Report from Human Relations Commission Meeting, 3/14/02

by Andrei Kievsky

I remember a Jewish co-worker smugly saying to me, "You may have the right to free speech, but you don't have the right to a forum." I replied, "Yeah, and since Jews own all the mass media outlets, you've really outflanked us silly Gentiles. That's what we get for letting you in to America."

Then he made like he was outraged, until I showed him the documentary proof of Jewish media monopoly from All the same, he really considered himself and his people clever for coming to America and seizing all the forums for political speech.

For a few glorious months, I had a forum. I found a chink in the armor, and exploited it to the maximum. At the Framingham Human Relations Commission meeting in February, I actually got to speak for two whole minutes! The topic was "hate crimes," and I spoke on how hate crimes are enforced unevenly, largely because the ADL train the police and teach the police that only heterosexual Whites commit hate crimes. If Whites are victims, then "it was an economic motive, not hate" or something like that. I spoke for my two minutes, and sat down. I thought, silly me, that I'd have two minutes of democracy every month.

This time, the panelists had their tables pushed sideways towards one another, so that they were in profile relative to the audience. The audience was just an afterthought this time, just there to listen to the HRC talk to itself. Kind of like the Jewish media -- they carry on a conversation among themselves, and deign to let us insignificant goyim "tune in" to their magnificient and grand discourses.

The previous format was a speaker from 7-8 p.m., with public comment from 8-9 p.m., although each individual speaker was limited to two minutes. This time, they had their speaker, but then they did their HRC business from 8-9, and damn the public if it had anything to say.

And after all, what public was there? If National Alliance and ARA hadn't shown up, the only people in the audience would have been extremely bored reporters, and the usual diversity-industry people such as the local head of the NAACP. Judeo-communists are not interested in lively debates; they just want to talk about how they will continue to carve up the Gentile host even further.

After the meeting, the rural folk who had come along with us spoke in wonderment at the deliberations of the Human Relations Commission, because it was all about getting government grants for this, and taxpayer-funded programs for that, all in order to promote diversity and racial harmony and hire bilingual teachers for the flood of immigrants and have an art exhibit glorifying diversity. These rural folk got a chance to see where their taxes were going, and they were choking with rage afterwards. If they hadn't been radicalized before this, they are now. It's too bad I don't own any media, because if I did I could reproduce this effect 100 million times and we'd take this country back in no time.

I apologized profusely to my gracious guests for the fact that there was no public comment allowed. I felt bad; the Jews had outflanked ol' Andrei Kievsky this time. Even as I was saying this, there were masked ARA kiddies in the row of chairs behind us, who overheard this and were making fun of us because these people had come all this way from Vermont and New Hampshire thinking they were going to get two minutes of democracy, and weren't going to get to speak after all. All of them, to a man and woman, had prepared speeches on the announced topic of the event, but none of them would get to speak. The ARA thought this was hilarious!

I was really thinking that I had messed up this time -- I'd gotten all these good folk to come all this way for the promised two minutes of democracy, and the Jews had outsmarted me. We thought we had a forum, and they up and yanked the carpet out from under us.

Which is why I am reminded of that smug Jew I used to work with, who said, "You have a right to free speech, but not to a forum." That's what it's all about with the Jews. We have them beat hands down in the arena of ideas, but they use their control of the forums so they don't have to even take us on in the arena of ideas. Alex Linder calls it "idea genocide," and the meeting at the Framingham Memorial Building on March 14th, 2002, was a textbook example of idea genocide.

Demoralized and disappointed, I ignored what was happening right under my nose. At about 8:15, one of our guys left the room to get a soda from the vending machine. Two ARA scum followed him out, so I got out to follow them. The next thing you know, the whole left side of the room, with ARA and the Whites, had cleared out. It was like a scene from West Side Story or something -- the room cleared out for a gang fight outside, all the while the HRC continued its discussion on how best to divide up taxpayer money.

Of course there was no real threat from the ARA. I could have let my comrade go out alone and not worried about it, because if the ARA bedwetters had actually tried to physically attack him, he would have annihilated them. There we all were: NA, rural unaffililated folk, and ARA in the anteroom of the Framingham Town Hall. The ARA were playing at being terrorists, but they were physically weak and were not about to physically challenge us. I begged them to do so. There was a shouting match, and then the Framingham Chief of Police in plainclothes came out and said to us, "You are disturbing the meeting. You can't assemble here, so either go back inside or leave." I said to the crowd, "That's the Framimgham police chief, the one who hasn't been trained by the ADL.(I'd asked him at the last meeting if he'd been trained by the ADL and he denied it.)" I talked to my folks and we went back inside and sat down, and ARA did too.

