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May 2002

German Archive Attacks Irving

"THIS press release by the German Federal Archives exposes them in all their cynicism. In April 1983 I was the first person to expose the "Hitler Diaries" as a fraud (picture below); here, the Bundesarchiv takes the credit (their "exposure" came weeks after me). He gave them all kinds of stuff, then when the judies started crying, they renounced and attacked him. Low grovelers, these German weaklings. (Auf Deutsch und ein bisschen auf Englisch) Here Irving reprints our Moran account a speech he gave during his last tour. Here on his plans for British speaking tour, now that the Jews have taken his house and computer. The hebes took everything these could get their greasy jewish mitts on, not even leaving that famous crumb too small for a mouse. All they left was the truth, apparently not recognizing it. Here crooked Abe Foxman, Jew, complains about Internet. If you believe there were six million jews killed in the "Holocaust," you believe something that isn't true. The Jews hate and murder and try in other ways to suppress anybody who thinks Germany is for Germans, France for French, or England for English. We must destroy the Jew who is destroying us, White man: NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

England: Loosed Coon Re-Rapes

Can't criticize jews -- jail for that. But you can rape all kinds of women and they'll let you out to do it again. A civilized land would have shot this nigger. No, a civilized land doesn't allow niggers in the first place. Niggers aren't human. The jews who forcibly rape our populations by mixing them in among us deserve the death sentence. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Here mental cripple JimRob lets his site be used to spread jewish disinformation in the form of the Biggest Lie - that race does not exist. Not even dopey freepers believe that one.

Niggers: Fat as They Are Stupid

Not only are they fat and stupid, they're violent, as this band of bloody bonobos shows. Bonobo attacks are the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE.


In case you missed it, the recent New Yorker piece again... Naturally we tasteful folks don't mention that rule by any monkey, whether Mugabe or Mbutu, always leads to the same end, just the way a five-year-old driving a car always ends up wrapping a tree. Black rhinos are a more beautiful, intelligent and valuable species than black humans, and our policies should reflect that. Notice how this jew writer follows the pattern set by his fellow Mosaics in speaking of Whites "controlling" the wealth of Zimbabwe. Of course, if you speak of jews controlling anything, you're by definition an anti-Semite. And just as of course the Whites created whatever wealth they control. Standard, Semitically queered, low-quality jewish writing, par for the course, but with some interesting details about particular cases. And note this: Mugabe, who was reared in Jesuit mission schools... Catholics talk a good game about natural law, but they don't observe it. Mugabe is not human in the sense a White man is, and if Jesus and his mouthpiece Father O'Leery say he is, then the proper response is to laugh in their face. Our work at VNN is built on the rock of racial, biological truth and will last; Christian claims are arrogant moral farting. The only thing we need to pay attention to as far as Christians are concerned -- the only true and eternal Catholic principle -- is asses at masses. Father O'Leery is perfectly happy molesting little nigger or mexican boys; hell, statistics probably show they take 20% longer to report his intrusions than the O'Malleys. They breed faster too, and that's more of what properly indoctrinated Buchanans call "souls" for Jesus. No, the Jesuits can play patty-cake and pretend, and dress up their gibbons, even get them to bib fermented drinks and cross themselves, but we at VNN must stick to a higher standard. Jesuits lie. VNN tells the truth. So much of what Catholics and Lutherans and Evangelical Christians do in the name of making the world better actually makes it worse. Have you noticed that? And have you noticed that all their moral rules fly out the window, and they fall to abusing as immoral anybody who speaks clearly about the results of the "good" they perpetrate? The Christians have been eaten out from the inside, and today they are nothing but fools and tools. They can handle kids, but they can't handle the Truth.

On the LaRouche Movement

Bill White column for Libyan news service. Kind of nice to have an honest man writing openly for a Muslim outfit. One tires of the other 1,362 Washington columnists penning pules for the Undeclared Israeli Agitliar Wire. Yes, I mean you, Georgina -- you and your disgusting Wilk. You are an embarrassment to German-descendeds everywhere, the disgusting way you grovel before Midge and Norm and the rest of the withered, America-hating kikistocracy. You make honest men sick. Here the notorious Jew Horowitz, White nation-wrecker, calls for expanded FBI powers in the form of a new COINTELPRO. He knows that the FBI is dictated to by his fellow jews at the ADL, and that's "good for jews" -- all he cares about. "Left," "right," "moderate" -- the jew will slap any tag that grabs on the bag of maggots he hawks. You wanna buy? He's selling, White man: watching your eyes, measuring his response. He reads and fits to you; -- you're stuffed-shirtedly bloviating your opinion LIKE IT MEANS ANYTHING that you haven't LIKE IT MEANS ANYTHING done the work LIKE IT MEANS ANYTHING to have a moral right to form. Hey, buddy. There's no law against farting, and you'd be embarrassed to in public, not being a jap. Why not apply same policy to your stupid mouthfarts? I don't want to listen to you. You're an idiot. Yeah, trust me, you are. Swallow your tongue and try to understand something, truly understand it -- for once! Maybe you would get fooled 10% less often, eh? Look for the label: if it doesn't say "No Jews" it's not right. If it doesn't say "no jews," a variant of the fat-free scam, itz. Get it? No fat means one thing, 50% less fat means nothing. "Con"-serve-the-witzim = 50% less fat. Liberalism in half-size bottle! But, verily I say to you, therez no jewz like NO GODDAM JEWS! Here another jew picks up on the theme. You'll often notice that jews operate like that. They all say the same thing at the same time. It's not coordinated, of course, chuckle. Here Podhoretz lies: This may all seem serious and important, but it's very nearly the opposite. These sorts of fights and mini-scandals are a sign of the Establishment's desperate desire to retreat into unseriousness and triviality. The chattering classes seem determined to fight amongst themselves rather than following the example of the American people - who have remained united in their determination to fight the war on terrorism. Disagree with the jew agenda? You're "unserious." You're "trivial." I guess he forgot to add "anti-Semitic" but there's always tomorrow's column. You don't want to drop everything and declare war on an enemy of Podhoretz's country? You're the epitome of Moral Evil in Our Time. How frustrating to be a jew. America is such a dumb elephant. Such a dumb, lazy elephant that it must continually be spiked and jabbered at that it resume its thatched-hut trampling, lest it lapse into peanut-masticating complacency. As Sobran says in the article linked to above: Our government has succeeded in bringing the wars of the Middle East to our own shores. Symptomatic -- and highly symbolic -- are the fights between Jewish and Arab students on American college campuses. It's also symptomatic, and symbolic, that these fights are not about the interests of ordinary Americans, who don't participate in them. There is no patriotic student group telling these people to take their quarrels elsewhere and leave us out. In fact we're now told that it's unpatriotic to want our country to mind its own business. The average American has been taught, and devoutly believes, that it's natural for his country to "run the planet," in the words of one hawkish neoconservative magazine. Fighting terrorism is just one aspect of running a planet. Yep -- America is so far under the jewish thumb that traditional American values have become anti-Americanism. When you control the media, you can make your charges stick. Somewhere in the middle here Jew Goldberg adds his caterwaul to those of Jew Podhoretz and Jew Riebling, calling for new FBI spy powers to track down, uh, terrorists, plotters, green-meanies and anybody else who however implausibly can be substituted for the 'enemies of Israel,' the jew writer actually means. Here a Salon Premium counterview to the jew.

Catholic Education

On the positive side... Natural law, in short, inoculates us against postmodernism. While there are no doubt exceptions of which I am unaware, I have yet to come across all that much enthusiasm for the ideas of Jacques Derrida and Stanley Fish at the Catholic colleges with which I am familiar. Catholics are likely to hold that the truth of God's existence must mean the truth of man's reason, art's beauty, and morality's universality. There's something to be said for anything rigorous, but any tradition that produces Mother Teresas can't be all good. She worked against natural law by trying to save the lowest of the low, when the natural law is that such should be left to die out. That, in fact, is why she was promoted by the Jewish media as some sort of a hero. A sort-of White woman devoting her childless life to decrepit darklings. Terry is not someone to be admired, she is someone to be disdained. The White race is worse off because of her.

