The Second Plight

by Mary Streitenberger

August 12, 2002

When Germany in 1945 surrendered to the Allied forces, including Russia and America, she was promised that her economy would be left without further harm, and that her people would be fed without sanctions. The Allies lied.

From 1945 to 1950, people in Germany suffered an apocalypse of their own that was in pure numbers and human misery WORSE than anything jews suffered at any time during World War II. Literal -- not rhetorical -- millions were starved to death. Women were raped while their children watched. Young girls were raped while their brothers and sisters watched. Babies were bayoneted. Thousands of babies died of starvation. Disease ran rampant while food supply was deliberately denied Germans by occupiers bent on mass starvation. Which is exactly what happened. There was plenty of food, waiting at the borders, but the Germans were told there was a severe shortage. Many tried to leave and save themselves, but they were prevented, forced to stay in starvation zones and die. And while millions were succumbing to starvation, hardly a peep was raised within the allied countries carrying out this monstrous act. It went unreported by the Jewish newspapers, so that today virtually nobody is aware of the way Germans were treated after the war. Nobody has any idea that millions were rounded up and starved to death for no reason other than Jewish hate. Jewish papers, just as they covered up what their fellow Jews had done to the Ukrainian Christians before Hitler, refused to report a single word of the mass starvation of the Germans. That is the practical meaning of ZOG and "jews control the media": they carry out mass murder of healthy Whites without a word ever transpiring.

Many people arrived in Germany after expulsion from Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. And millions were shipped to the USSR for forced labor. According to American figures, six million Germans vanished from the earth -- dead, gone. This is how the Jews got their figure for 'six million Jews died in the holocaust' propaganda. It was actually six million non-Jew Germans who died, according to the American statistics, although even that number is less than what the Russian archives show.

Germany had been hated before 1918 -- long before, in certain quarters. Most people think that Germany was hated only in 1945, and that Germans were horrible people who deserved whatever happened to them. Actually they were not as bad as the Jews would like the public and the public schools to know. In fact, Stalin was the biggest cold-blooded killer in all of Europe. His evil was covered up because jews were foremost among his henchmen and planners -- the race that brought the Soviet Union into existence -- and because his armies offered a wonderful way to get rid of the jews' arch-enemy Hitler and destroy Germany. Promoting Stalin and ignoring his crimes was "good for jews," and so real history was shoveled over with dirt -- a burial that continues today. Hitler was horrible and evil because he wanted to protect his country from the the jewish menace -- resistance to the jewish agenda being the very definition of evil. Yet Nazi-denouncing Jews believe they are the only race that should exist on this planet. They believe that they are god's partners, and that all other races are animals that exist only at their sufferance, and may be disposed of any time it's "good for jews," the only standard they follow.

Fear and hatred of Germany dates back hundreds of years. In this passage from Heinrich von Treitschke, he describes the result of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648):

Then at length the last and decisive war of the epoch broke out. All the powers of Europe took part in the war. In a disturbance without parallel, the old Germany passed away. Those who had once aimed at world domination were now by the pitiless justice of history, placed under the feet of the stranger. The Rhine and the Ems, the Oder and the Vistula, all the ways to the sea became captive of the foreign nations. The entire life of Germany lay open without defence to the superior civilization of the foreigner. Never was any other nation so forcibly estranged from itself and from its own past.

This was not written about Germany in 1945, although one might think it were. Germany did become captive again, however, in 1945: a prisoner of ZOG, and retooled to serve ZOG's agenda.

What made Germany so hated by others? Were certain groups intimidated by Germany's potential in becoming the world's leading nation? Were certain groups threatened by a nation that stood for good character, moral values, diligence, and hard work? Germans were never known to be materialistic or apathetic toward each other in their own country. Nor were they known to be greedy or selfish or careless about their money. They built great gothic structures and created a wonderful culture for themselves. They had a great economy before any immigration took place. They used to be proud of who they were and where they came from. Not so anymore. Their free speech is gone. Their freedom to believe what they used to believe is forbidden, or they will face jail or worse. Germans today must be careful what they say to a neighbor, or they risk arrest for politically incorrectness. Germany with Germans in control under Hitler was freer than Germany under Jews today. Indeed, what Germany used to be before the Jew invasion is now only a faint memory. Germany has lost its dignity. Germany used to be for Germans only. It was their country. Not so anymore.

