Psychological Terrorism

by Troy Hoeft

In a previous article, The Convergence of Ideologies: The End of Liberty, I described how the Zionists took over the neo-conservative (neo-con) movement during the '80's. The article indicated that the CIA began covertly funding money to Irving Kristol, a former left-wing Bolshevik agitator, in the '80s to write neo-con articles in such influential (and Jewish) publications such as Commentary. The article also indicated that this covert funding by the CIA and alignment with Zionists was to counterbalance the extreme Jewish activism in the U.S. Many people I have spoken to ask why our intelligence service would do this.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Zionists have always had a massive, disproportionate influence on our internal affairs. Their money power and political connections have always run deep in European and American society. It is my opinion that the most significant turning point in the Zionist hegemony of America was the Watergate scandal. This was the final turning point in the struggle for world socialism, the final death toll of Western thinking.

Watergate had nothing to do with power politics and had every thing to do with the fight against a subversive faction operating within the Democratic Party: a communist/socialist faction. In fact, by the '60s the Democratic Party had become fully socialist. The Republican Party began a clandestine effort to derail a socialist coup d'etat. If you recall, three of the five "burglars" were anti-communist Cubans. However, the socialists were so entrenched in both parties that insiders began to leak information to the Washington Post, owned by the late Jewess Ms. Graham, who set up an investigative team to expose the "conspiracy."

The exposure of the "conspiracy" reverberated throughout America. Politics was dead. The editorial pages highlighted the complicity of our corrupt morals as a Capitalist nation. Our "democratic" system was being jeopardized by power-hungry hatemongers. The saving grace of the near collapse of American society was the "free press," which saved us from the evil clutches of the Republican Party.

Capitalist No More

Zionist activism in the U.S. primarily concentrated on anti-capitalism and interventionism during the '60s and '70s. Their ultimate strategy was to push the U.S. ever further down the mixed-economy/socialist path. The U.S. was spending billions of dollars in Vietnam, but the left-wing Democrats would not raise taxes to fund the war, while at the same time they pushed through massive domestic spending increases. The deficit and national debt mushroomed. The U.S. could not honor her debts at a fixed exchange rate with gold, which was stipulated in the Bretton Woods conference of 1944 (the gold standard forces countries to operate on supply and demand economic principles, which is the enemy of socialist/mixed economies). Therefore, the Democrats' refusal to finance the war forced Nixon in 1971 to suspend convertibility of the dollar, and he declared; "now I'm a Keynesian." Keynes was a famous Fabian-socialist economist at the London School of Economics who advocated deficit spending and the mixed economy.

The Political Terror Machines

On the social front a cultural war was being fought. Since the '60s the Jewish control of the media had become nearly complete, manifested daily on tv and in papers and over the radio as a massive assault on American Values. This extensive media power augmented organized Jewry's coercive political groups, many of which were founded in the early part of the 20th Century, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), Jewish Defense League (JDL), and also many puppet organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). These organizations essentially suppress, undercut and undermine by means fair and foul, anybody or body with dissenting views. These political terror machines operate with cunning efficiency and are augmented by the "free press," most of the major organs of which are in their or their relatives' hands. Most recently, the president of the JDL was arrested for conspiring to blow up a mosque and the office of an Arab Congressman. Organized Jewry is so powerful that AIPAC has almost complete control of our foreign policy, indeed brags of the fact.

The Price We Pay

Although the socialist Zionists were winning on the domestic front, they could no longer rely on the USSR as their ally in the Middle East. The USSR was becoming openly anti-Semitic under Stalin's rule. Post WWII, the Western powers were losing much of their hegemony in the region, while the USSR was making moderate progress in creating alliances by supporting anti-Israel countries with weapons. Since Israel's inception as a state in 1947 Israel played a wicked hand with the West to secure firm control in the region. In 1956 Israel conspired with the French and British to invade Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal. Israel would invade Egypt with France and Britain "intervening" to end the war. The ultimate goal, however, being an increase in Israel's land, namely the Sinai Peninsula, and Britain and France would regain control of the Suez Canal.

