Jews "Legislate Reality" and Invite Insurrection

by Karl Kammler

American Trinity: Free Men, Conformists, and Eccentrics

Not everyone is a meek, cookie-cutter conformist who just wants to bow down to this overblown, alien-controlled System. Some men still feel the burning desire to be free. Their blood boils when their freedom is chipped away little by little, and when they are expected never to say a word in protest.

Our forefathers revolted over offenses committed against them by government that were much less severe than they are today. Yet, people don't revolt because they've been slowly conditioned to accept the status quo as inevitable, if not legitimate. Most people remain sheep who blindly conform to "peer pressure," and they take as Gospel what Commie Chung tells them on TV. Many fear even discussing these kinds of topics, since they dread any "nastiness" that might jeopardize their comfort zone. The womb-like status quo that envelops the masses won't last, though. The ancient urge to be free will inexorably rise again, for it is the natural heritage of men of the West. Keep pushing us free men, and the government may not like what it receives in kind.

There are some people out there who appropriate the language of freedom and are, well, eccentric and maybe even dangerous to themselves and others. In past times, they would have been relegated to the backwoods. Those were better (and freer) times. In this modern age, though, the only people who are still serious about asserting their freedom often happen to be the "cranks" of yesteryear.

The eccentrics dramatically remind us cooler heads what men used to be made of. They also play the role of the "green troops" who enthusiastically rush the enemy. Sure, the enemy cuts them down, but they pave the way for the veterans to finish the job professionally, and they do often surprise the enemy and force him to reveal his positions and tactics.

Unhinged by Reading Books: The Big Lie

One of the favorite "Big Lies" of the controlled media is that "unstable" individuals read texts like The Turner Diaries, get "set off," and then commit mayhem in public. The rash actions of the eccentrics provide an opportunity for the controlled media and "experts" like Morris Dees to "prove" their theories about the dangers of reading "extremist" books, allowing them to beat the drums for censorship and "hate speech" laws ever louder. Those gullible enough to believe the media's Big Lie never stop to think that truly unstable people might not base their actions on the recommendations of others, but on their own inner imperatives. This intellectual failure should come as no surprise, since these are the same breed of people who believe that all human behavior is motivated solely by the external environment.

These Big Liars also seek to manipulate the external environment to control human behavior, especially when they're worried about people who might resist their tyrannical plans. The legal system is one of the choice tools for carrying out this manipulation, one well suited to the Talmudic instincts of the Big Liars. To them, if something strikes them as "scary," or makes them uncomfortable because it's not guaranteed to be under their control, the solution is always to pass a law against it (after calling the offending aspect of reality many names, of course). The Big Liars try to "legislate reality," even as they condemn traditional-minded folk for what they call "legislating morality."

"Legislating Reality" and ZOG's War on the Northwest

A recent example of ZOG "legislating reality" is Washington State's House Bill 2505, now sitting on Governor Gary Locke's desk, awaiting his signature. The bill, according to the Tacoma News Tribune, "makes it a felony to train someone to hurt or kill someone else." Rebecca Jacobs of the Seattle chapter of the ADL says of the bill, "We're very excited about this." I'll bet they are; it's a model bill for muzzling and disarming White Americans. The bill is prima facie unconstitutional, since it bans a certain form of speech -- teaching a skill. Not that the Constitution has stopped anybody. The Jews will just henpeck at all of our rights until people really come to believe that showing someone how to "hurt someone" (what is this, a kosher kindergarten?) is a felony. This kind of legislation will raise lots of good questions that might expose the true depth and goals of the ADL. For starters, does this law apply to NRA gun training classes? How about martial arts and self-defense instructors? Book publishers? Abortion doctors? Opens a nice can of worms, doesn't it?

Of course, the population group the legislation targets is that of the free-thinking, armed White man, the usual (and logical) target for ZOG, since it is the only demographic on this planet with the greatest inborn potential for resisting enslavement in the New World Order. Nor should it be surprising that the boom is being lowered in the Northwest. Too many rugged Americans in that region for ZOG's tastes, which is why the government and its allied alphabet "anti-hate" groups focus so intently upon that region. They went after Randy Weaver. They took out Robert Mathews. Pastor Butler fell victim to them. See a pattern? It's not just a reaction to the modern Movement phenomenon in the Northwest; it goes much deeper than that, for our enemies. Madison Grant, the great American racialist, zoologist, and conservationist, wrote of that region in 1916 in The Passing of the Great Race:

Personally the writer believes that the finest and purest type of a Nordic community outside of Europe will develop in northwest Canada and on the Pacific coast of the United States. Most of the other countries in which the Nordic race is now settling lie outside the special environment in which alone it can flourish.

What an ally like Grant sees, an enemy can see just as well. Yehudi is targeting the life-giving "groves" of our race, chopping them down in the same way he is literally uprooting the olive trees of the Palestinians half a world away. It is no coincidence that most peoples of the earth feel a bond to the land, to a specific territory, yet the Eternal Jew wanders the earth as a rootless cosmopolitan. There is a twisted method to Jewish madness. ZOG can't seem to import enough non-Whites into the Northwest. That's because the Jew plays to win. So should we.

The Coming Counteroffensive

Where do the eccentrics fit into this picture? If the eccentrics didn't exist, I suspect things would be worse in this country, because the government would be able to get away with even more outrages. At least with the eccentrics out there, and the Second Amendment, the government might back off a little. The government should fear the people; that's the only thing that keeps government in check: the knowledge that if it pushes too far, silent and determined men will punish it.

The government's desire to suppress eccentrics reveals its shortsightedness. When the government clamps down harder, with the approval of the Soccer Moms and Joe Sixers, it creates a chain reaction of oppression and resistance that will spiral. The government will be unable to deliver the "safety" the Soccer Moms expect from it. The government will lose legitimacy the more it grasps for power.

The new Washington "civil disorder" bill will thus create the very problem it sets out to solve. No worries. The tree of liberty could use a little watering with the blood of patriots and tyrants. If you'd like a guidebook to discerning the times, and seeing into the future, I recommend Thomas Chittum's Civil War Two, available at Chittum gives some indicators as to when the White Cold War against ZOG might turn hot, and I think we reached an early milestone when the Democrats in Texas recently announced they were planning a gubernatorial debate to be conducted entirely in Spanish, for the first time in American history. Now we have the infamous Bush Section 245(i) Amnesty, and the above-described tightening of anti-militia laws in the Northwest (in preparation for...?). Interesting times lie ahead. Note to the cooler heads: keep your powder dry, and enjoy the show! You're rational enough not to start anything, and professional enough to finish it once it starts.


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