Raising Elite White Children

by Andrei Kievsky

August 16, 2002

In the past I have written articles telling you about my observations about Jews, in particular Jewish families in the Boston area. I have tried to tell people that there are two elements to racial consciousness, not simply racial consciousness itself. These two elements are:

1. Raising children with racial consciousness as we all know it.

2. Raising children to be culturally and intellectually elite. This is the element that far too many White parents are missing. Far too many racially conscious White parents that I know personally are still not taking their children to piano lessons, still not taking their children to ballet classes and aikido classes, despite having the disposable income, time and opportunity to do so.

I understand why this is so -- it is simply inertia. You didn't do it, and you turned out OK, so why should you bother, right? At the same time, you won't disagree with me that we are in a war for our very survival. With that in mind, I want to provide you with two quotes from the Jewish Forward showing that the Jews well understand that there are two elements to racial consciousness, not one. I want to preface this by telling you that the White program for raising elite children is a healthier and better one. If this Jewish program sounds sick, it's because it is, but that's simply a function of the fact that it's Jews doing it. When Whites take up the same general program of raising their children to be elite, the children will be just as competent as the Jewish, but far healthier, happier, and better rounded. We are, after all, the originators of this civilization and its elites, and the Jews you read about below are just copiers and infiltrators. The most important thing to understand is simply that Jews are doing this. Here are the two quotations:

With their abundant classroom hours, impressionable young students and highly involved parents, Jewish nursery schools have the power to help shape the Jewish identity of children and their families.[1]

Kasdin details her Herculean efforts to land a spot in a top school for her (Jewish) children: private tutors, informational interviews, forced attendance at college planning nights and, of course, excessive nagging. "Naches is big for Jewish parents," the Bucks County, Penn., mother of three, told the Forward. "Getting your kid into a prestigious college gives you a lot of extra naches." Jewish entrepreneurs are at the forefront in the development of SAT-preparation companies, independent college tutoring services and pricey educational summer programs. Jewish striving (combined with an acute business sense) has spawned a new niche industry: perfecting the years formerly known as childhood.[2]

Now what are the results of the Jews practicing these two elements? There's another paragraph from the second Forward article:

Is it working? The Hillel Guide to Jewish Student Life on Campus says Jews are disproportionately represented at many of the nation's top schools: 33% of students at the University of Pennsylvania are Jewish, for example, 26% at Harvard and 15% at Stanford.[3]

It all starts with the tutoring and the music lessons and the numerous other specialized schools and activities, and it all adds up to Jewish power.

A factor in all this that is a "force multiplier" for Jews is that they do their activities largely with other Jews in institutions that are owned, directed, or managed by Jews, and in which Jews are many of the teachers, as well as probably more than half of the clientele. My daughter's gymnastics school was a case in point. The school is owned and run by Jews from Russia who were trained as Olympic athletes by the Soviet Union (so much for the USSR-was-anti-Semitic theory), and over half the clientele are Jews. The reason for this is because Jews are clustered in the Boston area, and as you read above, they do what it takes to raise their children to be elite. The same phenomenon occurred at the music schools and the private schools - Jewish teachers and over 50% Jewish clientele. However, there was no such dominant Jewish presence at the martial arts schools we attended, even among the ones doing gymnastics, and that's a fundamental difference between White child raising and Jewish child raising, and between the White mentality and the Jewish mentality. Whites think in terms of direct competition and direct combat as the route to succes, and that this direct combat is a noble, healthy way to think. Direct competition and direct combat advances society and creates excellence Jews think, "If I can't immediately win with the direct approach, I'll find an indirect route to get what I want, like manipulating the financial, political, and educational systems and mass media from behind the scenes."

And the Jews raising their children as described above is an example of that "indirect approach." Sure, it takes a generation or two, but it's got an excellent chance of working. In fact, it did work for them, as we find unhappily. At the same time, we can adapt and overcome the Jews by adopting their grand strategy (and their "grand strategy" is nothing but a perversion of our own heritage and birthright).

