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March 2002

Mommy, What's a Nigger?

Read and understand. And note how they attempt to blame the White guy next door! No matter what a nigger does, a White man's guilty. The media Jews see to that. "The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government."

Sarah Brady Buys .30-'06 on the Sly

Do what I say, not what I, anti-gun hypocrite Sarah Brady "packs heat" with an illegal straw purchase. Every liberal is a hypocrite. Always. It never fails. Every single time. Whether it's obese rug-munching, donut-terrorizing gratingly unfunny, pigfaced, antipodes-of-"nice" Rosie O'Dildo, or whether it's the nigger's nigger Cockin' Coon Carl Rowan or whether it's Sarah Brady, libs are folks who can't handle that their shit stinks just like everyone else. Lib is a psychological problem, at least that accounts for a very large strain of the it. Remember when America was White and free? That's the future. Let the smirking dunce move to Mayheeco and run for Fox's job.

Talmadge Dies

Pro states-rights, opponent of integration. Here MacDonalds, 365Jig. Here on St. Cloud, which isn't sufficiently pro-Jew for the Controllers' taste. On Montana "far right" activity here. Interesting information on Soros here. Here on a "cross burning." More spying in the U.S., Maryland specifically.

No Place for Jewish Hate

What a comfortable world the sheeny has built for hiself. Anything he dislikes is "hate." Anybody who opposes him, an "anti-Semite." What a comfortable world. Lets blow it up. Little bitty Palestinian kids will confront tanks, armed only with rocks. Teenagers and twentysomethings will give their lives to defend their kind. Grown adult White males won't even use their real names in America. What are we? More here. Here some Chinese communist propaganda posters. Here on supposedly anti-Semitic incidents in Canada. Here a poower jew gets his neck narrowed by an enranged Arab, innocently tikkuning when he was viciously attacked.

Meximites Teem for Illegal Legal ID

What ever improved by adding Mexicans? Not even the town dump. America, land of the free? Or landfill? Here on Mex queers teeming in Atlanta.


Story behind the series, by Cockburn, who makes the claim: "Without Fleming we would have had no OSS, hence no CIA. The cold war would have ended in the early 1960s. We would have had no Vietnam, no Nixon, no Reagan and no Star Wars." Here P.J. O'Rourke piece on manners books. Here review of David Brock's new book. More here. And here. The fact is, no matter what he says today, the information he dug up about Clinton's shenanigans was true, and has never been disproved. The left never learns -- these reviewers all act as though it is not established fact that Tricky Dick Clinton was not using state troopers to procure women.

Science: Cooling and Warming

Have little to do with greenhouse b.s. Meat is very good for you. Here a Japanese scientist makes frog eyes. Score one for the non-Whites. Meanwhile Oz researchers have come up with a male pill. Here criticism of the shifty-eyed fact-avoider Screamin' Jay Gould. He's a Jew, and he is "giving non-biologists a largely false picture of the state of evolutionary biology."

Archaeology: New Inca City Discovered

Holdout from the conquistadores. Hidden in thick forest on Mount Victoria in the remote Vilcabamba region, the ruins so far consist of 12 sites with more than 100 structures, including circular homes, storehouses, cemeteries, funeral towers, roadways, waterworks, farming terraces, a dam and a truncated pyramid.

Usury and its Effect on Rome and Early Christianity

Jews and usury are historically intertwined, and the cause of more social destruction than is usually Eduardo

The Anti-Racist Pathology

Types and their Robert Grey

New Wolzek VNN promo here.


Rotterdammers are fed up with creaking health care and public schools, and with the rising crime and street violence, for which they appear largely to blame gangs of immigrants from Morocco, Turkey and the Caribbean. So do the police. Of Rotterdam's 540,000 people, 45 percent are not of Dutch descent, city officials said. Here on plans to erect a monument to kikess communist Rosa Luxemburg. Berlin already has no fewer than nine commemorative plaques to Luxemburg dotted about the city . Each January on the anniversary of her murder, tens of thousands of Left-wing sympathisers flock to her grave in the Berlin suburb of Lichtenberg. Here on dead Jew van den Haag.


Good site on Jewish control. More here.

Wilding Victim

Who knows what the useless attackers are up to these days.


Politicians, celebrities and even sports stars are descending on the town to campaign against racism. Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper, otherwise known as Julie Hesmondhalgh, is to be among the protesters marching through Oldham town centre as part of the Unite to Stop the BNP campaign. She is being joined by former Oldham Athletic footballer Earl Barrett, Environment Secretary and Oldham MP Michael Meacher, Phil Woolas MP, and Euro-MP Arlene McCarthy. The rally, organised by the Coalition Against Racism, is aiming to deter the electorate from voting for the BNP in May's elections. Anti-racists enjoy seeing White women raped, White men murdered. What horrifies them is someone thinking about voting BNP. Here on the only black they won't let into Britain.

Zionist Infiltration Has Long History

From They Dared to Speak Out, the book you must read if you want to understand that the United States is owned and operated by Israel. Here interesting view of Cheney's visit to Middle East, and Jewish manipulations. Theories about 9/11 here. More here on U.S. subservience to the hate state. No rest for wicked Jews. Another American, bending and scooping for Yidsreal. What if America were controlled by Americans? Here something, not real sure what.

Kikes Frantically Seek New Scam as "Nazis" Peter Out

Wherever there's injustice -- and fat checkbooks -- they'll go. Here Jews "buy" bronze medal, according to other competitors.

The Invasion

The kosher right chimes in against it, because we might be letting in terrorists. Mexicans? Oh, they're great stuff. Here on teen slang post 9/11. Ward's latest, from her travels through the South. Here on H1B. Mexico, corrupt and untrustworthy, as always. Here Vdare letter on Nebraska. Here on Mex not voting GOP, kike Horowitz claims to the contrary. The Republicans have written their own death sentence. They have two options: dying or becoming completely multicultural-socialist; I predict the latter then the former. The Jew sits back, laughs. He knew this would happen when he pushed for the '65 Act, the consequences of which are now set. Invading Mexicans are the symtom, Jew the disease. Here the claim that Japan should loosen citizenship, import foreign workers.

Women's Studies Lies

After reviewing the syllabi used by Women's Studies departments at 30 major universities and colleges, then closely examining the five textbooks most often assigned, Stolba finds that propaganda, not scholarship, may best describe introductory Women's Studies courses. Here on Harvard's negrotopia.

The Agony Of Jewish "Culture"

Oh, the torment of watching eager, contract-waving Jews clamber atop other Jews to create the endlessly self-congratulating, self-referring "culture" that has supplanted all else in the former America. This week, VNN turns the insecticide can on one Rob Festinger. "'There was very much an appreciation for Jewish writers and the great Jewish comics in my family,' said Festinger, who considers himself 'a cultural Jew.'" Remember "Seinfeld," the "TV show about nothing?" Festinger made a splash as a Seinfeld look-alike! First nothing -- then a cheapened, imitation nothing! How quintessentially Jewish -- and we're not done yet! Nothing Lite still needs an agent! "Festinger got a call from a look-alike agent who started booking him for New Year's Eve parties, bar mitzvahs and corporate events." Think -- our White fathers and grandfathers invented the telephone that "Festinger's agent" yammers into, built the Cadillac that "Festinger's agent" drives around in, designed the airplane that whisks "Festinger's agent" from coast to coast. Do you understand now why Jews are called "useless parasites?" No Jews. Just Right.

