Where's the White Sharon?

by Don Hines

August 15, 2002

Where's the White Sharon? Where's the White Mugabe? These men are lepers to squeamish Whites worldwide. But, these men are heroes to their tribes. They aren't wusses when it comes to defending and aggrandizing their people. These are debased inferiors but at least they have that tribal perogative thing down pretty good.

Whining about Sharon and Mugabe by White Man is pointless. Why complain about Nature? Race, tribe is just Nature. It's hypocritical, it's weak to complain about a fact. White Man can either bust 'em or shut up and take his licks. These guys are tribal heroes. Sharon is the ultmate hero to bloodsuckers. Mugabe is a huge hero to chimps. You'll never convince a jew or a chimp otherwise. The White Man need not waste time complaining; he's has his own problem to fix; he needs to look at himself. If anything the White Man should be envious of his lessers. He has no hero. He has no leader He has no one to put him first.

The message of Mugabe as Leader:

  1. Screw the world, screw Britain, screw the White Man everywhere.

  2. Hey lawn-boy White Man. You fly the planes and make sure the water and electric work. You work for me. You're my slaves. Give your farm to my brother chimps or I'll kill you. Hey, maybe if you are White I'll kill you anyway, just for fun.

The message of Sharon as Leader:

  1. We stole a country from vermin Arabs. So what? Who's gonna stop us?

  2. We kill their children.

  3. We'll bulldoze their neighborhoods and kill their relatives if they oppose us.

  4. We stole the nuke secret and are now we're the 5th biggest nuke power in the world. C'mon, fool with us! See where you end up.

  5. We run America, the most powerful nation on earth and extract $10,000,000 in tribute from Americans each and every day.

  6. Jews are masters, everybody else is a slave.

These are leaders; penultimate tribal heroes. These are the Great Man on the White horse to their tribes. They know how to put their people first. Just ask a jew. Just ask a chimp. These are their Great Ones.

I say, Where today is the White Man's Sharon? the White Man's Mugabe? We have got no strong ones. The White Man is thrashing around like a headless idiot bleeding to death. Where's the White Man on the White horse to lead the White Man?

Where is the White Man who will single-mindedly pursue the interests of his White tribe?

The White Man has produced the best leaders of all time. He needs now to look to this tradition. Charlemagne, Peter the Great, Frederick the Great...where are Patrick Henry, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Democracy was great and good for a homogenous, isolated, White nation. In a polyglot America peopled by minorities, aliens and parasites within, and enemies worldwide without, 200 million majority White Americans today need to acclaim an unapologetic White Leader.


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