Then two women from our group went to go to the bathroom, and the ARA followed them! I didn't think they'd stoop that low. Silly me. I and women's husbands ran out after them, and asked the police to escort the women to the bathroom and guard them, which the police did. The women went to the bathroom and came back under police protection.

Finally, the meeting was about to adjourn, and one of our guys who had been sitting away from us got up and asked a question. He was recognized by the HRC Commissioner, and tried to ask his question, but he was shouted down by ARA. who were yelling "Nazi scum, don't let him speak, Nazi scum," etc. The police chief came in and said, "you have to let him speak, this is a public forum and he was recognized by the Chair." But the HRC guy said, "No, the meeting is adjourned," so the police said, "OK, disperse. Get out of here or you'll be arrested."

We filed out, though we unfortunately did get separated until we got outside. I was the last of the Whites in the line, and the Framingham police chief stopped me, addressed me by my real name, and asked, "Who are those people in the masks?" I told him that they are ARA and he asked, "Like the ARA, anti-racist action on the Internet?" I said yes. "And they are against you?" I said yes. He said, "OK, National Alliance was here, is the Church of the Creator here too?" I didn't want to give him any information that he didn't have, so I said "No," so he said, "So it was just Alliance?" I said, "Yes, but not all of the people with me are in the Alliance," and that was it, he let me go on my way.

When we went outside, the ARA followed us to our cars and wrote down our plate numbers and took pictures of our cars and license plates. As I was getting into my car I said to one of the cops, "God, I want to smash their faces."

They outnumbered us slightly -- there were 13 of us and about 20 of them, but I can say with confidence that if it had come to a physical battle we would have been just fine, and I'll leave it at that. I never felt physically threatened the whole evening, and I begged them to attack. But they made all sorts of veiled threats that they'd find out who I was and they'd come for me. Not unlike the Boston Globe, "We know who you are and where you live, don't you fear for your physical safety?"

I don't think the police liked the ARA or their choice in fashion: i.e., "terrorist chic." On the one hand, the ARA plays at being terrorists with their masks, their cameras, and their threats. On the other hand, well-dressed, clean-cut citizens and family men and women who park their cars right in front of the Town Hall and want nothing more than a forum for their views are called "a threat to the community." This was in the New York Times-owned Boston Globe just recently:



The FBI advised the Framingham Police Department yesterday of possible threats from white supremacist groups at an upcoming Human Relations Commission forum on March 14, Police Chief Steve Carl told the Board of Selectmen at its meeting last night. Police will work with the FBI to continue to gather information on two groups, the National Alliance and the World Creators of the Church, Carl said. "It verifies they are a threat to the community," he said of the FBI call. The chief said he did not know specifics about what the groups may have planned for the Human Relations Commission event...

This was the context of the meeting -- ordinary citizens who seek a forum for their speech are portrayed by media and government alike as "a threat to the community" while being opposed by a bunch of wannabe terrorists with cameras and masks who shout them down. This is the level of absurdity that America has come to, and I think even the Framingham police saw that, though I'd still never trust them nor would I ever view them as an ally. But it's nice to see the police lose faith in their job and in the politically correct line they are told to toe.

But that's what the Bolsheviks are all about -- no free speech for the opposition. I was a Russian studies major, and I saw way back in the early 1990s that the "liberals" used exactly the same tactics as the Bolsheviks of the Russian revolution. And the only real opposition to the Bolsheviks were people who called a spade a spade, who didn't turn the other cheek -- in other words, Hitler's Germany. That's the only model that can successfully oppose Bolsheviks, it's that simple.

But for now, the ARA scum don't make good on their threats. They aren't drawing our blood. So long as we aren't being physically hunted or attacked, we shall work within the system and use words and cunning to fight our enemies. If the day comes that they start physically attacking us, when the enemy draws First Blood, that's when we re-think our strategy. In the meantime, all this humiliating law-abidingness is a good exercise in Party discipline, and it's good for our people not to have instant gratification for their rage. Let them see how arrogant and impudent the enemy is; let them exercise their Aryan self-control in not answering the provocations. It's good for us, for now.

Our real problem is getting forums. The Jews don't let us have any, and we have to use infinite cleverness to seize these forums. And our people are demoralized. If I could get 100 of our people to wake up and understand what their true interests are, we could attend every anti-White event and really break down the enemy. But that's a few more years in the future, I suspect. So my plan is to make sure that when our people do wake up, we put a lot of energy into the "Little Europe" project of building White community and ensuring that there is a very large population of White sympathizers, and a decent life for White children despite all the turmoil and hell that America is undergoing.

But tonight was a victory. The enemy parasites were forced to deliberate in front of a small contingent of the host body, and they got a taste of the incipient gang war between Left and Right that is developing, a war in which they will find themselves on the side of the indisciplined and lawless masked bandits and value destroyers, and not the well-dressed, ordinary citizens who create the value upon which their very existence depends.


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