by Soldat Xlebov

Part Two: The Negrification of Our Culture and Society and the Elimination of the White Male

No section of the American populace has been more completely deceived by the forces interested in keeping the truth from the people than America's youth. Youth stands to suffer most from the present regime of America's enemies in control of America. Therefore, it is from youth that the Leftist dictatorship might some day have the most to fear. -- FRANCIS P. YOCKEY, "THE TRAGEDY OF YOUTH," 1939

 Enter The Dragon...

Yockey spoke a truth that all philosophers have known, control the youth and you control a nation's destiny. We recall the Pied Piper of Hamelin of European legend who piped away the town's rats, and after the burgers failed to pay him, danced away with the youth as his captives. He didn't take the town's politicians, the old guys, the pretty young damsels, or the tradesmen; he took the children because they were the town's future.

Conspirators against America have stolen our youth, but unlike the folk of Hamelin we can win them back. These Pied Pipers of the ancient evil one have seduced the kids and young adults into accepting all forms of cultural sewage as norms and through it have defiled our glorious civilization from Europe. In the last installment we called it the "negrification" of the culture: white boys and girls wanting to be negroes of the lowest order. And the jewish Pied Pipers of the mass culture noodle the tunes to win their young and poorly formed minds.

 Yockey on "Negrification" (Writer's comments in parentheses)

The alien-minded minority (the jews) in control of the cinema, the radio, and the newspaper and magazine press has poured out a constant stream of propaganda with the intent of gaining complete spiritual power over the minds of young Americans emerging into maturity. With what success the attempt has met everyone knows who has talked on their own level to representative American youths from the ages of 19 to 27. One and all their world-views have been cut out for them in New York, Hollywood, and Washington.

Appalling numbers of youth have been led into a cynical ultra-sophisticated attitude which regards drinking as a badge of social aptitude, which makes a fetish of sport and professes eroticism as a way of life. A perverted and insane pictorial art, lewd exhibitionistic dancing and jungle music form the spiritual norm of this sector of America's youth.


 But behind this disculturation and decay we find the usual suspects: the ancient devouring dragon, the jews.

The jews have reduced the White family to a transaction, the father to a cash machine, the mother to an embittered hater of all men, the children to pawns in the agencies of State. Some might say that the jew-inspired beast has devoured all families and children of other races. We don't give a damn about other races; we care for our own because our own families are under siege.

And it is the duty of the White man to end the madness. This is his most pressing duty to family and race because the continuing Judefecation of Western Civilization has spread its tentacles everywhere. It will not be a battle that is won overnight or within a few years. As the current American puppet of the jews, George W. Bush said, in his deception called the "war against terrorism," the battle won't be won quickly or without much sacrifice.

The battle against the evil of Judefecation won't be an easy battle either. The focus of the Judefecation of Civilization has been for jewish self-protection, special-interest, and financial accumulation. They are as greedy as they are paranoid. To paraphrase St. Peter, who spoke of their spiritual father, Satan, the jews are "a roaring lion, (that) goeth about seeking whom (they) may devour." (1 Peter 5.8)

They devour by undermining the adversary. For the jews of the talmud, mishnah, and other wacky fictions the adversary is the goyim, the cattle who are good only for ritual slaughter. For such a small minority of the world's population, though of course, they're the only humans, the way to their victory is insidious, enervating, and insinuating. A jew is less comfortable a president of the goyim than as one of a nest of advisors hissing in his ear for perpetual jewish influence and control.

The jews are a formidable enemy. In the words of Prof. Kevin MacDonald, "Intellectual activity is like any other human endeavor: Cohesive groups outcompete individual strategies." The jews are smart, cohesive, and have a long, ignoble history of fermenting trouble, revolution, and dissolution. For Christians, they are the murderers of Christ - a hateful people condemned by the deicide of their fathers who called down the wrath of God, "His blood be upon us and our children." (St. Matt 27.25) Hence they are the enemy of good and that which comes from the good.

In every land they remain the hated perpetual outsiders, living in but not of a land. As the hated ones who are self-cursed and condemned, they gather influence and power for their self-protection as a race and a religion. Secondly, they are a group infected with the tribal suspicion that results from their historical treasons. Thirdly, they are consumed with avarice for money, which buys power, status, influence, and control - all elements of their pathological fear of others and desire for self-protection. What is to be done? Cultivate your gifts and build your future vision.

 There exists to-day a widespread and fatuous belief in the power of environment, as well as of education and opportunity to alter heredity, which arises from the dogma of the brotherhood of man, derived in turn from the loose thinkers of the French Revolution and their American mimics. Such beliefs have done much damage in the past, and if allowed to go uncontradicted, may do much more serious damage in the future.


 We're talking about White man in his relationship to his son and his son's White future. A White man can do nothing better with his life than raise his son to be a healthy and productive White man, father, and husband. But it must start here, and now. But the white sell-out race traitor and his jewish puppet master have put up formidable obstacles in your way.