U.S. Exists To Serve Mexicans

"The Mexican government argues that Mexicans deserve the best quality of life in the United States," whether or not they belong here, and that's that. Did anyone ask you if this was OK, White man? Here, beaner outposts issue beaner ID cards to beaners; suicidal Americans take them seriously. While immigration opponents say "Pulling out this Mexican consular ID should be the same as holding up a sign that says, 'INS, arrest me, I am an illegal alien,'" the cards actually grant Mex greater privileges than Americans. Ever tried to open a bank account without giving a Social Security number? Mexicans can. "The accounts afford relatives access to U.S. dollars through automated teller machines in Mexico." Dollars that used to be earned by Whites working in White-owned enterprises, dollars that were spent at White businesses in White neighborhoods. Visualize White America -- it's the quiet, safe one without gnawed corn cobs on sticks, used tires, and Corona bottles strewn all over. By the way...that new PBS show called American Family? It's about a bunch of Mexicans. Oops! Now we spoiled it.

Attempting to Destroy Germany with Immigration

Huge unemployment? Import more coloreds...

Goldsuckers Grapple With Giving

All a "base anti-Semitic canard," these accusations of great Jewish power.While you work two jobs, Morris and Sharna and Sheldon Goldseeker, we mean Goldsucker, we mean Goldseker, fret over disbursement of vast Jewish fortunes. "Six years ago, sociologist Gary Tobin estimated that there were about 7,000 Jewish family foundations in the United States; now, according to Tobin, the number hovers between 12,000 and 20,000, with assets estimated at '$40 billion plus.'" What to spend the money on -- how "to invest in a socially responsible way?" Sharper shoes for spics? Fattier food for fat niggers? Lobbying for laws to ban locking doors? Whatever it is, what's Good For Jews is Bad For Whites. Count on it. "Marcella Kanfer, 30, heiress to the GOJO Industries fortune, the makers of Purell soap, played an instrumental role in transforming her family foundation, the Lipmann-Kanfer Foundation, from a so-called tax shelter to a full-fledged foundation." Didn't know that. "GOJO (TM), for the dirtiest shaygets," hm? Time for White painters, mechanics, do-it-yourselfers to find another hand cleaner...

The Irrelevance of Schooling

Is it really worth it to throw away good years and turn over tens of thousands of dollars to people who hate you just so you can have fun drinking on the weekends? Here Whites get second-rate treatment at nog "colleges." Hint: if it has remedial English classes, it's not college.

Media: 'Net Comment Lawsuits

Some dubious, some successful... Here on e-copying law. More here on who can link to what. Undercover nog finds Whites like free speech.


Jews conceal reality from the bovine masses. A Polish diplomat in 1939 accurately describes Jewish control of the media, and their build-up of hysteria and war panic and hatred of National Socialism. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. There is no other way. This particular group of people, who are all in highly placed American official positions and who are desirous of being representatives of 'true Americanism', and as 'Champions of Democracy', are, in point of fact, linked with international Jewry by ties incapable of being torn asunder. "Holocaust" museums are everywhere these days. Produce the list, Jews. Where's the beef? Rabbi Charles Rosenzveig, founder of The Holocaust Memorial Center in West Bloomfield, Mich., feels the museums are needed to help prevent another genocide against any group. "I happen to think that every state should have a Holocaust museum," Rosenzveig said. Even as the kikes push on with their work destabilizing and denaturing European America, they cry about their imaginary friends.

White Archaeology: Bronze Age Venice Discovered

3,500 years old...

Tree Condoms for Abos

How much lower can we sink? And how will they find them when they're bent over flipping rocks for grubs?

PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity

A master's thesis documenting a White presence in the Americas ten thousand years ago, before Mongoloids subsumed and displaced Billy Roper

Proud to be White

Black pride is good. Mexican pride is good. Jewish pride is good. Asian pride is good. White pride is hate. We must destroy ZOG and reclaim the country WE Kathy Robertazzo

Blueprints and Bullshit - Kike Art, It's!

Kikes -- can't trust 'em. It is a fact that Israel knew about 9/11 before it happened. The clock is now ticking down on whether we can murder ZOG before its Jews finish their genocide of the White race. The time for revolution is upon us, White man.

Movie Review: 'Showtime'

White cop-Negro cop buddy movie that is mildly amusing at times, but still not worth your time or Mark Rivers

Racist Haiku

Those nutty Japs...what'll they think of next? Mark Rivers

Why Children?

Only White children and White children alone can protect the environment and continue Christian P. Anderson

Rabbis-in-Training Beat Up Homeless Man

Jews are a disease, no other way to put it: Yitzchok Brody, 19, Aaron Richler, 18 and Aaron Notik, 18, who were attending the Australian and New Zealand Rabbinical College at the time, returned to Melbourne for the hearing. They claimed homeless Davis had shouted anti-semitic abuse and shoulder charged them, threatening to kill all Jews, when they encountered him in Balaclava Road, East St Kilda. Mugging is too much like honest labor for the Jew; it prefers swindling. But note that one thing precedes even the swindling lessons: shriek "anti-Semitism" the minute anyone catches you in the act! O Loathsome Race...

Niggers, Not Wanted

"The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. Only a lying kike like Dave Horowitz could deny it. Niggers make great housepets, girls! Read and learn! More proof here, as drunken she-nog whips up a little home-brew castrato.

Blee Bleat Beat

If Kathleen Blee is the best that liberal, anti-white forces can do for an "expert" on proudly white American women, it would seem that we have little to worry about. What passes for logic to Kathleen Blee wouldn't convince even a drug-addicted race-traitor who had never dated a white woman.

Birth Of El Baby

Your tax dollars at work. Here, another K-Mart Chopper is born -- just one of at least 165,000 births to illegal immigrants in the U.S. each year. "Seventeen-year-old Cassandra came to Aurora [Illinois] from Mexico and overstayed the terms of her travel visa so her first child would be born in the United States, guaranteeing the baby American citizenship...Because of her status as a U.S. citizen, Medicaid pays for the baby's medical care." Thanks, President Bush. Thanks, Jews.

Nigger Rule -- Government By Murder

"The white Zimbabwean farmer murdered by a mob was allegedly targeted 16 months ago by the sister of Robert Mugabe - who wanted his house for herself." More here. Here on our Judeo-government's craven amnesty for creatures from the brown lagoon, Boston consequences. Again I ask, not the slightest bit rhetorically: Name me one thing in the history of the world that got better by adding Mexicans? Here a sickening spread on Somalis, a breed of African monkey unfortunately nowhere near extinct. Here 6,000,000th alien invades Australia. Here on GOP in California, which is still a few years from Rhodesia, but you can smell it. Here the kikes are successfully fomenting gangsta culture in Britain. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Here on Revolution. Imagine there's no Hymie. It's easy if you try.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Holocausts Before Me

Good news: "Holocaust Site Turned into Motorcycle Raceway in Ukraine, Jews Threatened with Beatings" A track for motorcycle races has been built on top of a site of a mass shooting of Jews during World War II in the south-western Ukrainian city of Izmail, according to UCSJ's local contact Stanislav Botlinin. In addition, on March 10, 2002 antisemites warned the Jewish community in the city, which is located near the Romanian border, that Jews will be beaten up if the community dares to become too active. Site of mass shooting, site of mass picnic, whatever. If it comes from a jew, it probably ain't true... Here we see the claim that the Russian army is full of neo-nazis.

