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The Jews' War

Good Sobran commentary. Not that these journalists are stupid enough to believe all this; but they are smart enough to know what will happen to their careers if they contradict the party line. In private conversation they are often surprisingly skeptical of pro-Israel propaganda; but in print, their skepticism is carefully concealed. The more honorable among them simply steer around the whole subject, in order to avoid trouble while telling the truth about those topics they do feel free to discuss. Often they have children they hope to send through college. And note this well: As a rule Jews don't have to enforce the taboos. Cowardly and venal gentiles will enforce them against each other. The most vicious attacks on Patrick Buchanan a few years ago came from his fellow Catholics. Have terrorists infiltrated government computers? I mean, non-Jewish ones? It's hard not to laugh at this sort of a story, an obvious attempt to deflect attention from what is known but not investigated about what the kosher boys are up to with their hundreds or thousands of U.S.-circulating spies. Here on the buildup to war on Iraq, one of the long, long list of countries the kikes controlling our government and media want destroyed. Here Buchanan on bluff Bushy. Fact is, the kikes are overreaching. The world is on to the kike. When he loses his grip this time, he won't have another chance. Hold tight, kike! Here Cockburn on banning the Koran in L.A.

NA Site Redesigned

Check it out...

Murder of the West

Gypsies stink. Here U.S. offers to pay Mossad for help. What are all those tens of billions for, anyway? Do we really have to pay "allies"? What kind of "allies" are they in the first place? The Jewish nation's only friend is your wallet.

Do Waterbugs Prove Evolution?

Very interesting...

Big Camera is Watching You... D.C.

Another Sky-Is-Blue Book

Leftists are biased. They hate free speech. Spinach is green. Bunnies' noses are pink. More on angry Suckpoop, denied the right to slurp. But look at how he defends his right: by attacking another's! The Egyptian press claimed the Mossad was behind 9/11, therefore it should give its seat to suckpoop, the leading indenpendent paper on the internet! Does Suckpoop Farah know something he's not letting on?

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman, Chapter Seven

Today's lesson focuses on where to meet high-quality women and what to say to them. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Elizabeth Bennett

Psychological Terrorism

A look at the forces operating behind the scenes in recent decades to twist our domestic and particularly our foreign policy in favor of Zionist Troy Hoeft

Closing the Gap Between Conservatives and Nationalists

Capitalism, unrestrained, has become our racial enemy, though you won't hear it from the Jew-controlled likes of Rush J.R. Colson

Snowdrifts: Divisions in the White Power Movement, Part One

A study into the problems we face, division within the movement, and how we move William Randolph Royere III

Sailer on Buchanan

Many interesting points re "Death of the West." Here S.C. Roberts begins to doubt free trade. Here on H-1B. Here on niggers taking over Portugal. Here on Mexicans taking over Arizona. Nice Raimondo war piece. Did you know that the 1/4 Jew was fascinated with Superman as a kid? Is it me, or is that kind of funny? Here Taki on Britain being destroyed by coloreds: This in a city where 75 percent of crimes are perpetrated by young Afro-Caribbeans, many of them recent arrivals from their islands in the sun. The West is not dying. The West is being murdered by the Jew. It's time to return the favor. Here Locke's article on Buchanan's book. Check out the letters here, nice one from Lou Manzato, who's anonymously featured in our "Class" review -- paranoid guy who turns a very nice phrase. They don't come around initially, but eventually. Keep pushing. Comments on Rhodesia and terrorism here.

Word Abuse

Sobran on Jews using word abuse to kill the Constitution. He doesn't say Jews, of course, but that's the bottom line. How can this be? Well, modern jurisprudence is a verbal form of alchemy. The "experts" can pick out a couple of phrases from widely separated clauses of the Constitution, combine them, find "penumbras" and "emanations" in them, appeal to precedents laid down by earlier "experts," and presto! Black means white, and day means night. And in the end, the government is more powerful -- and lawless -- than before. That's classic yahoodi pilpul; the truth is simply the best lie. Yet another reason we don't want any Jews among us.

New Zealand: Semitical Correctness in Sentencing

Special sentences for "hate" crimes. Here Francis on baby rape in South Africa.

Germany: Neo-Nazi Must Work with Asylum Seekers

Ridge admits U.S. still wide open to terrorists. Thanks, Jews. Here some insight into Bolshevism, if you can weed through the Jews.

ADL, ARA at Odds

I'm more anti-racist. No, I am! Here a choice Bill White-Horowitz contretemps. Feel free to join in! Acknowledging that Jews have collective interests and pursue them against the interests of real Americans makes you a Nazi. All Jews, whether left or right, will fight, scream and cry that discussion of Jewish interests be kept off the table. Jews are never a legitimate target for discussion by non-Jews. That's how the system works. And the minute you breach it, they jump on you as one screaming "Nazi!" More here. And here Whites win $23m settlement in race discrimination suit.

Media: More Movies About Shepard

MTV already made one; now NBC and HBO have them in the can, and are now fighting over which will air first. One dead queer solicitor, three (and counting) tv movies. I'm just guessing nobody has anything in the works on the Wichita Massacre.

Government Demands to Know What You're Reading

May load, may not. Here on the anti-war religious left. Anybody against the Jewish agenda must be destroyed. Here Comcast records all browsers' activities without notifying them. Here WND denied a Senate press pass. Fascinating story, shows you another reason we don't have a free press -- the press itself hates freedom! Journalists are notoriously low-character people, and that remains as true as it ever was. Exibitionists with intense desires to social-climb is a good part of it. That's the price you pay for getting the few with first-rate word-ordering talent. VNN fully supports Joe Farah's right to suckpoop alongside his longer established brethren, and raises as many middle fingers as we have at the littlers running the Senate Press Gallery. You all stink.

White Art: Chekhov and Intervals

On the proper way to stage plays.

White Men, Reclaim Your Sons!, Part Two

Good advice for White men old and Soldat Xlebov


Nigger-targeted airline ad spoof, animated; very well executed.


Genes matter. The interested Jewish claim that race doesn't exist is the sheenies' Biggest Lie.

Jews Pressured in France

Now, why would people in Dallas care about this story? Jews are everywhere written about, but the reports never reveal what they're really up to. Ever notice that?

Riordan and the Inevitable Leftward Shift of Republikahns

Here's the bottom line: either you form a No Jews. Just Right. openly pro-White political party that attacks Jews as the enemy, or you end up dominated by Jews, me-tooing the leftists. As Riordan and the Republican party in California well demonstrate. Pierce still preaches the same thing he did thirty years ago. He has been proven correct about virtually everything he foresaw in the fictional Turner Diaries. By contrast the Republicans "obsess" over Mexican votes, call Mexican invaders "hard-working fellow citizens" and kick anybody out the door who even hints at similar group concern for Whites. Read the tea leaves, White man: It's White or die. Those are the only options. Consider this quote: Riordan told the Times "he is trying not just to win but also to refashion the Republican Party's traditional conservative ideology by steering it leftward." So, it should be clear what "inclusion" means: adopting liberal Democratic programs, ideas and candidates. If this is the Republican agenda, why have a Republican Party? To maintain for the voting masses the illusion that the two parties are something other than a puppet show for adult children. Real politics begins with naming, fighting the Jew. Anything else is batting beachballs. Naturally Ruddy, the investigative reporter, fails to say word one about the real motives driving the actors in this sorriest of plays. Not really humorous, it's. More here.