Invaders and World Cup

Mexico is wherever Mexicans are. Immigration is not alchemy. These invaders hate us because we are better than they are. It really is that simple. Here's what this Mexican writing in SF paper says: At its essence, rooting against the American soccer team symbolizes resistance to being absorbed into a country whose populace and government do not always do the right thing -- especially against the immigrants and their home countries. And when the booing is over, soccer-loving immigrants -- relieved of any anti-American sentiments and proud that the motherland has won -- return to bettering this nation. Bettering themselves, not bettering our nation. But of course you couldn't publish that in the San Francisco Chronicle. Here about 900 Cambodes are headed for North Carolina. Freepers are happy to see them come over. Real Americans aren't.


Attacking the icon... In every field, just as in every age, there's an orthodoxy one counters at one's peril. Opinion consolidates like industry. But the one accusation I find hard to take is that of not understanding Picasso. Heavens alive, his work is not difficult to understand. If it was really obscure, if it really required long and concentrated study, Picasso would not be the richest and most famous artist alive.


Whites are taught to imitate the speech and dress and life patterns of bonobos, thanks to the jews cranking televitz. Thus, people showing their ass, as in this article; heterosexual males kissing to prove their could cite a thousand examples. Why in the world would a White man want to act like a nigger? Because the average man, even the average White man, cannot think, just take impress. Here something I would guess is a negro evinces some respect for Western Culture, consoling himself with the untruth that while cultures are superior and inferior, people are equal. Not in my gym, buddy! Here on reading as girl-oriented. Only in public schools, where laughter and thought are strangers. What in public schools takes 16 years to teach? Here on death of authoress of Nancy Drew series.

Media: "Fight the Power"

On the rap song as "masterpiece," according to Salon... Songs on their first albums, "Yo, Bum Rush the Show" and "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back," read like the black community's 95 Theses: class anger, corporate exploitation, appropriation of black culture. Chuck D's lyrics were loaded with cultural and religious references -- most controversially, to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan -- that challenged both American government and its docile citizenry. By 1989, Public Enemy was more than a rap act, it was a social movement. The author is either hallucinating or dark-skinned. Negroes are supposed to fight the power that be by reversing Reagan's spending cuts? The revolution will not be televised, but it will be government-subsidized. Here on "Media Whores Online"... an anonymously run Website whose writers and readers share a conviction that the mainstream media (aka "media whores") is dominated by a right-wing agenda, acts as a lapdog to President Bush and viciously attacks all things related to Bill Clinton, Al Gore or Democrats in general. So they, in turn, attack back.

Math Is Masculine

Why? Because there is no room for error. Feelings don't matter. All that matters is being right and first and going the farthest and being the smartest, the cleverest, the best. Speed, that glorious, glorious, glorious speed, it's got. Women are stuff loaded up on tv tops. Jackets on. Safety first. Proper transitions made. Everything explained slowly so that everybody gets it and nobody feels left out. Every other site on the net caters to that tardismus, not us. We will lap these women sites lapidarily. And if you don't know what 'lapidary' means, FUCKING LOOK IT UP! Itz not my job to make you less of an idiot, or write down to your level. It's your job to live up to my blue china. That's not just my incipient megalomania talking, that's a way to live. I'll bet not one in ten of you gets the allusion I just made. But all the same morons with stupid, shared opinions I described above, all they do is look for people beneath them to pickpickpick at. Don't pick at people, pick at yourself. Claw your way upward. BECOME MORE THAN YOU ARE! Join us and pickpickpick not at the dockers-wearing dope stroking himself to impervious-educhandball, but at this nasty jewsticker coating our lovely cabinet preventing our accessing the racio-cultural treasures inside: "The legends were true!" as a Simpsons character said of the impounded-toy room. Rip it off, let's! WE SHALL OVERCOME! If we waited for women to produce civilization, we'd still be living in grass huts, quoth Lo Paglia. Now you're expecting a disclaimer. Women are wonderful, I love to fuck and talk to them, tickle their milky breasts, they really have a different and valuable perspective. We must run faucetward to flush the dead flies, bits of gum from our ears that we might hear their Important Voices. But you're not going to get it. It's my job to confound and amaze you, and part of that is syncopation, the removal of what you expect. Performance journalism, itz. We don't do things the Correct way here, we do them the RIGHT way. Connect the dots. And then noyade them into the gangrenous Ganges while they all cry, most eloquently!, "Ooga-dooga-booga-booga!," before they start a nuclear war. Before I so rudely interrupted myself I was making the point that no disclaimers here you'll find -- essentially put-on-your-jacket mode is NOT the VNN spirit. Explain, complain -- too far already we've gone. You can't get ahead when you're obsessed with guarding your behind. VNN is about SPEED. It is written for men. Something that's healthy in one sphere is often poisonous in another. That's the problem with all this love going around. I'm getting a little tired of all these emails signed with these hollywood-kiss signoffs. Hey, pal, I don't know you. Keep your "love" off me. I don't want any regards, let alone your best. Put those rags in a box and dump 'em on the Salvation Army. Just once I'd like to see someone sign off with "rattlesnake wishes and poison-toad dreams." So until next time, as Casey Klansman says, keep your foot on the nigger, and hoist Hymie to the stars...

VNN promo55 has been redone, check it here. Great work by Sven.

Melrose Meeting

A new town tries to spring a town meeting with anti-Whiteism on its agenda, but the boys are ready. They show, they argue, they win. That simple. And the jews and jew-indoctrinated are left wondering why nobody ever shows up to counter what they dishonestly term "hate." The future is ours. Get with us, White Andrei Kievsky

The Stockholm Syndrome and White America

Signs say White Americans have come to identify with the Jews holding them hostage. It's time to pop these sheenies between the Raina Wilhelm

Quilting - A White Woman's Art

Your grandmother probably did it, and you can too. Quilting is the perfect way to spend time with your daughter and other Aryan women. Just say no to televitz, get back to the Aryan female tradition of talking and Toni Brian

Movie Review: 'Undercover Brother'

Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of the 2002 "Jour de la Corde" Mark Rivers

New Sven promo here. Raid the roach-spreaders.

Jews Suffer Genocide; Whites Accept Diversity

By tricky little laws and trickles of daily lies, the Jews are murdering the White race. Anything we do to the Jews to prevent that is justified, certainly including complete physical destruction. Truly, the Jew is your enemy, White D.W.

America, White Nation

Jewish lies to the contrary, America's by for and of White people. Locke can't tell you the truth about Jews because then he won't be paid. But note his all-too-typical slam against Islam. Muslims have to choose between being good Americans and good Muslims. Not Jews -- why, their religion fits America just fine! How convenient for Locke. "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." How does that square with America, Locke? It doesn't. The proper policy toward Jews -- here, there and everywhere -- is: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. The idea that America is an idea is nothing more than a Big Lie to provide intellectual cover for the Jews' destruction of America through the ripping down of racial immigration laws in 1965. To control the future, Jews lied about the past. Goy Locke knows this, but he can't write it because Horowitz won't publish it, and won't pay him for it. That's the difficult situation semi-honest writers find themselves in. Tell the truth, don't eat. We here at VNN just laugh at the charade.

White Pride

A kid from Truman State collects eight undergrad degrees in five years. Very impressive.

Insane Bushy

Good Reese column.

Stopping the European Invasion

And here a typically misleading article. It's about overpopulation in the U.S. Nowhere, it goes without saying, do we read that overpopulation is completely due to Jewish control of immigration. Jews let in Mexicans, Mexicans breed like the non-humans they are. To say nothing of metastasizing nigger population.

Jews Bein' Jews

A resident of the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina said yesterday that he was beaten and physically abused by four border policemen for several hours Saturday. One of the policemen allegedly cut a Star of David into his left arm with a razor blade. Why do we subsidize these Hate Hebrews? The only answer I can think of is that they control our government. Seizing land that doesn't belong to them. The Jewish way, it's.

Media: Jews Sore Afraid of Uncensored Internet-Based Media

Give it up, Hyman. You can't control the truth. Put on your best suit and wait patiently. Itz coming! You know the drill. Here on shakeups at jewfag central. Hey jewfags! No one cares about your ridiculous egos. Your reporting stinks. We don't trust you. The facts is, and may the God I don't believe in strike me down if I lie, the New York Times NEVER RETURNED the Pulitzer its man Walter Durranty won for covering up the Jewish butchering of Ukrainian Christians. Did the altar fag at your local jesus-jumpeteria ever tell you that, White man? How come I have to do the lord's work for him? Wake up, Christian fools. Your religion is killing you. And I don't care a whit about that, but it's coming a little too close to killing me too. Take 1/3 German nationalism, 1/3 Stars 'n' Bars, 1/3 American Revolution, blend nicely and you have WHITE RENAISSANCE. There are no lost causes, only lost men. We have the answer. We are going to win. Join us.