U.S. in Chechnia?

American troops will be "acting as military advisers" fighting Chechens. Just a few years ago, the U.S. was chastising Russia over the war of attrition in Chechnya. Now the U.S. itself is being drawn into the Chechen vortex, because Chechnya is the likely refuge for Al Qaeda. The U.S. involves itself deeper in the quicksand of Asia anabasis. We are warning you now -- America has no interest in conquering Asia. America needs to solve her problems at home. When things break down here, military defeat abroad will be a fait accompli. The policy of open borders while having a military empire is a case of "trying to eat your cake and have it too." Even a child can see that you can't go to war with countries when you have let in millions of immigrants from those countries. Here a review of a book dealing with Americans' self-perception as damn near perfect.

Dictated-by-Foreigners Policy

Ridgeway seems to be a decent reporter on international affairs and how they will affect Americans. No wise ruler lets his country get too dependent on anything, especially the way America has gotten dependent on foreign energy. Now America wants to play superpower while leaving borders open while depending on massive amounts of oil from the countries that we are working to subdue and influence and letting in millions of their citizens. How many balls can ZOG juggle at once? We'll see!

Buckle and Crack

Father-denouncing, Poddy-genuflecting Buckle-y defends Frankfurter against the obvious truth. And noble Sobran is going to speak at a revisionist conference. Alles gut! Buckle-y has an award from the ADL. Just like that porno king Dalitz. Remember that wicked Sobran line from "How I Was Fired" about Buckle-y's appearing in Playboy! From now on, he's not Buckle-y, he's just plain Buckle. Mr. Buckle, junior assistant sub-editor emeritus and coffee-fetcher to the Pods. No mistake, this is embarrassing stuff. Buckle is surely in his dotage if he seriously means us to understand that Graham Crack-er was going along with Nixon's joke. Yeah huh no. You'd have to be a castrate never to have talked "publicly or privately" about the Jewish people. Wow! What an odd metaphor... Buckle is a self-castrate, of course, having admitted that he passes his editorial to plodding Poddy for vetting. Here yump Prager, always good for a laugh.

Jews -- Slavers from Way Back

Kikes dominated the American slave trade, and many others. If you want to know why jews are hatable, read here. Suckpoopery like other suckpoopery, yet perfect among it. It's the Bennett & Kemp show, Semitized for Jews' protection. Here interesting thread on our economy.

Passing of the Great Race

Grant work.... More here. Negroes a long way away are no better than negroes here. 'Groids. They don't travel well. Here a jewess denounces hate speech while standing up for free speech. Those kooky kikes, ya gotta love 'em. Or gas 'em. Here on screwups in McVeigh case.

Feminism, the Destabilizer

It works.

NA in Framingham

Jews' Own NYT's Globe coverage... More here from the MetroWest mopes. Here a brainwashed White female "reporter," as in the last Framingham meeting. More in letters 104. Here the ADLpates on York.

Shocking Discovery For Jews -- Actions Have Consequences

Here, the proverbial What, having Gone Around, now Comes Around -- smack into Jewish laps. "For many Israelis, the fear of terror striking anywhere, including in locations considered to be relatively safe, has resulted in a desire to remain in the safety of their own homes." As you Yids've been telling Americans in the wake of September 11, "Welcome to the real world!" Stay in your apartments, peering nervously from behind the shades. Now you'll know what it's like to be an elderly White lady -- left behind in a post-American city which Jews with their immigration and "civil rights" and tikkun olam have "remade" into a hellhole -- afraid to walk down nigger-filled streets to the grocery store, jumping at shadows, coming awake at every sound that might be a murderous spic crawling through the window. Enjoy, you bastards. Your "movers" danced, cavorted as they filmed the collapse of the World Trade Center -- now it's our turn to point, chuckle, make funny faces as the Tweezer Man picks blasted scraps of Shmuel out of the treetops. The "religion of civility" developed so that Whites could get along with each other; it must be replaced by the New Hardness when dealing with Jews. Here, some Harvey Tannenbaum or other, "watching the children burn in their strollers in Mea Shearim." Were you expecting maybe sympathy Harvey? We're digging through debris at a garbage dump to find fragments of our people who died -- involuntarily -- for Israel. "There is no difference between a 'settler,' 'soldier,' 'secular,' or 'Chassidic Jew,'" whines Tannenbaum. "The target is the JEW." Gosh, that's what we've always said. It's taken until Adar of the year 5762, but he's catching on!

Jewish Media Control

They don't, huh? Here jew-taught niggers want 7.4B-illion from GM. Here kikes use bogey of "child porn" as way to censore 'Net. More here on Operation "Candyman."

Wall Street and the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution

Commies or cappies, they're always kinky-klose kikies...

Philadelphia To Tear Self Down

We keep finding these stories everywhere; from thriving city to "urban prairie" in less than fifty years, the destruction of urban White American civilization is complete in many areas. 500,000 people have fled from Philadelphia since 1960; now the city, having towed 40,000 abandoned cars, will tear down 14,000 empty houses. "See a vast Edwardian mansion loom into sight, then peer through a hole in its side and see junkies copping fixes." Visualize a White America -- with no niggers being used as tools for clearing one vast tract after another, no Sudanese, Chinese, Mex, Filipino flood to keep wages low and rents high -- and no Jewish "re-developers" cashing in on the chaos. Just Right.

Dirt By The Boatload

The invasion of the White West marches on unopposed. A derelict freighter with more than 1,000 Kurds aboard has landed its foul cargo in Sicily. We Whites can't grasp that our "religion of civility" -- Whites being nice to each other -- developed for White survival, and does not apply in today's race war. Dirts play on our emotions as upon a violin. "The crew and passengers had threatened to throw the children overboard if the boat was turned back." White response? "Italian doctors...were flown to the ship by helicopter." Jean Raspail's novel, Camp Of The Saints is coming true -- "Government officials say that up to 15 other ships similar to the Monica are already at sea, packed with other would-be migrants." Here, your choice of 187 news stories about the swarming mobs of dirts who have actually shut down rail freight traffic through one of the White man's crowning engineering achievements -- the Channel Tunnel. Anywhere Whites live is targeted -- especially the US. Thanks, Jews. Thanks, Lutherans.

We Keep Takin' 'Em, They Keep Makin' 'Em

Mexican sewage pipeline operating at full capacity for at least another fifty years, according to southern plumbers... Mexico is at war with us. We don't fight it because the Jews who control our government prefer we nuke Iraq. That's good for Israel, they think. What if America were controlled by Whites, White man?

