How to Marry a High-Quality Woman

by Elizabeth Bennett

Chapter #7: Where To Meet High-Quality Women and
What To Say To Them

Real-Life "What Might Have Been" Missed Opportunities

You're sitting near the entrance of the university library scoping out chicks (while "reading" a thick book. A tall, slender, healthy White Woman dashes past you, ungracefully, with a heavy pack of books on her back, plainly dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt, and a plain leather watch, no makeup, with long blond hair down to her shoulder blades. There's a harassed look on her face. She runs into the library and skids to a stop in front of a closed door, looks at her watch, throws her arm down and stamps her foot as if inwardly cussing, then looks up at the ceiling like, "Oh, shit!" She turns around slowly and walks out of the library with a clenched-teeth, blank look on her face -- how anger often looks on an Intelligent White Woman. She shoves open the door and walks out. She's missed the busywork final for her bullshit Library Studies requirement. Now she'll have to do some more time-waste, scheduling a make-up. She has three hours until her next class and nothing to do, so she wanders back to her apartment in anger and tries (half-successfully) to take a nap.

Hold Still While I Put Your Dunce Cap On

The girl who just ran past you got the third-highest score on the national physics test of anyone in the state of Michigan. She's a 21-year-old virgin racialist with an I.Q. of 155, and a Steffi Graf body. The only reason she's never had a boyfriend, is because she's a shy introvert and a tomboy waiting to blossom.

You ignored this healthy White Woman and showed no concern for her troubles, because you thought she looked like a "nerd" just because she wasn't wearing a tight little T-shirt that showed her tits sticking out, and she wasn't making a special effort to notice you, smile, and speak to you (because that's the man's job!) You thought it was geeky, the way she was running so hurriedly.

Too bad. In an alternate universe you could have had a Howard Hughes-ish son with her, and a mind-mate for a wife. You could have consoled her after she missed her busywork appointment, but like a dolt you missed that opportunity.

Reality-Check Wakeup Call: High-Quality White Women tend not to wear Daisy Duke shorts, contact lenses, and full makeup turnout to the library (or grocery store, or bookstore, or coffee shop, or Laundromat, or apartment complex dumpster...) You have to have an Eagle Eye. Or better yet, why not approach every White Woman who is not wearing a wedding ring and looks Healthy to you? This is the best rule of thumb of all -- you can't lose. At worst, you'll meet a friend or show a fellow White some common human courtesy. Also, most High-Quality White Women fall for the College Swindle and rush around more, with more frowns on their faces, than their Party-It-Up, Swill Beer counterparts. You've been looking for the wrong thing.

Scared of Women

You can't believe what a dish that wasp-waisted saleswoman is, sitting a few tables away at Starbucks and talking on her cell phone. She's wearing a body-hugging sundress and high-heeled brown suede shoes, has brown hair down her back, red lips, a white pearly smile. You can tell she's intelligent because she has a bag full of sales gear and there's a computer manual on the table. She ends the call and sits there drinking her apple cider, looking bored and semi-lost-in-thought, for about five minutes. She's thinking, "That's a strong, clean-cut, good-looking White Guy back there...what's his problem...why doesn't he speak... (five minutes later in disgust) what an idiot -- or else he has a live-in girlfriend..." She walks off, right past you. The breeze of her dress and suit jacket fanning your face with her mild hostility... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You were thinking, "Hmm, what should I say? Am I brave enough to speak to her?" And then you rationalized, Made Up a Story, "She's probably just a shallow, money-hungry slut" to cover up your own Cowardice. The image of Hebrew-Produced Sitcom XYZ where the women sneer at men who approach them, look them up and down, roll their eyes, and then laugh at them behind their backs, welled up in your mind. Or perhaps you visualized the gang of MTV-twerps from your public, state-controlled high school, snickering amongst themselves, showing all the dysfunction of that institution. You made an Imaginary Excuse Not To Pursue.

Smooth move. You just missed your chance to meet a fellow VNN reader: me!

