by Arch Stanton

As I read the various discourses and articles posted on the Vanguard News Network, I find much useful information about the Jewish agenda, politics, and media influence, but I note few references to one of the most critical and pressing of problems facing the white movement today. (I have a difficult time with that phrase; after all should my race really be considered a "movement" in its own country?) The problem that I write about herein is the lack of white economic power.

This omission is understandable as many, if not most, white people have been carefully trained to ignore the economic aspects of most issues. All through school the subject of money has somehow been ignored as if such matters will take care of themselves. Generally, in depth analysis of economic and financial matters are not thoroughly explored until one is past his second year of college and only then will it be encountered by those who have purposefully sought out the subject matter. It has been my recent experience, along with many others, that many publicly educated young people cannot even make change.

Not that I am an expert on the subject of economics -- I suffered from the same lack of training and understanding as most other people. But through extensive reading and participation in various markets I have come to appreciate the realities of money and its power throughout history as well as the impact on cultures and societies. Back in the mid-eighties I had a partnership in a bank vault and equipment business. The majority of my customers were bankers. One thing I noted was that bankers, while almost universally crafty, are overall not an especially bright bunch of folks. These people (many were women) are not rocket scientists, yet economics is presented to the masses as something akin to rocket science -- it isn't. Understanding rocket science requires a thorough understanding of the physical world and all its associated universal complexities. Economics however is a man-made system.

The man-made economic system requires an understanding of a system with complexities intentionally built into it. But remember this basic concept: no matter how complex a man-made system may seem, it still requires a simplicity that allows those who use the system to understand it, and those users will be, for the most part, made up of the common people. In fact we used to have a private joke in our business that went "write it up so the banker can understand it." But just to put this in the proper perspective, many of our customers were S&L presidents. Now, who do you think was the fool?

The lack of economic and financial training among white Europeans is the exact opposite of Jews, who are inculcated with the value and force of money from their earliest moments, no doubt while still in the womb. I quote from probably the richest and most powerful Jew in history, Mayer Amschel Rothschild: "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

Today the Rothschilds' incredible economic power can be witnessed by the fact that they do not even exist publicly. The real wealth is the wealth that has the power to remain hidden. Don't believe me? Ask the average bovinian who the Rothschild family is or was. In all probability, if he has ever heard of the name, he may answer, "Isn't that that family that own the candy company?" But the Rothschilds are still here and their power is greater then ever. Can anyone honestly believe that a family that increased its fortune dramatically at the battle of Waterloo in 1815, a family that was the major economic force behind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and behind the Russian Communist revolution of 1917, has lost its economic power and influence over the last fifty to seventy years? Think again.

Currently the world has a plethora of miniature Rothschilds. George Soros, Michael Eisner, Michael Milken, Edgar Bronfman, Murry Rothstein, (If you don't know that last name you probably shouldn't even try reading this post) and on and on - all Jews. Look around at the dupes who support our Zionist-backed "leaders." Look at the cops, the military, the bureaucrats, the lower-level politicos and other yeomen who work directly for and support the Jew's agenda, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Take a close look at the back pocket of those people and you will find a check, a big fat check, a bigger check in fact than most any check you might find in the pocket of a common private-sector worker who does not directly benefit or enforce the Jew's agenda. Sure, that's your tax money that buys these dupes' loyalty for the Jews, but it is the Jews' economic power and influence that allows them to steal your money for their purposes.

One interesting cultural and economic twist I have noted recently is that of the current trend in miscegenation. Increasingly I have noted more and more comely young white women paired with mud men. Where there were once only fat, unattractive, white women paired with such mud men, I now see pretty, thin, white women. Invariably these comely white women are paired with a Hollywood-stereotyped mud man -- the "tan everyman" who displays a shaved head and "tasteful" gold JEWelry. I will not dispute that the media have played a large role in this fundamental shift in American culture, but that is only half the story. True, the Jews have spent billions of dollars on advertising promotions to bring such miscegenation about between the races. However there is a more fundamental process going on with this phenomenon.

I notice that all these mud men are driving brand-new vehicles, high-end sports cars, minivans, and SUVs, while the white woman sits coquettishly in the passenger's seat. Then I look around again to find a high percentage of white men driving ten-year-old cars. But more and more often I see white men driving some junker that smokes a quart of oil an hour. These white men are often dirty and unshaven and clearly working some day labor job -- if they are employed.

In short I see the exact opposite of what I saw thirty years ago when it was the welfare Negroes driving the junkers and the white men driving the new cars. What happened? Affirmative action and welfare! After thirty years the fruits of Jewish wealth redistribution are beginning to show. The mud people are now working the high-end jobs (especially the high-end sector of the government jobs) that bring the money to buy these vehicles; while the white man toils at two or three private-sector jobs to make ends meet. Also many other mud people who work more mundane jobs still have other government support monies and the best chance for promotion.

Now we all know that one of the fundamental principles of survival is for women to recognize that her mate will be able to successfully provide for her and her offspring. White women especially have been taught that a certain amount of comfort is also due along with that basic survival package. So what do the white women see out here? The same thing I do! Clean, well-dressed mud men with shaven head and golden earrings, exhibiting "wealth" and status and driving exciting, new, vehicles, aping the Jew's quintessential positive image of the modern mud man. (Note that most of these mud men are in fact up to their black asses in Jewish-sponsored debt. They only exhibit the trappings of wealth allowed by their racial privilege in our society.) On the other hand white women see either the typical "whitebread" guy driving the ho-hum, ten-year-old vehicles or -- worse -- dirty, unshaven, white men whom are clearly economically strapped to the wheel. Once again the epitome of the Jew's media image of the evil, violent, racist white man.

