An Idea

by R. Joans

August 10, 2002

Everything starts with an idea.

Alright, let me fist say that this is nothing more than a thought, I don't claim to have the answer to any problems, but I do think this is an idea that has been given very little attention from the White movement.

My idea is the establishment of an organization dedicated to creation an all- White area of land with the end result being the declaration of an independent nation.

The project would start off with a number of goals, the fist being at least 50,000 participants, the second goal being that those 50,000 people who signed up with the project each raise at least 50,000 dollars within 10 years. If all goes well the organization would have 2.5 billion dollars at the end of the 10-year period. With this 2.5 billion dollars a large area of land would be bought, after which phase two of the project would commence.

The second phase is the construction of a city for all the participants in the project and the creation of farms. The embryonic nation would have to be as self-sufficient as possible to counter the trade sanctions and boycotts that would undoubtedly be imposed by the multi-cult.

I don't know anything about international law but I do know a person has the right to say who is allowed to enter his private property, perhaps the land could be owned by one individual, elected by the participants, who is really just there for show.

The location could be anywhere on the globe; the ideal situation would be land with natural borders such as islands or cheap land with good farming soil. Once the benefits of a safe, clean all-White area become apparent, more and more people would join and contribute to the project, the nation could grow to hundreds of thousands, even millions....

If you loathe Multiculturalism and this sick anti-white culture as I do, you can't deny that this is an attractive image. No one could accuse us of any crime, hatred, racism etc, we would be simply leaving them, voting with our feet and saying that we do not want to participate in the giant multi-racial experiment. If they love "diversity" let them wallow in it, but we will not.

I'm sure some people who read this will say, "That's retreating, why flee the nations we ourselves built?" Well, I really think that we have passed the point of no return, we should ask our white brothers and sisters, "Do you want to come with us and stay white? Or do you want to rot? If you would rather have Diversity, you can go to hell."

I'd like everyone who reads VNN to write in and comment; do you think this idea is ridiculous? I want to know your thoughts.... Let's try and get a real debate going.


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