Media: Turner Attacked Levin

Claimed he messed up AOL: According to an account by Vanity Fair contributing editor Nina Munk, Turner, the company's vice chairman, banged his fist on the table and yelled, accusing Levin of personally destroying AOL Time Warner, demoralizing employees and encouraging rivalry between its AOL and Time Warner divisions. Here Suckpoop agent blasts press gallery for history of corruption. He's technically right about this, but his boss does not stand for the principle he pretends to.


Possible huge water deposits. And very good news for Jews. Here a freak piranha. Feed it jews.

Fags Marry at Jew-Owned Fag-Friendly Ream Park

Oy, this is touching. Somebody pass the kleenex. Rectal Gonorrhea is marrying A. Moe Biasis. Such catches, they're! Jealous, we're! Marge told me over the fence instead of rice they threw rock candy! Yeah! Isn't that creative! No felching in the Matterhorn, girls! Lotz of thingz I could say here, but let me give you the executive and i do mean executive summary: EVERY JEW DEAD. When this shit stopz, thatz. All law is imposed morality, the question is whose? Jews? Or ours?

Jews Are Fucking Hypocrites

One tiny cd has one tiny game where Arabs -- horror -- fire back at God's own special-pet chosen-from-all-others center-cut-porkchop people. Sheenies fall over themselves crying, checking legal codes, praying round the clock for this genocidal horror to stop. Same time they're crying, Sumner's pumping out hundreds of thousands of White-cop killa cds. Jews: biological poison. They should have skull and crossbones tattooed on their forehead, because that's what they are to normal people: pure poison. Judies don't believe anything they don't like should be legal. They are not like you, White man. They are completely paranoid, intolerant, aggressive, paranoid 'people.' We must kill them all before they kill us. Jews are hatable in Kentucky too. Just who does like Jews? Not even other jews. Here lying about "hate" crimes, which category itself is a lie. One jew, three lies. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. All jews do is swindle and and demand apologies. Who will demand an apology for this?

Hate Hebrews Attacking Australians

Free the White man. End Jewish tyranny now.

Niggers D Mand Wipe Ass After Free-Cheese Shits

Ridiculously disingenuous, phony nigs demand an improvement in their edumacation. As if it were an injection, or a vaccination, or something that is magically bestowed upon them, like a vodou spell. They just sit back and absorb it, learn it, understand it, conceptualise it all, osmosis style, in between hip hop thumping noises coming through the headset. Something they can't apply themselves to on their own. Oh yeah, that's right, most of 'em can't get a library card because they never returned the last books they checked out in fourth grade. They're not lazy, they're not just shammin' to get Friday afternoon off, they're sincerely asking for improved reference materials and the time to study it all properly, because they're really frustrated scholars down deep, they want some edumacation. Yeah, sure they do. A negro is an excellent thing to waste.

Defamation League

Sweet piece of work; slicker'n owl-shit, itz! Great job, people.

Opposition to Jews Spreads with Knowledge of Them

To know them is to hate them, thus the need for jews to prevent others from speaking freely by labeling and criminalizing opposition as "hate." Why are jews paranoid? Because they know what they're guilty of! Hatred of jews is the same as knowledge of them. To know Hymie is to hate Hymie.


Floods of asylum seekers. Evil White racists, how popular your lands! Let's get rid of the darkies and kill the jews who let them in. Now that inner cities are jungles, British cops need arms. The Constitution is not a one-size-fits all: it only works for Whites. Not for niggers. The Jews who lie about 'America, the Idea' don't want you to know that. It's not "good for jews" for you to understand why they need to make your country a shithole. If America were controlled by Americans -- Whites -- niggers would either be sent back to Africa or kept in segregated areas where they could pollute, poison and provoke themselves, and humans would be free to enjoy civil society. Here possible plan to restrict nigimmig. Christianity is part of the problem these days. Niggers are violent and stupid, and it doesn't matter what some kike wrote in the Bible, surrounding yourselves with these apes is bad business. If you can't handle that, go listen to that jackass Billy Graham. I wouldn't want that shifty-eyed tergiversating sucker in any foxhole with me.

Media: MTV Empty Void Awards

Heterosexual males French kissing. What could be cooler? The Jews enjoy watching you act like fools, White men. Wake up. If the Hebrew holds it out -- you don't want it. Spit on the Hebrew and his Scheisskultur.

Corrupt Pals

Impartial jew Ephron lets us know how corrupt the Palestinian officials and administration are. He is not promoting the immediate interests of his klan, and an ultimate jewish Weltschauung, he is merely a hard working, objective "journalist" who wants us all kept well informed.

Julia Roberts: The Girl Next Whore

Stupid and toothy, "Pretty Woman" ain't where it's at... Not only has she stolen someone's husband, but she's been wandering around making sure she's photographed wearing a home-made T-shirt emblazoned with "A low Lola." Lola, the wife, apparently wants her husband back and is willing to fight for him. Julia doesn't like that. She offered money for a quick resolution, what's with her? Hollywitz for you... Still, this woman is flitting over the surface like the rest of the waterbugs. Hollywood stars are unreaonably demanding. Yeah? No kidding. Put two and two together, baby. It's interesting how much of "conservatism" -- and not just the Semitically Correct stuff -- offers cheap moralizing for thought-out biology.

Media: Controlling the Language

Jews are very sensitive to agitprop uses of words. Here they decide to stop with the 'settler' already. Just as they had 'to jew' frog-marched out of the dictionary. Not that they stopped jewing or anything. The kike wants to be a kike and not be thought a kike. And throw you in jail for observing, nope, he still is.

Black Skin, Other Disease, Caused by White Racism

The very existence of dark skin is proof of racism. Apes! They're magically delicious! Buy one today! Make it two!

Between the Lines

When is a book review that appears to be a 'conservative' criticism of socialism really a cleverly crafted propaganda piece designed to deny the holocaust perpetrated against White, Christian society in Russia and Eastern Europe, and whitewash the guilt of the jews who were the authors of the crime? When it is written by Linda Chavez, the Republican party's house hispanic, well known for her tireless efforts on behalf of unrestricted immigration. The review originally appeared on May 29, 2002, in the website, and was then reposted at Jewish World Review, and then again by the jewish cultural warrior David Horowitz at his site Why would these jewish websites want to give publicity to this 'anti-socialist' book review? Because they understand that the real purpose of Ms. Chavez is to brainwash the goyim. Why should White Nationalists pay attention to this? So as to understand the tactics that are being used against them, the better to be able to resist Andronicus

The Importance of Leadership

On the need for strong male examples, not least to make White men out of the increasingly widespread William Pierce, Ph.D.

Movie Review: 'The Sum of All Fears'

Racially conscious Whites might want to check out this flick, if for no other reason than to see a big-screen interpretation of the glorious event described on pages 187 and 188 of the Mark Rivers

New promo by Tsun here.

Denmark's Image Enhanced by Darky Cutbacks

Classic example of unthinking media bias. The Jew source, in line with the Jewish agenda of destroying White Europe, White nations and the White race, says Denmark's image is "erode[d]" due to its new immigration tightening. In fact Denmark's image is enhanced. What if Jews didn't control the media? They would sound a lot more like VNN.

Niggers: A White Girl's Best Friends

They're apes, and they need to be locked in cages. Only 2.5% genetic difference between mice and men, half that in college administrators. Whites don't need blacks. Blacks make our country worse. Setting negroes free in White communities was a Jewish plan to destroy us. It worked. Now we must destroy the Jews. Here on Zebra murders.

Zimps too Proud to Beg

The goose is dead. The harangutan lives on.


On his and Cheney's comments about inevitable terrorism. I bet Dick n Rob'll be able to avoid it. Bushy loves snitches. Here militia comments. Oy! After the jews, they were, says jew-trained FBI.

WND and the "Holocaust"

Dougherty article covers claim that fewer than one million died. The simple truth is that jews are liars. Here Duisberg wife gets a death threat for supporting Pals.

Nigger Crybabies Shake Down Sara Lee

What if Americans controlled America? Here monkeys cry about confederate flag. Here religious left on racism, list of articles. Here they explain why they -- who import White-raping Somalis -- are morally superior to racists. Niggers are niggers, folks. Let's not pretend otherwise. The leftist Jew-led liars wouldn't have to pretend so hard if they weren't. The results of their lies are the rapes of your daughters, the harassment of everybody, and the general discord they spread wherever their sooty hides position themselves. Diversity working out great in L.A.