Before you can be a father, you must become a husband, a competent spouse for a good woman who wants to share a life with you - from marriage to death - and help build our race by producing healthy children. You must offer these things, and in abundance:

  1. Good health and vitality;

  2. Good economic prospects;

  3. Custody and control of your emotions and desires;

  4. A fertile mind in which learning, knowledge, and wisdom can grow;

  5. A virtuous and heroic nature.

You must be a competent, fully conscious White man and not a blended judeo-feminist "she-male," trembling under the weight of politically correct mandates from others. There are few men in America and many male-like vapors. You can be either one, or the other; but not both or neither.

Though a series of articles can be written about each element below, we will merely pass over quickly.

Good Health and Vitality...

Without these you cannot resist the Beast of State and its Judefecation of your family, culture, civilization, and race. You must be fit, alert, and sober to resist destruction by our current culture. You must have the physical, moral, spiritual, and emotional strength and stamina to resist the jewish virus.

Good Economic Prospects...

You are required to provide for your family. You must have the intellectual and vocational skills necessary to create a sustainable familial economy. You can use your wits, brains, or hands to design, build, or fix things or create ideas to preserve yourself, your family, and your race. If you're lacking in any area and want to make yourself "marketable" to a prospective wife, learn what you need. You have the innate talent and brains necessary to attract a noble mate and to continue building our world.

But one caveat, as a White man working for the restoration of his race and culture, you'll not be in high demand unless others of your kind seek you out for employment. So you need to network with others, get the skills you need, and create the businesses and enterprises that will provide for you and your family - and that can help other Whites -- in these dark times.

It goes without saying that you must not be made a beggar at the banquet of borrowing. Reject "credit" and other jewish economic contrivances as much as you can. Keep your desires for material things manageable lest you destroy your family and teach your sons to long for things over their honor, duty, and character.

Custody of Your Emotions and Desires...

With honor, duty, and character comes dignity. You cannot have this quality if you are constantly screaming, raging, shouting, or shaking fists. You are not a trained monkey for Jerry Springer proving to millions of idiots how much more stupid you are than the viewers of the show.

When you have custody of your emotions you become a man, a White man, someone who will be respected, listened to, and followed. For your sons, you will become the hero he wants to emulate.

With no control, you are pathetic, small, and revolting. You will be a curse to your family, friends, and race. You will be a person from which all will want to escape. You will have fallen to the wiles of the devouring enemy.

Your enemy is fierce, knowing your weaknesses, hiding behind the confusing concepts of tolerance and love for neighbor that they use and drain of all benefit for that despicable people. They will poke and probe, use the media to ridicule you, and hide behind every glorious banner that appeals to the bungled and the blotched. They know the stupid, uninformed American because they had a great hand in his creation. They manipulate him because they despise him. Then they hide behind him as you two fight it out.

A Fertile Mind for Ideas, Knowledge, and Wisdom...

Stay intellectually active by reading and discussing history, philosophy, theology, ideas from our civilization that need to be known, defended, and passed on.

The one killer of the mind and intellect is the television. Restrict viewing, stop it altogether, or take the machine out to the wilderness and shoot it! But you must get this noxious addiction under control because its sinister ideology infects the mind and undermines thought and reasoning.

A Virtuous and Heroic Nature...

A White man is a virtuous, noble human whose patrimony goes deep into the history of the past. We have sailed and walked the world, bringing light and hope to savages. We have conquered and led, only to be betrayed by the enemy. Whining about the loss of our culture, society, civilization, and race will do nothing to restore them. We need the virtues that infuse strength into our White nature and build character that has been torn down and replaced with the comedy view of White man given us by the jew and his entertainment and news media.

The specifics, or how to do it aspects, are too varied to be included here. Perhaps an ongoing dialogue in a question and answer format might help focus people on specific tasks to help cultivate talents and build the future. There is a strong need for such advice especially for Whites who are separated from areas of vital White activity. Divorce, anger, problems with their children, assaults by school or state agencies and other devices could undermine individual Whites and push them into a sense of futility or despair.

For example, how do I deal with my wife who threatens to leave me because I am a White racialist? Or, how do I defend myself against the bogus charges of CPS? Or, where do I turn to find out how to home school my kids?

The racially conscious White man will burn with the zeal to lift his race from the mud of jewish-inspired degradation. He will solemnly vow to help restore society by first building himself as a White man who can be a hero for his sons.

He can inspire the millions of young white males who are oppressed by the sense of helplessness and hopelessness that the political sodomy masquerading as equal opportunity, multiracialism, and tolerance has brought to our race and nation. He can stand as a man on the threshold of restoration of greatness and give meaning to his life that the jewish masters have reduced to mockery in our dead culture.


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