by Mark Rivers

The fact Robert DeNiro is a Kosher-Kisser has never been in question. His longtime production partner, Jane Rosenthal, has worked with him on some of his most anti-White Tribeca films. In "Showtime," co-produced by Rosenthal and negro Will Smith, DeNiro plays a grumpy police detective with 28 years on the force. When he shoots a news camera that has interferred with his pursuit of a suspect, the station agrees not to sue if he appears on a new "cop reality" show being cooked up by a spitfire producer (Rene Russo). Once she gets the approval of her Jew boss, she pairs DeNiro up with a young, brash cop (negro Eddie Murphy), a "funny minority-type," according to Russo. The negro has always wanted to see his name in lights, and he jumps at the opportunity, screeching and hooting all the way.

"Showtime" lampoons the idiocy of television and movie depictions of police action, then intertwines a dog-eared "buddy cop movie" gimmick into the plot. A Cuban gun runner, with the help of his White gunsmith from the police force, is manufacturing a new "supergun," and the Negro/White cop buddies put him away. The movie is laced with the very chestnuts it satires, including the "fed up" negro cop supervisor, the obligatory car chase and explosion sequence and the "bad guy falling to his death" finale.

As far as racial matters go, there are bits of anti-White sentiment to be found throughout the film (most notably at the gun show scene near the end), but I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the negroes portrayed as criminals and/or idiots. That sort of thing is unheard of in crime dramas these days. Then again, the "Cuban" villain did have a rather light complexion for a Spic; he even had his hair dyed blond! Well, it would be against the Jews' "Rules for Making Movies" number one to portray the negro criminals as the masterminds. Rule number one is that the character with the least likable qualities must never, EVER be a negro.

"Showtime" is certainly not worth seeing in the theater, and I'd be wary of even watching it for free on cable. The presence of the blatantly Jewish TV baron and the negro criminals are the only positive elements this movie has.

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