Noose 'Em, Don't Loose 'Em

Niggers like this are set free among humans every day of the year. Paroled rapists is the symptom, Jew the disease.

Robert Caro, Jew

Books on LBJ, interesting article... This guy puts an interesting question to Caro, and he jews it. Here on what "our" president told the goyim-should-be-killed-every-single-one jews. Here a jew questions loyalty of jews in mixed-marriages. One standard for jews, another standard for the rest of us.


Sheriff does what INS won't. Here on L.A. secession. U.S. ready to evacuate 80,000 "Americans" if ooga-dooga war breaks out. Here midwestern dim bulb lights up.

Invasion II, This Time Itz Poysonal

Newton and Brookline are jew-towns, and they get upset when they see Arabs making a move to live there. Hymie opened the door to Arab immigration, now Hymie gets upset when Akhmed wants to move into Hymie's gold-plated ghettoes.


Perhaps the wittiest man ever.

The Jewish Imagination

Twink goldbrick drives through Texas trying to imagine America invaded, just can't.


The "culture" promoted by Jews such as Sumner Redstone/Rothstein bears fruit. Here on Semitical Correctness run amok, if that weren't the nature of the thing. In a feat of literary sleuth work, Ms. Heifetz, the mother of a high school senior and a weaver from Brooklyn, inspected 10 high school English exams from the past three years and discovered that the vast majority of the passages drawn from the works of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Anton Chekhov and William Maxwell, among others had been sanitized of virtually any reference to race, religion, ethnicity, sex, nudity, alcohol, even the mildest profanity and just about anything that might offend someone for some reason. Students had to write essays and answer questions based on these doctored versions versions that were clearly marked as the work of the widely known authors. Where Jews appear, truth flees. (vanguard/vanguard)

Just Say No to Holidays

Amen. Holidays only exist if you celebrate them.

Media: No Library 'Net Filters

Say judges. For now.

Here Kievsky family seeks housing in Eastern Massachusetts.

New, hilarious Hal Turner II soundboard Victor Wolzek

Media Review: New York Sun

Mmmmmm, fresh yahoodi. Smells Alex Linder

Civilization's North Star: Historical Truth

The traditional enemies of the truth lie about our past to destroy our race's future. It is time to destroy the Marc Moran

Genocide, Anyone?

There are several options for dealing with non-Whites after the J.R. Colson

Those Who Don't Care To Help Themselves

Leave the lemmings and forge ahead with the Dale Peterson

EU Kills Net Freedom

European law enforcement agencies were given sweeping powers yesterday to monitor telephone, internet and email traffic in a move denounced by critics as the biggest threat to data privacy in a generation. Despite opposition from civil liberties groups worldwide, the European parliament bowed to pressure from individual governments, led by Britain, and approved legislation to give police the power to access the communications records of every phone and internet user.

Our Social Alienation

All we have been doing is stating and restating the problem while our people fall deeper and deeper into the grips of an enemy determined to wage biological (open borders, miscegenation, feminism) warfare against us until we are exterminated as a genotype. The time has come to make specific, concerted efforts to recruit Angry White Female

First, They Came for the Farmers...

And the kike did nothing, for he had done everything he could through his media to induce the coming... Once again, here's "your" FBI talking to the ADL -- the jewish hate group that has been convicted in court of paying off cops to collect information for its worldwide spy network. Anytime you hear the ADL whining about hate, keep in mind that fact, and keep in mind that every single paper in the nation quotes the ADL's own boilerplate about its being a "civil rights group" right after its quote from the local honcho about how evil the White guy is who passes out a flyer stating just what I've told you. There is only one solution to the world's Jewish Problem. It ain't Israel. It's: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

More Females Get Jock Itch, Government Celebrates

Real sports played by real men give way to ridiculous sports played by incompetent girls, all to satisfy the beaver-licking McGruffs and titless, witless shitowitzim known as feminists. Fuck these dickless dildonicizers. Women don't want to play sports as much as men do. That's why they have those large milk sacs on their chest, and all that fat on their ass: they're built for sex and babies, not Pete Rose belly dives into third. The only college sport these Title IX pushers care about is deep sea tuna-fishing. The real meaning of title IX: ugly, stupid, jewish cunts prevent normal heterosexual White boys from playing sports while converting the marginal White girl to their twisted cult of the clam.

Denmark Making a Move

Oy! Racism, it's, to think Denmark is for Danes, in the same way sewers are for rats and roach motels are for izzies. Look at the blank stare of the nigger in the photo; not so much human eyes as fly landing pads. Blank, stupid "the horror, the horror" Augen. Perfect example of Kikemedia shifting the frame leftward, or better put, jew-agendaward: The law cuts benefits, restricts the right to marry and discourages the arrival of any refugee over the age of 60. It is expected to come into effect on July 1, the day on which Denmark takes over the six-month presidency of the European Union, which is committed to putting immigration at the top of the agenda. The measures have already sent tremors across the Continent. Mona Sahlin, Sweden's Immigration Minister, has written a joint letter with her French and Belgian counterparts to express their deep concern about the law. I mean like, whoah, dude -- Adolf's back!

Don't Criticize Us, Cry Hypocritical Jews

Israel's actions in Jenin were "every bit as repellent" as Osama bin Laden's attack on New York on September 11, wrote Britain's Guardian in its lead editorial of April 17. Jew press gets huffy over any criticism of israel... Sheenies can dish it out, but they can't take it. The difference between jewish crying and hypocrisy and yours and mine is that ours isn't enshrined in law -- izzyzyz. British are tired of "American" Jewish cultural trash dumped in their cinemas, on their stages.

Man May Be Jailed for Cussing Bushy

Land of the do whatever the jews think best. What if America were controlled by Americans? Here on the withered morning glory Steinem, still up for the ol' slice-and-dice on womblings. Regardless of what you think about murdering babies, it takes a real sick fuck to make that his life's focus. Abortion is for niggers, Mexicans and gooks. White kids are valuable. Don't get an abortion, find one of these otherwise-moronic Christian groups and get the kid over to parents who will be more than grateful to raise it. That's actually one of the few good services the Christians provide, make use of it.

The Sixth Column

Christian Zionists... As I never get tired of saying, if you don't believe that Jesus came back from the dead, then you'll fall for anything. Hey, Joe Sobran: you're about the smartest Christian I know. Can you spot a flaw in the reasoning? I'm all ears!... But that's the new name: Christian Zionists is too long and irritating a moniker. Let's just call these traitors sixies, 6th columnists, 666 yidlicking beasties. Get off your knees, sixies. Tell Marse Yahoodi to go felch himself. Here on Kahane, a jew like other jews. Here on globalist capitalism, destroying America. Here on Israel, evil Israel.

Evil, Evil Israel

Good Buchanan... But when Americans ask, "Why do they hate us?" and "Why do these Islamic radicals on the other side of the earth want to come over here and commit hara-kiri killing us?" we get responses that ought not to satisfy a second-grader. They hate us, we are told, because we are democratic and free and good, and we have low tax rates. Did you ever notice that over time, everything begins to sound like VNN? It ain't us doing that, it's the power of the truth. Here Harvard doesn't like what them A-rabs are saying among themselves.

Truth Is an Anti-Semite

Jews can't handle the truth. They suppress it. And smear the purveyors where they can't. Jews: good when they're dead, otherwise pure poison. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. Here on the curious case of the missing Mexican cyanide.

Mexico and Vicente el Presidente

The U.S. should declare war on the shitskins, deport anything brown inside the borders, march into Mexico City D.F. and hang this piece of shit Fox, who is clearly a VNN reader because his foreign policy -- exporting shit -- is tacit admission of VNN's thesis: nothing improves by adding Mexicans. Whites die because jews control immigration. None of the jew-controlled "anti"-immigration groups, nor the caution-cons, will tell you that. Just VNN. Here Whites try to separate themselves physically from off-brands. Here the Hispanic disease spreads in Georgia. Here Real Americans take up guns against Mexishit invaders.

FBI to Use Anti-White Riots to Expand Power?