Chimp-Made Hell

Update on Zimbabwe, which is as important as any other story in the world. Lots of nickel political facts, not one dollar of racial truth. Allow me: Zimbabwe is hell because it's run by niggers. No other reason. Here South Africa attempts to "control crime" by restricting guns, which is like putting out a fire by dousing it with gas. Crime flourishes where guns are banned. The new law will: prevent anyone under 21 from owning a gun; limit the number of firearms for the purposes of self-defence to one per person; force gun owners to undergo a competency test and prove they need a firearm; make gun owners re-license their weapon every five years. The minister has been given sweeping powers to proclaim certain areas, like schools, gun-free zones, and to prohibit certain categories of weapons, while the police have new wide-ranging search and seizure powers.


A great mind-your-own-business place for the most part. People who "do good" are assholes. Concentrate on leaving other people alone and that's the goodest good going. "America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own . . . She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication in all wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standards of freedom." Our sixth president was merely restating what George Washington wisely said in 1797: "The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connections as possible." And Thomas Jefferson expressed the same thinking during his 1801 inauguration when he urged "peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." Not quite the same thing we hear from Davey Horowitz and the kike liars in the controlled media, is it? But they sure do claim to be "Americans" operating under the "American" flag in faith with time-tested "American" traditions. "American" is just another term jews have sucked the meaning out of and replaced with their own. That fools the dopes, and allows them to call anyone who criticizes what they've done -- Pat Buchanan (altho he doesn't name the guilty party, merely describes the symptoms) -- as "American haters." That kind of cynical lying is the very essence of Judaism. Well, apart from financial swindles. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right.

The Jews' War

Reese on how it's actually going. Here interview with Vonnegut on Dresden and 9/11. Here on Olympics as multicultural celebration. Here EU starts to forge its own Middle East policy, which makes the SLC very unhappy. Here a typical Christian con column that more or less advocates killing Arafat. You can never read a Christian coward like this clown without seeing the author as the kind of guy who will punch someone held down by three or four others. Here on new book Seeds of Fire that purports to explain China's role in 9/11. Big huzzah when it comes to the country our "ally" Israel sells arms, technology and secrets to -- big clampdown when it comes to role of Israel herself. All that is necessary for jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Fred on the military. We are becoming as arrogant as the Jews who control us, just listen to Bushy waxing on about stopping oppression in lands we're bombing the hell out of around the clock. America has become ugly and Jewish in pretty large measure. That's bad and sad.

The Invasion

Geyer here. Here whines about emancipating Jews in Cuba. Here we see the claim that border busts dropped 45% recently. If true, it appears the Mexcrement are afraid of something. Sigh. They're only with us in the good times. Big surprise, eh? Stay in the septic tank, sewage. We don't want you. Mexico is a busted sewage pipe we aren't allowed to fix.


Great literature?

Black Crime Month

Nogs never need a reason for their criminal actions.

Jews Kill Freedom

Where the yahoodi appears, freedom disappears. In this story private homes must be built handicapped-accessible. The responsibility for this absurd type of law traces directly back to Classic Judaism, where rabbis functioned as dictators, determining the tiniest details of everyday life. That sort of culture is why average jews cannot tolerate others' freedom, and one of the main reasons the race itself is simply intolerable. Here Jews go after Heisenberg. Here on NA in Framingham.

Media: Feminism and Diversity

How they pablumize rags near you. Except here at VNN. We only employ one off-White, two jews -- Danglestein and Seth Bar-Epstein -- and no feminists. Here a movement interview with Mark Siporen of New Nation News. Here Emory launches formal investigation of Bellesiles, the guy who faked the gun data, was heavily promoted by ZOG organs. Here Rumsfeld calls for picture control.

Bird Species Dying Out

A team of biologists is stalking the last male Hawaiian po'ouli bird, in a matchmaking mission without which extinction is guaranteed. The state's Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project has sent a team into the rainforest to plant a tiny radio tracking device in the male, and then to capture a female and bring her into his terrain. Whites are the only race that cares a fig for creatures beyond their instrumental uses - filling the gut, covering the cuticle.


"The White race is the cancer of human history," the Jewess said. For some reason she continues to find employment, publishers, respectable reviewers, public acclaim. Perhaps not in spite of the remark but because of it?

Edward Bernays: Father of Massprop

This guy was the nephew of Freud, and his techniques are just as dangerous. In a nutshell, he's the Farther of Public Relations, which is, more or less, organized lying.

Hitler and Nietzsche

[A]ccording to Nietzsche, the history of mankind falls, as it were, into two halves -- the period preceding Socrates, during which the public estimate of a man was always based upon his biological worth, and the period following Socrates, during which the public estimate of a man always tended to neglect or ignore his biological Anthony M. Ludovici

Women and White Power

Give 'em a chance, Demi Weissmann

The Descent of Dan

A tale for our J.B. Hood

Book Review: The Fascist Movement in Italian History

The indolent acquiescence of boredom, fatigue and stupidity which characterises the attitude of most cultivated people in western Europe today, and which gives most communists, anarchists and all other barbarians more than half their strength, is precisely the spirit that Mussolini would fain banish from the modern world. And this, if anything, is his great innovation." From the English Anthony M. Ludovici

Black History Month: Quid Pro No?

On the myriad inconsistencies, hypocrisies and double standards that stigmatize any overt celebration of Whiteness in Victor Wolzek

Prison Rape

It goes on all the time, and essentially it's Jewish lawyers feeding White criminal fish to nigger predators. And of course, the jew newspapers keep all this hushed up. The Jews of America approve this system because it keeps Whites in their place, keeps White males acting meek and mild like the deballed husbands on Circuit City commercials. Yet another reason we say the Jew's place is at the end of a rope. The only good Jew is Danglestein. JEWS ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE AGAINST THE WHITE RACE WHILE TAX-SLAVING SAME FOR HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS FOR "ATROCITIES" THAT NEVER HAPPENED. The Jew is your enemy, White man. I'm not trying to be clever or witty or provocative when I say that. It's the direct-straight-simple-clear TRUTH. The Jew wants to destroy your race, your family, your neighborhood, your country -- YOU. And he's doing it. And YOU are paying for it. The Jew has so jewed the legal system -- and covered it up through his media -- that you are subsidizing your own genocide! And now the dirty kike's trying to shut down the 'Net so NOBODY can report what's actually going on. One more time: THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Repeat that three times to yourself each night before you go to sleep. Here on how America has changed since the jewish takeover.