And let me say it again - when we do this, we'll do it better. It comes natural to us. The Jews didn't invent gymnastics, they simply took advantage of the Soviet coaches. The Jews didn't even invent violin playing, though nowadays you might think so. Who "invented" violin playing before the 20th century? Italians! Pergolesi, Boccherini, Vivaldi, Paganini, and a host of less famous names, most of whom were not Jews.

The Jewish aspect of striving that we will most certainly discard is the neurotic self-consciousness described here (don't forget Jews are big into psychotherapy when you read this):

Karen Kasdin is the first to admit her affliction. As her first son reached his teenage years, she became overwrought with a primal instinct to have a Harvard, Yale -- even a Duke -- sticker proudly announcing her son's accomplishment from her car's rear window.[4]

We saw this first hand, and it was silly. The Jews and the Asians to a large degree view the arts as a means to another end -- the music school leads to the medical school; winning the gymnastic national championship will get you into Yale.

The right reasons for these activities are the Folkish reasons - to get the ability to express the Spirit of the Folk. The gymnastic training helps one to become a very well trained athlete and an expert at martial arts. This is a beautiful thing -- this is what old European aristocracy was all about; medieval tournaments, and "barefisted boxing" of the 19th century, which produced the likes "Gentleman Jim," the first Western boxing champion in modern history. Fencing and dueling are Folkish European things.

The Folkish purpose of fighting is eugenic breeding. It's not the only factor in mate selection, but it can be a factor. Of course a genius mathematician need not be able to fight to deserve to breed, but for the vast masses of Whites, controlled, ritualized combat is an excellent way to compete for the best women. Compare it to the modern day -- the phoniest, fakest "tough guy" with nothing better to do than develop a whigger façade of a fancy car and blasting rap music - that's what gets the working class girls on the streets of suburban Boston, and that's damned sad. If Whites competed for women by doing fighting training, then the ones who trained the hardest and learned the best would be regarded as superior.

Of course a talented musician can circumvent the fighting arena and still get some women. The "controlled combat" aspect is by no means the sole or decisive factor in mate selection. It's simply one of several.

The Folkish purpose of music is for music itself. Music can be a medium of the Folkish spirit. As Nietzsche said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." In 2002, our development is largely stifled by a lack of music education and a dominance of no-talent pop music. The Jews send their kids to Longy School of Music, but they push crap-hop on the masses. They ruined music for blacks too, I might add. The Blacks had their own musical development with jazz, which was based on classical music, but the rise of Jews in America just happened to coincide with the fall of Black music (and the degradation of culture in general for all peoples -- hey, it was "good for Jews").

Of course, the purpose of pointing this out is not to just get angry at Jews. The purpose of pointing this out is so that you will take action. That's the best remedy. I deliver and install appliances with a Black who is married to a Black woman and has two kids, and he has a degree of empathy for my position against race-mixing. He even said that he once refused on principle to attend an inter-racial wedding. He acknowledges that the forced mixing is the degradation and the destruction of all cultures and peoples. He doesn't like Jews, and I explained to him about the fall of distinct Folkish cultures as a result of mass media and pop culture, and I told him he should take his children to music lessons to reclaim the Black Folkish music, instead of just going along with the Jewish mass culture. He has the seeds of Negro Folkish separatism in his beliefs, and I explain to him how the Jews want to miscegenate both races and cultures at the same time, hence "rap-metal fusion" and hence the "salt and pepper couples" we see on the streets of the North Shore of Boston..

Every time we discuss these things, which is nearly every day, I tell him that the answer is to reclaim one's own culture by taking one's children to music lessons and get training in classical music and blues and jazz. I told him about Wynton Marsalis, a Black jazz trumpet player who has made several recordings of Bach but views Bach, and classical music in general, as a means to the end of his Negro Folkish music, jazz. In doing so, Marsalis acknowledges that Bach is racially foreign to him, but the high technique that Bach developed gives him the form in which to develop his Negro music.

My Black co-worker always agreed with me in principle, but I highly doubt he will take my advice and start taking his kids to music lessons. But that's not my problem, and I don't lose any sleep over it. I gave him the information he needed, and it's up to him. I do lose sleep over one thing though, and that is this:

Will White parents do the right thing for their children?


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