Undercover Brother

by Mark Rivers

"Undercover Brother" was directed by negro Malcolm Lee, a relative of negro rabble-rouser Spike Lee. It comes as no surprise, then, that this movie is the most anti-White film I have ever seen (and there are a lot of them out there these days).

The entire movie revolves around the notion that smart and sexy negroes using their brains, beauty, machismo and propensity toward teamwork can defeat the worldwide White conspiracy trying to keep them down. It goes to previously-unreached lengths to show Whites as oppressive, racist, bumbling, corrupt and evil. The only two White people shown in a remotely positive way are the mudshark who falls in love with the negro (Denise Richards -- pp.163-4), and a lame, wimpy doofus who tries to bond with the negroes, only to be smacked around and humiliated repeatedly.

The exclusively White villains consist of a faceless White tyrant at the top known only as "The Man," his self-hating lackey (half-Jew Chris Kattan) and an assemblage of White males who get beat up and killed by the negroes and the race-traitors. Kattan spends the film prancing around like the faggot he is, and brewing in self-hatred for tapping his foot to negro "music" and speaking their monkey language.

"The Man" has a master plan to keep all the "bruthas" down; he uses a mind-control drug on "General Boutwell" (Billy Dee Williams), who, under Whitey's influence, decides against his presidential ambitions and instead opens a chain of fried chicken restaurants. The chicken contains the same mind-control drug, which will keep all of the millions of otherwise productive and helpful negroes on the planet from excelling, as the filmmakers seem to think is their destiny. The tiny amount of pleasure I got from this movie was seeing the negroes shuck and jive in the "White-produced" commercial for the chicken joint.

Negroes like Malcolm Lee actually believe that White people are out to get them. Well, Malcolm, most of us are not. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the Jews' plot to replace us with your kind, and their program of destruction for us is right on schedule. Most of us still believe what the Jews tell us on TV and in the movies; that we are all racists (whether we want to admit it or not), and that we should be really, really sorry about all of the terrible things we, personally, have done to you.

Malcolm Lee and the rest of the negroes with a higher-than-average I.Q. (75-80) are headed for a fall. If the Jews should reach their goal, and Whites are driven into extinction, the world will collapse into anarchy. All of the delusions the negroes have about a "perfect world without honkies" are part of the Jews' plan to keep the negroes on their track of raping White women and killing White men. When the Whites are gone for good, the world will fall apart.

Sure, the Asians can maintain a civilization, but just let them try to defend their borders against a few billion screaming jungle beasts in the year 2100. Get ready Asians, because if the Jews get rid of us, they're coming after you next.

Negroes, listen up. The Jews are your enemy. You think slavery was bad then (as if you'd know)? If you believe your kike "massahs" will lead your ape legions to victory, be ready to face a future of darkness. Your people can't build a civilization beyond a scattering of mud huts with straw floors.

Negroes, with no White people, there will be no more Playstations, no more Cadillacs, no more orange soda, no more hospitals and no more blaming Whitey for your plight. There will just be you, living in the same African filth in which your people have stagnated for millennia. The Jews will be far away by that time, laughing at you.

Help us rid the world of them, and you can have Africa. Heck, we'll even throw in Micronesia. But if you keep helping Hymie destroy us, there will be no earth to inherit, and deep down in that thick, burry head of yours, you know it.

"Undercover Brother" is the winner of the 2002 "Jour de la Corde" awards. If that great day is to happen as planned, we will need all of the racially conscious Whites on the same page. Here is what that page says:

"Today has been the Day of the Rope -- a grim and bloody day, but an unavoidable one."

As for you as-yet undecided Whites -- you had better start figuring out where their loyalties lie, because movies like "Undercover Brother" are making the rest of us lose patience. Believe me, you will want to be on the right side when the time comes.

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