Lesson: Don't be scared of women. You could snap them like a twig. High-Quality White Women will not grovel by approaching you. They did that in school and then got fed up with it. Now, they want to Marry a Real Man. They've dug in their heels, stubbornly refusing to chase after Little Boys. They are SICK of a culture where men have stopped acting like men -- and it's not their fault! Stop punishing High-Quality White Women for the sins of others. When you ignore them, you punish them. Instead, say pleasantly, "Hi. How are you?"

Hi. How are you?

Hi. How are you?

Just: Hi!! How are you!! GET IT, GUYS???

For extra added variety you could imitate William Pierce and his unassuming, friendly Southern accent and say, "Hello."

It's so simple, and it's the very best way to Meet Young, Single White Women, which often leads to an end of loneliness and a beginning of fun -- and reproducing the species.

(If she just blurts out "good" or "fine" and looks down at the floor, don't be hurt. It's probably because she's not used to being treated with any courtesy in this society. She feels shy and inadequate because she doesn't know what to say.)

To keep the conversation going, you'll have to get slightly more creative. But not much, because women on average have more verbal skill than you, and if they're interested, they'll try to think of interesting things to tell you.

Read the Please Understand Me II book -- the best of all sales aids -- and use the information to see the woman as a person with the personality of her archetype. Use this to put yourself in her shoes and guess what she might be interested in.

You don't have to be extremely talkative, like a Damn Glib JewBoy Prattling a Mile-a-Minute. Or a nauseating Nigger Sleaze who says, "Uh-hah yeah baby youz fine, 'n you got it goin' ohhhhn." You just have to get out of your shell and share as much good information as you can -- so that both of you eventually want to trade the essential piece of information: the phone number.

How To Get Her Phone Number

Attempt to think of interesting questions to ask her, so that in her answer, she'll say something you can chime in on to establish common ground -- ideally, a common interest. That way, you can ask for her phone number with the excuse of inviting her to a club meeting, a hike, giving her more information, etc. Then, in the phone call, it will lead to a ready-made, low-pressure DATE in a GROUP, perfectly naturally.
Let her do most of the talking. Here are a few of the best questions, with 10 Stars being the maximum score. The more stars, the more likely you'll get to asking for her phone number, quite naturally and without a big stress-out:

"Is that a good book? [Hm. What's it about?]" 10 Stars.

"What's that you're reading?" 2 Stars. Note: Ask open-ended questions.

To a woman who, unlike the other simple-minded lemmings in the long line at the bulk-foods store, has a grocery cart full of veggies, whole milk, red meat, and orange juice÷not Cheetoes, Potato Chips, Tang, Cool-Aid, Coke, and Frozen TeeVee Dinners-

"It looks like you've really got it together with all that wholesome food. It's nice to see a woman who eats well -- I just never do...Do you like to cook?" [What are your favorite recipies?] [Well! Would you cook
me dinner some night and chat with me if I bought your groceries for you? I mean it, I'm dead serious!] or extending hand [My name is Matt Ryerson... What's yours?] 10 Stars.

Note: Too bad the only guys who offer to buy my groceries for me are old fat Jews. Is this a California thing?

"Do you live around these parts? I've never seen you here before." 7 Stars.

To a High-Quality White Woman who is quickly leafing through a magazine or tabloid for entertainment, with an alert or thoughtful look on her face, while she stands in line-

"Anything interesting?" [relevant to magazine: "Are you good at interior decorating?" or "What do you think of Hillary Clinton?" or "What do you think of that headline on the cover about JFK's plane?" or "Check out that Sun headline, hah-hah!"] 8 Stars.

To a Healthy-Looking White Woman buying a huge amount of beer and distilled alcohol at the liquor store- "Having a big party? ...Cool! Am I invited? But why not -- I'll buy the vodka for you." 10 Stars.

To a White Woman struggling with a heavy package and almost dropping it -- "I've got it." Just picking it up, without timidly asking her permission. 6 Stars.