Lutheran Scum Capitalize On 9/11

On September 11, the World Trade Center was destroyed by LEGAL ARAB IMMIGRANTS. Here, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services tries to wrap itself in the flag -- or should we say body bag -- to whine for more money to bring in more dangerous aliens! They call this "Helping American Communities Cope With September 11!" Here, the president of LIRS, wealthy, deracinated elitist Ralston Deffenbaugh. "The son of an American executive of the Caterpillar Tractor Company, Deffenbaugh lived in Geneva from the age of nine until he was 15." You get to compete for jobs, housing with Somalis, Filipinos, other dirt because of "Ralie's" juvenile, Pepsi(TM)-commercial Vision Of A Better World. Deffenbaugh's fantasy traces back to "living in Geneva and attending the International School there with the children of many different nationalities." VNN's firm grasp on reality comes from its correspondents having lived in American cities, and from their having having attended court-order-desegregated public schools with violent niggers, Mexicans, the dregs of many different nationalities. "Bringing New Life," say Lutherans. "Looking out for our own," say White men. Which one are you?

Jews 'n' Stooges Hot for Nuclear War

Nuke Izzy's enemies! Ignore her spies! Now the kikistocracy says bin Laden doesn't matter. Bushy II, coming soon to a puppet theater near you. If you can draw this simple blueprint, you just might have what it takes to make it at Kikistania College of Art. Jews won't fight for America. They'll just egg it into war to destroy their enemies -- and tell you to pony up your sons. Jews hate you, White man. Their aim is the genocide of the White race. Jews and the Demonic Dog.

Radio Free Dixie

Coming soon from Duke's guys... 'Groids can't be schooled. Government loves "secret evidence," great way -- along with torture -- to convict "terrorists" -- defined as anyone opposed to the Jewish agenda. NA audio-video here. Hispanics stink. 18 months for firewood. It's the USSA. No poaching on the king's land.

White Art: Celtic Music

Good Cantrell; one of my favorite Rockwell writers, but no longer posted there. Here a long and interesting defense of the theory that everything good or at least representative of the South is Celtic. Consider this highly interesting selection: To the Greeks, as to the early Romans and to Celts and other peoples whose Indo-European values have not been diluted or contaminated, the individuals freedom and rights cannot be separated from his place in his clan and to the larger tribe and nation. The Greeks intuited that an Empire actually destroys freedom even as it frees individuals from responsibilities to clan, tribe, sect, local community, for the Empire makes all its citizens virtual slaves to the Empire. The Greeks were so focused on local community run in accordance with clan, tribe, and sect that they were a series of city-states independent of one another. That, of course, poses its own difficulties, certainly when those independent city-states are threatened with the might of the world's largest empire. But what have you gained if in order to save yourself, your clans and tribes and local communities, from an empire destroying local freedoms and cultures you become an empire that destroys local freedoms and cultures? Cantrell has made our racist case, and very handsomely and historically. He is doing it from his own bias -- claiming that WASP = war and empire; Celtic = clan and confederation -- but it maps on to our points very nicely. More here. And here.

Kikes Atwitter About Latest "Holo"-Show

Oy! Hell on earth, it was! Now give me my money... Here on Pals killing collaborators. Here on the Burton manuscript dicussing kikes' proclivity for draining shaygets for kicks and drinks. Here Canada sells citizenship to rich kikes and kongs. Here kikes and shits breaking bread in L.A. Rab Shmuely and kike Pollard here. Jews -- can't trust 'em. Be careful. Photo could induce vomiting. Pollard should be tortured to death on national tv in a pay-per-view special and the funds donated to nut-shot Palestinian kids and their families. Here Jewsweek picks the most repugnant kikes in America. How many of them aren't some version of kahn man? Jew-polluted New York. Where else on earth can you find a jew swindling at 3:00 a.m.? Latvians know what kikes are all about: murder and hate. Fight the real hate -- fight the Jew. Jews: the original hate group.

New Wolzek promo here.

Who Is To Be Master Of The World?

Lecture II, on man, way-station to the Anthony M. Ludovici


It starts with Arch Stanton

Fiction: Real Property Severance

A short Victor Wolzek

Jews "Legislate Reality" and Invite Insurrection

Those who make peaceful change impossible -- while hypocritically lying that it is -- are going to end up bloody and mangled. It's White against Jew, winner take Karl Kammler

Letter from Ward Kendall on the Publishing of
Hold Back This Day

Think America's a free country? Think you can publish a novel with minority-crit? Think you can self-publish same? It's not that Ward Kendall

Jews Hate Christians

Christians are too cowardly to resist that hate, so they pretend it doesn't exist. Keep biting your tongue, Christians. You can't even pray in your own schools! You can't even put a goddam creche on city property! Keep eating Suckpoop Joe's kosher bullshit & abalone sandwiches. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. We've got the curbs. We've got the toothbrushes. It's time Danglestein gets to scrubbin'. Here's a good picture of L.A. Keep in mind lying kike Davey Horowitz's lie that the U.S. can survive as the U.S. even if it's 90% non-White. It takes a kike to lie like that... And the Republican Party listens to him with both ears, as he likes to brag. What is wrong America? When did you stop seeing the Jew for what he is: the destroyer of nations. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. It's either it or you. Here on why L.A. sucks; quite a site, browse around on it. The truth about race? As Twain put it: Anyone hurt? No ma'am. Killed a nigger.

The Jews of the Frankfurt School

Hitler kicked them out of Germany. We foolishly, foolishly let them in. Hitler's gain became our loss. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. The CCC and the WND columnists who criticize the Frankfurt school are careful always to call these kikes Germans -- cowards they are. You can always spot a Christian coward: he always blames Germany because he's afraid to criticize the guilty Jew. Not us. You'll always get it straight at VNN. VNN wishes a happy St. Patrick's Day to John Murray Cuddihy, whose Ordeal of Civility was and remains the most mind-blowing book we've ever read. He also wrote about "No Offense," the WASP code that led to our destruction at the hands of aggressive, irascible, racist Jews. Indispensable for understanding Marx and Freud, the authors of the 20th century. Did you know that Freud, traveling to America, remarked that Americans thought he was bringing panacea, but actually he was bringing "plague." Dead jews good. Live jews bad. Support your local suicide bomber. No blood for Jews. No money for Jews. No breath for Jews. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


They're magically delicious!

Bushy's Amnesty: Helping the Kikes Murder America

Sowing the seeds of a Mexican army in our midst. The practical meaning is that the government of the United States is illegitimate. It stands on power, nothing else. When you don't protect your border, you aren't a nation. ZOG approves our Southwest being overrun by shitskins. "Good for Jews," it's. Whites object. But Whites are powerless, at present. Nothing will change until the Jews controlling the country are destroyed. Your skin color is your party, White man. The Republicants can't defend you. They see the future, and the future is Mexican. Unless I and you do something about it. Now they're talking about the "African Holocaust." Here St. Paul diversity bilge. Here craven Republican afraid to commemorate Confederate history month. Just what exactly do you get from the Republican Party, White man? What does it do for you except give handouts to niggers and make googly eyes at shitskins and take policy advice from kikes? What do you get out of it? Hot air on taxes? Here on a shitskoodi, busted trying to add his mite of greatest strength to our lot.