Interesting Overthrow article... Here on the White-haters at SPLC, whose leader has been known to confuse penises with popsicles. Mmm good!, those 24-hour lollipops, eh Kool Moe? The FBI reads your email. That simple. What it says doesn't matter. Aw, shit, Dave, ain't no guns on that helicopter! If you think the FBI is anything but a bunch of jew-indoctrinated liars and murderers, watch The Rules of Engagement. Niggers: "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. True then, true now, true tomorrow. True on Earth, Mars and the Van Allen belt. Here one-third of Baltimore students will have less time on their pickaninny palms to illegally pry open fire hydrants this summer. Live is so groovily explicable when you quit pretending nigs are educable. "Impervious educands," as Large Tom put it. Say in the l'manner leprechaun, and the giggles never stop. Freakins love their kids. Here a White cop or ex-cop sues Cin city for blaming him for icing one of their collector's edition jazzbos.


French, Germans pretend to do something about it... More here. Here the American picture. Here INS Jews says straight up he won't enforce the laws. Hmm, the jews don't want to live by the rules. That's interesting. Let's keep that in mind. Dopes want to include Israel in EU.

Tod Dem Yidn

Warning! Warning! The SC mental leash is slipping! There are some signs of free thought in Germans! Germans are daring to think that they have a right to continue existing! Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism! Racism! Crime Against Humanity! Time to flood Germany with some more Turds and Kurks! Add some 'freekins to the mix! Drop da N-bomb on the Krauts! Speed up Operation Camp of the Saints! Clamp down with an "anti-racist" gleichschaltung! Maybe arrange for a new war! It's Germans or Jews! The hive is threatened! The hive is threatened! It's better to destroy the world than let the Jews vanish! Protect the hive by any means necessary! Protect the hive! Here a jew swindles.

That's Our Post Office!

Priority mail takes longer than first class. The post office likes to claim it's private, but it isn't. It will become private when congress allows competition for first-class mail delivery, that is, about two days before it disappears. Here cribbin' it wit da homies, growing the economy the best way they can. Here on a Southern festival. Here on niggers poking through legal dumpsters, lookin' for repamarations, leftover chicken, tasty things in paper bags.

Psychotic Jews Encourage Queers Adopting White Babies

Anything that destroys White society is "good for Jews," and advocated by them. Psychiatry is a jewish disease masquerading as science, just like marxism. For now a Cally bill is blocked that would ban Indian nicknames. Our noble ant-and-acorn eaters are beating their dirty casino operators. The urge to vend drugs never leaves the kike.

Military Wants No Part of Iraq Invasion

Jews crying, eating fingernails in consternation. But doesn't the American military exist to destroy Israel's enemies?

Hate Crime Against Queers

What queers do to each other is the real hate crime. Here read about a corrupt Poly, now serving a different kind of term. Infected dick inserted in rectum = love: call it Jewish math. Here "local gay famers" are hitting on British marines in Afghanistan. Here on the restoration of the Pearl execution video. Here the BBC claims 27 million enslaved worldwide.

Media: Closing Statements from Jew Maher

Some interesting stuff from host of SC Politically Incorrect. Some of the downside of the WASP niceness that defines America is evident here in the apparent fact that half-jew Maher is being edged out thanks to his cowardice comment re cruise-miss'ling the Taliban. Traditional America never liked anyone too quick athought; how characteristic was Tom Osborne's visible slow burn when asked by a reporter whether he'd have been so quick to restore Lawrence Phillips to the team if it'd been his daughter jerked around by her hair and flung downstairs. Duh...that's not fair. You can't ask tricky questions like that...duh...that's not decent...duh...Nice people don't point out grand-canyon-sized hypocrisies...duh...and I believe Osborne has a Ph.D. You wonder why you're losing, Real America? Just between us, eh? (whisper) You like things real...slow...and...obvious...because you're not real quick -- except to those all-you-can eat buffets that are turning too many of you into land manatees. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger, not gonna block your path to the desert bar, just stand alongside it yelling about rats and coke bars. One of the quick nasties on YOUR side, I'm -- the only type that's gonna help you beat the quick brown jewboys are running rings around you. Here read reviews of HalTurnerShow site, note the dirty tricks boyzim are up to their usual lies and smears. Here on alternative media.

Media: Network News Sags

Where would you rather get your news: from lollollolling stuffed shirt Brokaw, or from VNN? Network news has seen its number of viewers drop from 60M in the early eighties to 30 million today. Although it is kind of amusing to watch the Texas Maniac spout ruralisms from the backside of Mars, who in the world cares what Rather, Browkaw and Canuck GED-wannabe Pete think about the world? Here a movie about a German who wanted to fly.

Jews Who Fought for Hitler

Interesting... Here some Russian beauties.

Gold and Herdism

Thinking is hard. Copying Robert Downey Jr is easy.

Jews Are Blind

There is no solution short of Jewish genocide. This race, this monstrous race trying to kill ours, must itself be killed. This article is a perfect example why. One article openly hostile to Israel that actually takes on Judaism as a nasty thing in and of itself horrifies the Jew writer. Any normal person would think, wow, one article across the entire globe. The Jew sees, Wow, one article that's improperly respectful appears in some South American paper that fifteen people will read, make way for "Holocaust II." Nevermind that "Holocaust I" never happened and was a product of the same Jewish media control, claims of the existence of which guys like this can't even take seriously. Jews are quite literally incapable genetically of seeing that they are offensive and obnoxious towards others. That they crowd others out, suppress them and murder them. All they can see is any slightest bit of opposition to their agenda, name it anti-Semitism, and move as one to destroy it. WE CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS RACE -- BUT WE CAN BE MURDERED BY IT. I advise we re-take the initiative and genocide the jews first -- before they can complete their genocide of us. A world without jews is not merely possible, it is preferable, it is desirable. Jews make the world worse, by any standard you choose to apply. Such genius as they have lies entirely in swindling. Their combined writers are a hill of shit, their scientists are hype their social-scientists simply liars, their politicians are obnoxious and make everybody less free. We don't need them. They are committing genocide against us. Let's kill them all, let yahweh sort 'em out. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Wise policy, itz.

Media: Nieman Fellowships

Complete politicized, like everything else touched by jews...

Dear Israel: You Make Me Ill

The World responds to izzy's charges, as printed in a jew paper in the Rotten D.W.

Jews Create Their Own Legends

Even leaving aside the FACT that he did not originate E=mc2, there are reasons to attribute Einstein's fame to tribe promotion more than actual Chris Verral

Jews Fear Home-Schooling

Keep your kids away from the Jewish mind-warpers. Educate them at home. Teach them the truth about jews they'll never learn in public "schools" or from the televitz. I maintain my prediction that at some point a signal will be sent from kike central and the neocon beanies will begin puling as one to eliminate home-schooling. They won't do it that crudely, but they'll begin to call for tighter control over what is being taught. They'll try to neutralize it, rather than eradicate it. So far Jew Horowitz' Jew Glazov is the first neocon to have written against home-schooling, but there will be others in the future, mark my words. The parasite can't have the host taught its true nature. More here.

Sex Differences

In the hormones... Jews can lie, but here's the truth: it appears that perhaps the most important factor in the differentiation of males and females and indeed in differentiating individuals within a sex is the level of exposure to various sex hormones early in life.

Even Technically, Democracy is a Dubious Proposition

Computerized voting is great...for rigging results. Who makes the chips in the vote-counting machines, anyway?

The Price We Pay...

...for allowing Jews to fill our country with niggers. Another dead White woman, murdered by a coon loosed by the Jews. Nigger carjackers are the symptom, Jew is the disease. When the last Jew is underground, the world will be free.

Hebrew Klan Prevents Von Eitzen from Visiting Dying Wife

What Jews are, what they do: neatly revealed in one story. They control your government, and they are committing genocide against your race. Stuff like this is just an appetizer for their bloodlust. Death to the Jews. The only thing reliable about the ADL is its Jewish racism.


Nigger rule is the problem, not any specific nigger. The Jewish media that brought us nigger rule cover that up. Without South African trade, migrants, and access to oil supplies, Mugabe would have lasted an even shorter time than Smith. But South African president Thabo Mbeki has refused to apply any but the mildest political pressure on Mugabe, who helped Mbeki's own African National Congress to power in Pretoria.

Zimbabwe II

Harare Hamadryas may ban White farmers' union. Rule by monkey ain't pretty. Here on farmers not planting wheat. The latest law demands that farmers who receive eviction notices must finish their farming activities within 45 days and leave their homesteads in another 45 days. That means two-thirds of Zimbabwe's approximately 3,000 white commercial farmers will have to leave their farms by August 10, too early to harvest any wheat. Niggers: we can pretend they're human, but they aren't. Here we see that yiddish profiteers are quick to exploit White misery by supplying Zimbabwe's ruling apes with White-suppression technology. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right.