To a White Woman you spoke briefly to at a social gathering, who is walking alone in a dark parking lot or parking garage. You cleverly watched for her to leave and followed suit.

"Patricia! John Knight from the meeting. May I walk you to your car?" 10+ Stars. You're showing her you care whether she gets raped by niggers, mugged, or not.

To a white woman you have talked to for a while at a social event --

"We should do something together sometime. What kinds of things do you like to do·Give me your phone number and I'll call you."

Hesitate after you speak or do something. Don't walk away. Let her be the first to walk away. When you hesitate and stay close to her, youâre showing how available you are.

Where To Find High-Quality White Women

The best place to meet is at work. But depending on the type of work you do, this may not be an option. The second best way is at an organized social gathering of any type
-- whether it's work-related, a classroom, a party, or any kind of meeting or club. That way, you know you can each return to the club (see each other at additional meetings) and establish a friendship and some excitement-buildup before you "ask her out." It's preferable to make friends with a White Woman at work or at a club that meets regularly, rather than meeting her and abruptly asking her out. But this is often an ideal that never materializes. In order to increase your chances of getting to know more White Women, you must meet people "on the street."

Here are the best venues to meet women. Here, the chances of encountering a High-Quality Woman are the highest:

  1. Large Bookstore with Coffee Shop and Cozy Chairs (Like Borders): 8 Stars.

  2. University Library: 7 Stars.

  3. Movie Rental Place: 5 Stars.

  4. Political Parties: 5 Stars.

  5. Large Metropolitan Gym: 7 Stars.

  6. Coffee Shop in a Department Store: 5 Stars.

  7. Low-Volume Musical Concert, Casual: 10 Stars.

  8. Dancing Lessons (i.e., Community Colleges): 10 Stars.

  9. Plays, Symphonies, Ballets with One Intermission: 7 Stars.

  10. Plays, Symphonies, Ballets with More than One Intermission: 10 Stars.

  11. Outdoor Musicals and Plays, People Sitting on the Grass: 10 Stars.

  12. Dance Clubs/Cowboy Western Bars: 10 Stars.

  13. Business Park Cafeteria or Trendy Lunch Spot: 10 Stars.

  14. Use VNN as a Matchmaker: 10 Stars.

  15. Business ("Service") Organizations: 5 Stars.

  16. Bulk Grocery Store/Grocery Store: 6 Stars.

  17. Drugstore 5 p.m.-8 p.m.: 8 Stars. "You look bored... do you live around here?"

  18. Rock Concert: 5 Stars.

  19. Church: 5 Stars.

  20. Alternative Films: 6 Stars.

Be patient with all these venues. You will have to wait patiently many times before a High-Quality Woman crosses your path. Approach all healthy, intelligent-looking unmarried White Women. Always speak to people. If a chair is empty beside a White Girl, sit in it and say, "Hi." Or smile and say, "Is anyone sitting here?"

Don't expect her to look like a model, or be dressed up, or be wearing her makeup. A girl who looks plain to you without any makeup or artifice on, will look like a movie star in an evening gown, with her hair fixed, and makeup on. Men are so used to the Jew Media's Fake Makeup Ideal, they think real, healthy, natural women look plain and ordinary. In Germany, women rarely wear push-up bras, makeup, and shave their legs. They take a more naturalistic approach to life. The human body can be beautiful, in its plain, healthy state. She may be wearing a ponytail or a bun. Try to realize it's just for convenience, and she would be pretty with her hair down.

Don't Punish White Women By Ignoring them and Not Speaking a Greeting.

If you speak German, you might also want to go to and order "Angriffsziel: Frau!," a commonsense book on how to get a woman's phone number by steering conversation and giving off the right masculine body-language and signals of interest.

