Was Curious George Really a Monkey?

by Andrew Westphal

June 19, 2002

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is turn on the TV to listen to the morning news. Although I don't get much out of it, I think it is always good to keep an eye on the Jewish drivel that is beamed into millions of American homes every day. This morning I was delighted when I turned on ABC's Good Morning America to find the R&B star of stage and screen, Usher, performing for GMA's summer concert series in New York City's Bryant Park. At first I thought it was Curious George doing a little jig on stage, but after I wiped the sleep out of my eye and looked a little closer, I realized it was another member of the Jewish propaganda machine.

Unfortunately, the monkey the Jews had on stage this morning was much more harmful than Curious George. And much more real. I watched as he strutted across the stage, twisting and contorting his body like the oversexed primitive that he is, while hundreds of white suburbanite kids cheered him on. They were smiling and laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I even saw a white woman with a black boy on her shoulders, both of them smiling and clapping each time Usher twisted on his heels or let out a moan. No matter how many times I see Whites clapping for and cheering on some Jewish puppet, I cannot help but get annoyed. Why do I get annoyed? Because those deracinated morons are allowing the Jews to win!

And make no mistake about it, the Jews are winning this war. Everywhere I look nowadays, I see a black, Asian, Hispanic, or some other non-White. I see them on TV, in movies, in newspapers, and in advertising. I had to put up with their uncivilized, disorderly, brutish behavior for twelve years in public schools, and the last thing I want to do now is turn on my TV or go see a movie whose sole purpose is to convince me that these non-Whites are just like me. If the appearance of non-Whites in the media were a natural occurrence, then it would not bother me nearly as much. However, all of the third worlders the media shove in our faces are not there by chance. They are there because the Jew purposefully puts them there.

What is so frustrating is that nowadays it is virtually impossible to escape the Jews multicultural poison. For example, I am a subscriber to Business Week magazine, and there is one particular ad that shows up pretty regularly. The ad depicts a corporate hallway with portraits of past and present leaders lining the walls. The pictures are arranged to model the corporate hierarchy, the height of the picture on the wall indicative of the individual's rank. Now, most rational, educated people would assume, correctly, that the highest picture would have the face of a good ol' white male within it. However, in this particular ad, the highest picture is that of my middle school janitor, er, I mean a black male.

Now honestly, how realistic is this? When envisioning the CEO of a major corporation, how many people actually associate a black with the highest-ranking position in the company? Of course, not many. However, try telling that to do the Jews who thoroughly dominate the advertising industry. They lie and misrepresent reality with ease because it suits Jewish interests. Truth means nothing to them, and if they want us to believe that blacks are capable of running companies, and are doing so effectively, then dammit, they will make us believe it!

The Jews' propaganda is impossible to avoid today. They control the media, Hollywood, and the advertising and publishing industries, they exert tremendous influence in academia and in our government, and they run many Fortune 500 companies. They have a lot of money and power. However, we cannot allow their propaganda to succeed. We need to communicate to others that there is really very little difference between Usher and Curious George, despite the Jews' best efforts to convince us otherwise. Most important, however, is to direct blame, and our rage, at the Jews who promote and reward people like Usher, Jennifer Lopez, and Eminem. It is not a black entertainer like Usher, a Puerto Rican slut like J-Lo, or a brain-dead, worthless race traitor like Eminem who pose the real threat to us. They have neither the capacity nor the will to control us. However, the Jews do have the capacity to control us, and they are doing so alarmingly well.


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