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Kievsky Family Seeks Housing, Eastern Massachusetts

Living space needed by White racialist family in Eastern Massachusetts. Rent and real estate has skyrocketed as a result of the flood of non-white immigrants and the fact that they get taxpayer subsidized housing, while Whites are made to pay "market rate." I have lived next door to immigrants from Central America and the Carribean who paid 1/3 the rent that I paid, because they had the gov't paying 70% of their market rate rent. It is an organized rip-off of White Americans.

Boston has made it clear that it only wants rich people and subsidized non-whites. That's fine - I am happy to leave it to the Hell it is creating for itself. But my family and I need a place to live in Eastern Massachusetts. I am a skilled tradesman and my wife has a professional degree. We have children and we are people of good character. I know there's probably some elderly White folks in Eastern Massachusetts who read VNN and could use some rental income, some help around the house, someone to cook extra food for them, mow the lawn, tend the garden, fix up the house, and drive you to the supermarket, the mall, and other places. Also, my wife has a law degree and we have had our share of negative experiences with dishonest insurance companies and corporate con artists of all sorts, so having her around is the human equivalent of a pit bull against the corporate predators and con artists. She can't give legal advice until she passes the bar, but we certainly will not let you be robbed blind by con artists or unethical corporations.

We are good people to have around. We are honest and decent and nice and we have the capacity to defend our allies with extreme prejudice. Massachusetts is rigged against White people, and I am actively fighting this System. We aren't simply "white flighters" looking for a place to hide. We need a place to live from which to continue the fight, and I'm sure there are some very appropriate living situations out there for us that will be mutually beneficial. If you have a place for us to stay in Eastern Massachusetts, or even New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island or Connecticut, please contact me at rfreez@gte.net


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