The Anti-Racist Pathology

by Robert Grey

Nothing is as fascinating as an objective examination of the typical Anti-racist. I personally believe anti-racism to be a kind of mental illness, a form of self-hatred but with the aggression directed outward toward one's own race. Trying to tell the Anti-racist that he is being played for a damn fool and serving the interests of the most racist people on earth is like trying to talk to a brick wall. Yes, the anti-racist is a testament to the powers of psychological warfare and I doubt that it is possible to make him see the errors of his ways. The anti-racist has been lied to and he has accepted those lies as the truth, he is too far gone, his mind is locked and will not accept another point of view. If encountering the anti-racists disturbs you, it helps to think of them as religious fanatics, for that is essentially what they are. Don't argue with the anti-racist, doing so is as futile as trying to get the religious man to renounce his faith. I almost feel pity for the anti-racist, for he has lost control of his mind.

Looking at anti-racists I have noticed there are many different types. Here is a brief description of various types of anti-racist and my own thoughts about racism

The University radical

This fool wants revolution, he wishes he was a student back in the 1960s when it was all happening, he wants to protest and wave placards. He wants to add a sense of excitement and purpose to his life. In an infantile way he thinks he is fighting the powers of evil and making the world a better place. He is not necessarily religious but he knows that if in fact there is a deity watching over him he has got a place in heaven for being so politically correct.

The new-age Hippie

Usually pierced and with dreadlocks this dupe worships all things non-white, any form of non-white culture will do, his music tastes range from reggae to rap. His mind is numb with marijuana and he thinks he is at peace with the world because he has done penance for being white with his non-white worship. The new-age hippie is always a rabid environmentalist and when not scarfing tasteless soy curd is complaining about the evil white capitalists who are destroying the world. He believes the lie that the native peoples around the globe have a special connection with mother earth, a mystical spirituality ignorant white people can never hope to understand.

The everyday anti-racist

Constantly on the look out for a chance to affirm his political correctness this person knows on a subconscious level that the most powerful people in the world have got it in for the white race. He is a coward who knows he has nothing to fear from attacking white racial solidarity. Racial guilt plays little role for this type of anti-racist as he simply follows the trends of the day; in Nazi Germany he would have been all for National Socialism.

The naïve do-gooder

This anti-racist believes each and every falsehood propagated by the media and yet pays little attention to them. He knows Hitler was a crazy man who wanted everyone to have blue eyes and blond hair. He knows that whites are uniquely evil. Most importantly he knows that only in the last forty years have whites realized their capacity for evil and done something to correct it. Progress for him is what the media tell him it is and so his desire to be a good and decent person means that he must become anti-racist.

So how do I define racism?

To put it simply, racism was a word invented to stifle opposition to the transformation of white nations into mongrel nations. Once you realize this sinister and evil motive you can only cringe when you hear the "R" word mentioned on television. You know they are attacking your race and your Nation. When you hear people talking about "Tolerance" and "diversity" it's the same thing, it's nothing but discussing strategy to displace white people and transform the ethnic composition of their nation. What could be more "racist" that that eh?

This "anti-racism" phenomenon is only occurring in white nations; many non-white nations such as Japan still maintain racially pure states. Anti-racism is an act of genocide against whites around the world. Organized Jewry appears to be the culprit and its motive is to ensure that nothing resembling white nationalism can bother Jews or their plans for world domination ever again. To me this is so obvious that I can't help but think that all anti-racists are just stupid. But they are much worse than stupid, they are criminally insane.


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