9/11 Coverup

Good Raimondo piece. Here a piece on WEF protesters, mentions The Turner Diaries. A certain mad hubris seems to have gripped the Power Elite lately, what with the state of Illinois confiscating legally registered guns from law-abiding citizens and Posse Comitatus safeguards tossed down the old memory hole in the name of Homeland Security. It's like the opening of The Turner Diaries. The radical right is bubbling with conspiracy theories and stockpiling guns, ammo, MREs and water filtration systems. The right doesn't march or demonstrate, which is sad, because they tend to be a colorful bunch and all the earliest warnings on groups like the IMF, WTO, CFR, the Trilats and the Bilderbergers came from the right. Lyndon LaRouche was the first to identify the IMF as a public menace, and the John Birch Society was warning us about the CFR 40 years ago. The most fascinating development in American politics recently has got to be the unprecedented convergence of left and right in identifying as the enemy the corporate sovereigns of the self-proclaimed New World Order.


Irving replaced with yahoodi atrocity profiteer. Apparently the water polo balls at Auschwitz were improperly inflated. Horrors. Here New Statesman knuckles under to yahoodis for running an article about anti-Semitism they didn't like. Here Traudl Junge gives her picture of Hitler. She was one of his secretaries, typed his last will and testament. Look at the photo. Look at the character and quality of the woman, evident in her face. Compare what her face tells you with what Gloria Allred's and Alan Dershowitz' faces tell you. The Jews don't bitch about Hitler around the clock because he was wrong. They do it because he was right. Do you see how you're being played, White man? By a race that hates you and wishes to destroy you? Here more on Günter Grass's new novel on the Wilhelm Gustloff, the worst maritime disaster ever. More than 8,000 died in its sinking by the Soviets -- more than five times the number who died on the Titanic. William Pierce is virtually the only one who has ever mentioned the Gustloff in recent years. Here Evans interviewed re book about Irving. Auf Deutsch...

Elie Wiesel: A Kike's Kike

He's made an art of lying and swindling and fake-atrocitymongering. Echt yiddisher, he's. Why are Jews hated everywhere? Because generation after generation they throw up "men" like Wiesel -- ignoble, ugly liars of hype and greed compact. Here French Jews complain about anti-Semitism.

The Invasion

Here Ridge and immigration as a source of terror and other problems. It's good enough for government blather, the purpose of which is generally to persuade you against facts that something is being done about something that the drug war...highly profitable to the government. Let me just say something here that annoys me: Self-effacing humor is OUT. It sucks. VNN follows the Larry Bird model: In the lockers before the three-point-shooting contest he would look around sneeringly and say: "Which one of you assholes is going to come in second." Self-effacing is for second-raters speaking to thirds. If you're great -- Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb -- and can back it up, it should be avoided. Like that Olympic skier, forget his name, Bill Johnson maybe, said: I'm gonna win the gold -- everybody else is here for second place. And he did win the gold. That is top of the line. Little people hide in the bushes and snigger when others trip over their outstretched legs. Great people soar. The proper place for humility is in recognizing and respecting facts and objective reality. Here Bushy tells shitskin invaders "maybe you ought to just go on home." How weak is that? Here on Klamath and leftist science-lies in general. Here on some Bushy plan for 'charter forests' that probably reduces to more land controlled by fedgov jewfags when you let the air out. Here an especially rich piece of libertarian let-'em-all-insanity. We sincerely hope this moron receives an unpleasant visit from one of the Mexcrements his type of foolish thinking has allowed to spread over the country like mold on bread.

Jews Get Korans Kicked Out of California Schools

They contained footnotes critical of Jews. Moving forward, School board officials said they would convene a committee made up of history teachers, Jewish leaders and Foundation officials to review the books. Everything safely Semiticized for Jews' protection. God forbid a stray word of criticism should enter Hymie's ear as he makes his daily round of genital-sniping, bombs in schoolyards, extorting billions and being an all-around useless bloodsucking leech. Here on 9/11 possibly used to extend bans on foreign ammo. Why is the Judeo-government afraid of White men owning guns? Why do you think? Wouldn't you prefer your enemies disarmed? Here's a great cartoon that neatly bares essence du kike. Jewish docs, no Hippocrates among them, but assuredly plenty of hypocrites, give thumbs-up to broken Pal fingers as information collection technique. This too could be a reason...

Niggers Attacking Whites Becoming Common at Virginia

The monkeys must be put down. Apparently the mudlingen were hanging out with White girls and assaulting White males in nig-paks, as niggers are wont to do. The solution? "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. But remember, niggers raping White girls and attacking White men is merely a symptom: Jew is the disease. Jews destroyed the segregation and immigration policies that kept niggers away from humans. Here worthless nogs cry that the sound of their voice -- you know that chip-on-the-shoulder that American Niggers all seem to carry, and which comes through in their tone -- is making slumlords turn away. It's hard to be a nigger. Sometimes Mother's day arrives late. Or the porch gives way. Clearly we need a federal department of phone egalitarianism. We have the technology to record all phone calls and measure voice stress and other indicators. Do we have the will? How odd that the "civil right" consists in thrusting your unwanted presence on someone against his real civil right of determining the disposition of his property. Have you noticed that the Jewish lawyers who made it so have a way of turning words on their head? Jews kind of suck, don't they? Is there any way they make society better? I can only think of 500 ways they make it worse, and that's before breakfast. There is one policy that's time-tested. And I think you know what it is: No Jews. Just Right.

South Africa: More Violent Than Ever

Things are horrible in chimp-controlled Zimbabwe too. And, big surprise, when you let Islamics into a White country, the rags start calling local women whores, and of course this naturally leads to gang-rapes on the part of young Arab primates, as is happening today in France and Australia -- and just as regularly hushed up by the Jewish media. All coloreds and Jews must exit White lands, or the White race will disappear. It really is that simple. Quit listening to Jewish liars like Davey Horowitz and his band of kahnmunists and kahnservatives -- they're all kahnning you. Pitiful Australia will pay ragheads to go home.


Very high quality, claimed that only 30 people in U.S. could have made it. Here on life at Microsoft.

