Letter from Framingham

by Andrei Kievsky

Framingham, Massachusetts, February 6th, 2002

The Human Relations Commission of Framingham, Massachusetts held a meeting entitled "No Place for Hate Crimes." There was much anticipation with several newspaper articles in http://www.metrowestdailynews.com and http://www.boston.com/globe expecting the appearance of National Alliance members. Some history is in order:

December 6th

The inaugural meeting of the HRC on December 6 had about a dozen people at the meeting. The speaker was a DOJ official, whom I also saw at the York demonstration. I was unable to find a babysitter for daughter (my mother in law in Ukraine has been declined a visitor visa two years in a row already), so I brought her along to this meeting. The meeting was extremely dull and platitudinous. My highly evolved three-year-old daughter sat quietly despite the dullness of the proceedings, content with a glass of "bubbles" (Sprite) and a cookie from the refreshments table. After about 10 minutes of listening to the proceedings, I had mercy on my daughter and took her to play hide and seek in the Framingham Town Hall. Then, at 9 p.m., which was the end of the meeting, we went into the meeting and handed out packets of NA literature. The cover page appeared to promote the ADL, but was of course an anti-ADL flyer. I was confronted by a Jewish member of the commission and asked what organization I represented. I answered "The National Alliance" in my best Dr. Pierce growl. Then he asked, "What do you stand for?" I answered, "I am here to express my opposition to the Israeli lobby, the ADL, and Jewish control of the media." Then he asked, "Aren't you the guys who throw flyers on people's lawns?" I smiled and answered, "Maybe!" Then I called my daughter and we left. By this time, people were looking at my packets of literature and we got some mean looks on our way out, though my daughter was quite oblivious. She stopped at the refreshments table and snitched another cookie, and then we left. Here's the media coverage that resulted from this venture:


January 10th, 2002

This meeting of the HRC had as as its subject, "How to keep the National Alliance out of our meetings," or something along those lines. It was about us. This time, I had a babysitter, and I went with another NA member who is a struggling college student and a very talented rock guitarist. We walked in and this time, there were all of 8 people at the thing. When we came in, someone said, "Uh oh, the National Alliance is here!" I walked up to the table where they were (it was all panelists and zero audience) and I handed out packets to them, while the other member held up a sign talking about the fact that only 4 Israelis died in the World Trade Center attack, and since September 11th wasn't a Jewish holiday, wasn't that a strange coincidence considering Jewish/Israeli over-representation in brokerage and finance. By contrast 72 people from El Salvador died, 16 South Koreans, 50 Bangladeshis and 50 Finns. I also mentioned it while handing out the packets, and my packets included the evidence of Israeli foreknowledge. Ralph Woodward, the leader of the Commission, told me to say my name or leave. I said, "I'm almost done." He stood up as if he was going to physically throw me out, but other commissioners stopped him from attacking me. At the door to leave, I stopped, turned around, and recited this poem:

Make my word a crime, I will cry out louder
Silence my voice, I will find another
Make my voice a crime, I will create another

Hunt me down, I will find new places to hide,
Lock me away, Ten will rise to take my place!
You cannot silence me, you cannot stop me
for I, and my kind, are forever!
Andrea Martin

But the Jewish member followed me outside and another member followed him out, clearly in fear for his life. He asked me what my problem was, and I said, "Jews like you are looking forward to the day when no more White children are born," and then we left. Here's the media coverage that resulted from this:


There were several articles anticipating the fact that we would be at this meeting, but it was clear from these articles that the police and Framingham's town counsel (lawyer) advised Ralph Woodward that he couldn't just throw us out, he had to let us have a forum if we were orderly.


So at this meeting, it was clear that there would be a strong police presence (I counted four cops, including the town police chief) and the cop at the door handed out a packet that included the rules of order of the meeting.