Framingham Follies

The bank robber look is IN!


Old interview, but revealing...

Brandeis Whine

The yidlets at Brandeis University are more politically involved than your average Gentile college student. Why? Because they got the connections to the halls of power. Gentiles don't. However, some Gentile college students do their own "guerilla politics," and join forces with Andrei Kievsky in protesting the Framingham Human Replacement Commission. Yids vie for power in Jew-versus-Jew electoral politics; White Gentiles practice the guerilla politics of a people who are marginalized and marked for extermination. Turn the tables on the kike, White man: unite and fight the kike.

Pearl? What About the Journalist the Jews Murdered?

Israeli troops opened tank fire today on Palestinian and foreign journalists reporting on the latest Israeli offensive in Ramallah and adjacent refugee camps. Italian freelance journalist Rafaele Ciriello died when he was hit in the chest and abdomen and left bleeding for 30 minutes. Israeli troops refrained from rescuing him and banned ambulances from evacuating him. Jews think they can get away with anything. They pride themselves on it.

Izzies Unpopular in Britain

Here the brownies write about bin Laden as the Pancho Villa of Islam. France is being eaten alive by colored dirt.

Browns Mad Jew Picked UC Chancellor

Los Angeles, Alta California - 3/12/2002 - (ACN) Mexican-Americans and other Latinos in Alta California are today very disappointed at Governor Davis for having appointed the husband of U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein as U.C. Regent instead of Dr. Manuela Sosa. The announcement from the governor's office was released just one day before demonstrations were to take place at the U.C. Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco. A large contingent of students and community leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino counties boarded a "Freedom Ride" bus this evening and are now on their way to San Francisco. They will be joined by UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley students at the meeting that starts at 8:30 A.M. tomorrow. The purpose of the action is to make it loud and clear to the governor, the president of the university and to the board that the Mexican-American community in Alta California is sick and tired of being pushed aside and that we will no longer tolerate educational inequality in the state. The appointment of Jewish mogul Richard Blum over Dr. Manuela Sosa is just another example of how Jews dominate not only the media, politics and finance but also academia. This power imbalance must not continue or we might be headed for a situation similar to Palestine. We should not replace the outgoing UC Riverside Chancellor who is Jewish with another Jew. Enough is enough. Ya Basta! Your skin color is your party, White man, in the Jew's New America. The sooner you realize that the better.

Framingham Human Relations Commission

Overview, and more here.

U.S. Has Illegal Immigration "Death Wish"

"The House of Representatives' vote passing legislation that would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants already in the U.S. means the country has a 'death wish,' Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said Tuesday." It doesn't take a Republican to figure that out...look around you, White man, and watch your numbers dwindle. When we tell people that there are going to be 400 million people in the U.S. by 2050, they invariably say "I'm glad I won't be here to see that." We have to remind them that the 150 million additional non-Whites aren't all going to arrive on the same flight...that we're seeing the effects already. Jammed highways, dangerous streets, strained infrastructure, expensive housing, low wages, full jails, unsafe hospitals, and a bottomless tax pit for ed-you-cay-shun in 60 different languages. Visualize White America.

"Iberia, Not Siberia"

The first Americans were White? Quite possibly so. But they were genocided by Mongoloids 10,000 years ago. More here. Learn about the race you spring from, White man. It's an amazing story; an amazing tradition you can carry on. Or, you can watch tv and be a consumer. Here on Kennewick man.

Danglestein, Meet Slashowski

VNN's correspondent has just returned from a fact-finding tour through Chicago's heavily Polish northwest side, where rich investment-banker Jew, anti-gun Clinton insider, and dual-citizenship traitor-by-definition Rahm Emanuel is running for the House seat being vacated by Mayor Daley's handpicked anti-gun Illinois gubernatorial candidate Rod Blagojevich. Ed Moskal, head of the Polish-American Congress and no stranger to telling Yids where to stick it, recently questioned Emanuel's loyalty. Hundreds of Emanuel signs were jammed into lawns all over the area by roving gangs of ward-heelers -- and as we traveled along a twenty-block stretch of neat brick bungalows, we saw that every single sign had been neatly sliced in half, doubtless during the night. Signs for other Democratic candidates were undisturbed. What we saw today was open, obvious, knife-wielding anti-Semitism, in the spirit of the New Hardness -- and parted placards presage punctured Pearls.

Jews -- Can't Trust 'Em

The case of kike "reporter" Ethan Feinsilver. Why the name alone tells you all you need to know. Yates knows the deal here, he's just afraid to mention that this is par for the course when it comes to kikes. Indeed, Yates helpfully supplies the (Jewish) after Feinsilver! 'Cause we were wondering, Dr. Steve. Kikes are evil. That's all there is to it. What kike Feinsilver did to Perdue is just a microcosm of what Kikemedia tried to do to Jesse Helms in his campaigns against Gantt, for instance. Writing about this won't change anything; suicide bombers will. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Jews are evil people. They make it a special mission to spread hatred of Whites among coloreds. Jews enjoy and profit from making films that encourage blacks to murder and rape Whites, as Duke talks about in My Awakening.

Irving and the Jewish Cavalcade of Whimsy

Now Irving's "evil." This article is a perfect example of the way Jews operate. They lie and smear honest men, and then go on as if theirs is the only and obvious version of reality. Not a single word mentioned in this dishonest Salon piece about jews conspiring behind the scenes to mess up Irving's career, to prevent him from writing and publishing and selling his books and traveling to countries to lecture to people interested in hearing the truth. No, the public and the best conformist historians love him, buy his books, flock to hear him speak, and all of a sudden, him become hateful, attack the poor little pussykatz. Die kikes! Say hello to my little fren', kikes: Tweezermensch! Oy! With all this overtime, getting rich, I'm! he says. We say, twisting Twain, Jews are the only race that employs Tweezer men. Or needs to. Salon likes to pitch itself as some kind of fresh, new alternative to the media we're used to getting. More like the second road apple out of the horse.

Blee Bilge

Elisha Strom on the woman and her book on pro-White women...

Jews Trying to Drive Pro-Russians Off TV

Why can't a Jew/Be more like a man? Here Italy threatens to break with Israel over the journalist Jews murdered. Kikistan becomes less attractive study-abroad option. Here on shitty Jews who think they should be allowed to dictate who the Catholic church canonizes.

Racist Tigers Play Bocci Ball With Nogthief's Noggin

"They grabbed him and first played with him. He died of a broken neck and a fractured skull," police spokeswoman Milica Bezuidenhout told Reuters. The body was removed after the tigers, a male and a female, had been sedated, she said. Tigers know what niggers are good for.

