, one-world government under Global Economic Socialism, which UTOPIA requires the racial mongrelization of the white race -- the browning of America. GENOCIDE.

Marxists Use Immigration To Destroy Your Race And Culture

Stop them or suffer another round of Dark Ages. You have a MORAL RIGHT and DUTY to preserve your race and culture.

Never forget this truth:

Leftists are COMMUNISTS at the core of their being. They tell lies to bury you and your culture for GLOBAL COMMUNISM.

After ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN immigrants have DIVIDED and CONQUERED you to the point of a deer-in-headlights inaction, gun confiscation is Marxian Jews' next vital move.

We're watching the felling of high-culture civilization -- of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

COWARDLY CONSERVATIVE ELITES -- our white "leaders" -- have allowed it to happen, because they dared not to speak of GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, fearing any name-calling wrath from the Left.

Do not give your support to them.


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