The Fear Behind Becoming a Racial Activist

by F. Lee Conscious

June 20, 2002

There are several reasons why most racially awakened Whites who are not active -- not doing public events; not even just anonymously posting on the Internet -- remain inactive. The fear of friends and family thinking of you as a "racist." The fear that, somehow, being active will lead to the "secret police" "outing" you and punishing you in some way. The fear of losing your job, and therefore, the means of providing for yourself and your family. There are probably more, but for the purpose of this article the above will suffice. I'll deal with each fear one at a time, and give methods you can use to eliminate those fears, and thereby help you to become a racial activist. For most folks who come to this site, some or all of the above will not apply, but for people who have just learned of racial realities, the conditioning is remains strong, and that is where this article comes into play.

Racist... This term evokes many images, all of which are negative. That's hardly an accident. There has been a deliberate, malicious (and successful) attempt to make this word and its derivatives (neo-Nazi, hater/hate, anti-Semite, etc.) evoke the most horrible of feelings for decades now. And look at the results: pro-Black activists able to demand special "rights," and their White victims, fearful of turning them down and being called names, comply; Jews, and soon, Blacks, able to get "reparations" for things that, in the case of Jews, have been proven not to have happened (yeah, I know, how dare I fight the claim that exactly 6 million, holiest of numbers, of bars of Kosher Klean soap and lampshades were produced circa WWII?), and in the case of Blacks, for something that happened a century and a half ago.

The case of Pavlov's dogs, on a massive scale, is what we're talking about here.

So how does one go about eliminating this fear? First, you must absolutely realize that it is a conditioned feeling, an artificial feeling, if you will, this fear of being called, or thinking that someone thinks of you as, a certain name. It is not the end of the world and the sky will not fall. Make fun of the word. Defile it. Make it lose its power in your own mind and in the minds of others. If you're on the 'Net, have a Username like "Ultimate Racist" or something similarly silly.

For some people, "racist" has been given such a powerful emotive charge that there is no way that the term could ever be normalized. In this case, use alternative words that haven't been "programmed" such as "racialist" or "pro-White." Finally, (continue to) educate yourself on how racism (or racialism) is essential to the well being of our people. Racism is, after all, simply Whites looking out for Whites.

The "Secret Police"... As of now these folks don't exist; at least not the ones you think exist, not here anyway. Maybe you think that by visiting the "wrong" site, or reading the "wrong" books some grim-faced Feds, with the 6 o'clock news crew, will break down your door and arrest you for participating in "racist" activities. Maybe that's linked with the thought that everything you do might be getting recorded, and to do the "wrong" thing will someday be thrown back in your face during a trial or something. I think fearing such an occurrence is worse than actually having it happen. The latter is something patriots could rally against to fight; the former keeps people from acting, via the excuse that "It hasn't actually happened." Fight this fear by living your life under the impression that everything you do is being videotaped. That way if something does one day get thrown back in your face you can stand tall and proud and say, "Yeah, I did that, so what!" Or, just continue to go to the "wrong" sites; continue to read the "wrong" books; start, or continue, supporting the "wrong" group(s). To expand upon the last: start out spreading knowledge of a certain group that you agree with to your peers. Maybe start to give money to support the efforts of the group(s). Distribute literature from cars, a.k.a. drive-by distros (faster and safer than walking), in nearby neighborhoods. Attend public events that have a racial theme. Begin voicing your opinion at those events. The purpose of the above is a gradual increase in your activities with the result being the loss of the fear of being outed by the "Secret Police" -- you've beaten "them" to the punch.

The fear of losing your job is a realistic fear, although it has been blown out of proportion. It is something that has happened to patriots in the past, though only on occasion, and it will happen again. Again, it is not the end of the world, but it will be a hardship. If this fear is the only one that is holding you back, then either build up enough savings to see you through to your next job (you will get another job, eventually), or plan on taking the food from the mouths of the enemy, preferably he who outed you, to feed your family. I suggest the former, of course.

The key is to evaluate your position. Ask yourself if your position would be more beneficial to Whites during a White revolution or if it would be irrelevant. Examples of what would be beneficial during a revolution would be a cop or a judge or a politician -- as Dr. Pierce has put it: people with their hands on the levers of power, people inside the gates. These folks might want to, as they say in Ebonics, "keep it on da down low, yo," in other words, keep quiet; use a nom de guerre if necessary, when doing the "wrong" things. Examples of "irrelevant" positions would be a lawyer or electrician or engineer -- important, but not necessarily needed during a period of strife. Allow me to elaborate: the skills may be important, but the actual job itself isn't needed to achieve victory.

One thing to keep in mind: NO job is more important than the good of the race! REMEMBER that!

Also keep in mind that being active need not be a "suicide mission." I use discretion during my activities: I don't go around to everyone giving my name and address, for example (as if anyone has "Conscious" as a last name).

I realize that I will eventually be outed and lose my job (my hands aren't exactly on the levers of power, so no worries there), but I have prepared for it. I advise you to do the same.

Hopefully, this article will prove beneficial to folks who are continuing on their path to racial consciousness. We are currently fighting a psychological war, a war that needs to be identified, and fought, as such. It'll take alternative media to fight this war; media that the National Alliance is building. Help us build those media: join the National Alliance.


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