White Language: Slurs

Good comments by the always intelligent and amusing Birdman, avatar of the bewinged rat. Slurs go with the truth like jews and thick ropes. If niggers didn't exist, I'd sure look like a fool for using the term, right? Yet I have a strange suspicion even the libralest libral knows what I mean by it. And that's my standard -- not what some jewfag decides is appropriate. I am White and I am free, and Jews don't write the laws for me. The Founding Fathers were great, and I appreciate their affirming my right, but that right didn't come from their pen and I and YOU are the only ones who can back it up. Talk about God-given rights is fools' blather; the only rights you get are the ones you assert, the ones you are willing to kill or die for. God stands idly by whether it's witch or Christian, White, nigger or jew at the stake. He don't care in the slightest. I say what I want not because of any Amendment, first or fifteenth, but because THAT'S WHAT I DO. As GnR's Axl Rose put it: "To all those opposed, well...(sound of snickering)." "Get in the ring, motherfucker, and I'll kick your bitchy little ass!" Oh yeah. In a similar vein, here's info that jurors should know. The judge is just a dirty old man in a stinky robe. The government is just the biggest gang at the time. Don't kid yourself there's anything holy about it -- ever. Government? Gang with the most guns. Always. Everywhere. Government, as Lenin put it, is Who? Whom? I.e., who does what to whom. It's time WE started doing it to THEM. It's been the other way far too long, and you can see the results in every story on this page. Here's a good Sobran column that deals with inherent problems of "the state." Oddly enough, the great conservative Edmund Burke began his career with an anarchist tract, arguing that the state was naturally and historically destructive of human society, life, and liberty. Later he explained that hed intended his argument ironically, but many have doubted this. His argument for anarchy was too powerful, passionate, and cogent to be a joke. Later, as a professional politician, Burke seems to have come to terms with the state, believing that no matter how bloody its origins, it could be tamed and civilized, as in Europe, by "the spirit of a gentleman, and the spirit of religion." But even as he wrote, the old order he loved was already breaking down. Everybody reading VNN should read Burke, starting with his Reflections on the Revolution in France -- especially anybody coming to racialism from the left. Here Ron Paul on fundamental government corruption.

Nogs Killed Portugal

Miscegenation equals death. It's that simple. You cannot mix with nigger populations without submerging society in the rapacious, stoopid lawlessness that accompanies every square foot of territory teemed on by negritoes, samboes, octaroons, and just plain coons. Niggers suck. Here the claim there is no " third way."

White Families: Make Your Own Ice Rink

Here's a good idea for readers with families. Build your kids an ice rink in your back yard. Learning to check is an important part of life. It feels good to knock other people down, especially when done with proper technique. Tot sports leagues are overconsumed with winning-losing when they ought to be most concerned with teaching respect for the game, and the right way to field, hit, cover, etc. Sports in fact does not inherently develop character, although, like anything else that may be done excellently, it can be used that way. Typically sports reveals character, showing who is clutch and who goes crabwise under pressure, as good old HST always says and I always repeat. Here on boxing. It's a great sport, or could be, because it's courage and technique, with just enough rules to be stylized. At its best, it might be thought of as performance art. Prizefighting, by the way, is not at all extinct. In my part of England the East Midlands there are regular prizefights, and a pecking order of champions well known to the cognoscenti. It's illegal, of course, and the fights are held in remote fields or woodlands, the location made known to the fans by word of mouth at the last minute. Huge crowds assemble, and vast sums of money are wagered. I have never seen a prizefight myself, but I'm told it's unforgettable. If you want to try it, get yourself to England and make some contacts in the "traveler" community of gypsies and tinkers, who organize these events.

Media: Attacking White Utah

They're White, they have guns, they have lots of kids, and you can't find any Jews. Utah must be an evil place. Here on biometrics, all sorts of invasive non-invasive personal data tracking useful in security and intrusion alike. It's all double edged, and its advent seems unstoppable. What we need to do is stop registering guns and start registering jews. Scan all jewish faces into one giant database. Swindler prevention, it's! Here Shifflett on Mormons. He mentions Twain's Roughing It, which is another must-read. Shows you how recent everything in the American West really is. Here's Twain going after the BOM, which is like BM, but 500x as long: "Some people have to have a world of evidence before they can come anywhere in the neighborhood of believing anything; but for me, when a man tells me that he has 'seen the engravings which are upon the plates,' and not only that, but an angel was there at the time, and saw him see them, and probably took his receipt for it, I am very far on the road to conviction, no matter whether I ever heard of that man before or not, and even if I do not know the name of the angel, or his nationality either." It's crap, but the Mormons are a fair folk, as these things go. Malls full of attractive, healthy White girls, I always noticed. Here's the Sorry Baptists on the BOMers, with their effective -- and oft duped -- informercials: "All evidence contradicts The Book of Mormon's accounts about the origin of American Indians, the earliest explorations of the New World, plant and animal life in the Americas, use of metal, steel, and silk by ancient Americans, and other supposed similarities between pre-Columbian Indian cultures and those of the Old World." How true. They ought to throw away that rubbish and get back to the True Tales of Our Friend Jeezus who Walked on Water and Came Back from the Dead. Is there any religion that doesn't reduce to: "I believe because it is absurd"? Any? The fact is, and this was related to me directly by my personal savior Hay Seuss, Doc's brother, First Consultant to Icktheos, Chooser of the Jews, -- God created religion that atheists might be ceaselessly amused. If you need a religion, why not make it Objective Reality? Joe Smith was a clown who toured the countryside, showing up on farmers' doorsteps with a "seerstone" through which he could find buried treasure on the property. They didn't have Miss Cleo back then, they had Joe Smith. If you don't like what I say, I don't care, because what I say is true. Habeas Golden Plates, Saints -- then I'll reconsider. Til then, I'm just going to run on the 100% safe assumption it's a big fat yiddishy fraud. Facts talk, bullshit and imaginary golden plates walk. Sure would be nice to see Mr. Shifflett, whom I have met and do respect, write about his Jewish employers as lightly and critically as he cuts up the Mormons. All the space you need here, Dave. VNN is read by plenty of Mormons, jack and true, and I'm sure they will stew, some of them, at my words. I also know that they will seriously consider whether I'm right. I also know what they will find if they press that line.

Click Here!

White Art: Sinclair Lewis

On the new Lingeman bio. After a lengthy and unrewarding apprenticeship, during which he wrote five forgettable and forgotten novels, Lewis published Main Street (1920), which his earlier biographer, Mark Schorer, rightly characterized as "the most sensational event in twentieth-century American publishing history." "That idiot has written a masterpiece," a stunned H. L. Mencken cabled his Smart Set co-editor, George Jean Nathan, after reading the galley proofs of the novel. Over the next nine years Lewis wrote four more best sellers -- Babbitt (1922), Arrowsmith (1925), Elmer Gantry (1927), and Dodsworth (1929)all important books, though none could rival Main Street... More here. Arrowsmith and Main Street and Elmer Gantry are must reads. More here. Learn what America used to be like and ways in which it was rather weak, flat, stale and unprofitable -- contrasted with the fake ills the revolutionary jews of the sixties charged it with. Become better, dethrone the filthy yidn, remake America -- improved. Here on paintings and the delicate feelings they produce. We must become monsters to protect refined sentiment, which cannot exist in wiggerworld. If you haven't read Oscar Wilde's The Critic as Artist, you need to do that, and do it immediately. Don't waste your time at the moronplex, go to the library or bookstore and get your collected works of Oscar Wilde and read this essay, and read The Ballad of Reading Gaol while you're at it. Do it. Wilde is often wrong, always brilliant. Wilde used to tour America, giving lectures to wives that they might artistify and enliven their lives, de-babbittify themselves and their burgs. Here on Martin Amis and the art of writing. If you have trouble writing, go to and read a couple hundred Reed columns. His strip't style is just what you need. Short, simple sentences. Clear and intelligible always. Get rid of the junk, ditch jargon, ditch supercalifragilistically overamped latins and get back to straight angles and saxons. Here gossip and a new bio of Kierkegaard.

