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June 2002

Space Junk

Now the judies are polluting extraterrestrially.

Integration Doesn't Work

Niggers are the symptom, Jew is the disease. You can build a new school for $26 million, but a nigger in a $26 million school is still a nigger. Mike Tyson had tens of millions. Didn't make him any less of a a nigger. Race-mixing is a Jewish plot to destroy the White race. And it's working. Thanks, jews. Here's a story about she-bonobs trained to be "journalists." And they wonder why they can't sell papers. And the "media critics" say all papers care about is producing profits. Why would you hire illiterate niggers to write for your paper if your goal was to make money? The country has gotten dumbed down to the level of a ten-year-old.

Jewish Japes

Here a Jew mocks the homeless in private while weeping for them in public. Here Jews support high estate tax. Here on Christian Zionists.

White Campaign Site

It will be interesting to watch how the Bill White and Matt Hale campaigns unfold.

White History: Navigation

Germans traveling by reed boat attempt to prove Heyerdahl theory.

Jewish Hate

Here Hypocritical Hymie tracks Hitler's legal moves against the Jews. Kind of like what Hymie does to us today, and what Hymie did to White ethnics in the Soviet Union. Except he murdered tens of millions of Whites, a high multiple of the number of jews Hitler brought to justice. The nazis were the hate that hate produced, as canting kikes at 60 Minutes explained away nigger violence decades ago. Here Jews at TNR spread hatred of Germans. Gee, I wonder if there's a connection between Jews' behavior and others' reaction to them? If there wasn't, I don't suppose it would be illegal to suggest there is in "free and democratic" Germany, eh? We smell you, kikes, and you stink. Your time is coming. We're going to bring you to infinite justice. The truth about German society and the German nation is that it's a very impressive thing. I once sat on a beautiful summer day in Nuremberg, watching a group of 25-50-year-old German men play soccer. For about an hour I sat there on the green grass, under the cloudless blue sky and the golden sun, and just observed Germans being Germans. They played quietly, competently, energetically, unapologetically -- good, hard, sweaty, smooth, quiet, strong -- and nary a peep from them. Maybe ten words the whole hour. What have you got to compare to that, Jew? Nothing. You have a dozen paunchy, crooked lawyers, embezzlers and other-swindlers yapping nonstop and hypocritically. You are an ugly race, Jews. Germany breeds silent, strong soccer players and beautiful Schiffers. You breed swindlers and USSR-funding, Gore-mating Shiffs. Jews are ugly. Aryans are beautiful. Everybody knows it, even if only VNN can say it! We are better than you, Jews. And when we take power, we are going to end you. Sing it with me, fellow White men: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. The future is ours. We are competent, able, honest, and damn good-looking. You are litigious, crying, cringing, lying, swindling, gnomishly ugly, hump-nosed bagel-eating he-twats.

Every Jew a Swindler

Carl Bernstein... Was Jesus a darky? The jewish way to profits: "This company's sole business focus is filing questionable patent lawsuits against us," said Microsoft spokesperson Jim Desler, referring to the almost half-dozen times InterTrust has filed or expanded its lawsuits over the last year. "Microsoft is an intellectual property company that respects IP rights."

Boolie Future

Look at the picture. Unless we unite and destroy the Jew, this is where we're headed, White man. They call it hip-hop nation. But I'm old school. I call it "Planet of the Apes." "If you want education! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!Lemme hear you say YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Yeeah, bro, that's what jiggies want: an edumacation. Seattle niggers. When you don't care enough to send the very best.

Fewer Males in College

Since White males are the most conservative segment, and college is dominated by brainless feminists, no big surprise that over time they find better things to do. Check out this attitude in a woman who hopes to claim Jesse Ventura's office after he leaves: Jax, however, said she offers two qualities that Penny cannot: "I'm not a politician and I'm not a white male. I know there are a lot of people interested in someone like that."

Groids Say "No!" to Rug-Munchin' Ma

You go, groidessas... Note how the local kike kunts at CPS get all parental-authority-y. If these girls were being denied abortions, why, they couldn't yank 'em out of the home fast enough. Here's a young kike in need of viagra. Are niggers monkeys? Check here for the exiting answer!

Semen Cures Female Headaches

Show this one to your girlfriend. The scientists suspect semen will have the same effect on women regardless of how they are exposed to it. It's the ultimate "news you can use"! Come here, honey, time for a little hormone replacement therapy! An all-natural way to increase calmness and boost energy at the same time!

Congratulations: You're a Fascist

Fascism is an authoritarian, not totalitarian, attempt to preserve the national culture that Jew-run democracy aims to J.R. Colson

Homosexuality Ain't Cool

Really, it ain' Andrew Westphal

Race-Mixers Take Heed -- Today's Fashion May Be Tomorrow's Sorrow

Race-mixing is never a good idea, and its current vogue won't Andrei Kievsky

Movie Review: 'Minority Report'

Incoherent and derivative and not a minority report in the first The Cat Lady

Who Rules Sweden?

A comprehensive look at the iron triangle of socialist government, big business and Jews bent on indoctrinating Sweden out of Fredrik Haerne

A View From My Son's Window

Weeks later cops show up with a ticket for passing out leaflets at a pro-Israel rally -- and a mysterious graffito appears between days. Just as Jews receive special treatment by cops and courts, so, it would appear, do their opponents. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Pictures here and here and Yankee Jim

Israel Knew About 9/11 Attack Beforehand

The stink is so bad, so unavoidable, that even the Jewsmedia have begun to report it -- months later, after perennially distracted Americans have gone back to worrying about lawn care. "Our purpose was to document the event," said an Israeli "mover" caught laughing and filming the collapse of the World Trade Center. Isn't the purpose of all "movers" to document events? Don't all legitimate "moving companies" close down suddenly after terrorist attacks, abandoning the property of dozens of customers, the owner fleeing back to Israel with his family? Don't make us laugh.

Cream Rises, Gefilte Fish Stinks!

When you're a good guy, good things happen to you... THE "always darkest before the dawn" theory appears to be holding good for David Irving. Four days after the Sunday Telegraph reported that the bankrupt historian's 750,000 Mayfair flat has been repossessed to pay some of his libel costs, we now hear of a white knight riding to his rescue. A wealthy young friend, Matthew Gordon Lennox, has bid for the flat, and intends to lease it back to him (need we use the word peppercorn?). "David Irving is a personal friend, and it is my intention to do all in my power to help him and his family ... I believe that David has been the victim of a merciless campaign and intend to ensure that he is in a position to fight not just for himself and his family but for all of us who are opposed to the enemies of free speech and the right to question."

Guys Like Fred Reed Are Destroying America

Completely useless column that pretends to be daring. This column truly made me angry. Why is America dying, Reed? Guys like you. This guy, for all his tiresome cornpone, is very smart, very taut, very experienced with weapons, a clear communicator, a rural Southerner -- in every way positioned to take the lead in producing the revolution we need -- and this is the bullshit he comes up with. Smarmy, disingenuous, knowingly-off-point crap. Fred knows that blacks aren't educable beyond wood-hewing and phone-management. Fred knows that it ain't white liberals but Jews that's the operative factor. Fred knows that to take blacks as individuals is to guarantee AmeriKwa. Fred knows a lot of things, but he jes' grin and grin. Well, Whites aren't grinning back. Here on bonobos who just can't figure how to stack the crates to get at suspended yum-yums. Fred knows they could, if those gosh darn White liberals would quit pretending they couldn't.

The Two Races, Equally Free, Cannot Live in the Same Government

How long do we keep pretending, White man? How long do we listen to lying Jewish racists like David Horowitz? The Jew brought us misery through open borders and forced integration, twin prongs in the pitchfork the jew stabbed through our chest, fully intending to murder us. Now it is time to bring misery to the Jew in every possible way. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. That is our salvation. It's the only solution that works. Read about the creatures the jew forces you to subsidize: But everyone is listening, while being handed quarter-inch-thick pamphlets to read. The topics: how to clean a stove. A sink. A toilet. Placing trash in a receptacle. And the importance of using a vacuum--not a mop--to clean a carpet. Though such skills have been taught by the CHA for years, it's only recently that the agency has folded such training into a six-hour course. Attendance is mandatory for CHA residents wanting a housing voucher, their ticket to leave. The kike liar Horowitz tells us that these things are our "equals" -- these mudmen requiring six hours of instruction in "skills" like cleaning a toilet. Jew David Horowitz tells us we have to reach out to these dangerous, violent, stupid creatures and encourage them to vote Republican, that's the way out of our national decline! Do you think he's not laughing up his sleeve at you, conservative White fools? He means YOUR GENOCIDE -- and you Freeper nitwits write him fan letters! It would be comical if the price weren't the extinction of our race. David Horowitz and the horowitizm are what they've always been, a racial crime syndicate preying on other races, misleading the host and wrecking its nation. How clear do they have to make it: encouraging you and your human kind to reach out to niggers so goddamn stupid they have to be told not to dump their niglet-beshitted diapers over the railing -- these kikes are running the biggest goddam scam in the history of the world -- and you're paying for it, sucker! Wake up, White man. Here's how you solve 95% of your problems: DEATH TO THE JEWS. We don't need jews and their niggers -- they need us!

Name the Enemy

That's Jew Horowitz's advice. And for once itz solid. The Jew is your enemy, White man. David Horowitz is your enemy. Not one single jew or non-jew columnist has pointed out the simple fact that there would be no Arabs in America if Jews had not passed the 1965 immigration act. Jews brought terror to America, in the form of aiplane bombs, in the form of nigger-on-white attacks occuring daily in cities big and small near you. The Jews are our misfortune. We were well rid of them. There is no major problem in America that is not caused by Jews. Not exacerbated by them -- CAUSED by them.

