Racist Haiku

by Mark Rivers

Someone once told me that during World War II, Hitler declared the Japanese "honorary White people." If it's good enough for Hitler, it's good enough for me. I am pleased to present...RACIST HAIKU.

I sure do hate Jews
They will destroy the White man's

Negroes are worthless
Even the ones who play sports
The White man's burden

White lowlife kills spook
National headlines for weeks
Coon kills White -- no press

It is no secret
That Jews are our misfortune
So says Dr Pierce

If we have to we
Will restore our nation with
A big catapult

Turn off your TV
Jews control the media
They hate White people

Negroes are shaved apes
Put them back in their places
They can't stay with us

Everywhere you look
Spics and spooks swarm our cities
They will kill us all

Do not trust a Jew
He is trained from birth to lie
Steal and cheat always

Blacks are smelly beasts
They all need to be hosed down
And then sent back home

Beware of Whites who
Say that we are all equal
They are idiots

Vanguard News Network
Offers hope for our future
Tell all of your friends

Work together with
The National Alliance
To save the White race

I'm not fond of Japs
But at least they're not negroes
And Haiku is fun

Come up with your own
Clever Racist Haiku verse
Five, Seven and Five


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