Online World Civilization Course

Multicultural, but some good readings online here.

Boy Bands

For whatever reason, articles in the Irish Times tend to be considerably lighter and sweeter than the sludgecrap vent by the other period(ical)s I trudge through, making my daily rounds like the milkman of yore. The German barbarian in me, hacking its way with bloody-mauled artistic glee, appreciates the lissome spirit of the echt Kelt! I suppose the IT is owned by some foul and feculent Chain O'shitstein, but I prefer to imagine it's not. Swords -- up! Jewish heads -- off!

Media: Heeb

New mag for yidn who think they're cool. Contents include an article on "Jewfros," or Jewish afros; an interview with Peaches, a Jewish porn punk singer grabbing her crotch in a shocking close-up photo; the memoir of a mans reported tryst with Jewish beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg; and, last but not least, a centerfold of Neil Diamond in red leather. What a pitiful race. Here check out the cover of the latest National Review, where racism is anathema. Laughable, it's.

Hitler and the Third Reich

Regardless of what they tell you today, Hitler was taken seriously and respected by serious men such as Ludovici, both for what he achieved and for his ideas. Decades of Jewish Hollywitz propaganda can't destroy that Anthony M. Ludovici

Letter from Framingham

First-hand report from tonight's Human Relations Commission meeting. The future is what YOU make it, White man. Stand up and be counted. Why just watch "Braveheart" when you can live it? Courage, not intelligence, defines a man -- without it nothing else Andrei Kievsky

Globalized Economy: Scam to Enrich International Finance

Your country is to be destroyed because it benefits the heavily Jewish super-rich. Maybe they ought to be destroyed instead. BTW, have you heard about Japan's depression? It's quite serious, and could have a bigger bearing on racialist politics than anything we imagine right now if it spreads: "Japan is 42 times bigger than Thailand," says Kenneth Courtis, vice chairman for Goldman Sachs. ... Japan represents the "largest economic crisis since the 1930s," says Courtis. "The world is heading for a once-in-a-century economic crisis," agrees Ryoji Musha, strategist for Deutsche Bank. How so? Consider the notion that, with perhaps $11 trillion in savings, the Japanese have enough wealth to cope. Sounds like they do, until you realize that the total on- and off-balance-sheet claims on the household, corporate and government sectors in Japan are about $30 trillion, according to estimates by Goldman Sachs. That sum is six times Japan's $5 trillion GDP. A like total of U.S. public and private debt: $19 trillion, two times GDP. If we had a White, Jew-free country, none of this would worry us. But the kike crooks at the top, preaching the false doctrines of interdependence and globalization, have ensured that if Japan goes down, we'll at least stumble too. Thanks, Jews. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. It's coming, Hymie! Can you feel it?

Niggers -- Less Than Human

A nigger baby-rapist gets off in New South Africa because the five-year-old he raped was not a virgin -- already having been raped. I'm not even going to try to paint that lilly. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson.

California May Let Counties Ban Gun Shows

Not constitutional? What's the constitution? The real constitution is very short, consisting of a single question: "Is it good for Jews?" Here on anarchists, especially in California.

Izzy Says U.S. Will Attack Iraq in May

They're just taking a wild guess... Here on that designer "Holocaust" art show. Some pro-Jew levity here. News flash, dope-fiend: the kikes were never enslaved in Egypt.

Love All Over Mass.

The World Church doesn't appear to be the only extremist group operating in the area, though. A handful of officials who plan to attend a Human Relations Forum on hate crimes tonight are bracing themselves for the reappearance of members of the National Alliance, another white supremacist group, who provoked a disturbance at the commission's meeting last month. Here a kid puts the hammer down on some punk threatening grandma, great story.

Australia: African Drug Gangs Spreading

"Diversity is our Biggest Lie." Here on online censorship down under.

Kikes Crying All Over the Place

Do Jews hate? Only Jews. Do Jews need their consciousness raised? No. Never. It is unthinkable. Are there videos, seminars and workshops to help Hymie over come his bred-in-the-shul racism -- i.e., "Even the best of the goyim should be killed" -- ? The catalog the ADL sent me reveals none. This broad crying in the WSJ says to oppose Israel is to oppose Jews. As Sobran says, an "anti-Semite" is someone Jews hate. No more than that. What's the word for Jews who hate non-Jews? Oh, that's right: it doesn't exist. Well, apart from 'Jews.' Jews are pussies. They can't tolerate ANY dissent ANY criticism ANY suggestion that they're to blame. They have to cry and smear and outlaw and ban and censor. They're weak. WE are strong. Little Palestinian kids don't fear to run in front of tanks and throw rocks at cowardly kikes who shoot them in the genitals with American guns and ammo. Guys like Lupus Rockwell and Vdare won't even link to "racist" sites for fear word will get back to the cousins of those murderous kikes running "American" foreign policy. The time has come for Israel to die. And for all American Jews to leave the country. Get out of the West, kikes. Your day is over. No Jews. Just Right. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. HE KNOWS IT -- DO YOU? David Horowitz and the Podhoretzim don't care about America, it's just a tool in Israel's belt. Truth to a Jew is like sunlight to a vampire. The kikes are race built to scurry in the dark. More here.

Bush's Speech

Sobran's preview, on the shammy charade democracy's, these days. "Vacuous palaver" indeed. Buchanan here on the Jew-War Party's lies. McConnell says Bushy's words would delight the neocon/paleoyids and Osama alike. Davey Horowitz and his team of feculent kikes are the America haters. They lie about what America was, even as they twisted laws and news to make it into what it is now. Davey Horowitz hates America. Davey Horowitz is a kike. Folks, here's the point: Kike Horowitz and the rest of the sheenies writing the columns Bush dimly reads from his teleprompter are USING US for their own ends. All they care about is Israel. They will sacrifice you and all your family and relatives that not a hair on Shmuel's head be disturbed. And when you've given your all and lying dying on some distant plain, these miserable kikes will emerge from their paunchholes and filch your wallet. Kikes suck. Hell, kikes even know that they're kikes -- they coined the term. David Horowitz hates America deeply. He and his ilk have pretty much destroyed it, and they need to be destroyed in turn. By contrast, applause for the speech came from the well entrenched neocon clique, with William Safire, Charles Krauthammer, and William Kristol hailing Bush's "leadership" from editorial perches in the New York Times and Washington Post. What's good for Israel is all these yahoodis care about. Is it "good for Jews"? Nothing else matters. America is just a treasure chest and blood bank. What do we get out of our relationship with these kikes? To pose the question is to laugh. Jews out. Earth for Whites. No -- Milky Way for Whites. More here. Here two of the premier Jew warmongers. Not since Ronald Reagan upended U.S.-Soviet detente for a policy of unilateral arms buildup and ideological confrontation has an American president so boldly flouted the foreign policy establishment's conventional wisdom. By declaring a new "Axis of Evil" comprising brutal dictatorships with far-advanced programs to build weapons of mass destruction, Bush has charted the course of an expansive new American foreign policy, a paradigm shift equal to the inauguration of anti-Communist containment more than a half century ago. He has taken the war on terrorism beyond a police action to round up the perpetrators of the September 11 attack, and transformed it into a campaign to uproot dangerous tyrannies and encourage democracy, making the world much safer for free peoples. Of cynicism and chutzpah all compact, it's. And Europe is not responding. Let the sheenies go it alone, without our money and arms. How quickly they will tire of the struggle.