Crushing the Pals

Kicking out the families of the suicide heroes. Here on Muslim prison recruitment in America. Christian Zionists: insane or merely extremely stupid? You make the call. Here CNN bows to kike pressure. Jews don't control the media, though -- that's an anti-Semitic canard.

All Jews Must Die

Yet another reason why -- they knew about and celebrated 9/11 and the Real Americans left dead in its wake. The Jew is your enemy, White man: Maria says she saw three young men kneeling on the roof of a white van in the parking lot of her apartment building. "They seemed to be taking a movie," Maria said. The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. "They were like happy, you know.... They didn't look shocked to me. When White men are murdered, Jews are happy. And we pay these guys $10,000,000,000 a year? Who says we have to? Why do we listen to our illegitimate governemnt? No American wants the borders open, no American wants to give money to Israel -- yet we have both these things. Why? Because our illegitimate government is controlled by Jews. If you know a man's a jew, what else do you need to know?

Gramsci and His Lies

It is Gramsci's thought today that informs what are referred to as "campus radicals." In seeking to break the "hegemony" of white male elites, they introduce such poisons as multi-culturalism and mouth obviously untrue slogans like "Diversity is our greatest strength." Of course, true diversity, as would be represented best by a hierarchy of quality, is the last thing they want. In claiming that everything and anything should be tolerated (except intolerance, of course), they are really arguing that all things are the same, equal. And to enforce this new religion of Diversity everyone's thoughts must be brought into line: wrong-thinking is once more a punishable action.

Texas Race

Whites don't matter because there's no White party. Yet. Itz on the horizon, though. With a minority population of approximately 30 percent, Texas Democrats should be at least as concerned about the wishes of the majority as they are about those who, even if they received every one of their votes, could not alone, elect them. Yet, politics is a very cynical science. It works on the theory that if one garners enough blocs of votes, victory is assured. Since us Anglos, vis--vis "white folks", apparently vote across color lines all the time we're not considered a worthy bloc of votes to cultivate.

Cantrell on DiLorenzo

Cantrell's thesis is that everything truly American is the product of the Celtic South, which is under attack-with-intent-to-kill by Yankee WASPdom. But while the South and its traditions are indeed under attack and for the reasons he gives, that's only part of the problem, the fact is that assault is just one campaign in a larger battle that is led not by insane Whites, but by racist Jews. And their mission is not merely to destroy local life-ways and decentralized freedom in the name of the Great State, but to destroy the White race because it's "good for the Jews." The only basis from which successful resistance can be waged is racial, not regional or ethnic. Cantrell worries about Celtic culture disappearing when he ought to worry about Celts themselves being done away with. It's far, far too late to try to separate by class or region -- we face a global assault on the White race, and though many race-traitors flesh out the ranks of the attackers, the true and leading enemy is the Jew. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Read what he says here about the South, and the rooted, anti-materialist ethic of the Southern Celts -- this is an anti-dote to the mass-commercial crap we see on televitz. Not only was Young well aware of the viciously parvenu Cotton Snobs of Natchez but that people of Hugh's ethnic background certainly can be proponents of selfish acquisition and self-indulgence and can become thoroughly modern English culturally, the morally irresponsible industrialists who were rising to power in the American heartland (Genovese Southern Tradition 67) to whom 'the land's no more than stocks and bonds,' a view of man's relationship to land that Hugh believes must lead inevitably to seeing one's own character as just 'a quick turnover for what can be made' (395), will dominate this new imperial nation built upon forced governmental unity. It is odd that Cantrell takes pains to present ZOG as a proto-National Socialist state when so much of what he says about Celts reads like translated Hitler Blut und Erde appeals. The fact is, and I don't hold it against him, Cantrell is a Celtic bigot. But his dislike for Yankee WASPdom is blinding him to the true nature of the struggle being waged, which puts whatever is left of Celts in America in danger of going down with the racial ship. "Each man kills the thing he loves," said a different Celtic. Pay attention, Cantrell. We need to get this guy to read Culture of Critique.

Masons and Jews

The link... Here you can read the Ayn Rand Institute's position on Israel. Here on foundations and their role sustaining the various neocon and other mags. Here jewyawp about repressive fifties, with its circumscribed debate, unlike freewheeling today. Here on WASPs and the term. More here.

Islam Spreading in Mexico

And no doubt many of these will be making their way up here.


Up to their usual tricks in Seattle. Oops! Jigger-o violence turns back on the yoodi. Oy!

Speed Dating

Here MSNBC tries to blame a white male for the Colorado burndown. If anything can explain Barton's actions, her friends insist it was the toll of trying to escape a torturous marriage. John Barton, who was charged with domestic battery against Terry in California in 1992, was arrested for drunken driving in Colorado last fall. "Pain makes you do crazy things," said Nancy Segovia, a friend of Terry's from church. This is the horror that we get in a society where feminized thinking holds sway. Feminized thinking does not mean women run things, it means the emotional temperament that characterizes women is in control, through men. We hear that women are equal to men, can do anything they do. But the minute they do something wrong, out come the excuses. What was it Nicholson said? I think of a man, and then remove reason and accountability. Her husband was a meanie, so she burned down Colorado. More on Burn It Down Barton here.


Fat, drunk and statist is no way to go through life, Injun Winnie. Here an amusing piece on North Korea. Read the Pyongyang Times if you ever want a laugh -- the state hacks suck Kim Il Dung almost ass ass-iduously ass Suckpoop Joe slurps Sharony.

Runeberg's "Our Land"

A translation of a poem celebrating the Finnish spirit and Fredrik Haerne

Church Ladies Whistle Past the Graveyard in Hopkinton

Report from the June 20 anti-White housing forum in a small Massachusetts Andrei Kievsky

Jewess Dr. Laura Casts First Stone

Racialism is good, mongrelism is Founders' America

Adoptions Are Sign of Deepening Social Decay

A look into the deeper meaning of interracial adoption and the reasons the Judeo-AmeriKwa pushes Founders' America

Movie Review: 'The Lion King'

Stolen from a Japanese writer, TLK offers an unvarnished fable about the battle between steadfast Aryan pride and usurping Jewish Fredrik Haerne

Anti-Racist Inaction a No-Show in Hopkinton

If itz not hip-hop or HIV-inhibiting drugs, it can't hold the attention of the baby Andrei Kievsky

"The Consequences of Corruption"

Latest from Dr. Pierce.

Take Heart, White Man!

Response to recent reader Chuck Pearson

Between the Lines

No evidence of dual loyalty here! Kevin Hannan

Movie Review: 'Minority Report'

Steven Spielberg, Jon Cohen, Scott Frank and Gary Goldman made this movie. I wonder if it will be any Mark Rivers

"Hate" Crimes Bullshit From Kikes & Kennedy

The bill is above all a sop to an increasingly pampered special-interest group: homosexual activists. Among other things, it would create a new federal civil right based on sexual behavior. This is no small change in the law. It would have the effect of recasting traditional morality as a form of bigotry, and providing legal tools to criminalize thought and speech that the government deems "hateful." Liberals are already blaming Christian conservatives for everything from Matthew Shepard's murder to any mugging of a homosexual anywhere. Here on World Refuse Day.


Why are Israeli spies allowed to roam free, with untrammeled access to our "secure" communications? Death to the Jews. Why are our borders left unguarded? Death to the Jews. They, and they alone, flooded our country with shit people, they deserve to die for it. Here a decent Jew Shamir article, makes the point that supporting Israel is not in America's interest. Any Jews in America is not in our interest. Freedom of speech is not a Jewish value. The Jewish race could never have produced the Constitution, but it has destroyed it. Diversity's just another name for " smallpox is back."

Jews Are a Race of Nation-Wrecking Swindlers

Everybody knows it. Their theft of billions from Switzerland was outrageous, to use a term that's the first thing out of their mouths in the morning. The jews are still hot to sell tech, secrets to China and other American enemies, the minute we turn our head. In case you missed it, here's an article that perfectly depicts what every professional kike aspires to: a merit badge for master-lying. Here on the Fagin story.

New Mahler Translation: "The Redeeming Historical Role of the German Reich"

Here in original German. Here Jimmy Cantrell on ruinous Germanic culture. Here the half-jew smurf sounds off more or less plausibly on Nietzsche.

Schey's Why

Here we see a microcosm of what's wrong with Jews and journalism, and why Whites are rising. This jew's family was kicked out of Germany. He's now polluting the U.S., both by his presence and by his politics - a lawyer "fighting" the System to ensure millions of third-worlders get their license to stay here and rape your daughter. You want ZOG personified? This guy is it. Causing suffering in the name of alleviating it -- what could possibly be more jewish? Here the beanie babies want Turner's head. You can't disagree with jews like normal people. They'll destroy you. Let's destroy them for a change. Complete hypocrisy is the norm for jews, especially when it comes to immigration. They're opposed to it for their land, unless it's a White sex slave. They support it for your land, breaks down homogeneity, makes for easier pickings. Christian Identity site here.

40 Million Surplus Chinese Men

No wives...except possibly through war. The numbers, skewed by a two-decade-old government policy that limits most Chinese couples to one child, are stark. According to China's latest census, 116.9 Chinese boys were born for every 100 girls in 2000 -- up from an already alarming ''sex ratio at birth'' of 111.3 boys in 1990. Both figures are well above the 105-107 boys for every 100 girls considered normal worldwide. In the USA, there were 104.8 boys born in 2000 for every 100 girls. As a result, China will have 29 million to 33 million unmarried males ages 15-34 by 2020, according to a report by Hudson and Andrea Den Boer of Britain's University of Kent in a forthcoming issue of the journal International Security. Other estimates put the 2020 figure at 40 million young, unmarried men -- known in Chinese as guang guan, ''bare branches'' or ''bare sticks.'' That's more than the current female populations of Taiwan and South Korea combined.