February 6, 2002

I went with a member from Central Massachusetts. I only made 10 packets, because I usually have a lot of extra packets at the end of my public activist missions, and many of my packets are torn up, thrown on the ground, etc. This time, as it turns out, I made way too few packets. The meeting was from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and we showed up a little before 8 p.m. There were 40 people at it this time! And I got the impression that we were the draw! People showed up to see the "dog and pony show" it turns out! I think Ralph Woodward must have some gratitude to us for livening up his little commission, and we are grateful because this provides us a forum! In the Soviet Union and Red China, such meetings were useful because there was no freedom to dissent, but in America we can use the First Amendment to subvert Judeo-Communist activities. Thanks Founding Fathers! Some "dead White males" who left a legacy that is providing a ray of hope in these dark days of post-America, circa 2002.

So we walk in, and the police officer gives us the rules of order. The room was overflowing, and I thought that there weren't any seats. I asked a journalist if there were any seats, and he said that there were some in the front row. So myself and the other member took our seats in the front row. Everybody in the room knew we were from the National Alliance. When we walked in, there were lots of mutterings and whisperings in the crowd. We walked right to the front of the room and took our seats in the first row. The main speaker was talking about Ku Klux Klan activity in Massachusetts back in the 1920's, and talked about modern activity of "hate groups," and showing a headline about Ku Klux Klan activity from a newspaper in this area from back then. So pro-White activism has a venerable history in Massachusetts, and I am proud to uphold this tradition in 2002. But of course, the Klan was defensive and reactionary, whereas we are offensive, revolutionary, and have some views on the environment and agriculture that would be called "progressive," such as being in favor of small, organic farms and Permaculture and against factory farms and agribusiness.

So in response to the mention of the Klan, I turned around to the audience and smiled and raised my hand, acknowledging that "hate groups" were represented at this forum right here and now.

They opened the forum up to speakers, and I raised my hand quickly. I was the first speaker. I got up, walked to the microphone, and talked about how "hate crimes" are only enforced as such when the crime is against non-whites and committed by Whites. I talked about Wichita, and I mentioned about how a few weeks ago a White man in Jasper was killed by blacks, and there is none of the outcry that there was about the murder the James Byrd, that probably nobody heard about the murder of the White man in Jasper. Then I said that the reason that "hate crimes" are enforced only when Whites are the perpetrators is because the Anti-Defamation League is indoctrinating the police, and their materials always show "hate crimes" with Whites as the perpetrators. Also, the Anti-Defamation League is a criminal organization that got caught stealing police files in San Francisco, and accepted money from Jewish organized crime figure Moe Dalitz, and this same group is training the police! The Framingham Chief of Police was one of the panelists, and I asked him pointedly, "Have you been trained by the Anti-Defamation League?" He got real flustered, and said defensively and emphatically, "No!" That was our biggest victory -- to get the Framingham Chief of Police to emphatically deny that he took any training from this foreign lobby, the ADL. In doing so, he delegitimized their role as "trainers" of the police.

Then the buzzer rang and my "two minutes of democracy" was over. Sumner Redstone and Abe Foxman get a hell of a lot more "democracy" than I do. But in this day and age, there are no rights, there are only opportunities for survival, and we have to take every opportunity that we can get.

I obediently sat back down. The next speaker was a middle aged woman who pointedly asked the Framingham police chief if he would enforce "hate crimes" evenly, even if it was a non-white against a White. He and the Framingham DA assured the public that they would. After the meeting this kindly woman came up to me and said she wanted to meet with me and the other NA member to talk with us about our concerns. She seemed to want to give us milk and cookies and gently talk us out of our views. We of course treated her kindly and respectfully, and I advised her to contact National Alliance in West Virginia if she wanted to get in touch with us. She made us promise that we'd sit down with her to talk about what was upsetting us, and we promised.

Another speaker was apparently a White man who claimed he got arrested with Ralph Abernathy in some Civil Rights thing, but he was very conflicted about the changes in Framingham and he had to constantly give himself psychotherapy to accept the changes. I glared hard at him once he mentioned his involvement in the Snivel Rights movement, but as it turned out, he illustrated how White race traitors are extremely internally conflicted. As a side note, I have to say that since becoming a White nationalist activist, my own mental health improved considerably. I became a devout family man, and I came to understand my place in the world.