Mass. Insanity

The public "educators" won't be satisfied til every gradeschooler has AIDS. Weepy nuke stuff here. Anytime you hear "Holocaust" mentioned in the same breath as "education," you know you're being scammed. Even Freeple know that Bush doesn't give a damn about this country turning into Mexico. Like Bushy I and his "no new taxes," Bushy II is a liar. These guys are just puppets for the Jews, and the jews want the shitflood. So it continues, right up until we the people stop it. Your pick: low IQ or "racism" explains lack of negro scientists. More Mass. insanity. Jewish teachers endanger your children, mind and body. Don't let the Jews ward your offspring, White man. Safeguard your kids the VNN way -- the White way: No Jews. Just Right.

What Do We Get From Israel?

We know what they get from us: money, technology and blood. More Sabra and Chatila massacre witnesses dead. Here on supposedly racist letters and anthrax threat. At least a dozen identical letters, postmarked Friday from Oakland, reached lawyers in Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and San Francisco, as well as the La Peña Cultural Center and the Centro Latino culture and language institution, both in Berkeley. Ideas about 9/11, who knows what's true? Who is a Jew. Kikes and the Fried press.

Gov't Destroying OKC Evidence

Burn 'em up, cover it up, waaaay up. Canadian synagogue goes whoosh! B'nai B'glie demands investigation as a "hate" crime. Oy! Anti-Semitic email! Make it stop! Here Judeo-gov locks White kids in with niggers, to prevent their learning and make sure they are physically harassed. Thanks, Jews.

Jews Afraid of the Truth

Here they censor Swedish newspaper's online forum. Kikes can't handle the truth. It's not on their side, after all. Here kike Soros does his part for NWO. Here Jew-kahness Charen advocates National ID cards. Register Jews, not Americans. Here on "terrorism" and its uses. Here google discriminates against gun and knife owners who want to advertise. It does the same for anybody who wants to criticize Jews. More here. When you seek to understand why something is banned, search for the Jew. Not the money, the Jewish interest. Here kikes are popping anxiety pills like Pal nuts. A taste of the reality of Jewish hate here. Good stuff from Britain here. Jews don't like eating out anymore. You destroyed our countries -- now it's happening to you, kikes. Make the connection?


Jews are not part of the West. They just act that way because it's in their interest. Interesting report on the Durban conference last year. Here on Zurich called world's most desirable city. Here's some White radio for you. Here Somali monkeys call for cop chief ouster after one of their own was shot after running amok with a machete. Here article on Hale, blaming him for Smith's actions. "Conspiracy radio" here.

Bible: Jewish Tall Tales

Face facts, philo-semitism fades.... There was no "Holocaust"; they never were in Egypt -- they do lie, though. Here Cockburn on Graham comments. Here Jews shoot up Christian church. More on Graham here.

Yooish and Goyish

"Check out the smarmy little Jewish bigotries on this site..." says a reader. Here's the part they left out: Lying is Jewish. Plain speech is goyish. Swindling is jewish. Earning is goyish. Cutting your kid's dick off is Jewish. Intact genitals is goyish.

Foxman Raked by Kike Fellows

Under the leadership of Abe Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League has becomea lobbying group that defends nazis more often than it attacks them. When Matt Hale, a nazi pig, wanted to become an attorney and the Illinois bar refused to admit him, Foxman came to Hale's defense. When 99% of Jewish groups called for a boycott of Austria over the Haider issue, Foxman stated that there should be no boycott. When a Jewish CIA employee complained about bias against him Foxman would not let the ADL help him. Shortly thereafter, George Tenant, Director, Central Intelligence, appeared at a diner for Foxman. Foxman has stated that Jew-killer Arafat deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and according to Mordachai Levy,has met with Arafat on the Sabbath.

Snowdrifts, Part Three: Outside is America

This section focuses on the White Power movement within America... We stopped in Oklahoma for waffles, and there had breakfast with hardened cowboys (of German and English blood, respectively) beneath a placard that related "No Taking the Lord's Name in Vain" and "Leave Your Weapons in Your Vehicle". We rode a cross-country rail line with a French artiste and author who wandered the great Southwest in search of a story for his next novel. We saw a "Scotch-Irish" (Ulster) flower in Virginia - whose genetic pool wasn't much disturbed - gently chiding her beautiful children beneath a towering tulip tree. We then tried our hands at poetry with Catholic Irish in New York and later popped into Little Italy for cafe and political discussion (on Berlusconi's chances). We also danced in San Francisco at a Russian eatery, just us, the musicians, and the owner (and above us, on the ceiling, gazed at murals of Imperial Russian military victories). And finally, we returned home to our beloved Bavarian hangout, where we related these stories to friends. Very detailed, highly interesting look at a formerly White region of California; useful microcosm of greater loss. You cannot have Mexicans and civilization at the same time.

Jews Admit Spying On U.S. -- Sort Of, A Little, Maybe

"We-ell, there is a grain of truth..." Jews demur...but then try to put a good face on it all! Here, some Perelman or other puts forth that Israel was doing us a favor! "...the incidents in question appear to represent a case of Israelis in the United States spying on a common enemy, radical Islamic networks suspected of links to Middle East terrorism." The Jews dancing, laughing, videotaping the collapse of the World Trade Center were merely "acting strangely." Here, more "strange" Jewish behavior in Pennsylvania. These "movers" had videotape of Chicago's Sears Tower -- probably because of the "radical Islamic networks" hiding within. Hm? Here, more on " movers" -- and more. 120 Israeli "art students" were expelled for spying -- yet "'People are just planting falsehoods,' said Uzi Arad, a former head of the Mossad" -- whose motto, of course, is "By way of deception shalt thou do war." You can always trust a man named after a submachine gun. "Fox [News] reports were dismissed by Israel and its supporters and received limited coverage in the American media." Here's the whole Cameron series that Jews don't want you to read -- the story that Fox says "no longer exists." No timorous, looking-over-our-shoulder, Jew-censored, "limited coverage" here on VNN. No Jews, either. Just Right. Here on the poddykikes. Who died and appointed them dictators, anyway?

Patient, Heal Thyself -- Dr. Mbeki Can't Read The Instructions

Here, America's blame-the-White-victim culture reaches new heights. Now that our hospitals are filled with doctors, nurses, orderlies from the Third World, many of whom have your life in their hands but scarcely speak English, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Heathcare Organizations, with its new "Speak Up" campaign, is making patients responsible for their treatment! "If you're having surgery...ask the doctor to mark the area that is to be operated upon...tell the nurse or the doctor if you think you are about to receive the wrong medication...if you think he or she has confused you with another patient...Hand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infections. Don't be afraid to gently remind a doctor or nurse to do this." This was discovered around 1840, but it's your job to convince them. "Know what time of day you normally receive a medication" -- especially if you're unconscious. Our favorite -- "Make sure you are familiar with the operation of any equipment that is being used in your care." Hell, we were born experts on MRI apparatus, lithotripters, heart-lung machines. We even laser-correct our own vision. What does it tell us when such an organization admits that today's imported medical personnel are of such low quality that they can hardly wipe their own ass without an American to keep an eye on them? As many as 98,000 Americans may die each year due to medical screwups, yet the only emphasis on language difficulties is on making sure that Americans can communicate with dirts so as to give them free medical help -- not so that Korean, Indian, African personnel can care for American patients. Are we to believe that a Filipino LPN who refers to anything with wheels as a "ca" understands the words "cholecystectomy" and "benzodiazepine?" The Jewish-engineered immigration disaster has changed our hospitals from places of healing to Towers of Babel. VNN proposes a "Speak English" campaign -- and get that goat out of here, Doc.

