Why Children?

by Christian P. Anderson

Parenting can be a challenge. It is often hard work and time consuming, which is the reason many White people have chosen not to have children. The poorer people generally cannot afford contraceptives or abortions and they choose to have the child, knowing the consequences. Most of the time they come from a long line of parents who have had large families, whether they have had the money to properly take care of them or not. White people need to change their views on child bearing, if the White race is to survive.

Hundreds of years ago the White family was quite large, mainly due to the high infant mortality rate and the nature of farm life. As medicine progressed, and the natural evolution of the white race leapt forward, people felt more comfortable with having fewer and fewer children. With a smaller household came more leisure time and more time to work. Today, we have healthy, intelligent women who think they are being responsible by not having any children. White people need to understand that the most important contribution they can make to the world is to be a good parent to as many of their own children as possible.

The Nazis believed in the immortality of the soul, as do I. How does a word processor document, once it is written, keep from vanishing? It is saved to the hard drive or to a diskette. In a way, children are our saved copies. With them much information is held and if properly groomed, will be there forever. Our genetic material, and that of our ancestors, continues to exist in our children. Once we die, we do not vanish completely. Our genes, our essence, lives on through our offspring.

The lower races have not experienced the effects of leisure as has the white race. Negroids, Mongoloids, and their mixes have not adapted to healthy modern living and therefore continue to push forward their offspring. Half of China does not have access to a bathroom and yet it holds well over one billion people; India is fast approaching the same situation. Many members of the lower races who have had it well and who are lucky in life still produce an abundant amount of offspring because that is their tradition. The White race with all of its advantages and success has no excuse for not having as many children as possible.

Too often, successful White people refuse to have any children, or they limit themselves to only one or two. Too many White people are selfish. They would rather drive a new car and live in an expensive neighborhood than have three or more children. White people should be more concerned with the future of our race and the well being of our race rather than their own petty, selfish concerns. I plan on having six to nine children, because I know that once I depart this world they are all I have left.

There is one especially pernicious argument that is commonly used as an excuse not to have children, and that is "more children will contribute to overcrowding and harm the environment." That is a horrible paradigm, and a very damaging one to our race. What is a danger to our environment are the many Mongoloid and Negroid children who produce nothing and do not take care of the environment. We, members of the White race, know how to take care of the environment and have been both the founders and main advocates of environmentalism. Coloreds have never shown much interest in the environment beyond using it to satisfy their immediate desires, and there is no reason to think they will change in the future. The White environmentalist should be the loudest advocate of Whites having as many children as possible, because without them, environmentalism is dead, the larger animals abandoned to Chinese who care for nothing but filling their plate and medicine cabinet.

Besides the broader environment, there's also our particular and unique heritage. Our genes are rich. They carry with them generations of war, famine, disease, and numerous other disasters overcome. Genes are our sacred stones, on which our ancestors have left their mark. The genius of our race lives in our genes. It is depressing to think that the White race will become extinct because of the selfishness and stupidity of its own people. Picture a world of slanted eyes and broad noses, of black and yellow skin, of only black and nappy hair. Picture yourself in that world and imagine what it would feel like to see the larger animals completely killed off, the mass starvation. You alone have the ability to change that, so use it while you have the chance, while you are healthy. For the women, do not let child-bearing age pass you by. For the men, it is never too late to have children so long as you are healthy.

Get out there and breed, White man!


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