Proud to be White

by Kathy Robertazzo

In today's politically correct society it is perfectly acceptable to be proud to be Black, proud to be Gay but as soon as you proclaim to be proud to be White you are immediately labeled a racist, a hate monger, a bigot. To espouse the view that I am proud to be White is not about hate but about love of my race, and if it is perfectly acceptable for other races to make such a claim, I see absolutely nothing wrong with sending the message that I am proud and that the preservation of the White race is paramount to society.

I do not advocate race mixing for several reasons:

I believe the White race is beautiful and I want it to survive.

If the White youths of today believe the propaganda put out by Hollywood and the music industry wherein race mixing is touted and portrayed as completely acceptable, before long the entire world will be marking "mixed" on their census and other forms and there will be no separate and distinct races. Races are different for a reason, they should remain distinct from one another. Crossbreeding does not make for a better specimen. Take certain canines that have been crossbred to the extent that their brains are too large for their heads and the result is a breed of dog that is violent and vicious, the Pit Bull, the Doberman, the Dalmatian. It is unnatural to fool with Mother Nature, be it animal or human.

In today's society White people are not allowed to stand alone, they are not allowed to have for example an all White beauty contest, yet Blacks have Black beauty pageants with the exclusion of White women. Hispanics have Hispanic celebrations that are 100% Hispanic-geared. We are not allowed to celebrate the greatest race on this earth, the race responsible for the majority of inventions, art, music, etc., because some other race might be offended, yet the White race is not supposed to be offended when the politicians in this country are falling all over themselves to garner the Black, Hispanic, Gay and Jewish votes and have completely taken the White vote for granted because they know we wouldn't dare make a fuss.

You go to major cities around the country and there are Black neighborhoods, Hispanic neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods and even areas concentrated with Gays but Whites are not allowed to separate themselves from other races, as evidenced by government programs such as Section 8 Housing, busing of Blacks and Hispanics to all White schools.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live with your own kind, unless you are White -- and then you're prejudiced if you want to live separate and apart from other races.

This country has operated with open borders, allowing illegal aliens to pour into this country by the millions and with the surge of illegal Mexican aliens, not only will the economy be harmed, jobs stolen from American citizens but the threat of the White race is at stake and before long the White race will be the minority and Mexicans will be running this country.

It's time to be heard, it's time to tell the politicians they will not take our votes for granted any longer. If they want our vote they had better start speaking for us and doing for the White race instead of worrying about the rights of illegal aliens at the cost of the preservation of the White race. It's time to close the borders for good, send the three million illegal aliens packing and get this country back on track through White domination.

If the White race becomes extinct, if it becomes the minority, what kind of world will we live in? Will the United States become another Africa if Blacks should become the majority, a country that is so primitive that the majority of people still live in mud huts and no running water, without the influence of the White man? If the Hispanics become the majority, will the United States become another Mexico where there is an overpopulation and not enough jobs to go around?

If the United States becomes dominated by either Blacks or Hispanics, the streets will not be safe for American citizens of any color, the streets will become a war zone. The majority of violent crime in this country is committed by Blacks and Hispanics as evidenced by the percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in prison today, compared to the White population.

I am not ready to capitulate, I am ready to continue the struggle to make sure this country remains White-dominated because without a society dominated and controlled by the White Race, we will suffer a worse fate than the Roman Empire. A White person could not walk down the streets of a Black or Hispanic neighborhood and be safe, yet we are supposed to accept those people into our communities. Why is it that when people talk about bad neighborhoods, they are Black or Hispanic-dominated, you never hear anybody referring to an all White community as a "bad neighborhood" or an "unsafe neighborhood"?

My dream is that more and more White people will hold their heads up and be proud and not let the liberal media brainwash them into thinking it's wrong to be White, that somehow we have to feel guilty because we're White. Don't let your government turn this into a Third World country, do all you can to expand and preserve the White Race and don't be afraid to denounce interracial dating or marriage. Have you ever seen a blue Cardinal? Even in the wild the animals know better than to mix.

I'm White and I'm Proud!


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