Jews Murder Christian Freedom

Kids can't sing the word "God," so they have to drop out of Red Cross show. What creates a system like this? Jews. The Christian cowards who write for coward Joe Farah will blame atheists like me, or secular humanists, or liberals, but the real agent of anti-Christian hate is the Jew. The Jews killed your freedom, Christian White man -- just the way they killed your Savior. Are you going to take that sitting down? What kind of a man are you, anyway? Kike kill ratio dropping; now there's only 3-4 Pals dead per Izzy.

Jews Cry About France

Who knows how much is real, how much is Jewish exaggeration? A jew cuts his finger, the nigger in Timbuktu hears about it. Daily. For decades. An ill wind is blowing for the kikes, their millenia long grip is loosening as the Internet makes people aware of their uniquely bestial nature. All your pilpul and your teeny-weeny Johnnie Stewarts and your paunchy pontificating Friedmen availeth naught, kikes. Only a jew could believe that people get blood-mad over not having jobs. The truth, even for non-niggers, is much closer to a line in some rap song: "Hate work so much wouldn't even take a blowjob." This whole concept of "civilizational" war is a bullshit gambit by kikes to pretend that American has something to lose if Kikistan goes down. Well, we don't. We might even get back our own country. Some in Israel and in the American Jewish right argue that it is already a war of civilizations and that the only thing to do is kill Palestinians until they say "uncle." That is called "realism." Well, let me tell you something else that is real: If this uncompromising view becomes dominant in Israel and among American Jews, then cash in your Israel Bonds right now -- the country is doomed. Because there are so many more Muslims than Jews to be killed, and weapons of mass destruction are becoming so much smaller and so much cheaper, it won't be long before the student in my Egyptian friend's story gets one of his eight bombs and wipes Israel off the map. Is that real enough for you? Actually, Kinky Friedman, Israel's doomed either way.

Spanish Invasion

1,500,000 immigrants have entered Spain in the last year and according to a high-ranking police officer "one per cent of these come to Spain to live a life of crime", translating into 15,000 hardened criminals every year. More than half the 232,000 arrests made last year were foreigners and 470 foreign gangs have been revealed, many of these being classified as "extremely violent" by the authorities. Here Francis on our Mexican invasion. More on the subject at Vdare here.

An Anti-Semite Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Hollywood roils around anti-Semitism of protagonist of "A Beautiful Mind," although his delusional clarity not mentioned in picture. Jews dig up old papers proving how much everybody hates them. Why does everybody hate you, kikes? Because there's something wrong with them, right? I'm sure it couldn't be you. You're such an attractive lot. From your Allen Ginsbergs to your Alan Dershowitzes -- not to love, what's? Trying to imagine, I'm. Scratching my head, I'm. Making puzzled monkey looks, I'm. Here on Blee and her book on White Power women. More here.

The Quaint Ways of Negroes

They're more than quaint adornments to food boxes. Much, much more... Here on taxes in Des Moines. All the groups that subsidize Somali invaders are tax-suckers, of course. Here some drug-selling greatest strength is busted by cops. Here's the natural White product of Jew-culture. Here on AIDS-beridden nogs. Here on imported bush-babies throughout the upper Midwest, where the loony Lutherans roam free.

Alan! Don't Bother The Tweezer Man! Alan?

Again and again, Jews tell us how glad they are that the U.S. has finally been attacked by terrorists. "Wecome to the real world!" they gloat. Here, the Jewish vision for America. "Moment, the café that blew up this time, is about a mile from my house, maybe less. It's a popular place in the heart of Rehavia, as quiet and bourgeois as a Jerusalem neighborhood gets...I walked over to Moment, and found a man with tweezers perched three or four yards up in the air, picking human flesh out of a tree. Moment re-opened at this location only a few months ago, and all its furnishings were brand new. I walked over to the dumpster to look at a mountain of chairs, and a clean-up worker yelled 'Don't touch! That stuff has the taste of death. Get away!'" What a Jew! [elbowing, whispering, pointing]"Zaydie, look...look, Zaydie! Brand new furniture, it's!" In the middle of intifada a free chair he wants, already. Jews deserve to get blown up. We don't. What to do? No Jews. Just Right.

White Art: Mona Lisa

Who was the model?

Media: "Bias"

No. #1 -- a kike book "revealing" the truth about kikes and the media. Without ever pointing out kikes as kikes. Every angle covered, they've.


Video traffic monitors in Alberta...

Report from Human Relations Commission Meeting, 3/14/02

The Jews turn the tables on Kievsky, literally -- toowalking amongst Andrei Kievsky

The True Ignorance

Racism is the product of experience. 'Tolerance' is the product of ignorance. Time to take action, White S. Corvinus

Making Western Horses Drink

On creating a real political resistance to central liberalism now that Buchanan has put race on the table, however Semitically Correct his Karl Kammler

Racak, "Genocide," and the Measure of a Massacre

On the Milosevic trial and the eternal verities of human nature, unchanged by television or the Jews behind Karl Kammler

New cartoon here.

Kikes and Their Palettes

Oy! I'm from the Jewish Art Institute -- I'm here to paint you!

Do-It-Yourself News Article

Attention reporters: always-helpful VNN offers a handy pocket guide for writing your own "hate" leafleting article. Print and save, boys, print and Mark Rivers

Some Conservatives Fear White Nationalist Success

A rebuttal to the points raised in Scott McConnell's recent New York Press article on the American Renaissance conference. White Nationalists are serious, gentile neocons are Karl Kammler

Cold-Blooded Kike Murder in Living Color

This is what your money pays for, White man. This is why foreigners blow up your buildings. The great old country that we knew, Our America, is being murdered by Jews. David Horowitz, Norman Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg, Irving Kristol -- these are the murderers of America. Their suckpoops Joseph Farah, George Will and Cal Thomas are too cowardly to stand up to them. It's up to me and you, White man. Either we stand up to these folks and destroy them, or America goes the way of South Africa.

Bushy and the Republicunts Sell Out America Yet Again

Weak. Really weak. Your party is your skin color, White man. Don't kid yourself about the Republicans. They're cowards and controlled by kikes. Join National Alliance, read VNN, support us both -- get out in the streets with us and reclaim your country. More here. I'm sure I don't need to point out to you that not a single one of the myriad articles appearing post-9/11 to explain our immigration policy has mentioned the Jewish connection. All you need to know is this: in 1960, there were more Americans of Swiss descent than Mexican. Today, almost one in nine Americans IS a Mexican. That is completely due to the 1965 immigration "reform," which is completely due to Jewish political pressure. The Jews intended to racially destroy American by means of rewritten immigration law, and they succeeded. Now their boys masquerading as "conservatives" -- David Horowitz, et al. -- pretend that America is some sort of Idea, some kind of Glorious Abstraction that has nothing to do with the flesh-and-blood people who founded it. They lie. If you listen to the liars, the Jews, the paid stooges at WorldNetDaily, you will soon be living in South Africa. White Nationalism offers the only way out.