Old America also had the moral values, justice, and patriotism. Old America, which was established by non-Jew Europeans who had a passion for patriotism, flourished after fighting off the English parliament. Not the kind of patriotism you see today -- the flag-waving yahoos who have no idea what's going on, but only think they do -- but the kind of patriotism where people were very concerned about communism. Not the so-called terrorism brought about by certain groups who are only concerned about their status quos or agendas being interrupted for a greater cause of their own. Neighbors used to be neighborly. Everyone knew one another and everyone wanted to know everyone. Everyone was the same in his or her area. Whites lived in white neighborhoods; blacks lived in black neighborhoods. No one was leery about the other. No one had to worry about being a rebel or politically incorrect. No one had to worry about crime. It was a safe place to live. Immigration from third world countries was frowned upon and not allowed until 1965 -- around the time civil rights became a law for non-whites. The whites didn't have to worry about any civil rights being violated. It was their country. Not so anymore.

Not only is America hated by every country around the world, but also its fate as some sort of northern Brazil is becoming more of a reality by the second, by the minute, by the hour, and by the year. Crime is rising and is being committed by more non-whites than ever before. Thefts, burglaries and rapes are more rampant than ten years ago while gun control is becoming another ideal for 'no guns at all.' White Americans are being accused of anthrax poisoning as in the case with Steve Hatfill who is being swarmed by jew media and jew-controlled FBI, while the real culprit, very likely a Jew named Zack, is ignored.

In Jew-produced AmeriKwa, corporate embezzlements are becoming common. The Jews are stealing people's money. Enron and WorldCom are leaving 401k contributors with nothing and many people without work. Layoffs have skyrocketed in the last 20 years. Immigration has increased tenfold, bringing in the most undesirable bunch of junk that anyone could not ask for. Language barriers are becoming a great problem. And, who do you think is behind it all? Do you speaky Spanish? No, I do not! -- And, I refuse! Do you worship the Jews? No, I do not! -- And, I strongly refuse to!

America is every bit as much under the control of Jews as is Germany. America is being destroyed in exactly the same ways. The people are denied their heritage, their kids are taught to hate themselves, the country is flooded with Third World refuse as a way to 'elect a new people,' as non-Jew Jew-favorite playright/communist Bertie Brecht put it. Certain groups want to strip our freedom of speech completely, restrict our second amendment, and employ only the non-whites while the whites are being discriminated against. Employers now are hiring and paying the Spanish speakers more money. The English language is being trampled on and discarded as well as our rights and freedoms. But to the non-whites, our rights and freedoms should be banished because to them it means Whites' rights and freedoms. No different than what has happened to Germany.

The Whites in America are reaping Germany's reward: a nation mocked, demoralized, destroyed, and ultimately deracinated, replaced by something inferior and common -- a nation of Third-Worlders and mulattoes, ruled by racist jews. While the White American workers are being lied to, we are being bombarded by immigration and resulting overpopulation; low wages, increased cost of living, free medical care for the non-U.S. citizens, layoffs, lack of jobs, unprosecuted hate crimes committed by non-whites, increasing amounts of welfare, corrupted government officials on all levels, and an increasing number of low-caliber people in general. I really wonder why the Arabs want to get rid of us so determinedly after all the garbage that's occurring in the U.S. This country is eventually going to implode on its own without any so-called terrorist attacks. Why? Because not enough Whites understand who the real culprits are behind every calamity occurring in America. "March on, you Christians! Fight and die for our cause like sheep devoured by wolves," say the Jews.

America will definitely not last long under these conditions. Several things will more than likely happen -- more people will wake up and see who is behind it all; the economy will collapse, caused by too many non-whites running the U.S.; and a revolution will likely occur if diplomacy continues to fail. Then, America will either be reborn or it will be no more with rights and freedoms stripped and more U.S. citizens whose ancestors fled to America in the 1700s will be jailed as free-speakers are jailed today in Germany. For certain, Judgment Day is coming and it's coming very soon. I can hear its hoofs faintly galloping in the distance, getting closer. When it does arrive, judgment will be merciless for those who rightfully deserve it and who haven't yet been judged. There shall be no escape and absolutely no mercy for the Jews and their accessories.


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