Jews getting more frantic, pulling strings, but puppet not responding.

Argentina, Killed by Fiat Money

The economic crisis in Argentina is grave. Unemployment is now 20 percent, only 5 percent below ours during the Great Depression. It is no longer an inconvenience. People are now reaching the point where they simply have no money for food or medicine.

Controlling the Net in Turkey

Under the new law, websites could face having to be officially registered and send copies of their material to the authorities. Here are some photos that Jew Horowitz claims are related to Pals educating their kids. Note that he titles this "How Palestine Educates Its Children." The source of the photos is not named, the author of the words is not named. Just a bunch of pictures without a source. "A lesson in children's education" it says at the start. Whose lesson? I suspect Jew Horowitz is concealing the source of these photos from us, and I suspect the true source is a Jew propagandist, otherwise the true source would be listed. Who put this "lesson in children's education" together, Jew Horowitz? Why don't you tell us? How much do you want to bet there's a Jewish rather than a Palestinian hand behind this "lesson"? That's exactly how jews operate. Take your hate and get out of our country, Jew Horowitz. Take your fellow Jews with you. We don't want you here. Jews like you, Jew Horowitz, bring America nothing but trouble, and one day you will bring us nuclear trouble. Keep in mind "America" haters, about 80% of American jews live in ten big cities. Bomb those first, please. Jews endanger your kids, your family and you, White man. It's in their interest to make their enemies your enemies, and that's just what they've done. They perpetrate foul deeds in your name, White man. Then they hide behind your flag when the response comes. The Jewish race is your enemy, White man. It must be destroyed. Join us.

White Anthropology: Ancient Cave Art

Could be oldest "lifelike" drawings of human face. Here White couple ditches Silicon Valley for mountains. Here silly, biased story about Civil War reenactors. Here's what those SFers moved up to the hills to escape. Here on the hassle that is air travel these days. No magnetometers, weird beeping gateways, x-ray machines, occasionally surly functionally illiterate third-world affirmative-action prison guards to fumble through your baggage, no nitrate sniffers, no putting your cell phone, change, belt buckle, and fillings in a little plastic basket.

Niggers Bein' Niggers in Miami

Back to Africa with the boolios. Here Reed on the legal system. Here Fred on Rushton, against the cult of egalitarianism governing the West. Here he debunks 'deadbeat dads,' a classic example of a jewish agitprop term. Today men are accountable for their behavior. Women are not. Here he explains that racism is natural. People are comfortable around their own, especially the jews who force mixing on the rest of us -- to destroy us. Fred won't tell you that part, but he's a gateway drug.

Media: Comic Books

On the sixties, "Spider-Man," etc... Here Jews cry about Einsatzgruppen. What did they call the squads of jews that murdered those ten million Ukrainians? The Jew-controlled Washington Post won't tell you. Jews lie. You can't believe anything a Jew says until you verify it yourself. The Romans called Jews the "common enemy of humanity." Dumb, ugly Debbie repeats the lie that jews were gassed. It's easy to understand why a healthy nation would seek to rid itself of Lipshitzim. The WP and NYT ran 800 articles in a recent year about the "Holocaust," and nary a one about the mass-murders carried out by their Jewish brothers in the Jew-created Soviet Union. To say Jew is to say liar. Here on authors we don't want to read. This guy says he was assigned Toni Morrison's "Beloved" six times in college. Now that is funny. His point is correct, too, that there are certain things one doesn't respond to. Faulkner, for instance, is unreadable as far as I'm concerned. You're never going to read everything, so you might as well read what you respond to. Here on "Star Wars."

Media: Is Murdoch a Jew?

Maybe, maybe not, maybe he's a front man: My friend Ivor Benson whom I regarded as a very judicious observer and commentator, reckoned, along with Spotlight, that his meteoric ascent was completely artificial, and that he was a front for far more powerful super-rich subversives, Michel Fribourg, Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman, "all of them part of a super-rich 'Zionist Mafia'", to quote Benson, who added: "By comparison with these three, Murdoch is just an ambitious midget who has been given the job of drawing all the public attention away from those who make the real decisions." (Benson's Behind the News, March 1984)

Widow of Man Murdered by Useless Brownwog Asked to Apologize to Him

Only in Britain. Well, I shouldn't say that... White lives? What do they matter next to colored feelings? The solution? The genocide of the Jewish race. Jews created this horrid, White-genocide the West is now passing through. It's us or them in a plein-air, winner-take-all racial wrangle.

A Perfect Example

Of what I always say: "Anti-Semite" has many meanings, but from day to day, its most predictable is simply: anybody who disagrees with any item on the Jewish agenda. In practical terms, anybody who disagrees with any Jew about anything. Jews preclude disagreement by framing debate with pre-shrunk terms. You think you're simply opposing teaching three-year-olds about fisting. They know you're a homophobe. You think you're simply responding to the biological fact that negroes are hyperaggressive with bite-size IQs. They know you're a racist. You think you simply want your daughter to wear dresses, like men, and keep her mouth shut once in a while, maybe learn to bake. They know you're a misogynist. They know everything; you know nothing. You exist for them to spread light on and tikkun on, like some crazy "doctor"-playing eight-year-old. You exist only to set off their goodness, tolerance and long-sufferingness with your chasmic moral evil, brain-twisted sickness and good-old-fashioned peanut-butter-flavored all-purpose "hate." They're the tolerant, the good, the friends of the downtrodden, the lovers of diversity -- oops, everwhere except Israel, tee-hee. Oh, well. Itz not like you or me own the Bigtown Daily Record and can call 'em on it. Hence VNN. Here your gelded, jew-whipt congress gives hundreds of millions of you-earned dollars to the jews of Israel. Could your son or daughter have used that money, White man? Why should your kids go without so that Shmuel's may prosper? What if America were controlled by Americans? 14 million jews in this world, White man -- hundreds of millions of Whites. Let's destroy these jews and reclaim our world. It's that easy. One size fitz all: No Jews. Just Right. Wear it! Here a Nation piece on the Israeli lobby.

ADLpates Denounce Con Meeting as 'Extremist'

When the White-hating ADLpates bribe/indoctrinate cops, why what could be more respectably mainstream than that? Why, all the Jewish newspapers approve!


All the rage, itz! Perfectly kosher for kikes to urge your daughter to sample the local Hamadryas, but boo-hoo, oy-make-it-stop when folks play a suicide-bomber game online. Guess what, tweezer-man candidates? The world's a-changin'. You just don't get it, do you, Mr. Zimmerman? And when you're not on the ceiling, you're on the table. Era of Jewish rule? Ova! Fuh goooooood. Hey Jews, why don't you run to the VNN publisher and get me fired? Oh, that's right. I AM the publisher! I says I keep writing! I say, and I say it a lot, Mr. Linder is a wonderful writer, and we are lucky to have his talents, and we're going to whip him until he writes two columns a day. SO BLOW ME, KIKES, THE ERA OF KOSHER MEDIA IS OVA! Um...uh...what am I trying to say here?....uh...that's it...yeah...GO FUCK Y'SELVES! Deal with it, judensaus. And stay off my pizza, you yeastless little bagel bitches.

Fags and Kikes and Proms, Oh My!

It doesn't get any worse than this: a queer prom held at Temple Israel. Theme? Oysters, featuring a backdrop of Venus on the half-shell. "A salute to jammed clams," itz. Do I kid you? Well, you'll just have to read and find out, my salty young friend. Jews have a positive interest in your kid turning into a fag or cross-dresser or transgender[sic -- they mean 'sex,' and uh, by the way, sex is not reversible]ed freak. They don't love these things in themselves, but for the social discord they produce. "Good for jews," discord's.

Hype Springs Eternal

George Will finds another one of his con certified negro success stories, reminds us AGAIN that all negroes are capable of the same. All that's needed is proper education, wise choices, bootstraps, dedication, etc. No one buys it, least of all probably him. He sells it. Here Reps. far gone in Judeo-Christian necromancy manfully stand athwart the buddhists. In an earlier Ledger story, Carter said members of non-Judeo-Christian religions would have no role in the display committee. "If you go back to the founding of our country, there were no Hindus, no Buddhists involved," Carter said. "Every time we try to do something for America, you've got to include every cotton-picking thing from everywhere." Lots of Jews around though, sure there were. Here on Patrick Henry, the college for home-schoolers. Farris has done good work.

Germany, Erwache!

The Jews are the guilty race. You are not guilty. Accept it. Moron convention in Florida.