Repulingcunts Accede to Mexcrement

Fuck the Republican Party. Join the National Alliance and save the White race. The Reps are cowardly little rats who don't give a damn about America or the race that founded it. If you're serious about politics, you're not a Republican, White man. Here on East St. Louis, a well-known nigger hellhole. Perfect proof of Jefferson's "the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." Here on brown power in Texas, where they're already holding debates in Spanish only. Immigration of the third-world to your neighborhood is a Jewish curse on America, and one more reason that the kikes need to die. No Jews, no this: In a small enclave of Northern Virginia, surrounded by upscale shopping malls and affluent, manicured suburbs, immigrants speaking a total of about 70 languages struggle to build new lives in the face of poverty, overcrowding, and crime. The Culmore district, a stone's throw from Washington, D.C., has become a magnet for migrants because it offers a rare oasis of low-cost housing in Northern Virginia. A small, self-contained area of about 1,000 apartments in three- and four-story buildings, it constitutes a minimelting pot. ''Families coming here have many problems. ... But the biggest challenge is finding a good paying job,'' said Maria Demerest, who runs a community liaison office in the local elementary school. With money short, families often live eight or more people to a room, rent their living rooms, and still struggle to pay the rent. Teen pregnancy is rife, families are often broken apart, and children face the dangers and allure of gangs. ... All agree that the biggest problem is poverty. Average rents for a single bedroom apartment are about $1,000. Some families squeeze together in a single bedroom and rent their living room couch for $50 a week to a laborer. ''I do a lot of home visits, and I've seen eight to 10 people in one bedroom. The landlords turn a blind eye as long as they get paid,'' said Christina Schoendorf, who runs a youth club. All too often, when a single man rents space from a family with young daughters, the result is pregnancy. There is also the threat of crime and violence. There are black, white, and Asian gangs, but the largest is Mara Salvatruche, a Salvadoran gang known as MS-13, according to Detective Ken Comfer of the Fairfax County Police Department. ''Last year, a group of 15 MS members confronted another young man, and he was stabbed to death by a 14-year-old,'' Comfer said. ''He was charged as an adult and got 25 years. Jews and Jews ALONE are directly responsible for this kind of third-world crap in America. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

Fewer Sports for Men, More Women's Rugby

Jews are responsible for this kind of absurdity too. Women don't want to play sports in the same numbers as men, but Jewish-feminist ideologues think they should, so they pass laws requiring equal funding. The result is that dozens of men's programs -- there to satisfy interest -- are cut so that ridiculous, marginal women's programs can be created that they can't even find bodies to fill. Just another example of Jews "fixing" the world with their infamous tikkun olam. Fix yourselves, kikes. You're the ones who're broken, not us.

Nukes, Spies and Ecstasy

Let's use the nukes on the warmongers and their beloved Hate State. Think of the hundreds of billions back in your pocket, White man, if we dropped a nuclear weapon or two on Israel. Here Jew Pipes tries to fob off the Izzy spy story. Every Jew is one phone call from treason, because "good for Jews" is the sole standard Jews live by. Yet another reason we say: No Jews. Just Right. All that is necessary for jews to fail is for White men to do something. More here from WT's magazine, Insight. The bottom line is that the Cameron series wouldn't have been taken down if it weren't true. Jews must be extirpated from America and the White West. In virtually every incident of the many reported by the entire DEA field-office structure the pattern was similar: Students would attempt to enter secure buildings, take photographs, follow federal agents when they left buildings, show up at their homes, take pictures of their cars and circle their neighborhoods, visiting only their houses and then departing. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. HE KNOWS IT. DO YOU? Here on kike involvement in the ecstasy trade. Kikes are a dirty, rotten lot of parasitic swindlers, and the death of the last miserable leechlet will be cause for world celebration. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Britain: Reheated Farrakhan Debate

The only nigger in the world who isn't driven into Britain in a limo. More on Farrakhan here. Here we sickeningly see Britain go the way of America, exact same debate, just thirty years later. Oy, school reform will hurt the poor little niggers, who we can't observe in any newspaper or public forum are inherently stupider than Whites because that crosses Kike Boas' rule that everything is the product of culture. Death to the Jews who bring death to us. KIKES OUT OF THE UK. KIKES OUT OF THE U.S. KIKES OUT OF THE WEST.

Ancient Enemies

Here, the same "news item" that Jewish organizations have been releasing weekly for at least fifty years. "U.S. Jewish community launches new solidarity with Israel initiative." Why is such a tiny, insignificant group able to dominate so many? Persistence. "Israel against the nations!" down all the generations, through the years, through the centuries. The Jewish illusion is painted and "re-painted" and "re-invented" and "re-dedicated." The poison-dropper comes out of the bottle every morning. "A story a day, a story a day..." "The omnipresence of the Holocaust is evident in the coverage devoted to the subject in the two most politically influential US 1996, for example, the New York Times published more than 500 Holocaust-related articles, the Washington Post more than 300." After all, there's no business like Shoah business.

Your Tax Dollars At Work -- For Jews

Surprise! Jew Zeidman replaces Jew Greenberg as head of United States Holocaust Memorial Council. No "diversity" in this Presidential appointment, no "equal employment opportunity" when it comes to doing the delicate business of God's Chosen People. That must remain in safe, steady Jewish hands! "The president and director of an industrial service company in Houston, Zeidman holds leadership positions in the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and the American Jewish Committee." What have you done for your race today, affluent White man? How many "leadership positions" do you hold -- not on your condo board or at your country club, but in explicitly pro-White organizations? When was the last time you opened your checkbook to do anything but pay a bunch of Mexican landscapers? You may be able to live in a gated community -- but Jews and their insane Lutheran helpers are busy importing Somali cowherds for your daughter to dance with at her school. You might be leaning back opening your bank statements -- and get a dose of anthrax along with your interest. You might be limousine-whisked around "bad areas," and take a private elevator to your corner office on the 78th floor -- only to have a hijacked jetliner piloted by the Jews' enemies land right in your lap. There is a race war going on -- and now it has come for you. Why not get on the winning team?

Israel -- No Criticism Allowed

It's not possible to criticize Israel. "Onslaught! Pressure! Attacks! Demands!" Jews affect to clutch their breast, stagger backward in make-believe shock. Say one word, it's "bashing." The link to this story on JTA's main page was "UN rights group may bash Israel." We can never hear that word without thinking of a Jew we were once subjected to. Here he comes, in high dudgeon, rushing knock-kneed down the hall trailing an untied shoelace, shirt-tail out on one side, stumbling over his own thick briefcase! The put-on-earnest pimply Jew-face thrust into yours, the thick-rimmed glasses, that shock of unwashed, greasy hair hanging into the eyes, leaning into you, spittle flying with the accusations. "Beeashing!" Whine it! "You're beeashing us! Always atteeacking! Beeash, beeash, beeash!" Oi! Feh! Open the window!

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