The True Ignorance

by S. Corvinus

Upon its rise to power following World War II, the neo-liberal establishment instantly initiated its program for the new cultural 'enlightenment' of America and Europe. There were many elements to this new brainwashing campaign, and although they went against all traditional ideologies of formerly conservative America and Europe, most have succeeded. Feminism, which previously was just a movement to gain women's suffrage, rose to new, extreme heights. Integration and racial equality, not long after a massive Ku Klux Klan movement in the twenties, became not only a 'dream' for the liberals, but a reality. The destruction of the traditional family became almost practical, and the White birth-rate was crippled in short time. It seemed as if the carpet was swept from under the feet of traditional America by the forces of the media, press, educational system, and in some cases, the government itself. The American people at the time, whether they were priests, conservatives, hippies, degenerates, or teenagers, didn't put up much of a resistance. Most thought this was all morally good, and that we were only following the path toward universal humanity and enlightenment. Obviously, they had poor foresight, very poor.

Welcome to modern-day America. Everything from homosexuality to interracial relations is acceptable. Most cities, which flourished shortly after World War II, are pretty much just large slums. Crime is prevalent, and education is extremely poor. The media continue their ongoing war on reality, now with much more success, thanks to their new arsenal of weapons such as MTV (introduced in the '80s) and leftist, Jew-owned Disney. Those who ushered in this new 'enlightenment' now control the media institutions that guide the thoughts of our young and our teenagers. The education system is dominated by the same type, not to mention the press.

With all of these factors against us, there is another which I would like to focus on, The Great White Fear itself: being dubbed a 'racist.' This is a large burden to our cause, because a large number of potential white activists are turned away. Some think that by placing more leaflets, opening up more websites, and so on, we will attract more people. Trust me, the leaflets are out there, the websites are out there, and, not to mention, the truth is on our side. If anything, the media-painted image of us is hurting us the most. So why do people fear being a White activist? Seemingly, there are many reasons. People think that a racist is a toothless, overall-donning, shotgun-totin' redneck named Willy Bubba. In some instances, this is the case, but these are definitely in the extreme minority. People look around them and see liberalism everywhere, so they do not see the point in devoting time to a dead cause. Also, if you're an activist, you see the potential threat of losing your job, being harassed by anarchists, blacks, so on, but that comes with just about every 'unacceptable' (or in our age, Politically Incorrect) movement. The above-mentioned reasons all have some truth to them, but there is one that cannot be more false than the six-million figure. That is the common expression that racists are ignorant.

My first assertion is this: White racism, as we define it today, would not exist if the majority (YES, I said majority) of American Negroes and Hispanics did not behave like primitive, uncivilized, savage criminals (this assertion is based on FBI and related data on the proportion of the amount of crimes perpetrated by each race, not to mention personal experience). No person wakes up in the morning and decides, "Hey, I'm going to 'hate' this type of people!" Also, contrary to what liberal, neo-Freudian psychologists have tried to state, no person decides to hate a group of people over an act committed by one member of that group. We can easily conclude that White people have a disdain for non-Whites for a reason. The reason is that Whites who do hate have personally experienced the uncivilized behavior of non-Whites on an unprecedented scale. The flip side is that the reason why Whites don't hate (and this is especially the case in richer, leftist suburbia) is simply because they have not personally experienced the uncivilized behavior of non-Whites, and also because they have been brainwashed with the so-called multicultural 'dream.'

To support this, let us analyze the racialist skinhead movement in the United States. To quote the wise Benito Mussolini, "Fascism arose out of a need for action." The racialist skinhead movement also arose out of a need for action. How many all-White areas have a skinhead group? Virtually none. Outside of your major cities, like Detroit and Philadelphia, there is nothing even resembling a skinhead movement. The reason why the 'Northwest Plan' hasn't really succeeded is because most of the people that live in the rural Northwest live in all-White dwellings, and really don't have the experience to be 'racist.' Why is this? These areas aren't overrun by blacks. There is a reason why racist groups flourish especially in the South and California: these places are utterly infested with minorities. You will find that just about 98% of skinheads come from an area that non-Whites destroyed, and have a large amount of experience with non-Whites, hence, they come from the 'real world.' The reason they are skinheads is simply because they finally had enough and decided it was time to take action. There is a need for action. The amount of interracial crime has swelled, reaching a rate of over 90% black on White. Black-on-White rape, robbery, and murder is pretty much common wherever there is 'diversity.' The cops usually do nothing, and I know this from experience, lots of it, being from Philadelphia myself. What are we supposed to do, just sit there, while we are raped and killed? In the cities of Europe in the twenties, the streetfights were between Communists and Fascists. Now the battles are between Whites and non-Whites, and for the skinheads who are taking a stand and taking action, I salute you.

The people sitting in their $300,000 single homes in all-White, crimeless neighborhoods, shouting "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" don't even know what it's all about. The 'white boyz' in the suburbs listening to rap, with their chains around their neck and their hat sideways, simply won't understand because they only see the negro on their god, the T.V. set, or in their textbook. The same people who lobbied the Democrats in the cities, talking about the greatness of 'diversity,' were the first ones to move 20 miles out when a non-White moved in next door (this is especially prevalent with a certain tribe of people).

Thus, we can see that racism comes from EXPERIENCE (with non-Whites) and EXPERIENCE alone, and 'tolerance' comes from LACK OF EXPERIENCE (with non-whites) and LACK OF EXPERIENCE alone -- what we call IGNORANCE. We can conclude that racists are absolutely, unabashedly NOT IGNORANT, and that liberals are EXTREMELY IGNORANT. In fact, the whole liberal ideal is just an ideal based on IGNORANCE; an attempt to see the world as they wish it to be, rather than how it actually is.

White youth, do not make the same mistake your fathers did; do not be mentally castrated by the politically correct mind police. Rise up, and take action, because god knows there is a need for it.


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