So whom do you think the white girls and women will be inclined to pick for a mate? Is it any wonder we are seeing more and more comely white women with mud men? Jews have provided the mud people with the money and resources to attract our women while denying those same monies and resources to white men; the same white men that have funded their genetic opposition, the mud people, for the last thirty years! All the while the Jews have provided the attractive positive media images for the mud men to ape while simultaneously reinforcing those attractive images on a daily basis to the white women who watch the televitz. You see how badly out maneuvered we are economically?

Here's a bit of history. When Adolph Hitler (I know you all love Hitler, a little Jew told me so) took over Germany and had firm control of the country, one of his first acts was to take Germany off the Jewish-controlled gold standard and replace it with an economy backed by labor.

At that point Germany's gold reserves had been drained by the requirements of the Versailles treaty, which demanded that Germany pay for losing the war. That lack of gold backing, along with the draining of Germany's raw resources, were the major reasons for the hyperinflation of the German mark. The result was a deep depression throughout Germany that helped bring Hitler to power. Much of the Nazis' promotional literature of the day focused on unemployment and the dire economic situation in Germany. Hitler promised to deliver Germany from the grips of her economic plight, and true to his word delivered on his promise. His successful restoration of the German economy is what made him the popular leader that gained the overwhelming support of the German people.

This new economic concept of backing a money system with labor as opposed to the traditional gold standard caught the Jews by surprise and resulted in a complete loss of their economic control over Germany; The Jews simply could no longer control Nazi Germany's labor-backed money. For the Jews this was a new economic twist, and one they never counted on. None of the traditional Jewish economic manipulations like inflation worked any longer, and Hitler brought Germany out of the midst of the world-wide depression. Without control over the economic backing of the Reichmark there was nothing the Jews could do to stop Hitler's progress.

Consider the fate of the Nazi movement and Hitler's ability to wage war had the Jews still been in control of the gold backing the German economy. The point here is not that gold is necessarily bad as an economic foundation for a monetary system but that those who use the system have full control over whatever medium is used to back their money system

Obviously Hitler well understood how to exclude the Jew's control over Germany. Look at what has happened to the gold standard today and you might suspect that those clever Jew money men learned a little lesson from uncle Adolph. In short, as long as the Jews control the money they have the control -- period. As the old saying goes, "Money talks, bullshit walks." Clearly the Jews have the gift of gab in more ways then one. Forget the revolution, forget the movement, forget all the bullshit, it will take require taking back economic control before any progress will be made at expelling the Jews and releasing their stranglehold over America. How might such a feat be accomplished? Perhaps history holds the clues for such answers.

Here is a bit more history. A close read about the Russian revolution will reveal that at one point Lenin was losing ground fast and had to flee Russia. He abandoned his tiny, nascent group of revolutionaries to return to Germany. As Lenin sat on a return train to Germany, the Rothschilds' economic front men moved into Russia. These Jewish front men, disguised as Red Cross workers, brought with them a massive influx of Jewish capital from America to back the rapidly disintegrating Communist revolution.

When Lenin received word that these money men had arrived to back the revolution, he returned to Russia. Then, with a complete turnaround in what were quite literally his fortunes, Lenin and his tiny band of Jewish revolutionaries with the Jewish economic backing from America brought forth the most oppressive totalitarian regime the world has ever seen. Consider for a moment what might have happened had that small band of Jew money men died enroute to Russia. Consider what might have a happened had that Jew money found its way into the Tsar's treasury -- perhaps we would not bothering ourselves today with these Jewish-fomented issues of race and country. The right pressure applied at the right moment can have devastating consequences.

All the slogans, marches and political machinations will come to naught when facing those who can finance the weapons and men that bring force to bear. The Jews use money as a weapon -- this fundamental concept is carefully explained in their Torah.

If you want to beat the Jews you will have to play their economic game using their economic rules. Arm yourself with their knowledge of money and then begin finding and developing economic ways to counter their activities. Only when economic success and stability are achieved will the progress of our movement become apparent to those unaware white outsiders. These are the white outsiders the movement needs to attract to once again gain a unified majority in America. Such a white majority can still be wielded effectively to address the Jewish problem that is destroying our race and our country.

You can begin direct economic action against the Jews today.




(4) Cut up all credit cards, do not participate in any credit system.

(5) Do not participate in any loan program unless it is absolutely imperative to survival.

(6) Live below your means and put the savings you gain from this lifestyle into some sort of very conservative investment or savings plan.

(7) Avoid purchase of goods or services with high markup and low intrinsic value - gemstones, JEWelry, new furniture, new cars etc. If you want gold buy coins or bars, but silver may be a better investment for later trading.

(8) Reduce your consumerism - buy only what you need, not what you want.

(9) Trade for goods whenever possible

(10) Do not donate to "charities" that are generally Jewish-front organizations for wealth redistribution.

(11) VOTE! Not for or against idiot politicians, but on every tax issue that comes along. When I turn in my ballot, only the taxable issues are marked, all others areas are left blank. This is leaves a clear statement that I fully understand that the politicians put before me are a sham, but the tax issues are in fact important enough for me to spend my time voting. No matter how siren the song, vote NO on all tax and bond issues, scream and shout "NO NEW TAXES!" whenever possible at public meetings. Start your very own war on taxes.

(12) Quit watching the televitz and buying any media products like newspapers, magazines, movies and tapes. After all what do you think are the primary instruments used to dissuade you from following the above suggestions? This Fourth of July declare your independence - take your televitz set out onto your front yard and make a spectacular show of the destruction of the most destructive device in America today.

-- and --

(13) Last, but far from least - READ! VNN is an excellent start, but expand your reading to encompass history and economics.

My reading suggestions to anyone who wants a good overview of what has happened to America is to read two books - David Duke's My Awakening and G. Edward Griffith's The Creature from Jekyll Island, A second look at the Federal Reserve.


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