The Cult of Racial Egalitarianism

The surest sign that everything we say about race is right is the hypersensitivity of the other side. Read this article and pretend we are living in a rational world and you'll see what I mean. Racial egalitarianism is a jew-promulgated cult, although not one that jews subscribe to. How many White women would act like this Mexidrip? Here on women talking. 'Nuf said. Glory be, a Mexican rat cartoon's back on the air. Great time to be a nigger. Smoke crack, they hire you as a cop, elect you mayor... Important watermelon news here. Negroes are good at stupidity and violence, less good at anything involving a #2 pencil. Poor bottle-palmed tamarinds. Evolution jus' ain't fair.

Booliemongering in Russia

Just say no to monkeys scampering uncaged in East Europe. How to de-boolie your country here.

Swindling Penis Licker Central Out with Summer Issue

This issue of the tiresomely predictable "Intelligence Report" features an exposé on a Michigan ophthalmologist John Tanton the splickers claim is the anti-immigration puppeteer. A four-month investigation by the Intelligence Report, conducted in the aftermath of the September terrorist attacks, found that the appearance of an array of groups with large membership bases is nothing more than a mirage. In fact, the vast majority of American anti-immigration groups - more than a dozen in all - were either formed, led, or in other ways made possible through Tanton's efforts. The principal funding arm of the movement, U.S. Inc., is a Tanton creation, and millions of dollars in financing comes from just a few of his allies, far-right foundations like those controlled by the family of Richard Mellon Scaife. Here a Mexican CCC fan.

Flies Spread Disease?

Blame the flies, spare the 'groids.

White Art: Melville

Jews are the people of the dirt: But when it comes to Melville's muzzle, and the issues raised about the particular sources of Melville's agony -- was he insane? Was he a homosexual? Did he beat his wife? -- the biography is a tremendous disappointment. The job of imagining a great artist's passion in the way that, say, Van Gogh's passion has been set forth remains undone. Here on Wal-Mart's effect on advertising. When you home-school, you don't subject your child to jewish lies.

Thinking Computer Makes a Break

Sounds like science fiction, probably overdrawn, but still funny. We need to make a robot that seeks and destroys jews.

Science Fiction

I no longer regard the United States as a "free country," but as a socialist nation tilting dangerously towards fascism. In other words, plain words, the kind of "national socialism" some of us are old enough to have already seen on this planet, though I am not one of them. Yes, I am talking about Schickelgrüber; and no, I am not "exaggerating." Like many others in my little corner of the political spectrum, I find the spectacle of all these American flags suddenly flying to be disturbing, not reassuring. I am reminded of Milton Mayer's They Thought They Were Free. Mayer spent several years in Germany after World War II, trying to discover why so many ordinary Germans were willing to let Hitler get away with what he did; the title of his book tells you what he found out. And surely I need not remind my regular readers of the psychological experiments of Milgram and Zimbardo, and the whole "group identity" thing.

Naughty Seniors Guilty of Hand Gestures, the Worst Crime of All

This is what itz come to in the "land of the free." Hey, power to the people, man. If they don't like jews, they don't like jews.

All For The Love Of Jews

Another reason why Yids don't belong in our formerly clean White country. Here, FBI issues warning that synagogues, Jewish areas may be targeted for terrorist attack with massive truck bombs. Like car-battery-stealing Mex or crack-dealing niggers, Jew swindlers bring heat down on everyone in the 'hood. Yo! No Jews. Just Right.

Book Review: "Shit Magnet"

Shit Magnet is the most repulsive exercise in self-pity and self-justification by a narcissistic, borderline personality since Rousseau's Confessions, and from a literary standpoint it is almost as J.P. Nash

Fiction: "The Case Of Euphemia Raphash"

In the end the Jew reveals itself, perishes...

Fiction: "Torture by Hope"

An auto-da-fé for every Count Villiers de L'Isle-Adam

Nietzsche: The Moralist

The fourth and concluding lecture, filled with thoughts worth Anthony M. Ludovici

Mark Rivers' Top Ten Movie Lists

That's right, I said Mark Rivers

Izzy May Pull Plug on CNN

Start crying, take ball, go home. Suck thumb. Demand extra $2 billion hurt-feelings aid.

The Hell That Is Los Angeles -- $1.00 (Exact Change Only)

Here, the increasing penetration of thrilling, exotic Mexican gang culture into the boring, bland, "white bread" mainstream. We've seen moronic White parents buying their kids "Low Rider" toys and clothing -- "Now you're a real Low Rider," Dad -- supposed to know better -- gushed to his little boy. Who wouldn't want their kids to emulate stupid, drunken, violent Mexicans? Now, the gumball machine dispenses "Homies." Little plastic heroin addicts, homeless, hallway-urinators to be next? "Car Radio Thief -- 25 cents." VNN can't wait. Here, a standard-issue, predictable, "Hispanic-culture-to-be-respected-by-Whites" explanation of "Homies" from one A.A. Alonso, a standard-issue clever, bottom-feeding, grant-seeking parasite of an academic who is making a very nice living for himself from the gang phenomenon, mapping out shootings and wall-defacings as though they were valuable oil deposits, something worthy of study by scholars rather than elimination by sealed borders, deportation and firing squads. The web site on which these items appear is, in and of itself, an excellent, if unwitting, compendium of the horrible truth about niggers and Mexicans that drives White Nationalism -- to which there is no intelligent opposition.

GAAAAAA! Arabs! Nazis, They're! Helf Uns, Helf Uns, &c.

Here, wild-eyed, hallucinating, hysterical Jew-gush from NewsMax -- typical of "conservative" web sites. "What if, what if, what if Jews had been kidnapped by Arabs and herded into little gas chambers located on every corner in Jerusalem? Oi, oi, oi! What if?" If it'll stop this whining, hand-wringing, it sounds like a great idea, to tell you the truth. What if No Jews. Just Right? On the same page, "Urgent From David Horowitz! Israel Needs Your Help!" Note that his "Defense of Israel Campaign" is "A Project of the Individual Rights Foundation." Jews are most adept at taking emotional trigger-words like "individual rights" and symbols like the flag and bending them to suit Jewish needs. Horowitz' main Jew-supporting flagship is called "The Center For The Study Of Popular Culture." Every kike with a desk and phone is a "center," an "institute," you see. Don't be fooled -- there are only 14 million Jews in the whole world. It all reminds us of how the disingenuous Halfway Millard uses the parrot-screech of "Free speech! Free speech!" to stump for convicted Jew-traitor Jonathan Pollard, whom Millard feels is "being wronged" -- "Wrong Is Wrong," he Algorelike pronounces, and "wrong" is doubleplusungood when it comes to the Yid spy so-coincidentally tucked into Millard's pantheon of all-American victims, hm? How contemptible to lump Buchanan and Hale in with Clinton and Pollard and a bunch of gooks -- always this Yid-style piggybacking of the bad riding the good in order to sneak through the door, the spoonful of carefully-selected patriotic jingo-sugar to help the Jewish medicine go down before you've even noticed the bad taste. Open wi-i-de! Who is this "Millard" who's carefully feeding you such utter crap?

African Windchimes

There was a time when white men knew how to deal with niggers who raped, assaulted or insulted our women. Today, of course, we're expected to step aside whenever one of these knuckle-walking congoids grabs a white girl -- perhaps even applaud it, if the groid in question is a celebrity "sports" figure. Maybe, someday, when we're finally fed up with all the monkeyshines going on in this country, we'll be man enough to say "Fuck the media, the kikes and the niggers. It's time for a necktie party." Oh, and just so there's no confusion, lynchings were not held simply because the nigger had black skin; they were held because the spacecricket in question had committed an actual crime -- not just whistling at white women, but something slightly more serious. You know, the kinds of things they get away with everyday in our Afro-centric, negrophilic society today: physcial assault, rape, mugging, murder, etc. 100 years ago, we knew how to deal with such criminals -- white or black. Today, blackie gets a free ride, carte blanch, to do whatever his tiny, aboriginal, malformed, unevolved spacemonkey brain wants. And who loosed him on us? Who wants to see him outbreed, murder and intimidate us so an alien minority of 2.5% of the population can maintain total control of our financial, governmental and media strongholds? That's right: the Jew. Maybe it's time we paid him back...what do you think, White Man?

Bonobo-coons raping away in London hospitals

Notice how carefully the Metropolitan Police spokesboob justifies not issuing a description of the undoubtedly simian Afro-Carribeo-Mooncricket spacemonkey who raped the dying old lady: "We are not releasing a description of the suspect at this stage as it may prejudice potential witness statements." Translation: "We don't want you to know this monster was a spook." Who else but a nigger would rape a 71 year-old granny dying of cancer? In the hospital restroom yet? Why doesn't the Met want anyone to know what this piece of shit porch monkey looks like? Could it have anything to do with their intent to boost minority recruiting by bringing in hundreds of spooks from Africa and the West Indies to "man" their police force? Naw....couldn't be. Could it?

Jews Harass Demjanjuk in Poland

If anybody has information on jewish mass-murderers now resting comfortably in Israel, please forward.

Wetbacks Say Yes to Allah

Muds turning to Islam in numbers.