In Judeo-AmeriKwa, Whites Screwed Every Which Way

Jews demand negroes be protected species. Feral baby negro then kills jew. Jew's wife sues White corporation. Get it ? Whites ultimately pay jews for jews' own folly, while still unwillingly saddled with niggers, who are the jews' offensive line. "Only in America," as the Jews say. What would it be like to live in an America without Jews or blacks, White man. Do you think it would be better or worse than what you see outside your door today? Of course. Now join us, and let's make it happen. More here on that L.A. secession possibility. Here an Arizona kid blasts Bushy.

Gooks Make a Joke of Immigration

Moonpies come to U.S. to distwat wee squinties. Americans, they're! Only in Soviet Amerika, where jews control immigration. Momma, don't let your babies grow up thinking they'll work in the building trades. Here on diversity at Stanford, which is Snodfart misspelled. Here Mexishits flee shitward after committing their crimes. Attractive nature bulldozed to make way for mudslide. There are only half a million people in Massachusetts who don't speak English. They speak handout just fine, though. Wog imports teeming with infectious diseases, many of which throw their heads back and guffaw when introduced to our most efficacious pills.

Gun Control Equals Crime Stimulus

No shit. A child of three could tell you this, but it takes the Boston Globe 25 years. And it probably ran an editorial calling for more of it on the next page. Because gun control is the just the pretext: the meaning is White gun OWNER control. Deal with what the Jews mean, not their lying words. Refuse to accept kike frames, impose your own. When the Jew says gun control, he means White control. Here advice on handling roadblocks.

Niggers Created Europe!

One of "conservative" Jew Horowitz' writers -- Jew Poe (Pogrebsky or something similar) wrote this book, which apparently suggests White achievements aren't all theirs. Conservative, liberal, communist -- whatever. Once you know someone's a Jew, you know 90% of what there is to know. What sort of rules govern an anarchists' convention? Here's a story Jew Poe no doubt included in his book. It's the heartwarming tale of a man, his erection, her intestine, and a big, sharp knife.

Learn About the Jew

Men have long known its nature, but never achieved closure, as the canting yid psychos put it. Here on li'l Debbie Lipshitz. I can't decide if she is the dumbest jewess named deb in America, or whether dim Deb Schluessel garners that honor.

How the Jew Operates

On Ostrovsky, whose two books you must read if you wish to understand the Mossadists and the kike mentality in general. Not a pretty people; a vicious, parasitic, predatory race. And one that should be expunged from the earth. At one point, in his second book, he writes about Israeli pharmaceutical companies experimenting on blacks in Soweto, South Africa. These are the same folks that go on about Mengele. Imagine the response if White racists did the same: miniseries, movies, books, talk shows -- it would go on for decades. Jews are liars. Jews are evil. Jews are our biological enemy. Jews are no good. Jews lie, cheat and steal and stop at nothing to get their way. The Jew is your enemy, White man. That's not just me saying that, that's the evidence. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

"Dehumanizing Dissent"

The points Buchanan makes, from Jew Gottfried, were made five years ago, and better, in Blackout, which you can access here. A snippet: Again, I point out that, at root, the left is anti-democratic because it does not recognize disagreement as legitimate. There is no middle ground in its political stereotyping: either you are Good, a supporter of the new Multicultural Orthodoxy, or you are Bad, an evil racist. The left has no term for the mass of ordinary Frenchmen or Britons who observe that bringing in masses of foreign people with their foreign ways is unwise. Because it runs the big-time media and politics, the left is able to cow the right -- even the right-wing public politicians who, one would think, exist to oppose and defend -- into accepting this polarity and jumping to the "good" side, but millions of unfooleds are out there, and I expect at some point they will erupt. Again I say, these sanctimonious lying leftists are breeding the opposition they deserve. I may say, as a side point, that the very reason they call their opponents Nazis and defame them as evil haters is because they know they aren't. They can gain the tactical advantages of employing these terms against decent, honorable people in the Machiavellian calculation they are too sheeplike or busy earning tax-money to explode in righteous anger. I would bet money, though, that after a point, the left is going to see its weapons used against it by people who may be a lot closer to deserving the appellation than the milquetoast cons they slander today.

Jews Completely Delusional

Canceling NYT subs because it's anti-Isreal. No, really. Anything that isn't bend-over-backward, out-and-out Farahism is "anti-Semitism." This race has gone a long, long time without opposition. Let's offer some.


There are crimes the state fears -- "hate" crimes -- and crimes it doesn't -- niggers raping your daughter. Here Beanie Baby Corp. reports on Georgia kids "dancing away taboos." You're gonna love the pictures -- all three show a white girl with a nigger. More subtly, note the way the top photo shows the best looking White girl of the three looking submissively up at the nigger for direction, with the radiant look of a girl about to be infected with herpes -- or worse. Photos almost never show White women looking at White men in that traditional pose. Rather, the White male is treated as an ineffectual scared-of-honey figure of fun. Miscegenation is the symptom, Jew is the disease. Here a German girl seeks " blackboys." Here on Scottish firemen under attack. By who? Asylumers, or whom?

Nigger "Jews"

Surrounded by God's partners with their world-beating compassion and intelligence, niggers are up to the same dark deeds: The gap between black and white Israelis seems, with some exceptions, to be growing. For Ethiopians, it is visible in impoverished neighborhoods, soaring unemployment, and the highest high-school dropout rate of any Jewish group in Israel. Twenty-six percent of Ethiopian youths have either dropped out or do not show up for classes most of the time, raising concerns that the community's current difficulties may become chronic. Drug use, including glue-sniffing, is on the rise, and criminal activity, hardly known among Ethiopians before they came to Israel, has been growing. Clearly Jewish racism is to blame. Stop the hate, Jews.


Somebody mentioned us, does our hair look ok? We always play down VNN mentions in the Kikemedia, because they don't matter. For the same reason, we don't try to persuade the little terriers, except with the ends of our feet. We believe what we say.

Media: Izzies Boo-hooing Snufflily

And Hollywitz is making more money than ever. Should be a lesson to all you WN scriptwriters, video people. Hollywood's as staid and formulaic as they come, do something better, we'll post it. If you think the internet is free, read this one. Here on Jimmy Kimmel.


Marginally aware, marginally literate negress Cincinnati column filler beginning to rethink her position on repamarations. Might be worth a look, she opines...

Hippos We Love

'Tamus does the tootsie roll. Saves a dozen or so Malaninnies from starving. Strothers pins medal, holds charity pie-eating competition. Even when no four-footers are present, negroes are capable of dispatching themselves most creatively. Negroes: for entertainment purposes only. Not intended for actual use.


On its treatment in the U.S. in the 20th century... Here you can eat Arafat crisps, as the British call them. No, this is not an emetic but a digestive.


Ding dong, the wicked Gould is dead! Read all about his multifarious lies...

White Chalk Carving

Who? Why?

On Hate Crime

"Hate" crime is a bogus category created to allow the controlled media to defame young European-Americans, thereby making it easier for the legal system to treat them prejudicially and get away with it. The FBI agent and the Jewish newspaper owner alike are your enemy, White man. The FBI is nothing more than a Jew-controlled anti-White hate Resisting Defamation

The Jewish Question in Education

From a pamphlet on teaching your child, particularly your girl, about the danger posed by the Fritz Fink

Movie Review: Star Wars: 'Episode Two - Attack of the Clones'

Great special effects, not much else. Just what, exactly, is the nature of the dispute between the Republic and the separatists? There's your interesting H. Becker

White revolution is the only solution! Hear it, live it, love it. New Dr. Pierce soundboard from VNN's Victor Wolzek here...

Fiction: The Street

Even 100 years ago, the nature of the Jew and his people was H.P. Lovecraft

New artist makes his VNN debut here.

Movie Review: 'Insomnia'

Not bad, not bad at all. There are no negroes in this film, which is always a Mark Rivers

Enjoy a brand spankin' new VNN feature, created by the one and only Victor Wolzek: the Hal Turner Soundboard. Get down to the funky savage negro bea(s)t...

New personals now posted: the attractive, young Angry White Female here and, for you ladies, her friend Stan here.

Here a new listing seeking Java and C++ programmers.

New Herschel cartoons here and here.

New Cartoons by Brown here and here.

New Promo by Victor Wolzek here.