Sales managers agree, that constantly reminding the salesman he has to meet his quota, just stresses him out. Instead, they focus on activity-based goals. For example, a certain number of phone calls per week, going to a certain number of appointments. If the activity is there, and the salesman has any social skill and faith in his product at all, the sales will happen automatically. Sometimes, sales managers even use reverse psychology, and give their employees the goal of getting a certain number of rejections.

So it must be with you in Greeting and Speaking with women. Don't focus so much on the real bottom-line -- getting her phone number -- that will make you too stiff and stressed-out. Instead, promise yourself to get at least two rejections a month from weird feminazis and paranoid, uninterested women. If someone does roll eyes, or say something mean to a simple "hello" and exchange of useful information about fun activities, groups and hangouts -- then notch that on your quota of rejections. Focus only on meeting a certain number of rejections, and you'll be sure to succeed.

If you aren't getting two rejections (cold shoulders) from women each month, you aren't trying hard enough to reach enough prospects.

Reverse psychology works for the idealistic perfectionist (you), because you you're trying too hard to be perfect in an imperfect world. When you get the cold shoulder, you torture yourself for hours "What did I say wrong? What did I do wrong?" Focusing on failure and a number goal helps you be off-hand and phlegmatic enough to brush off failure. In reality, the vast majority of women who give you the cold shoulder did it on accident, or out of a painful shyness.

Remember, a High-Quality White Woman is carrying a heavy weight of burdens and responsibilities, thanks to our screwed-up society and bloated, kike-stuffed government. She's tired, preoccupied, and bitter because men repeatedly ignore and reject her. So, don't wait for her to flirt with you. She'll notice how attractive you are (because youâre a Healthy, Normal, Single White Man) and get nervous. She'll smile and speak to the clerk, but ignore you because she's so attracted to you. Still water runs deep. High-Quality Women seldom pose and wink to men like Cindy Crawford on a swimsuit shoot. So take the initiative and make a strong effort to catch her eyes. Otherwise, you'll only approach flirtatious Barbies who have VD and sugar daddies.

In a high-population-density metro area, make the effort to make eye contact with a healthy, intelligent-looking White Woman. When you catch her eye, say, "Hi."

I'd like to share a personal anecdote that reveals how easy it is to offend a High-Quality Woman by playing a feminine role instead of the masculine. When emotions run high, it's easiest to seriously offend, and everyone's emotions and nervousness run high in romance.

One day I noticed a very handsome man working in a Mail Boxes, Etc. He was blonde and about 40. To be truthful, I thought he was the best-looking man I had ever seen in my life. (However, he was far from the smiley-faced, pretty-boy 9% body fat ideal of Brad Pitt and the Jew Media.) Then I saw him there several more times, and found out he was the owner. So I walked in with a package to mail, in order to meet him (I usually go directly to UPS because it's 1/5 as expensive.) I said wistfully, "You are so good-looking. Are you ex-NFL?" He looked surprised and said he was, then dug out a calendar of him from 15 years ago, playing football.

I smiled a huge smile up at him and said, "Wow! That's really amazing. I've only ever seen one real-life NFL guy before." We looked at it for a while. He sighed sadly and said, "Well, that was a long time ago."

I smiled rather breathlessly and said, "I have a Christmas present to mail to my mom back in the Midwest."

He weighed it and after I paid, he grinned and gave me the receipt. He said, "My phone number's on the back," and winked. But I turned it over and said sullenly to him, as my heart sank, "No, it's not."

Actually, it was, but it was only a printout of the store number. Not only had he given me HIS number instead of asking for mine -- he gave me the business number. What an insult. I walked away angry and disappointed.

I suppose someone that good looking is able to sleep around with a lot of Low-Quality White Women, by passing out his phone numbers to them. He might do some good for the cause of Eugenics (if they aren't all on birth control), but he'll never get a High-Quality White Woman to marry him and have a family life!

Don't pass out your phone number. Ask for her phone number instead. Always call back at least once, so you won't make some poor White Woman Depressed, Angry, Cynical, and Lonely. She has enough to worry about without having more shit thrown in her face.


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