Kikes Trying to Teem Among Teutons

Why would you want to live among Jews in Israel when you could live among Germans in Germany? Even Jews agree with that logic. Despite 100 years of hatred spewed by feculent jews, the world still generally respects Germany and Germans. Can Hyman say the same? No, he cannot. For he is not respectable, and he is not loved. Indeed, ordinary people are so enamored of the Joodies they strap bombs to themselves to blow them up. Must be doing something right, Hyman. You know, I see what happens in the world and I see what I read in The World, and I just can't get the two on the same page. Jews created everything, philanthropized alles gut, bore suffering a billion times ununtold and a hundred billion times reremunerated -- and still they can't buy a break. Now why is that, Hyman? What are we missing here? What is the source of your curious unattractiveness?

Sex Ed Doesn't Work

Because it's not education, it's indoctrination in lies and half-truths. A much higher proportion of the population than you probably think has incurable venereal disease. If you act the way MTV teaches, you will likely join it. Women should note that many times symptoms are invisible, unfelt. But with real consequences. And condoms? Well, Madame de Stael put it best, in one of my top-ten all time quotations: "a breastplate against pleasure, and a cobweb against danger." Don't believe the bullshit consumer lies on televitz, get married, have kids, and you will be better off and happier than the fictional creatures populating mass-consumer commercials.

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The Fear Behind Becoming a Racial Activist

Worry gives small things big shadows, as the Swedish proverb has F. Lee Conscious

Are the Jews Really 'God's Chosen'? Andrew Westphal

The Cat Lady's Favorite Movies

"Network" and nine The Cat Lady

Was Curious George Really a Monkey?

On Jewish advertising and the Andrew Westphal

Televitz Review: 'Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different'

MTV's sister puts out a fresh load of fagitprop aimed at the 2-11 set. Keep this rank jewish poison out of your kids' Raina Wilhelm

On the Effectiveness of Debate

Concentrate on the minority of thoughtful and determined White men that alone can bring about the Aryan Dale Peterson

Movie Review: 'The Bourne Identity'

The formula...a cup of action, a teaspoon of plot and a pinch of "negroes are harmless." Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Windtalkers'

Coming soon...repamarations for the Navajos we brutally murdered in World War II, according to a Chinese Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Scooby Doo'

Hope ya like fart Mark Rivers

9/11 and the "What If ... ?" Debate

Here, the never-ending Jewish put-up show generates another column, brings in another paycheck. Yid earnestly affects to discuss, examine non-issue. "The debate over whether government officials had enough intelligence to prevent the terrorist attacks of September 11 will be with us for a long time to come. Once it moves out of the realm of partisan politics, it will surface in virtually every serious book, article and film about that fateful day. Despite what any potential, and essential, inquiry may conclude, the question of what could have or should have been done will not go away easily" -- while the crucial, horribly-dangerous-to-Jews question of why America, alone among the nations of the world, continues to invite further mass-terror attacks by supporting Israel will never, never, ever be publicly discussed, hm? Gotcha! The rules have changed, Yids. You're not the stage managers anymore, shining lights in the audience's eyes, producing dry-ice fog and pushing props around to obscure the truth. Now, Jews set up -- and VNN knocks down. Eat it, Hymie.

Yids Leap To Rescue Einstein Myth

So quick comes a book from out the Jewish publishing-doors, at the least hint that an i-Kahn may be threatened! It's as though these things are pre-written, kept hanging on the wall for instant use -- a sort of kosher fire extinguisher. Here, "The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against The World's Most Famous Scientist." Every word in that title pushes an emotional button, refers to the carefully built Jewish idea-structure about Einstein, Hoover, "Cold War paranoia," "McCarthyism," right down the line. Typical.

Jewish "Culture" in Review

This week, VNN holds its landing net under the sewage outfall for a moment, and comes up with Sarah Reguer's piece on "My Life as a Radical Jewish Woman: Memoirs of a Zionist Feminist in Poland," by Puah Rakovsky, edited by Paula E. Hyman, translated by Barbara Harshav with Hyman. How profoundly unusual for the Jewish- controlled publishing industry to pay attention to a Jewish subject -- to pay fees to exclusively Jewish authors, editors, translators. Surely such an estimable work has never before seen the light of day. And that's this week's "Jewish 'Culture' In Review."

Israel The Inconsequential

We once saw a tiny six-year-old nigger kid which had been Dressed To Be Killed in the latest 'banger gear -- ball hat on sideways, huge baggy pants and shirt, and a ridiculous fake-gold pimp chain with a medallion the size of a soup plate. The silly thing -- only waist-high to a grown man -- grinned mindlessly and made those stupid contorted-finger gang signs, its spindly arms and legs sticking out of the shiny, price-tags-still-on mass of Chink-sweatshop consumergoods. Thus, the 4.9 million Jews of Israel, convinced that Whites still take their absurd gesticulations seriously. Israel is merely a tiny, shivering mongrel which is deluded that the Rottweilers and St. Bernards of the world value its shrill little opinion as to how The Big Dogs should conduct their affairs. Don't you despise those nasty dustmop-mutts with the hateful eyes like two glossy black pebbles and the shit-stripe on their irritated red rear, always yapping and circling you at a safe distance? Here, the Izzy-Bowser weighs in -- all three formidable pounds of it -- on great issues of the day like possible war between India and Pakistan and Russian-Iranian nuclear collaboration. We Aren't Listening Anymore (TM). No Jews. Just Right.

Invest In Anti-Semitism, It's Going Up

"Anti-Zionist Rhetoric Gains In U.S." Always this coyness, this hairline-dividing, this careful drawing of artificial distinctions and construction of huge cardboard props to obscure the dangerous fact that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and that there are only 14 million of them in the whole world. "Watchdog [i.e., Jewish] groups say that the IHR is couching its hatred of Jews in anti-Israel rhetoric in order to make it more palatable to the increasing numbers of people around the globe who are anti-Israel." Anti-Zionist, about No Jews. Just Right. Sing it with us...

The Tower

Only 14 million Jews in the whole world -- and every one piled on top of the next into a teetering, swaying tower of Jewish organizations and associations of organizations and federations of associations. Thus does such a tiny, parasitic minority influence and control so many. "UJC was formed three years ago from a merger of the United Jewish Appeal, the United Israel Appeal and the Council of Jewish Federations. According to many officials involved in it, the fledgling organization has been plagued with the pains that often attend complex mergers, including mission drift, administrative bloat and turf wars." No matter! In, out, the millions flow, through myriad Jewish hands! It's Good For Jews!

The Jew At The Wheel

New rabbi chosen to help steer Catholicism along, keep everything heimish, congenial, for Yids. "'We will not meet to daven (pray) together because we are different,' he said, toeing the line set by the late Orthodox sage Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik opposing theological dialogue with other religions. 'We are here to create a better relationship'" between Jewish masters and docile Christian sheep. Baaa, you dumb fuckers, you feckless followers of Falwell and Farah. Oi! Feh! The current Pope has about had it, can barely stand up anymore -- here, a rundown on the Jew waiting in the wings to take over.

Abortion Doc Was Jew

Jews always walk a tightrope, torn between "blurring, obscuring" and blowing the shofar for attention. Now, years after the fact, we discover that abortion doctor-no-more Barnett Slepian was a Yid. "'Those of us with our sensitive Jewish antennas have them up for this trial,' said Ellen Goldstein, director of community relations of the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo." Astonishing, this shrewd Jewish timing, this control of events. They wouldn't have wanted to popularize the sniper-shooting of kikes as a general idea, waiting instead to bring this out in conjunction with a murder trial so that the necessary finger-wagging lesson could be hammered once more into the goyim -- "Harm one fingernail of a Jew, go to prison." "I'm not trying to make too big a deal of this," said Goldstein as she made too big a deal of it, "but I think it's a Jewish issue." Is anything not a Jewish issue? No Jews. Just Right.

Three-Year-Old Yid Directing Charitable Work

There is no limit to bald-faced, bright-eyed Jewish chutzpah, temerity. Here, a preposterous story stating that "Soon after doctors found a cancerous tumor stretching from his diaphragm to his pubic bone, ...toddler [Eleyah Yoav Aburus] told his mother what he needed to get better: A Torah scroll with a white mantle, to be donated to the children's minyan of his family's synagogue, the Young Israel of Wave Crest in Far Rockaway, N.Y." Did little Eleyeh remind everyone to look for a discount, and to get the IRS form so that the cost could be written off properly? Jews really think that you believe this stuff.

If You Let Them, Jews Will Control Every Word You Hear

This morning, we heard a radio report of yet another "homicide bombing" in Jerusalem. Regardez! God's Chosen People, so beloved by all that exasperated men kiss their families goodbye, strap explosives around their bodies, and detonate themselves in the hope of taking out a Gelbfisz or two. These brisk, startling events -- real attention-getters, which bring Vanguard News Network's favorite Yid, the Tweezer Man, at the run -- were called "suicide bombings" until Jorge Bush's mouthpiece-Jew Ari Fleischer single-handedly re-wrote the American lexicon. "Fleischer said the new term was more accurate," and that was that. So there. Only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet every word you see, read, and hear must first pass before Jewish eyes for re-view, re-vision, re-design, re-making! Every statement must be filtered through a Jewish "spokesman," "representative," the eternal middleman at the counter, positioned between the public and whatever it needs -- in this case, the truth. Jewish media control a myth, you see, a "vile anti-Semitic canard" -- that's why a phrase falls once from Jewish lips and then re-sounds, re-bounds, echoes from sea to shining sea. Thus, VNN -- home of the New Hardness, where We Aren't Listening Anymore (TM). No Jews. Just Right.

