Women and White Pride

by Demi Weissmann

Men in the White-pride movement often wonder why more women don't join the movement and remain in it. There aren't very many women in the movement at this point. We need to look at why this is so; especially when white women are a majority of the population in North America and Europe. Something must be done, or changed, in order to recruit more women.

I know, personally, that I face many problems as a White female racialist; and not with anti-racists or non-Whites but with my own White brothers in the movement. I am told that if there is a show I might not be able to go. Why? I am female, and so I must be weak. They need guys they know can fight and hold their own to get seats in the van to the show before I, the untested, weak female, am even considered. Now, I can understand this to a point. At most WP shows fights do break out and it is good to have guys at your back you know can stand up and fight with you. However, how will they ever find out if I can indeed hold my own in a fight if I am kept from getting in a fight?

Also, females in the movement are made to feel that we should be kept barefoot and in the kitchen, constantly pumping out good White children, cooking, doing laundry etc... I'm all for this, but not until I am older; when I no longer want to go out with the guys to bars and WP shows. Right now I am young, and want to do things for the movement in the same way the guys do and have the same fun and excitement as them as well.

There have been times when I felt like leaving the movement because I felt like I wasn't being allowed to contribute in any significant way. Not to sound whiny or feminist guys, but if a White women wants to help out; let her. Not letting a female support the movement in a way she feels is necessary is not worth losing a soldier over. (Or hearing the whining and complaining and seeing the evil glares.)

At the moment, the movement's main source for recruiting females is through boyfriends and husbands. This has its negatives and positives. If a female joins the movement because of her significant other, and later becomes an aware White, then great. She is one more soldier on our side in our fight for White racial victory. However, if she joins the movement and is only motivated to stay in it as long as her husband or boyfriend is in it then we cannot truly count on her help when "the shit hits the fan," so to speak, not to mention if they break up.

What we need to do is to aim more of our recruitment strategies at women and young women at that. The women who are older have most likely already chosen whether or not they will stand up in pride for their race or not, and it's not likely they will change their mind. Younger women however are still trying to discover themselves, what they believe in and what, if anything, they will stand up for, and so are more likely to join our movement. The worst thing we, as a movement, can do is to continue with websites by older women aimed entirely at the stay-at-home, middle-class wife. We need to begin creating websites aimed at young women and older women with families. We need to get out the word that indeed, White racial women aren't restricted to being the mothers on the home front, but are also soldiers on the war front. Although men and women are not equals, White women should be given a chance to use all their abilities to fight for the movement and not just the ones that even non-White women have. Another idea would be for someone to write a novel with a proud White woman as the antagonist. We have The Turner Diaries, we have Hunter, we have White Empire and the list goes on, all with male protagonists. None have female protagonists. Now, I will admit that I personally prefer male protagonists, much like I prefer male singers. Still, perhaps if women could see a female depicted as a hero it would motivate more of them to participate.

Consider this: we want to live in a society with White ideals -- well the Germanic tribes, who were our ancestors and very White indeed, allowed women to fight side by side with them when in need. Perhaps we too should follow our ancestors' wisdom; for is this not a time of need? As a superior race we should be able to unite as one and fight our enemy as one!


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