A Few "Good" Men?

by J.R. Colson

August 12, 2002

Recently I have been talking to a White friend via e-mail about his wrong-headed belief that there are "a few good Jews and Blacks around," to the degree that it is no real crime to pal around with such people.

I say "not so," and will give a real-life anecdote to help explain why I feel that way, for the benefit of novice White nationalists.

One day I went to a man's house to possibly buy a motorcycle. I did not know anything about the guy selling it, only that he was selling a motorcycle and asking "about x dollars" for it.

It turned out that the guy selling the bike was Black, maybe 30 years old, about 5' 10," and kinda skinny. I talked to him awhile and discovered that he was very "White" in his mannerisms, i.e. he did not use any slang words or "nigger" language, and he did not listen to Black music -- in fact, he enjoyed mainstream, White music, e.g. Elton John, Van Halen, etc.

But as I was talking to the Black guy, one of his Black friends appeared on the scene. This friend was much more "nigger-like" than the first guy. He had "Black" mannerisms and used negro language, and I will bet he listened to "music" such as Snoop Doggy Dog or similar.

The point to the story, you may wonder? It is this: regardless of that first Black guy being nice and "not a nigger," so to speak, I still would never let that guy into an all-White club, nor "pal around" with him. Besides, his choice of friends spoke volumes about him, and further, he is still a Black guy, and still has nothing to offer me or my kind. He still has more testosterone than a White male, meaning that he is, as a general rule, more prone to violence and rape than any White guy.

Additionally, could a White man count on this "good" Black guy, or likewise, a "standup" Jewish guy, when the shit hits the fan? If you, as a White, become friends with such a non-White person, how do you know that he will not naturally turn on you one day, perhaps during the race war that is surely coming, or during a modern riot, or a racial conflict in a supermarket parking lot? Will that "nice" Black or Jew stand with you during a major crisis, or will his natural, genetic opposition to ethnic outsiders come to the surface when you least expect it?

As I have already pointed out to several people regarding this issue of "good" Blacks and Jews, Dr. Goebbels said it best about this topic: "you have to draw the line somewhere." Indeed, think about Goebbel's words: what were the Nazis supposed to do about seemingly "good" Jews -- let them roam free in Germany because they "seemed trustworthy?" Of course not. Jews look at gentiles as one race, one monolithic group of people who are the eternal enemies of all Jews, and so the Nazis of course used a similar worldview to protect White interests in Germany.

What a simple and effective way to solve any racial problem! -- it's as natural as washing your hands: suspect all non-Whites, and then you don't have to wonder later if Leroy or Hymie or Gomez is really a threat to your family or your country.

Returning for a minute to the subject of Germany, consider what would have happened if all Whites during WWII had had that monolithic racial attitude that I advocate for all Aryan people. If so, WWII would never had occurred the way it did, because American Whites would have refused to fire on other Whites -- the German troops. Instead, German and American soldiers would have joined forces and gone on to Russia to kill every Jew they could find.

The upshot to this essay is this: our various racial enemies must be seen as they see us: as one unit, as one group. Suspect all non-Whites -- Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, et al. There may be a few "good" Jews and Blacks out there in America, but you, as a White, must still avoid them and shun them. We nationalist Whites must show other Whites, by example, that race always comes first, no matter the "niceness" of any one person within any ethnic group.

Nationalism means that "race comes first." Always -- not just sometimes.


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