Hateful Jews Destroy the Lives of Ordinary People

This is a wicked race, people. But even to say that is to moralize. The Jews are doing what they are biologically impelled to do: destroy competing races for the advancement of their own. The White race, which served the Jew as a bloodful host for so long, is no longer needed. Asian technical elites are brought in to displace Whites, and third-world Mexicans have the gates opened that they may overswarm and gresham out the quality bluegrass. The time is now to band as Aryans and destroy the parasitic Jew. No Jews. Just Right.

Jews Attack Boy Scouts

The Jews (ACLU) attack boy scouts because they build up White society. The Jews support homosexuals because they tear it down. The conservatives will never speak it straight like that because they are cowards more concerned with their paychecks than the truth. Hence VNN. Just read through this page and seriously ask yourself, those of you not already on our side, whether the jews aren't the most disgusting, destructive and dangerous group in the world. What does the evidence say?

The FBI is Incompetent

The lack of integrity that has come to characterize this group is pitiful. They seem more and more like kids given pilot wings by the ADL.

Those Crooked Rabbis, Installment #352

Rabbis are hateful, child-molesting swindlers. And most of them have bad breath too. Starr was well-known as a civil-rights activist who marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as a young rabbi in Washington, D.C. In Seattle, he championed homeless issues and worked hard to turn his synagogue into a vibrant congregation, which now has about 6,000 members. King was a fraud, and most of the harassers and thugs who marched with him were the lowest sort of scum, and it is no surprise when they turn out to be frauds too.

Holocaustianity: The Holocaust is a Sick Cult

But highly profitable... Jews always portray themselves as victims, doubly so when they are perpetrators.

Odd, Odd Millard

Here this strange fellow whose columns appear a number of places blames Bush for knowing about 9/11 and doing nothing. Not a single mention of the Israeli spies rounded up, not even a nod to the clear fact that Israel knew what was going to happen before it occurred. Hmm. That's strange indeed. I think it is possible that A) Israel realizes its spy story is going to unravel, and B) this mysterious Millard is a jew masquerading as a White nationalist while pushing izzy's agitprop line. Perhaps I'm wrong. Has any reader ever met this "Millard" in the flesh? Apart from a single ADL report reference, I don't see any evidence he exists, just a bunch of letters and commentaries signed with the name. And then the surpassingly odd fact that this "Millard" accepts no emails -- unlike virtually every other writer out there. Writers, take it from me, are vain as hell, love responses to their work. Even more than money, writers crave readers, attention. The question remains: Is Millard real? Or is he somebody's creation? Who? Why?

Diversity, Our Great Weakness

White homogeneity is strength; diversity is weakness; reverse claim is a Jewish Big Lie. The Jew is your racial enemy, White man. He lies to you to destroy you, that he may prosper. You don't need the Jew, White man. He does need you. Here schools ban racial epithets. This is in one of the counties where Whites are regularly harassed by the impervious educands we know as niggers.

Jews: The Biggest Liars

Latest Pierce address, talks about the way Jews lie about lying! That is, we are all taught in school that Goebbels and Hitler were proponents of the Big Lie. Which is in fact a Jewish Big Lie of exactly the type they warned about, based on what they learned from German philosopher Schopenhauer, who described the Jews as the 'great masters of the lie.' Lying about lies is about as characteristically jewish as you can get. At the same time that Jews lie, they will countenance no opposition to their lies. Jews don't understand freedom, Jews understand everybody else doing exactly what Jews say. Ignored in this article is the fact that there wouldn't be any Arabs in Canada if the Jews who control immigration there hadn't let them in. No matter what jews do, they're never held accountable. Here Brudnoy, who I believe is an AIDS-ridden fag as well as a Hebrew, special-pleads for Israel. I like Colson's point: Horowitz calls his deal the Center for the Study of Popular Culture: but almost every single article posted on the site is a Jew defending Israel. Just another "popular" front, such as kahnmies like Jew Horowitz have long employed. Here neocon D'Souza, a Mendicant-American who ripped off half Jared Taylor's Paved with Good Intentions for his too-long book about race, without ever citing it. He's ejaculating now over the idea of America-the-idea, where any son of the Ganges can come and prosper. This is all spitting in the wind. The neocons are doing well because they own the media and employ themselves. Ordinary Americans are not doing that well, and have to move away from the Idea-Americans these jews promote but never live around, although they do employ them as maids, gardners and lackeys. Third-Worlders are Idea-Americans, imaginary-Americans; White Americans are ideal-Americans -- real Americans. Jews, like the third-worlders, Dinesh et al., they've imported to destroy White America, are not real Americans, and more than that they cannot be Americans.

Classic Jewish Truth-Twisting

Jews are biological liars. Look at the way Jewess Klein twists the idea of tolerance: you are intolerant if you: 1) pass out a leaflet, or 2) act like passing out political leaflets is "intimidation" and subject to criminal prosecution. Honesty is not in jews -- genetically. And check this out: Prosniewski and his co-workers are part of a Commonwealth-wide network investigating the existence of hate groups. Each police department has a designated hate crimes officer and the Attorney General's office maintains a hate crimes task force. With these aids and a resource directory supplied by the Attorney General's office, Prosniewski explains, police departments can follow individuals and groups from city to city, communicating with other jurisdictions both by computer and phone. In other words, the police are suborned to carry out the Jewish political agenda. Good luck finding a cop who won't laugh at your report of your kid's bike being stolen by one of the brownies the jews worked to get into this country. But they have plenty of time to advance the jewish agenda of White genocide, which starts with tying Whites' hands and gagging their mouths and taking their guns. Jews must be destroyed. There is no other option. The Jew is your enemy, White man. And note that this report comes from an internal Jewish publication -- the stuff you get that's directed at goy eyes has the same slant, but is much more watered down. The message of this report is, don't worry, we've got the police department completely under control, with surveillance of pro-Whites around the clock. Is your local government similarly jew-controlled, White man? Freedom? Not in AmeriKwa, a Jewish production... Jews hate freedom, because freedom makes room for truth, and truth is an anti-Semite.

Innocent Americans Under Attack by Fedgov Hate Criminals

Anybody Jews don't like can get shipped abroad -- no reason need be given. America is controlled by Jews of the sort that murdered tens of millions of White Christians after setting up the Soviet Union. Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. The only good Jew is a dead Jew. Every Jew a Pearl. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Izzies are up to no good, not here, not there, not nowhere, not no time. Here on Mossadist recruiting. Here Jews concerned we aren't going to war on their enemy Iraq.

Making the World Safe for Apes

Ninety-four-year-old women can't protect themselves from ape invaders -- by law. This too, perhaps, was a reason... Here on Germany paying Africa to take back its refuse. Ward on America here. It's time to take stock of who the activists are, and why they endeavor to erase the collective wisdom that was the foundation for the American experiment. Who benefits from the demolition of heterosexual Christian white America? Here on the UN tightening its monkey grip. Here the geniuses at Harvard want to get rid of guns. More guns in prison, fewer crimes. Advanced thinking, it's. A nigger's just a convenient way for a gun to commit crimes. If fewer niggers were in the hands of guns, we'd all be safer. Nigger control now! "Gun control" is a misnomer for gun-owner control. Gun owners are White, and the people who want to control them are Jews. You'll never see it put like that, but that's the way it is. Here latest on the four fightin' Irish (read: rapin' niggers) in the dock.

Hello, Rome

Almost 50,000 soldiers aren't even citizens, and Uncle Shmuel is recruiting as many more as he can. This is how multiracial empires die. Mexicans ain't Americans, that simple. Here military unready to invade Iraq. Yeah, but after our fighters give birth, you better watch out dune coons! Here the story of a pimped, murdered child named Tiffany, product of AmeriKwa, a Jewish production. Death to the Jews. AmeriKwa, a nasty empire, itz. Here sewage comes to the Northeast. More here on the invasion, which is making the Southwest more "international," as the report ridiculously terms it. Boo-hoo, not enough interpreters for shit-worlders. Here the Marines celebrate Empire Day.

Bono & the Bonobos

Nothing more we need than bilgeplating rock stars who spend more on haute eyewear than the average Bongonia's GNP telling us to forgive our debts to gorillas. Get back in your Learjet and shut your crumpethole, Boner. It will be a beautiful day when crooners stick to pretty melodies. You want to help the world, Bono? Write even better songs.

Hebrew Klan Grows Ever More Afraid of Internet's Ability to Spread Truth

People reject Jewish lies when given an alternative. The Jews know that, and it makes them afraid. Your time is coming, Hyman. Put on your best clothes. Here the Hate Hebrews expand their hive.

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