Israel Begins Fencing Off '67 "Green Line," As American Jewish Groups Act To Blur It

We couldn't have written a better headline than that. Always this agonizing Jewish pretense that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. "Well, it's not really a fence, it's more of a barrier, you see..." demur the Hadassah ladies. Here, occupying Yids try to keep desperate suicide bombers out of the bombers' own country. "At some locations the fence will incorporate concrete pillars towering over 24 feet, while at others it will comprise an electronic fence fortified by barbed wire and will include certain "obstacles," such as mines. A dirt patrol road will run parallel to the length of the fence, enabling soldiers to detect infiltrators. The cost of the fence is estimated at $1.6 million per mile...Danny Attar is not willing to wait for the arguments to be settled. Attar, head of the Gilboa Regional Council, has undertaken the task of building such a fence on his own, using municipality funds and international donations." Jewish position on the Mexican shitty-diapers-used-car-batteries-Corona- bottles-and-gnawed-corn-cob-bombers sneaking across the American "Green Line" and devastating White neighborhoods here? Let more in. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

The Biggest Lie

Race as a social construct is the grounding lie of the egalitarianism that has destroyed America. Guess which group is responsible for it? Yep. The race that imposes strict blood immigration policies in its nation. A racist is anybody who acknowledges race exists. A racist is anybody who opposes the Jews' Biggest Lie that race does not exist. Locke restates my reductio ad absurdum that skin color is a social construct. As I was walking on the stair I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish! he'd go away. Nigger is what people move away from -- everyone, always. I believe in the old Greek theory of spontaneous generation. If you throw enough bags of rice and antibiotics into a jungle, niggers will magically appear. Comments here.

Jews Vs. Americans

Anybody who opposes massed jewry on any item is an anti-Semite, as Charlie Reese and Joe Sobran are coming to find out. Conservatism is whatever the loudest jew yapper says at any given time.

Myth of the Far Right

Is Europe really heading for a new Dark Age, with its Nazi past coming back to haunt it? Are fascistic far-right parties really 'on the march again' everywhere from Greece to France, from Italy to Holland? In a word, no. The current obsession with the rise of the far right tells us far more about the European elites' crisis of confidence and legitimacy than it does about any Nazi reality. Here on the right and its ready abandonment of principle. Some good points by Fleming, who reminds me of the hairy beast in that Kris Kringle jerkily animated Christmas special. That beast after his teeth were pulled, I should clarify. All bellow, no bite. The christies got him young, and now there's no hope. In a better world (though by no means a perfect one), friends and neighbors and fellow-citizens have to be willing to sacrifice some of their privacy, their income, their time, and even their "rights" for the sake of the common good. That is what it means to be a member of a political community. When the enemy attacks, the young men march out, and the old men (and even the women) man the barricades. The ladies give up their jewelry to help the army buy more weapons; the church melts down its bell to make a cannon or bullets; newspapermen, refusing to act as enemy agents, do not publish everything they know, if the information would damage the war effort. Libertarians, hearing such a description, run gagging to the sink. There are no nations, no communities, no families. Only self-seeking individuals exist, and the "common good" is a term invented by fascist oppressors. This is the only answer they have for any social question, from drugs to pornography to fast food. Quite right. But what the big furry fella is wrong about is the basis of that community: race, not religion. Christianity really does seem to underlie liberalism, as you can see once you begin reading up on the biology of the human animal. Christianity spreads the idea that the right attitude toward something matters more than fact. The liberal female shits on anything that isn't fashionable. The right-wing Christian shits on anything that isn't loving or nice or what he calls 'moral.' Man should, man should, man should. Ah, but he never does.

Bush Is a Wankstick

Read what he says. What a jerk. Bush reminds me of the fourth generation guy now running Anheuser Busch who's in all those commercials. The one who has trouble pronouncing words. Very similar to Bush, sleek and fratty. No worries, daddie's got money! Disdain for those with less money and more brains. Flemio is a Christian dork. Racialism has the answers, not Jesus. Fleming, your page looks stupid because you haven't cleaned up the text gremlins, dope. Yes, libertarians are dumb because they deny communities and man's social essence, but you are just as stupid in supposing, as your church does, that there's no difference between jew and greek and nigger. Here douche foreigner Brown-Derbyshire almost stumbles into an epiphany: that only WHITES can make civilization work.

Niggers Bein' Niggers

Shut down Interstate 80 with their monkeyings. At a "graduation" party, no less. A kindergarten graduation mislabled high school... How much better planet earth would be with no niggers. Let's get rid of the jews and make it happen.

Spooky in Cincy

Anytime a cop stops a runaway mooncricket in Cincy, it's grounds for another "racial profiling lawsuit." Never mind that one of the niggers in question had a warrant out for him. Never mind that a bail bondsman warned police that the Coonmobile contained a known drug pusher and bailskipper. Huh uh. It be "racial profiling" every time. Maybe it's time we stopped trembling in our boots at the threat of being called a "racist" or a "bigot" and just started shooting these spacemonkeys or dangling them from the nearest lamppost.

Jew Vanunu

The Jew who revealed what Israel has in store for the rest of the world. The Izzies kidnapped him and stuck him in prison for 20 years. The civilized world said nothing, because it is controlled by the brothers of those Israeli Jews. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something. Here on feebs and their various missions. Here on Evans and Irving. Here the jews gloat about Irving's setback. Jews are a loathsome race, and no friends of America. Ever hear about what they did to the U.S. Liberty? Still covered up after all these years. Ever see a kahn columnist writing about our gallant ally selling pollard's stolen secrets to the soviets, threatening our safety and the lives of our spies? Of course not. Wouldn't be "good for jews." Truth is an anti-Semite, as Jew Horowitz, P. Grubby and Jew Podhoretz know.

Jewish Lies About Lincoln Continue

The DiLorenzo-yid battle is fascinating and telling. Read it and weep: Lincoln knew his niggers. Nothing on VNN would have surprised him: I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is a physical difference between the two, which in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality; and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary. Lincoln was a White supremacist! Lincoln was a racist. Remember that when Jews like Pogrebissky and Horowitz lie about our founders as race egalitarians. They weren't. Lincoln believed niggers should be kicked out of the country! Yeah! In his July 6, 1852 eulogy to Henry Clay Lincoln announced that in his opinion slavery could not be eradicated "without producing a greater evil, even to the cause of human liberty itself." And for his entire political career he advocated deporting black people out of the country, to Haiti, Central America, or Africa. "There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children," Lincoln said in the Clay Eulogy. Deportation would supposedly mean "the ultimate redemption of the African race," he continued, and in his December 1, 1862 Message to Congress, Lincoln said: "I cannot make it better known than it already is, that I strongly favor colonization." For some reason the jewish liars like Jaffa leave these statements out of the public skool textbooks. It's not "good for Jews" to admit the truth: that the founders and virtually every president up until 1950 was an out-and-out racist. The Founders were VNN readers. The Jews wrap themselves in their stolen stars and stripes -- but the men who sewed that flag were VNN fans. WHITE MEN CREATED AMERICA. Jews didn't do a damn thing except ship the slaves over. Still more on Lincoln debate. It's always amusing to see the libertarians, smart blockheads, attempt to deal with jews and jewish ways of arguing without naming them such. The Jews are engaged in politically-interested lying about Lincoln. When you take any other approach to understanding jewish actions, you end up confused. When you take them as a group that only cares about "good for jews," everything falls into place.

Fathers Are Necessary, Feminists Aren't

When children are raised without fathers the boys become teenagers and form predatory gangs. The girls get pregnant and have children who are raised without fathers. The cycle repeats itself. Women are responsible for two-thirds of all child abuse. Boys are twice as likely to be abused by women as girls. A father at home is the best way to prevent this, not a social worker. The media pretends the truth is the opposite, just the way they pretend the problem in the Catholic Church is "pedophiles" instead of homosexuals. (Pedophiles molest children; pederasts molest teenagers. The problem in the Church is predatory pederasts.) Shame on the media for all their distortions, ignorance and lies.

Students Today

Report from Jew Gottfried... Here on commencement insanity. Good example of the weak tea that is mainstream "conservative" -- Jew-determined -- commentary. Every other race holds segregated commencements from public universities -- paid for with White tax dollars -- and most of these discriminate against the White students in admissions. So why is it again we aren't supposed to identify by race? There's no good reason, and only one bad one: itz "good for Jews." Here some classic jewish misdirection, sham inter-shmuel squabbles over NPR. Jews fund it, we're told. Yet it's not pro-Israel, as apparently it should be. The fact is NPR is funded by Whites, hires all but exclusively Jews, and has never run a single report suggesting Israel has no right to exist.

The Center Cannot Hold

"Turning and turning in a widening gyre/ The falcon cannot hear the falconer/ Things fall apart; the center cannot hold/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world" -- Yeats's prophecy is coming true, as analyzed here by outstanding White Nationalist commentator Yggdrasil. "Social unrest and political upheaval over the next 70 years will be orders of magnitude greater than those which provoked the U.S. Civil War or World War II." There's bad news for Jews, too -- "the inner party is rapidly losing its 'sacred cow' status throughout those parts of the world they do not control, as European nations boycott Israeli goods and begin to reject Holocaust reparation claims." Only 14 million Jews face a "rapidly darkening social mood" on an increasingly hostile planet of 6,200,000,000 people...

