Dear Israel: You Make Me Ill

by Douglas Wright

For White nationalists with the good sense to live outside the five boroughs of Jew York City, the astonishing depth of jewish arrogance might not be so readily apparent. For a taste of the type of propaganda you might find while out for a stroll, I offer the following excerpt from the Brownstone Jewish Review, a freebie stacked at the newsstand near the Village Voice and other publications dedicated to a clean White American future. The unsigned piece, titled "We've Come A Long Way," ran on the front page, just above a note from Rabbi Shimon Hecht and Rabbi Aaron Raskin encouraging jews "right and left" to unite, and that "our common enemy is division and infighting." If you are able to hold onto the contents of your stomach after reading the excerpts, feel free to read the response below. The jew media won't publish your Letter to the Editor, White man. But the jew hasn't quite been able to censor the Internet yet.

Dear World,

Obviously, the whole world isn't going to read this Jewish paper, but let's discuss why you are so disturbed and upset these days... These days you're complaining a lot about "power" and "occupation," but if it's not one thing, it's another. We weren't born yesterday, and this has been going on for quite some time. While you seem to have a rather short memory, we have a very long history behind us.

The Crusaders were so upset with me that they slaughtered multitudes on their way to the Holy Land...

The rationale for all these horrors was that my unique lifestyle upset and irritated you. It was all my fault. Your constant outbursts actually pushed me recently to go back home from where I was evicted 1,900 years ago by the Romans, who apparently were also upset. You were so happy to see I was actually moving away, that you approved it. Yet you're still upset, even after I left your ghettoes to find myself a little peace in my own place.

You find it difficult to make peace with a strong and proud Israel... The Arab propaganda machine is well oiled (sic). They rant and rave and constantly criticize every move I make, so I can't defend myself from unrelenting attack. After the Holocaust, we vowed "Never again!" What part of that don't you understand?

Where in the world were you during the Holocaust when babies were thrown into ovens? You stood by passively in 1948 as seven states ganged up to kill Israel at birth. You stood by in 1967 as Nasser incited mobs in every Arab capital to drive us into the sea. While Israeli soldiers do everything to minimize the loss of life, even at their own risk, these maniacs add iron nails to the explosives to maximize human pain and suffering.

Why in the world don't you rush to protest when suicides bomb Jews? How do you let hypocritical racist regimes accuse us of racism? How dare you pontificate that we turn the other cheek? Your double standard and investigative teams are a sham. Shame on you!

Do I feel lonely? No, I feel unique and special!
(Note to VNN readers: this is an actual quote. I am not embellishing words or quotation marks. And yes, in the paragraph above, jews are telling the entire world that it should be ashamed of itself.) I am concerned, but I don't despair. Truth will prevail. We haven't lost our vision, as we look forward to a bright future and the ultimate peace of Redemption. Despite all of our problems, we still think the world of you, and pray for the day when "the world will be filled with the Knowledge of G-d as the waters fill the sea."

Dear Israel,

Let me set you straight about why I'm so upset and disturbed with you. It's not because, as you say, you have a long history and we have a short memory. It isn't because you have a "unique lifestyle." And it sure as hell isn't because you're a "unique and special" people, as you're so fond of reminding us, over and over, and over and over, as justification for the perpetration of your own subtle and not-so-subtle genocides across the globe. No, it's none of that. It's because you're scheming, lying, filthy hypocrites filled with hatred for anyone but yourselves, insisting all the while what a harmless, good-sense-of-humor bunch you all are and cackling to yourselves when the rest of humanity so gullibly serves as your farmer, builder, factory worker, mechanic, soldier-protector and unwitting cannon fodder. And don't think we haven't noticed that you're ugly as sin, besides.

It's simply not the case, as you say, that you've left our ghettoes to find your own place. If only it were so. In fact, you still remain in our communities, from America to Europe, small in number but great in influence, milking that for all it's worth to prop up your shell of a country in the desert, so aptly described by the French ambassador to the United Kingdom. Israel is a parasite among nations as jews are parasites among people. How many among your people invent, build, create? All you do is manipulate what others have made, making your existence impossible without theirs. Yet you treat them so shabbily, insulting their folkways, spitting on their morals, sending them to march and die in warfare on your behalf. Yearly, billions flow from the United States, whose White majority population you openly view with disdain. And what's this about "peace"? Bulldozing Palestinian homes is your "little peace"? We all have to find our patch of land in the world, but what would American jews say if anyone but jews in Israel tried to do the same thing? You'd scream "Nazi" until our eardrums bled, and worse. That's why I'm so upset with you, Israel.

You say that I was irritated by your "unique lifestyle." That's an interesting way of describing the jewish agenda to destroy its host peoples. Shame on you, jews. When will you learn? You do seem to have learned that I hate you. Why don't you build on that lesson by staying away? Why do you insist on repeating the same pattern you've repeated for centuries, infesting our communities from the inside, clawing your way into all manner of affairs and foisting your unhealthy ways on us until we're so fed up with you that we react with swift and terrible violence? One observer noted that Whites are either at your feet or at your throat. Why keep pushing it until Whites are at your throat? Pure arrogance is all that comes to mind. You've done a spectacular job of convincing us that Hitler's aims were "twisted" and "evil," but I'm starting to wonder. Maybe ol' skinny mustache was on to something.

When 9/11 happened, we saw that it was because of jewish warfare waged against Arabs and the unquestioning support that effort received from the jewish-controlled United States. Nowhere in the American media you so deftly manipulate was there any mention of this, all of which only created more suspicion in my mind. Arab propaganda machine? Really, now. If not a single jew steps forward to denounce this lie, I reserve the right not to be forgiving when the Time Comes. As I continued to reflect on 9/11, the angrier I got. Why should I die in a terrorist attack for you, you ugly, contemptible asiatic creature? Jews hate me and everything about me. So be it. I'll just tuck that away for future reference.

And please. Could you conjure future lies with more care? You're slipping, jews -- remember, the lie is your stock-in-trade. Don't issue them sloppily. Am I to believe that you "think the world" of us? And that you're praying for us? Screw you, you arrogant little bastards. What a shitty attitude to take. We are sick of you. Sick of your whining, your hypocrisy, your ugliness, your insistence that you're special, your cavalier attitude toward our lives and our destinies so long as your race emerges triumphant. I'm starting to think I might be better off without you.

Yours Truly,



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