by Mark Rivers

Producer Kim Roth was the only Jew name to leap at me from the credits of this movie. It leapt out, grabbed my wallet, then scurried under a rock. Future "Love Boat" guest star George Clooney also chipped in for the production of "Insomnia," which is based on a 1997 Norwegian film of the same name. The Hollywood rip-off version stars age-ravaged Al Pacino as an L.A. police detective sent to a remote Alaskan fishing village to help a cop buddy solve a murder. Hilary "Butch" Swank plays the tough-yet-sexy, sharp-yet-inexperienced, wholesome-yet-corruptible lady cop who helps out with the case.

There were no negroes in this film (huzzah!). In fact, the only non-Whites shown were a couple of Eskimo cops in the background. That alone is reason enough for me to recommend it, but I'm doing so because "Insomnia" is one film that actually kept me, a jaded cinematic hard-ass, glued to my seat (although a decade's worth of melted Milk Duds may have also contributed to that). This movie has twists and surprises, and gives those moviegoers who have graduated from the "Con Air" level of plot adherence a fresh treat every twenty minutes or so.

As this is one of Hollywood's lesser evils, and an entertaining movie to boot, I recommend "Insomnia." See it if you wish, then...

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