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In Parsippany, family feels Israeli kinship

Nasal, whining, effeminate, nappy-haired Yids roast marshmallows and pull for Israel

by Matthew Katz Kevin Hannan

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Bendory's strong ties to Israel color their political attitudes about mideast

PARSIPPANY -- The all-news channel MSNBC is background music for the Bendory family.

They gather on large couches in the living room, arguing and discussing and lamenting in two languages. Sometimes, friends and other extended family filter in to join the perpetual dialogue, framed by MSNBC.

Isn't that a nauseating image.

Some topics are wholly agreeable to the family: Israel's security is tantamount, Yasser Arafat cannot be trusted, and the news media, even MSNBC, color their coverage with bias.

The security of Israel and the world's 14 million Jews is all that matters. Yes the media are biased -- in favor of Israel.

But other topics reach little consensus, like predictions about the future.

Read your Kaballa, go into a trance, and write some mumbo jumbo in a book and sell it to the dumb Goyim like Nostradomus did. You'll make millions.

Haim, born in Rishon Letzion two months before Israel became a state in 1948, moved to America at 22 to go to school after his service in the army. The Israeli Defense Forces, he said, will be able to quell the violence eventually because ``they took care of the Arab armies in '67 and '73.''

Yeah sure they did, with some spanking new F4's and F111's courtesy of the American Taxpayer.

His wife, Judith, who grew up on Kibbutz Hachotrim near Haifa and similarly moved to America after her army service ended in 1972, is more pessimistic.

Are you noticing none of these Jews were in the American armed services?

``In the long run, it's very bad for Israel,'' she said. ``I don't see a way out. . .. They eat the same food, but I just think the cultures are so different. ... Every few years, there will be war there.''

I thought we were supposed to respect each other's cultural differences; why, diversity enriches us all.

Although they have been Americans for nearly three decades, these conversations continue nightly at the Bendory house because their family and friends, their culture and traditions, are rooted in the land they left so many years ago.

They haven't been an American one day; every Jew is an Israeli, every Israeli is a Jew.

``Even though we've been living here for many years and (the children) were born here, we have tremendous feeling for Israel,'' Judith said. ``The kids absorb that, they grow up in that.''

See above.

Those opinions, and understanding of the situation overseas, has certainly permeated to the two Bendory sons.

Ditto again.

``It's not like I'm on a certain side because of my parents,'' said Addie, 19, who attended an Israeli solidarity rally recently in New York. ``I learned what was going on there myself, and made my own opinions.''

"It's like" in your genes to hate everyone who isn't Jewish, and to have low opinions of them.

Having come of age during an especially violent period, the young Bendory men seem more hard-lined than their parents.

Oh heavens! A young hard-lined Jew; how frightening.

``We have to get rid of their government and give them democracy,'' said Addie, a student at Rockland Community College. He said he believes most Palestinians want to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea, and he fully supports Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's incursions into Palestinian lands to destroy terrorist cells.

Young Addie forgot Jewish television. First you give them Jew TV, then you can get rid of their government; give them Jew-controlled mob rule, and then you can quietly kill them off. Just follow your American blueprint. Junior college? How disappointing.

``We have nothing, what do they want?'' asked Alon, 17, a senior at Parsippany Hills High School.

Just their homes, their land, their country you stole from them.

'Leave us alone'

His little sister Arielle, 14, interjected, noting that Israel is about the size of a small American state.

That shitty little country.

``Leave us alone. If we gave them Jerusalem, would they leave us alone?'' Alon continued.

No, eventually the Arabs will roast four million Israelis on a spit.

``I don't think so,'' his mother responded. Once a peace-inclined left-winger, Judith has moved with the political tide of American Jews and Israelis and now has a more conservative approach to dealing with the Palestinians.

Yeah -- genocide.

``We all believe that the Palestinians should have their own state,'' Judith said. ``But the way they try to get it is the wrong way. They just bring the fundamentalists to power.''

You mean, nationalists who can't be bought off to do your bidding.

Alon has strong opinions about Yasser Arafat. ``He wants to be a martyr more than he can lead his country,'' he said. ``They just want the destruction of Israel. They don't settle.''

They won't compromise about their displacement and extermination. How unreasonable!

In their conversation, the family repeatedly framed the Palestinians as people who had rejected peace time and again, most recently with the Clinton peace plan which, according to the experts, would have given Arafat most of what he wanted.

Just how the Jews in this country gave the conservative movement most of what it wanted until it was just what the Jews wanted.

They talked as they watched MSNBC, but stopped briefly to listen to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be interviewed.

``The bottom line is there won't be peace until they are democratic,'' Haim said. He is tired of hearing the Palestinians on cable television saying, ``occupation, occupation, occupation.''

Remember, 'Democracy' is the new word for Jewish control; eighty years ago it was called 'Communism.'

``When was the last election they had?'' he asked.

Would join Israeli army

Haim said Israel cannot follow America's lead militarily, because Americans ``don't finish the job.'' Just as Sadaam Hussein should have been eliminated by America, he said, Arafat's time should be cut short by Israel.

How dare those Americans not follow through on our demands.

``You know how many prime ministers we've had and Arafat is still there?'' he asked.

The children have been to Israel on family outings and organized teen trips. If needed, Addie said, he would join the Israeli army.

Sure, as long as the Palestinians are armed with rocks and he has a nice new American M4.

``If I felt sincerely like they needed me, I would go,'' he said. ``If the situation was really dire.''

You can bet the farm if America were in a dire situation and little Addie thought he would be drafted, he would beat it out of here real quick.

``After the four years of college,'' Judith added.

The family said media coverage of the conflict, especially that of The New York Times and CNN, is blatantly pro-Palestinian.

Here we have the good Jew/bad Jew routine to give us the impression they are not all working together.

``The media has to stop victimizing the Palestinian people,'' Addie said.

``I don't understand how Americans are so pro-Arab after what they did to your twin towers,'' Alon added.

Our twin towers! Wait a minute, Alon! I thought you were American -- you live in Parsipanny, N.J. Not all of us Goyim believe that "Arabs hate our freedom" drivel.

Judith reads Yediot Ahronot, the largest Israeli newspaper, each day. The newspaper, which is written in Hebrew and bought by Haim in New York City, profiles each Jewish victim of Palestinian terrorism.

``Israelis are much more depressed than they used to be,'' she said. ``The suicide bombings have really taken hold. I wish for one day when we can live in peace side by side. (Israelis) want peace, but they feel there is no one to talk to on the other side.''

That's right -- they understand you don't talk to a Jew, you kill it.

The Bendory family is not religious, but believes in the traditions.

Of usury, White slave trading, child pornography, ritualized infanticide, genocide, scat humor, swindling, stealing, lying...

``I believe religion caused all the war in the world,'' said Judith, whose mother survived the Holocaust in Hungary. ``People manipulate religions in such a way. . ..(But) Jews are being persecuted no matter what. Nobody likes us, nobody supports us.''

Jews, not religion, caused your so-called Holocaust. You are right everyone hates Jews. Your behavior guarantees your racial destruction.

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