Ironically, the Arab and Muslim countries viewed Israel as a puppet state of the West, not the other way around. After the 1973 Arab-Israeli war OPEC initiated a massive economic war against the West for arming and financially aiding Israel. This economic war came shortly after Nixon's suspension of convertibility of the dollar and had massive repercussions in the West. The West experienced massive stagflation - high levels or persistent inflation and unemployment. Price freezes were implemented and the government took control of central planning, which played into the Zionists' domestic strategy.

The effects were immediate. Without a complete change in strategy in the Middle East, namely a distancing of U.S. from Israel, the West was sure to suffer terribly. The West, fearful of Zionist political pressure at home, opted for militant "anti-communism" in the Middle East. In other words, the fight against communism in the Middle East became a fight to save our "Little Ally."

Psychological Terrorism

As indicated in The Convergence of Ideologies: The End of Liberty, the '80s saw the emergence of the most aggressive propaganda in modern history -- a constant non-stop assault against the Evil Empire: the USSR. This propaganda rationalized our need for further militant interventionism in world affairs. "Holocaust" propaganda became an important tool for invoking the passions of Americans for fighting any evil regime in the world -- atonement through blind obedience.

Central to this strategy, the media bosses began promoting evangelical fanatics, such as Jerry Falwell, in the mass media. The primary theme in this new "Christian awakening" was a constant bombardment of pro-Zionist propaganda aimed at keeping the Muslim infidels from desecrating Jerusalem. Jews, as the Chosen People and protector of Christ's holy places, were central themes. Not only did the evangelical strategy play a crucial hand in crafting large-scale support for Middle Eastern interventionism, but was also used to wage a domestic propaganda war. Once the Israeli-American alliance in the Holy Land was complete, the Zionists engaged in a massive smear campaign against the corrupt evangelicals, which they hand picked in the first place! Many Americans have simply lost faith in their religious leaders as a result of this psychological terrorism. They don't know what or who to believe.

Thus, the military-industrial establishment created a behind-the-scenes agreement to fight for Zionism in the Middle East if the Zionists would support neo-conservative policies that would shift the extreme left and the extreme right to a middle, mixed-economy centralism, while also supporting American colonialism via "anti-communist" puppet regimes. This included intervention in Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Lebanon, and other countries. As part of their bargain, the Zionists would tone down or eliminate their revolutionary activism in the U.S. and their media bosses would become openly hostile to the USSR in exchange for "Little Israel's" security. Containment policy would become the most advocated policy in the editorial pages. This was a monumental change in the press's standpoint, considering its formerly ardent support for the anti-Vietnam cause. Vietnam, after all, was part of our containment policy. However, as already outlined, the Zionists reneged on their domestic political activism.

The Little Puppets

Interestingly, the Zionists needed militant leadership in the U.S. due to the increased tensions and hostility in the Middle East. Israel needed technology, weapons, money, and intelligence support. They picked Ronald Reagan as their new voice. His running mate was initially Gerald Ford, but political strategists considered this to be too obvious of a puppet presidency. Instead they opted for George Bush, former Director of CIA. In addition, Bush was a former member of the Zionist-funded Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR publishes Foreign Affairs and is responsible for grooming most of our foreign policy leadership. Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condoleeza Rice are all former members of the CFR.

The Iran-Contra scandal was central to this new alignment. Carter was brokering a release of U.S. hostages in Iran. Carter's re-election success hinged upon the outcome of this deal. Through Bush's CIA contacts Israel brokered a deal with Iran (a sworn enemy of Israel) whereby arms that were earmarked for the Contras would be sold to Iran. In return, Iran would not release the hostages until after elections. This would secure Reagan's election. Yet our "Little Ally" leaked this to the press after the election in a typical Israeli smear after their blackmail began to falter when Reagan supported the sale of AWACS to Egypt. Of course, this fiasco was always compared to Watergate in the editorials to remind everyone of the evils of the Republican Party and the importance of the "free press" in securing freedom.

The modern war is a war of psychological terrorism. Guilt and fear are the targets. Greed and cowardice are the enemies. Violence is the aberration.


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