Pinheads and Danglesteins

Moronic Christian proclaims Satan unwelcome in small town; Jewish hate group ACLU protests. An all-American story, it's. "Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis," Mayor Carolyn Risher says in a proclamation, which was issued on official town stationery.

Germany: NPD and Jew Crit

A fourth informant, what ho. The existence of the fourth informant was made public by a television newsmagazine on Monday evening. The magazine identified him as a former editor of the party newspaper in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Last of the Hitlers here. Here Europe grows increasingly restless about invasion of coloreds, thanks to Jews.

Dutch Utterly Sick of Nogs

If the Jews can outlaw White nations, why can't we outlaw Jews? Danglestein is the solution. Coloreds are bad for White people and other forms of wildlife. Everything nice disappears when Whites disappear. Have you ever noticed that? I didn't sign any "Sign over all thinking to Davey Horowitz and commit collective suicide" paper, did you? Let's get rid of the Jews and get back to civilized living. THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR JEWS TO TRIUMPH IS FOR WHITE MEN TO DO NOTHING. More here. Because Mexcrement has learned how to reproduce and follow the tree moss north, why is that our problem?

Media: Rotten Business Press

A different and interesting angle on l'affaire Enron. The bottom line is you can't believe anything you read unless you saw it with your own eye. Even then you should be suspicious. Mirages, you know. Here on Crichton and his claim a decade ago that traditional media were on the way out. One trend Crichton wishes he had forseen "was the effect of big media conglomerates combined with the universal decision to make news into entertainment. It's all headlines and chat now. Factual content is way down, accuracy has vanished (it's not even a goal any longer), and public confidence in media is at an astonishing low. Not surprisingly, audiences are shrinking." This is why readership for VNN keeps growing: If we say something's true, it darn well might be. And that's half the point. "U.S. invaded by giant leaping turtles! -- They jump up and bite you where it hurts!" I saw that on a tabloid a couple months ago. Who knows? Don your cups, gentlemen. It's as plausible as whatever's on the cover of the Jewfag Times in your city. If the NYT ilk report it, all I know for sure is it'll be boring and biased and probably untrue -- always.

Everyone Hates Izzy

An Irishman jumps in and starts punching "that shitty little country," as Israel will go down in history. Here a kike swindles $750m out of Ireland. What a loathsome, dangerous, swindling race Jews are.

White Art: "All the King's Men"

Good novel, far better than what's come out since WWII. More here. Here on Steven King. Here on Waugh. Richard Grenier, dead.

Music Review: Wayfaring Stranger: Folksongs

Scholl, Deller and the curious case of castrato and The Cat Lady

Was Dumas part-nigger?

Apparently so. Well...his grandfather married a Haitian slave.

Movie Review: 'The Count of Monte Cristo'

SEE THIS MOVIE! Lots of White men swashing and buckling, fair damsels swooning and being of all, it's based upon a classic work of literature by a White man (as if there were any other kind) Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Gosford Park'

No negroes were harmed during the production of this film, primarily because there were no negroes in this Mark Rivers

U.S. Importing Baby Bantu Monkeys from Somalia

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. This is a perfect example of what I mean when I say the United States government is illegitimate. You would have difficulty finding ten people out of a hundred who would agree that bringing these bush babies into our lives is wise policy. Yet it happens. Not just once, but over and over and over again. And there's no debate on it. Why? Not because citizens support it, but because they don't! A government that does not protect its citizens and exposes them to danger repeatedly AND AGAINST THEIR EXPRESS WISHES is, by definition, illegitimate. All bets are off. You have not the slightest moral obligation to this thoroughly corrupt Judeo-government, White man. Obviously it must be taken seriously as a physical threat, but apart from sheer power it has no right to lead and no claim on our loyalty. It operates against the will and the interests of the American people. It operates in the interests of a tiny minority of kikes and the race-traitor elite it has purchased. It's pretty clear, isn't it, that the clock is ticking on revolution? The desperate sheenies who pull the strings and gouge you for half your paycheck are well aware they are usurpers, and are hoping against hope you won't rise up and slaughter them, as they know they deserve. Quit being played for a fool by the Jews and their tools, White man. Here on NA guy shot in Arizona. Note the complete coverup by the Glendale police. The system operates against your interests while pretending to operate in your name, White man. Wise up -- ZOG is real, and you must band and destroy it. Here on Jew-led immigration easing entry for the diseased and discolored. Immigration is the way the Jews elect a new people, as Brecht put it. Remember what Jew Horowitz' Jewboy Glazov said: he would hate to live around Whites only. He doesn't care that your ancestors started the country and made it what it is, he wants an America comfortable for him. And now that the immigration he pushed against your express wishes is reality, he calls you an "America hater" for regurgitating the fermented succotash the Jewcook has stuffed down our throats. Do you see how the world actually works, White man? Not quite like the Texas Maniac, the Canadian dropout or Tlom Bloklaw lay it out for us, is it?

Monkey-eating 'Groids Catch Ebola

Mmm, diversity. It's what's for supper. Here the dumb bunnies fall for reparations scams. Niggers are worse than animals. It is only the racism and hatred of the Jews running our country that prevent our acknowledging the fact and removing them as Thomas Jefferson planned we should. Now we've got kikes like Horowitz laughing in our face, spewing lies about "colorblind" policies, pretending the founders were neocons. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Here on the nose-bitten-off kid and the nigger who did it and the feebs asked to investigate for "hate" crime.

NA on the Prowl in Mass.

