C     l     a     s     s     i     f     i     e     d     s


Hello, this is Kelly, placing an ad for a friend of mine. Here is the situation. He said he didn't want to place an ad, but I think there is a chance his soul mate might be reading this. Fair warning: I am a close friend and will screen any woman before passing her on for his consideration.

Stan is a "fifty-something" German-American looking for a good-hearted woman close in age for companionship and possibly much more. You could live anywhere in California or in the bordering states. It would be great if you live in Idaho, as he plans to retire there in a year.

It is OK if you are overweight, so is he. But he does intend to lose weight, so if you are plump and like it that way, Stan is not your man. He has never been married and has no children. But it is OK if you have White keedos. You must love animals, especially kitties. Any woman with allergies to cats need not apply. Any woman who smokes, is an alcoholic or uses drugs need not apply.

Take it from me-he is ALL heart. A truly wonderful man who deserves happiness with the right woman more than anyone I know. He is a dedicated racialist and will do anything for a friend in need. He will not betray you and he deserves a woman who plays no games. This woman must also be solidly pro-White and anti-bagel butt. Her efforts and helping hand must be directed at her own community, not babies in Bangladesh.

If you fit the profile, contact me at celticwoman@37.com and I'll facilitate communication with Stan if you are worthy of him.


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