The Kosher Swindle

Nasty cow slicing pic... Jews are a nasty race of people. They are the race that prates its compassion while slicing up animals in the most gruesomely torturous way possible. Kosher slaughter should be banned, and then jews should be slaughtered. I'm not kidding or using hyperbole when I say that 1) Jews are a loathesome race of people, nor 2) that they should be slaughtered. Just a taste here of the truth they cover up daily in their media - a glimpse of what their communism entailed for White Christians in Eastern Europe. There is only one policy toward the Jews that works: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. When the last jew is underground, the world will be free. The truth is that the Jews have two categories for non-Jews who dare participate in public life: one is suckpoop, the other is "hater." When the Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the Jews are unique among the races of man in their intense hatred and contempt for all races but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him. For the next 1,900 years other investigators came to similar conclusions, either from a study of the Jews' religious writings or from a study of the Jews' behavior toward non-Jews. Notable among these was the Great Reformer, Martin Luther, who in 1543 wrote in Von den Jüden und Ihren Lügen : Does not their Talmud say, and do not their rabbis write, that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob, as they do with their usury, from a heathen is a divine service. For they hold that they cannot be too hard on us nor sin against us, because they are of the noble blood and circumcised saints; we, however, are cursed goyim. And they are the masters of the world, and we are their servants, yea, their cattle.... Should someone think that I am saying too much, I am not saying too much, but much too little. For I see in their writings how they curse us goyim and wish us all evil in their schools and their prayers. The Jews responded to Luther like they responded to all the others. They put him down as just another "hater," blinded by religious bigotry. And today that's still the Jews' standard answer to everyone who says or writes anything about them except the most fawning praise. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

The Truth About the Talmud

Hoffman info they can only cover up, never deny... Here on "anti-Semitism" being everywhere these days. Jews control America, and they've destroyed it.

Crap Art

A jewish specialty... And what was that discovery for which they have been raised above Bouguereau, exalted over Gérôme, and celebrated beyond Ingres, David, Constable, Fragonard, Van Dyck, and Gainsborough or Poussin? Why in fact were they heralded to the absolute zenith ... the tiptop of human achievement ... being worthy even of placement shoulder to shoulder on pedestals right beside Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Vermeer and Raphael? What did they do? Why were they glorified practically above all others that ever went before them? Ladies and gentleman, they proved ... amazing, incredible, and fantastic as it may seem, they proved that the canvas was flat ... flat and very thin ... skinny ... indeed, not even shallow, lacking any depth or meaning whatsoever.

The Woeful Tale of Isaac Goldstein

Breaks your heart, it does... Where juden flower, freedom withers.

Goofy Broad Burns Down Colorado

Nice work Ranger Rita... More here. Here on home schooling.

Hitler and the Black Arts

A review of Trevor Ravenscroft's The Spear of Destiny...

Media: Celebrity Journalism

Young's "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People," which is the story of being fired first from Vanity Fair, then from London's Evening Standard, then, most humiliatingly, from Gear, is a very funny book that's also quite revealing about those elite segments of American media culture that orchestrate the stuff filtering down to the rest of the country. Somehow, it almost seems important. As in Ted Heller's "Slab Rat," a roman à clef about Condé Nast that came out in 2000, there's a persuasive critique of American careerism hidden beneath its broad comedy. Here on grilling for women. Here on Ozzy, the walking anti-drugger.

Red Gold: Groups, Power, and Equality

Altruism is dysfunctional: the fight today is at the basic level of race, and anything else is libertarian Karl Kammler

Movie Review: 'A Shock to the System'

The rage of an angry Aryan is a fearsome Elizabeth Bennett

To Stop the Hemorrhaging of Our People

On the need for White weight-loss spas, and their utility in reducing Andrei Kievsky

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The Talmud: License to Kill

"To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly." -- Libbre David 37. As you read the rest of the page, keep this statement in mind. The jews understand themselves and their relation to us. Do you, White man?

The Seeds Of 9/11

White Nationalism is based on facts. Here, Britisher William P.N. Edwards, government official and diplomat during the Truman administration, describes the road which has led to our current predicament. Britain was "responsible, of course, for the Balfour letter of 1917, which gave our pledge of setting up a 'national home' for the Jews in Palestine." Once Lord Rothschild was assured that everything would be haimish, congenial, for God's Chosen People, America had to be brought into line. "American opinion in those days didn't understand the Arabs at all, and that misunderstanding was made all the greater because the media of opinion in America are very largely controlled by Jews...The lobby, the Jewish lobby -- not only in Washington but in New York and other centers which influence opinion -- was so strong that it was very difficult to get anybody even to begin to understand that there might be an Arab side to the Palestine question, or that the Arabs had anything to be said for them, really. It was just, 'there ought to be a Jewish state and to hell with the Arabs' -- that was the attitude." The Truman administration urged Britain to increase Jewish immigration into Palestine "...because of the pressure of the Jewish vote he had to put it that way...[Truman] was so influenced by this immense Jewish pressure that he could only see the Jewish angle." We paid the price for this on September 11, 2001, with Osama Bin Laden threatening that "the American people and the West in general will enter an unbearable hell and a choking life because the Western leadership acts under the Zionist lobby's influence for the purpose of serving Israel." Listen, for once, not to some Yid on TV, but to the man responsible for the attacks. Not because of "democracy," not because Arabs are jealous that Americans have too many satellite dishes and SUVs and hamburgers, BUT BECAUSE OF JEWS. As the FBI taps your phone and reads your e-mail, as fat, sullen niggers grope you and tear your luggage apart at the airport, as surveillance cameras swivel and rights disappear while terrorist attacks continue -- conducted by the hostile aliens whom Jews insist on letting in -- keep reminding yourself, "All this suffering for Israel. All for a tiny minority, the world's 14 million Jews." They're worth it...aren't they?

FBI Covering Up Anthrax Attacks?

Lots of yammering Jews in the mix... "Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the biological warfare division at the Federation of American Scientists, first accused the FBI of foot-dragging in February with a scathing investigation that included a portrait of the possible perpetrator so detailed that it could only match one person." Then, "George Soros, the billionaire financier, accused the Bush administration of deliberately manipulating the aftermath of September 11 and the arrest of [radiological "dirty bomb" suspect] Padile to promote an authoritarian agenda." One Yid urging official action, another Yid suspicious of it when it happens. All sides at once, a put-up show to distract from the endless line of money-wagons as $10,000,000,000 per year continues to flow smoothly to Israel. It's Good For Jews!

Remember the Liberty

The white traitor who tells you Israel is our friend is your enemy, White man.

Poland: A Holocaust That Happened

During WW II, as many as 2 million Poles were deported to Siberia and other points in the USSR, half of whom died. Even after the war, between 1945-1955, tens of thousands more were imprisoned and executed by the Communist regime in Poland installed by Moscow. The Poles were murdered by regimes set up by Jews. Jews commit genocide against other races while demanding reparations for imaginary genocides against themselves. Vomit your jews, America. Vomit your jews, Europe. You'll feel much better.

Suckpoop Cal

Here the always reliable (to the Jews) Suckpoop Cal mouths all the Jew buzzwords officially approved as kosher by Yizzrael. Note how he refers to Palestinian "homicide bombers" instead of the former "suicide bombers." That's just one of many new semitic semantic tricks our hook-nosed media masters insist all suckpoops employ. This guy has his nose so far up Izzy's ass, when Sharon farts Cal compliments him on his shitty little country's warm, tropical breezes. Note, too, the arrogance displayed by the Yahoodin: Israel rejects international involvement in making peace with the Palestinians. 'Talks should be bilateral only,' said the official, who added, '...we are tired of...lies.' A kike complaining that he's 'tired of lies'? That's rich. Perhaps the Pals are the only race on earth who have learned to negotiate with the kikes using the kikes' own methods. Death to Izzy is Mankind's Only Hope.

The Interesting Case of the Parsis

Odd sub-group of Zoroastrians... The Parsis are India's remarkably well-educated and affluent followers of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster (or "Zarathustra"). The Parsis are centered in Bombay, India, but are increasingly spread thinly throughout the world. Mahatma Gandhi said of them, "In numbers, Parsis are beneath contempt, but in contribution, beyond compare." During British rule, when the Parsis became the commercial leaders of India, Parsi capitalists, such as the Tata dynasty, built much of India's heavy industry.

Jewish Business vs. White Business

Jews swindle. Whites produce. The Jewish religion encourages Jewish theft from goyim-cattle-non-Jews- YOU. All the world isn't worth a single jewish fingernail, your local rabbi will affirm. Jews aren't like you and me, they are "God's partners." There is only one policy toward jews that can be effective in the long run: No Jews. Just Right. When they're not swindling, jews like to molest kids. Of course, their papers don't focus on this like they do on the Catholics.

British Jews Divided

Not all jews believe Israel should have been established. "We believe in the Torah, according to the Torah we have no claim for that part of the world. We, the Jews, were thrown out for our sins and for the worst deeds, and the exile is our remedy. Jews have no right to take that land away from the Palestinians. If somebody came to your house, and wanted to take it away from you by force, what would you do? Would you let him go into your house and take it away? No, you wouldn't."