Note the insidious headline: "Balancing free speech, hate literature." No irony, no admission that the Constitution says nothing about "hate" speech, just that you may speak freely. But see, the Jews have made an "issue" of "hate" speech. We all think we know what it is, although it's never spelled out: any speech jews don't want propagated. We don't need to end "hate" speech, we need to end Hate Jews. Now the clowns are claiming they need an armed guard lest a White man and his tot daughter show up and murder people with leaflets. McGrath, who will serve as the moderator at the forum, said he based the guidelines on state laws that prohibit people from addressing a public meeting of a governmental body without the permission of a presiding officer. McGrath has the authority to order individuals who persist in disorderly behavior to leave. If they refuse, he can ask the police to remove and confine them until the meeting is adjourned. See how all the irony and mocking and cleverness go out the door when Jewish interests in silencing the populace are at stake? Fuck you, Hymie. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

VH1 to Run Show on "Hate" Rock Feb. 18

Includes Resistance... Here's what Henry Rollins says about White Power musicians: HR: Let's not overestimate the sway these corny bands have. They're really bad. They got no beats, no chops, and just read text when they sing. Their music is like Jamiroquai. It sucks. At the end of the day, people go for better music, but these guys won't become better musicians. Here Bill White dispels rumors. Here LaRouche interpretation of Jew spy scandal coverup.

"Death of the West"

America, a jewish production. See the tiny man with the dark and shifty eyes and his giant performing ape, Americuz, leashed to him with a thick string. America, it's. Throw him a ball! Play with the ball, Americuz. Vat, you no like his performance? I throw you in preeson. Perhaps you enjoy hees other performance. Here on Cajun Louisiana. Here on out-of-control immigration invasion. Here on Monaghan and his giant-cross plan. Note the way it's socially acceptable to shit all over a Catholic by the same lice who'd piddle themselves before assaying a non-genuflectionary word before Marse Yahoodi. Here on the education of boys. More here.

Free Republic's Lawyer Laughably Avers That FR Doesn't Censor

Mr. Robinson's defense rests on his claim that Free Republic operates under "Fair Use" provisions of the copyright law, as an educational resource. Attorney Brian Buckley, for, offered to a lower court that, "The political views expressed by the majority of participants are congruent with the goal of rooting out corruption in government, though no censorship is made and all views are permitted." (Emphasis added) The court is welcome to check VNN's postings and see that's not the case. FR is censored by Jews. This is especially rich: Robinson was frustrated with the inability on other internet sites and alternative forums to engage in a completely free and open discussion of news and politics[...] Yeah, that's JimRob, he wouldn't know free speech if it gave him a sponge bath. Here read Jew Poe's claim that neo-nazis are traitors, and his crocodile tears about Prussian barbarism destroying Anglo-Saxon common law. Apparently he's unfamiliar with the origins of those Anglo-Saxons and prefers to ignore existing ills perpetrated by yids like him in favor of nazi boogeymen. Kikes are like that.

Coup coming in Argentina?

Could be...

Better Raised by Wolves Than Queers, Says Study

Here's a study that claims the opposite. Reed on evolution heresy. Survival of the fittest is a tautology! Here Millard on the Blenders. He doesn't mention who they are -- never does -- but they're Jews. There's an admixture of White race traitors, but above all the folks advocating, propagandizing, writing the policies and paving the way for White genocide are Jews. Consider Iceland as the most unblended and (oh, horrors) whitest nation on Earth. There is virtually no violent crime. Those found guilty of the mostly minor crimes that do occur are usually just called on the telephone by the police and told to report to their local police station to spend a few nights in jail. The reason that Iceland is so peaceful is that it is so white--it has an almost completely homogeneous white population. Why shouldn't the Icelanders find their identity in that most important thing that has made their nation so peaceful--their race?. We must destroy the Jews who are perpetrating the lies that pave the way to White genocide.

Jews Are Corrupt

Workaday story here...

Media: Crispy Miller on Bush and the Media

The most absurdly named chap in America has a couple interesting points. Watch the Jew analyze doltmail, digging through the entrails of emails like one of Swift's insane scientists. Still, he does grasp essence du Freeper: Any act of critical intelligence, any reasoned effort to see through the mask of power, enrages types like Fred. Such high-strung troops demand a God-like father-figure who will always reassure them that they needn't think, and so they snap into attack mode any time they sense a threat to such authority; and in this case, their fury is especially intense, because their idol is so small a man that even they can see that something's missing. Thus Fred cast that feeble speech of W's, which thrilled no-one, as if it had been one of Hitler's finest--a rafter-rattling diatribe that really put it to, or up, the assholes of the left. As Mark Twain wrote, "Hain't we got all the freepers in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?"

"Holocaust" -- the Jewish Lie That's Offical State Religion

That's not exactly what this piece says, but the title truth underlies his half-sorted out ideas. Jews are in the driver's seat, and so we must worship their gods. They have replaced Jesus with this money machine called "The Holocaust," and non-attendance at the worship service will not be permitted. Jews are partners with God, not to be criticized by the lowly likes of you. Your gods they may abuse at will. See how the world works, White man? NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. White revolution means separation of synagogue and state.

Germany: Schill

His own page, auf Deutsch.

Jews Celebrate Raw Power

Here a she-jew judge named Kessler shoulders aside Bush's "civil rights" appointee. Jews don't believe in democracy or civil rights, they believe in Jewish dictatorship. Only raw power will stop them, not courts or Net crying, though they play a part. Are you the White Al Sharpton, White man?

Izzy to Intensify Campus Agitprop Blitz

The mothership and Hillel, tag-teaming the American student.

Rainbow Farm

Disagree with the feds, they may murder you.

Gramsci for Beginners

Read up on the "long march through the institutions" guy... Here on questioning self-esteem. "Self-esteem," as used today, is a moron term par excellence. Feeling good about yourself is the byproduct of solid work and the respect of genuinely respectable people. It's not something you specifically aim at or try to boost artificially. When you make it the centerpiece of "education" -- another horribly abused concept these days -- you create self-infatuated, selfish idiots who lack factual knowledge and cry when it's pointed out -- in other words, perfectly socialized Systemoids.

Smoking: the Real Social Security

The government doesn't want smoking stopped, it wants a large share of the profits. And this article points out a less obvious way it benefits: smokers die earlier, collect fewer pension, social security monies. Is human evolution over?

Even Jews Hate Jews

Is it any surprise everyone else does too? When will this horrible Semitic anti-Semitism end, O yahweh?

New cartoon.

Divorce and the Racist, Part Two: The Search for a Girlfriend

Overcome your shyness, learn how to speak, play the serious game of Top 100 -- and propel your bloodline into the Robert Crockett

White Men, Reclaim Your Sons!, Part One

White man, reclaim your sons from the poisonous multicultural enemy that wants to destroy our race. New alien institutions in America promoting the fraud of "tolerance," "diversity," "equality," and "democracy" have created millions of disenfranchised White boys with no skills, no money, no future, and no hope. White men have been torn from their children who are then raised by single mothers who become married to the jewish State for various benefits, enculturated by racial guilt for the glory of their forefathers' civilization, and neutered by shame for their heritage that lifted mankind from the morass of the swamp and superstition. These boys often are medicated in schools or litigated as delinquents. They are disposable because they are White. Their only value is in the amount of tax dollars they can bring in to various money-grubbing social-service agencies. We must reclaim our sons and restore their heritage so they can reclaim their White American society and enjoy a noble, civilized Soldat Xlebov

It's a Wonderful Race

A story for our James Bronson

What Is National Socialism?