Another speaker was a lesbian who whined about the petitions at local supermarkets and other public venues that were collecting signatures for the Defense of Marriage Petition and asked the commissioners if anything could be done about petitions They answered vaguely that these petitioners couldn't be stopped. They tried to be nice, but clearly this lesbian wanted totalitarianism in favor of homo rights. Another woman spoke, asking if there was anything the police could do about people distributing "hate literature" that "children might see and be harmed by," while looking pointedly at me. The Framingham DA answered that unless the literature incited violence or targeted specific people, there was nothing they could do except maybe enforce littering laws. A man with cerebral palsy or MS got up and talked about how wonderful America was and how everybody who came within American borders was American, and said a lot of the usual cliches, and everyone applauded, including me, if only for irony's sake. This guy ended up taking one of my packets at the end, saying, "Well, maybe I'll learn something." Remember -- always be nice no matter what, especially to the disabled and the naive.

A woman came up and promoted the local NAACP. She also had some sort of speech impediment. A young mother got up and talked about how wonderful she was for sacrificing her children on the altar of die-versity. A black woman who was a member of the Human Relations Commission stood up and talked about how not enough was being done to promote miscegenation. Too bad Elizabeth Wright of http://www.issues-views.com wasn't there to balance this particular viewpoint. A crazy woman went up to the microphone and talked about how her house was being broken into on a regular basis and the Framingham police weren't helping her They had some difficulty removing her from the microphone. I was glad that there was someone who was more disruptive than yours truly.

During the whole thing I shouted out of order twice and was warned both times. I did just enough without getting kicked out. I forget exactly what I did, but I think when one woman mentioned the ADL I yelled out "a criminal organization!" I was one outburst from being thrown out, which is just right. Go right to the edge, and stop there. But the woman who was talking about some edjewcational program called "Facing History and Ourselves" really infuriated me. It was a "Holocaust" indoctrination program, which of course demonizes the Germans, privileges Jewish suffering. and omits the 10 million Ukrainians killed by Communist Jews in the 1930s.

I asked to be given the floor again, and they said I'd get the floor when there were no other speakers. I was going to discuss the evidence of Israeli foreknowledge of the WTC attacks, and talk about the Jewish Holocaust against Gentiles -- the mass murder of 10 million Ukrainians in the 1930's and why don't they talk about that in their "Facing History and Ourselves" indoctrination program? I was furious, and I glared at the woman promoting this program through the whole thing.

Then the thing ended. Ralph Woodward recognized all the members of the Human Rights Commission. Here was the guy who had thrown me out last month with gestures of violence, and he had to see me sitting there at the front row smiling at him. When he was finished and the meeting was dispersing, I expected to go around soliciting National Alliance packets, but I was immediately swarmed by reporters and people who supported us! A Boston Globe reporter, a Chinese woman, asked me why I was there and I emphasized my opposition to the one sided "Holocaust education" and the fact that Jews committed a Holocaust against Ukrainians, which I emphasized by showing my flyer http://www.jeffsarchive.com/images/beria.pdf I told her that I got along OK with blacks and Jews in my daily life, but this didn't prevent my political activism. I told her that blacks didn't mind the fact that I was a Nazi and a White separatist because I treated them with respect and fairness, but Jews were more hostile and aggressive against me for my views despite the fact that I treated them fairly and respectfully in my daily life.. She asked me if I would be at future Human Relations Commissions, and I said I would because that was our only way to get our message out, since the Jews controlled the mass media.

While I was talking to reporters, two people approached us and asked for packets and made it clear they were there to meet the White nationalists. I think we got some recruits out of this thing.

So it turns out that we were the stars of the show. The large turnout and the media attention was for us, not for the Human Relations Commission. But hey, at least ole Ralphy got some turnout. He should be grateful to us for making him and his little Human Relations Commission relevant. As Dostoevsky said in The Brothers Karamazov, "The book of Life must have a Column of Criticism, otherwise it would be boring."


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