Wichita Massacre: Trial Kept Local

Here's the back story on these foul nigger bastards. They actually, back in 2001, mistakenly let one of these niggers loose on parole. America has become an unbelievably uncivilized country. In a nation with its head on right, these niggers would have been shot upon capture. English common law only works with White people. It has nothing to do with jewish barrators and African monkeys. And note how the article refers to the murder of four people as an "incident." Everything possible has been done in this case to contain and downplay knowledge of the crime's existence and nature. The records were sealed from the public, and the media took pains to avoid writing about it. When Whites retake power, this will be an exhibit in the Museum of Jewish Crimes, media wing. Crimes like the Wichita massacre are not abnormal -- they are the normal, predictable, inevitable result of mixing blacks with Whites. The Jews know, don't kid yourself for a moment that they don't, that Thomas Jefferson spoke the truth when he said: The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. Thanks to criminal jewish lawyers, money and bought politicians, the jews were able to ensure that our populations were in fact mixed, producing the result they desired: the demoralization leading to the destrution of the White nation, replaced by a motley melange and multicultural mess run by jews. Any fool can look at bloody wichita and get mired in the outrage of it. What matters is not blaming the nigger for acting like a nigger, but blaming the jew who dumped these rats in our kitchen. There is only one policy that will prevent future massacres: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Jews Mean Us Ill

Carol Valentine piece... Carl Levin does not want anyone to understand what happened on 9-11. That's because he was part of the team that pulled it off. As I explain in "Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" the 9-11 terror was the kickoff event in the War for Jewish Supremacy.

Testicular Fortitude

The phrase has made it around the world, and is now in a novel. The problem for militias today is less the tedium of satisfaction than it is a kind of ideological conflict of interest, since Osama bin Laden's followers seem to have precisely the same enemies they do-with the notable distinction that Al Qaeda's enemies list includes white American Christians, people like them, while theirs has always included foreigners, or, you could say, people who are not white, American, and Christian. Some of the supremacist groups have managed to get around this the way one American neo-Nazi did when he posted a note of congratulations to the terrorists of September 11th, praising them for "testicular" courage while reminding them not even to think about "marrying our daughters." But it was not the sort of thing a Good Samaritan would say.

Diversity Unpopular in Norway

Nothing Scandinavian improves by adding Turks and Iraqis, Nigerians and Delhi specials.

White History, and Prehistory

Kennewick Man and the covered-up truth about the White man. If you have kids, this kind of material is good to print out and have them study.

Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo Stick

There are more fucked up distantly human creatures floating around outside comic strips than I can believe. Where do these things come from? Quadruple ick... Still, think about what these queers are doing in relation to building "white in communities." Queer in Community (QIC) was founded in May, 1998. The network is formed of individuals who identify as queer or queer-positive, who either live in intentional community or would like to, and affiliated queer and queer-positve communities.

Israel Seeks Blonds to Front Itz Lies, Terror

Itz coming, kikes! What sort of creatures read Salon? Germany's school system stinks, needs to be fixed. Here on more Europeans speaking, seeing the truth about Jews - that they are a race at war with every other. Geez, you run around intriguing wars, ripping off hundreds of billions of dollars, and all of a sudden nobody likes you. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Catholics and Dante

This Cantrell is one of the better writers out there today. Although he is not exactly in our camp, he will criticize jews as jews, which is more than 99.9% of the kahns and crockwells. He's the type of person who ought to be teaching our young, but has a hard time getting published, getting tenure, because of the Semitical Correctness that favors unqualified minorities, fags and delusional women over competent White males.

Global Neocon War

I'm worried about the Little Caesar in the White House. I've noticed that he seems to march, rather than stroll or walk. He delivers his speeches as if they were to a hostile audience. The other day, he got greatly annoyed because an American reporter spoke to the president of France in French in France. That drew a sarcastic, albeit nonsensical, wisecrack from Bush. That's telling. Hatred of the learned is the sure mark of the moron. Here a review of the slob-liar's latest. Here on Christians and Muslims, neatly avoiding that other race.

Decline of the WASP

The Wasp old guard put up the white flag without a shot being fired. Suddenly bars began to drop: in formerly restricted neighborhoods, in previously elite country and city clubs, in once white-shoe bank, law, and investment firms. Once-snobbish institutions loosened up, opened up, disappeared. The closest thing to an aristocracy that America had known was now most prominently in evidence in the magazine ads of a small grey-haired Jewish designer named Ralph Lauren (né Lifschitz). Perhaps the best analogy to the Wasp self-divestment of power is that of the British giving up their empire. Both may have felt that the need to do so was inevitable--and quite possibly it was--but each came away diminished, disliked, even a little despised for having done so. To this day in America, the Wasps are the one group about which--in a politically correct atmosphere--jokes can be made with impunity. Actually the article is about snobbery in today's AmeriKwa, Jew designed and built. Here on liar historians, about half as interesting as the jewish forums that promote them. Here on Glenn Loury, a black "thinker."


Jewish "academic" work, it is a paradox, largely consists in claiming famous people are perverts or deviants, while simultaneously theorizing that one of myriad forms of deviancy is normal. Jew sets up, Jew knocks down. Jew sets up, Jew knocks down. Someone figures out, Hymie's on to the next town. The only Jewish constant is self-interest. Generally speaking, the commentators are right: Nietzsche was hostile both to anti-Semitism and German nationalism, and it is only by an act of systematic misrepresentation that he can be described as a Nazi prophet. But the Nazis found enough to bend to their purposes in his writings: the superman doctrine itself is grist to their mill, as are the numerous withering remarks about degenerates, the weak and feeble, and people who are natural slaves, together with his equally outright remarks that millions of these would need to be cleared away to let one superior group of human beings flourish: "Mankind sacrificed en masse so that one single stronger species of man might thrive - that would be progress," he wrote in one of his chief works, The Genealogy of Morals.

Reamondo's Marks

On FreeRepublic: ...the elan is gone, and I fear that dear old FR shows definite signs of senility... Yeah, that's one way to put it. Another way is that the kikes have the crip's nuts in a leash. A gentle tug, and -- bloop! -- there goes the gent'lest criticism of Dearest Israel, down the memory hole. But he's right about Suckpoop Joe's rag: post-9/11 WND is marked by its ideological uniformity. Endless articles on the "true" history of Israel, documenting its "rightful" claim to the Holy Land, punctuated by Hal Lindsey's hallucinations and the latest Arabophobic swill from Daniel Pipes. Not to mention that every other article seems to be an advertisement for some book or video conclusively "proving" that Israel can do no wrong and the Palestinians are the root of all evil. The decline of WND didn't happen overnight: but as Farah's ideological and theological obsessions have gotten the better of him, what started out as a pioneering effort went off on an unfortunate and essentially counterproductive tangent. After a while, the religious-oriented material and the pro-Israel stuff began to crowd out the good pieces, until, today, Pat Buchanan's column is about the only good reason to pay WND a visit... Gee, how remarkable, the butt-pirate agrees with the Whites: WND and FR and the clucking rasorials crowing orders are nothing but errand boys for the Kontrolling Kikes. And as for, run by Pudge Goldbrick's mother, articles from can't even be posted -- they are banned. The idea of free speech is completely foreign to the jewish tradition, which is, essentially, lying and crying. A whole series of purges -- bannings of individual posters -- was carried out by Goldberg and her nutty webmaster, in a cybernetic version of the Moscow Trials, until discussion was as tightly controlled as at a Soviet party congress. If you want a preview of what a world controlled by New York neocons would look like, then go ahead and join up. You'll either be purged within 10 minutes, or else "scared straight." Jews are genetically unable to understand respect for other people. Their whole "thing" is based on working as a group to destroy their racial enemies. They are a colony of antz.


Against the vogue of the semicolon... Questions and exclamations betray a sense of inquisitiveness and wonder that is distinctly unmodern, whereas semicolons imply a capacity for complex, dialectical formulations appropriate to our complex times. As part of my campaign against the semicolon -- no doubt irrationally -- I am endeavoring to develop friendlier relations with these neglected gestures.

Illinois J-Students Claim Buchanan Was Deep Throat

Funny Taki story here. We once went to Paris together -- he had a beautiful blonde in tow -- who told us she couldnt stand the French because they were all perverts. As luck would have it, during dinner a small, elderly, extremely well-dressed man came in, stood before us, and exposed himself. Although I was in the middle of a steak poivre, I cracked up. As did Benson. My girl ditto. But Benson's woman was furious. 'I told you, didn't I?' she kept repeating. When the man saw us laughing he took heart and began to do what boys do in school. The whole place began to rock with laughter -- even the waiters were holding their sides -- until Benson's lady ran out in tears. 'Ah non, ça suffit,' said le patron, and threw the masturbator out. I believe the restaurant was La Closserie des Lillas, Papa Hemingway's favourite haunt. The year was 1970.

Fox News Scans Saudi TV for Anti-Israel Bias!

American tv -- wholly jew-owned and -operated -- runs anti-Southern, anti-German, anti-White fare 365 days a year. But massah-lickin Sean Hannity and pals know what kind of bias really counts. Sean Hannity functions as a house nigger for the Jews that control Fox. "Are you familiar with the Jews?" Amer asks. The girl says yes, and says she does not like them "because...they're apes and pigs." "Who said so?" the anchor asks. "Our God," the girl replies, adding that Allah says this "in the Quran." VNN is wholly opposed to the teaching that jews are pigs and apes. Roaches and tapeworms are more like it. Here on Maxim. Here on porn industry from the writer's point of view. Here some interesting thoughts on foreign policy, media and average American thinking. Last week, the Bush administration announced the grandest claim heard in many centuries of a "right" to attack anyone, anywhere, on any "evidence." I doubt that Stalin, Hitler, or any other 20th-century villain ever issued quite so broad a self-empowering manifesto. You have to go back to the Mongol Khans, at least, to find such an open-ended claim to total global sovereignty. Bush is an idiot. How characteristically dumb-American to mock a reporter for speaking French. He shoulda been born dumb and obvious, like all good Americans. Here on Bushy's war on intelligence.