In a nutshell, it's applied Dale Peterson

Movie Review: 'Citizen Kane'

A glimpse into the story behind this "greatest movie ever," including the personal histories of Orson Welles and anti-communist William Randolph Drake Witham

Reamondo: "War of Conquest"

He's right. We have become a nutzo war empire. The source of this insanity? The Jew. His control over press and presidency is at its zenith, and we are all starting to smart from it. There's no getting around it: Sodmondo is the pooftertarian of choice! Rippin' new assholes, makin' copies! Diggin' up the mud-mondo! Saaaa-(g)lute! Here on the feebs checking out private applicants. Jews -- every single one is an enemy of the country it lives in, doubt it never. If Jews were honest men, they wouldn't fear the truth like VNN does. We bow before the truth, Jews cover it up. They're kikes. We're Aryans.

Read the Tea Leaves, Yidn: Israel Has No Future

And you're not welcome here either. Me 'n' Tricky Dick will "see you in hell," as the morons say. Here's what Jew Unz says: I expect Israel's trajectory to follow that of the temporary Crusader kingdoms, surviving for seventy or eighty years following its 1948 establishment, then collapsing under continual Muslim pressure and flagging ideological commitment. Here's Brown-Derbyshire's opinion: Dedicated irredentist terrorists with a single clear goal -- Unite Ireland! Destroy Israel! -- will get what they want in the end. They have too many things going for them that their opponents, the modern constitutional democracies, do not have. They have stamina -- the iron determination to press on for decades, for generations, brushing aside all reverses, weathering all storms, expelling all doubters, holding steadfast to the golden vision. They have the luxury of perfect ruthlessness as regards method. I have been told many times by supporters of Irish terrorism -- I was told it once in the "letters" column of the Wall Street Journal -- that anything, anything at all, is justified in the name of "the cause." Why shouldn't the world hate Jews? Look at them. If they were honest or noble or had any redeeming virtues, they wouldn't fear criticism. But they do. Jews can't handle the truth -- it's not on their side. It's on the side of NA, VNN and the White race. WE ARE THE FUTURE, JEWS ARE THE BLACK PAST.

Czech Kids Admire Hitler

Oy! Big problems, we've, say kosheroids. Not everybody wants to be a consumer-cow, some want to run their own lives. These the Jews seek to stamp out with their laughable "hate" crimes laws and speech suppression. But it is Jews who will end up stamped. And here a "far right" Austrian Jew pol blasts Czech for not giving sheenies enough geld for various ills they claim to have suffered, but which, like the dormant Swiss bank accounts, are more imaginary than real. Kahnservative, Kahnmunist -- but always Kahn. Here Irving answers a "Jessica Z" asking for paper help. Hmm, almost makes you wonder. Good source for info on the lying old codger Wiesel. Oy! Great geysers of blood, there were! The guy's a joke. Heck, Jews even kill people who see them murdering other people. Nasty folks, these Jews. They're a curse on any country that has 'em. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. WWJD? NJJR! Here a Haaretz page of stories on a "new wave" of anti-Semitism it claims is sweeping Europe. Let's hope so. Oy! You kill everybody in sight, then everybody who saw you, then the rest you demand billions in compensation from, all of a sudden they don't like you. Hard to understand, it's. Here on Butler booted out of Aryan Nations.

America, a Wisenheimer-Wolfowitz Production

"As we gather tonight, our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and the civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. Yet the state of our union has never been stronger." That's our insane, irony-free Bushy the Junior Mint, declaring his stupidy -- and war on the planet, at least anything that threatens Izzy. Thanks, Jews. Hymie profits by harvesting the organs of the children he murders. A loathsome race, are the Jews. Here Jewish criminals get the Irving speech at Nottingham canceled. No way out but through the Jew. Irving's a man, the Jews are liars and shysters -- littlers. Here a letter on the designercaust. Here a Catholic writes Forward. Here Kike Krauthammer offers a good example of Jews attempting to drag us into Izzy's misery. Here Wm F Suckley on America's duty to die and lie for Israel. Wm's nothing but crappy writing and servility these days. This was the guy who was going to stand athwart history, remember? Here on Izzy's officers growing nervous.

Media Lies

You've probably heard about the hockey-father murder. Here are the actual facts, reported by Reese. You have to be very careful before swallowing a single jot or tittle of what you read in a Jewish newspaper. If they're like this on the small stuff, how much worse do you suppose they are on the big stuff. Well, "Diversity is our greatest strength" ought to tell you: they reverse the truth. Read what Irvine says about exploding planes and coverups. Biased courts are causing some White fathers to kill themselves. Biased courts are a symptom, Jew is the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Jews, Immigration and Skousen

Good old article on the big mess and the forces behind it. To reiterate what even a casual observer knows: these new arrivals from the third world generally vote for statist policies and along ethnic lines; agitate for entrenching affirmative action; benefit from affirmative action at others expense; back redistribution of all sorts; commit crimes disproportionate to their numbers; and add to the welfare burden disproportionate to their numbers. Perfect, except for leaving out that it's Jews responsible for our open borders. Here good Buchanan on Bush's "King of the world" speech More good reaction here. More here, from Fallavollita. Here on Buchanan, libertarians and immigration. Here on libertarianism vs. conservatism. Reps are socialists today, communists tomorrow. The only path out of our problems is recognition that Jews are the enemy, and that the White race is our political party.

Sobran on Language Precision

... [P]recision is both a practical and a moral necessity. But vagueness works, especially in a democracy where positions only alienate. If A believes x and B believes y, and the candidate forthrightly supports x, then he's lost B's vote. Only naive democrats actually play it that way. Successful democrats hedge, imply and wink, and commmit only at the very last in private. The ablest democrat -- Bill Clinton, for example -- is such a skilled manipulator and shader he can sit down with two people on opposite sides of an issue and walk away leaving each man thinking he's on his side. That's the type of "leader" democracy produces in the television age. Barbarians are led by the boldest wielder of axe. Democrats are led by the smoothest kisser of ass. Color me Conan! Here Zimby passes more speech laws aimed at gagging non-ape-worshippers.

Britain: Chimps Murder Man

"Diversity is our greatest strength." No, Danglestein is our greatest strength. Three yards of cord and a sliding board are all that Hymie needs. "And as one sees most sickly things in the crystal of a dream, he saw the greasy hempen rope, hooked to the blackened beam." And from that greasy rope depended greasier Danglestein! No Jews. Just Right. WWJD? NJJR! Here on black history month and the ridiculousness it's wrought in academia: 41 courses on various aspects of niggerdom, 2 on the American Revolution. Niggers matter. Whites don't. Jews made it that way. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

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