Race and Personality

Page one (pdf) of latest AmRen... Here on claims about "hate" crimes. Here some debate over whether spics have enough nigger in 'em to qualify as Ace Boon Koonz. Melon-slurpers agree: lighter is better. So take that chaka-zulu lookin' monkey back to the projects to eat cheese and wait for the phat gubment check. Good racial info here, facts and stats about "civil rights" -- anti-Whiteism, courtesy of jewish barrators and their media brethren. Here on racialist zines. Here on Wannsee.

Sick, Vicious Israel Has Sub-Based Nukes

This nation must be destroyed. Here on some typical jew behavior in Tennessee. Dividing classes is a time-tested Jewish tactic for destroying competing races. Setting White women against their men is the point of Jewish feminism.

Iberian Lynx

Becoming extinct... Here on a member of another species that must become extinct: the kike. The unprepossing creature drooled after the sub-10 set. You won't hear much about him through the Father McFeely updates, possibly because his name is Goldberg.

The Invasion

Households with 20 "people" living next door to you. That's AmeriKwa. Thanks, Jews. Brownies do well on fixed tests.

Mexican Irredentism Strong

Mexico is our enemy. It is invading us, and our hands are tied by the jews who believe it is in their interest for the White majority to disappear. DEATH TO THE JEWS. Here on Jew Lewin who wants to kill all his race's enemies. When they destroy your race it's "diversity" and "civil rights"; when they murder innocent families it's just good sense. ONE STANDARD FOR THE JEW, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. What gets better by adding Mexicans? Can anybody answer that? I can! Not even the city dump. Here a U.S. diplomat is busted for selling visas. Yet another common occurence in a multiracial empire: racial loyalties outweigh political, and so the construct crumbles. In your country, White man, the Jews rip down the barriers, and demand asylum for invaders on top of already lax rules. In Israel they tighten the rules. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here on 2,000 Somali burrheads in Lewiston, Maine. Why are they there? Itz "good for Jews." Why does what's good for Jews matter? Because jews control the government. Why do jews control the government? Because they control the media and through men like david horowitz brainwash Whites that they must be colorblind individualists or go to Hell. And at the same time they must allow all the colored races to fight as races to be subsidized out of the deracinated White man's paycheck. If you like that system, keep voting and buying the jew's paper, watching the jew's tv, absorbing his lies.

Jews Don't Get It

Here, The World's Smartest People, seriously confused by the New Hardness. As we can see in this ridiculous piece, Jews are now having a maladaptive reaction that will prove fatal to them. They have grown used to compliant Whites, burdened by Christianity and what Cuddihy described as "the religion of civility," listening earnestly to their arguments, giving them the benefit of the doubt -- debating them, as though there were a civilized discussion going on instead of a race war. The roaches now can't seem to grasp that the householder's patience has been exhausted, and that they are being indiscriminately stomped on -- The Bugs In The Butter Dish right along with The Bugs Under The Sink, all sprayed and scraped and squished to perdition by men who have tipped to the scam, who have finally realized that Bugs Are Bugs, no matter how Bugs special-plead and point at other Bugs around them who surely are much worse...VNN recently observed Jew columnist "Poe" (Pogrebissky) sticking up for Jew radio host "Savage" (Weiner) -- and that's as far as it went. Merely an amusing glimpse of a uniquely twisted, Jewish situation -- one man with a phony name defending another man with a phony name. Look, Ma! Things like this don't happen often on our little street in Ozzie-And-Harriet-White-Picket-Fence-Bland-Plasticville, so you can understand the interest of the straightforward goyim, attracted by the odd commotion, coming down off their porches to have a look. Now, Pogrebissky is pretending that we at VNN succeeded in "completely obscuring the point of my article -- which was, in fact, the suggestion that Chuck Schumer and other Democrats might be persecuting Mike Savage in order to silence him on voter fraud." He just doesn't understand -- we never cared about the point of his article. We don't waste much time on this pilpul, this Judenscheisse, these harmless put-up shows in which one Jew affects to battle another Jew for public consumption while $10,000,000,000 per year continues to flow quietly to Israel and the resultant hate of the world places Americans in mortal danger. We aren't listening anymore. We never even read Pogrebissky's article that far. We didn't need to in order to make our simple point -- that the world's 14 million Jews, in and of themselves, are a numerous-aliases, everywhere-you-look, on-all-sides-at-once fraud, an ancient, wandering, unwelcome tribe of liars, killers, swindlers, manipulators, and advantage-seekers that constantly feigns dissent among its ranks while cleaving assiduously to the One Commandment -- "Is It Good For Jews?" -- and that there is no way out of our predicament except directly through them. No Pogrebissky. No Weiner. No Jews. Just Right. -- and hated, gun-grabbing Jew Schumer is more than welcome to leave his suitcase in the pile, tie his shoes together with the provided piece of string, and get in line for the fabled "disinfection." No talking, there!

Jews Swindle. What They Do, Itz.

That and wreck nations... Jews are the race of people you most don't want around. Like gypsies with brains, they're. Here on a crime kikes were hoping to inflate into the next Byrd promotional vehicle. Turns out it was just niggers bein' niggers. More here on jew swindlers. Here's what some of the shit the jews let into your country is up to: home-made castrations. There is only one policy that cleans up this garbage: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

What Jews Do

Not one single group the jews have ever mixed among has come away saying, wow, what a great group of people. Quite the opposite. Every single group has come to know and loathe them, and usually expel them. Russians hate Jews. Poles hate Jews. Germans hate Jews. French hate Jews. English hate Jews. Jews? They don't hate anyone. And everyone who hates them is wrong. We smell you Hymie, and we want your blood. Your time is coming. And this time the earth really will spout geysers of blood, not the limos full of champagne and $25,000 checks the way it did the first time. "Holocaust?" Bah humbug! POLOCAUST.

Third Reich

Alas. Parting is such sweet sorrow.


It sounds like a freekin trying to pronounce a real word, but it's all too real and horrible. May the non-starving apes all come down with it. Bootlips bleeding out every orifice, sounds healthy to me. Calypso Louie take note: the real evil white scientists are those who journey to the dark continent to succor the bipedal fruit flies.

Media: Jew "Poe" -- neé Pogrebsky -- True Bride of Chucky

Evidently this poron is feaguing some cut-rate jimson weed. VNN advocates death for all jews, including jew weiner, jew schumer, jew poe-grebsky and any other baby of beanie. VNN also advocates pay-per-pelt for any excrement from Exico, which is like Texaco, except it doesn't sell oil, it gives away grease. $25 per fat, stupid face on the counter seems a sporting incentive. Trivialities like whether or not Mexican invaders have to show IDs to vote is ridiculous, penny-ante stuff that only tiddly-wink twinks like "Poe" care about. Both Jew Poe and Jew Schumer want more Mexican invaders in our formerly White country. That's a fact. The rest is shits 'n' grins for B'nai Yahoodi. Here freeper comments, if any. VNN supports truth in labeling: every poe should have pogrebsky tattooed on itz forehead.

Portugal Says No to Mudmen

They're husky, they're dusky, under rocks they seek grubs-sky. Fat thick slugs like poe-grubsky.

New World Order, or Jew World Order?

The Jews are a race bent on destroying all other races and enthroning themselves. That is the real meaning of the term 'new world order.' Andrew Westphal

Stop Jew Jacoby Now!

The mush-faced anti-American creep will be online this morning. Feel free to use the information herein to make turtle Andrei Kievsky

Raise Your Children Racist, If You Don't Want Mixed-Breed Descendants

Good food beats "Good God!" at the dinner Joan of Arc

The Dysfunctional Urban Catch Basin

Don't wig out over urban freaks -- downtown has always played host to assorted deviants -- even when our cities were Andronicus

The United States Government Is Illegitimate

Most Americans are so steeped in egalitarian thinking that they like to delude themselves that they share in running the country. We ordinary folks, in fact, don't run the country and have a slim-to-none chance of even influencing its direction. Of, by and for you? Ha. More like to, through and screw you. Reese is radicalizing. All these guys are starting to come around to the truth: we are engaged in an undeclared race war: Whites versus Jews and their colored tools. It's not South against North, cons against libs or anything else. It's Jews against Whites. Here on homeland security, tax hike. Here on our moral decline. The worst part of the moral decline is that the most intelligent White men -- like Fred Reed and like the writer here -- won't name the jew at the root. That is why NA, VNN and White nationalism are rising to the top. We are the future. The symptomizers can get out the way. Also, note this clown's lie that slavery contradicts Christianity. Christianity has been against slavery for maybe 150 years. Christianity had no problem with slavery -- supported it -- for 1800 years. Christianity, with its hallucinations about afterlife and men coming back from the dead, paves the way for similar insanity -- racial egalitarianism -- back here on terra firma.

Immigration Is About Race

The Jewish race burying the White race in mud fondue. I don't recall ordering that. Do you? Here an all-too-typical assault on the White race, Poland in specific. It's open season on Whites in Australia, where Lebanese can sit and laugh after gang-raping a White girl. They should be tortured to death. Not everybody in Australia likes aliens. Anti-immigration hate mail has been circulated around the town of Young, accusing Afghan refugees of causing crime and stealing the jobs of locals. Police said the leaflets claimed gang rapes, shootings, murders and unemployment were all in store for the southern NSW town after the local abattoir employed 90 Afghan refugees on temporary protection visas. Here hypocritical jews, pushing diversity on the rest of us, worry about same in israel. Here on "hate" graffiti. More sicko hatred of Whites courtesy of the Guardian here.

Modern Music Sucks Like Randy Andy Sullyglans

Here on another MTV stunt resulting in a lawsuit. From the kikes that brought you the Shower Rangers.

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