Divorce and The Racist, Part 2: The Search for a Girlfriend

by Robert Crockett

Let's face it, sooner or later you're going to have to stop staring at the four walls and acquire a new girlfriend. As we established in part one, you're at the state where the relationship you just came out of is hopelessly wrecked with absolutely no chance of restoration. And like me you have probably been out of practice for quite some time, assuming that you were ever any good at pursuing the opposite sex to begin with. But let's suppose you are like me and more or less stumbled upon your previous relationship.

I currently have a girlfriend and we are pretty close. Having a girlfriend, wife, or significant other is the natural state with me. I'm the kind of man who has that manifest destiny in being paired with the opposite sex. I don't require all the women out there, far from it. Instead, I only seek one woman of good quality. After my last article, I received numerous questions on how a man starts over after ending a long-term relationship. If you are an available, unattached woman reading this article, then perhaps you might also be able to glean some wisdom in finding a high-quality mate for yourself. I'm orienting this article towards men, but I believe that good old-fashioned common sense can be contagious to the women readers as well.

The biggest problem I've encountered with men is shyness. In fact, one of the men in my group here in Arkansas is probably one of the shyest men I've encountered. We must keep in mind that the jew media has waged a nonstop propaganda war upon Whites to both make us and keep us shy. It is quite natural that the average man is quite shy when it comes to talking to a pretty woman. The racist man is no different when it comes to shyness, and being a racist only amplifies the anxiety felt when compared to the common man.

Shyness does not become the racist, and in fact can be considered as much an enemy as the jew. I think of shyness the exact way I think of lack of exercise and fitness. In fact, quite a bit of shyness can be overcome simply by going to the gym, trashing the cigarettes, and eating balanced meals. A physically fit man naturally gives off an air of confidence and vigor which only makes him more attractive to available women he encounters. Physical fitness is not all that is required, but it is a real good start when entering the courtship routine.

I also know of quite a few men who are extremely physically fit, yet become tongue tied in the presence of a good-looking woman. Are you one of these? If so, then you share a trait with me, and proper vigilance is required for you to be assertive and effective when looking for a mate. Just remember, the strength of your forefathers runs through your veins. Think of your genetic makeup as the battle flag from countless ancestors before you. You represent the sum total of all their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. You being here is proof enough that your forefathers did the right thing and at the right time. It is now your duty to do the right thing and propel your family line forward into the next generation, just like your forefathers before you did.

Do you talk to people? Do you talk to the older lady at the local convenience store, or do you just buy your cup of coffee and go? As an available man, you don't have to ask out every woman you should encounter, but it would be wise for you to start learning how to speak to people you encounter each and every day. I strongly suspect that if you are shy about talking to that pretty girl over there, then there is a good chance that you also are not talking to the older woman at the convenience store, the grocery sacker at the super market, or the shoe salesman. You need to start talking to people, shy racist. You don't necessarily have to make it a racial or dating conversation, but you do need practice in talking and expressing your thoughts in conversation. Practice, practice, and then more practice after that. Talk to somebody new each and every day. Make it part of your ritual: jogging, weightlifting, showering, shaving, talking, etc. Get the picture? Whether you are National Alliance, World Church of the Creator, Hammerskins, or some other affiliation, learning how to talk plays into being a racist in good standing. And from a racial standpoint, effective speaking is probably the best skill that you can possibly acquire.

The number-one thing I tell my people is that it will greatly behoove each of them to learn how to speak, and speak well. Society will inevitably break down, and I think it quite likely that an individual racist might find himself in the midst of a crowd of several hundred Whites lacking an adequate leader. I tell each of my people that he needs to prepare for the day when the race calls upon him not only to know how to speak, but also to gain control of the crowd for the good of the race. If a racist cannot control his conversation with a beautiful woman now, then how shall he control the crowd when the race needs him most? More than guns and bullets, we need talkers and leaders.

Top 100

Top 100 is an idea I developed some time ago to assist in overcoming shyness as well as finding a new mate. The concept is quite simple. The man finds himself in a setting where there are just gobs and gobs of available women in his presence. This can be a large dance hall, cultural event, or rock concert. The man pledges that he will speak to at least 100 women before giving up. By the man's innermost pledge to all his forefathers stood for, he shall not abandon the quest until he obtains one of the following:

  1. A valid telephone number and a high probability for a date with a girl. Simply giving your business card to a girl doesn't count. You and she must clearly be intimate before you can declare victory and be released from Top 100.

  2. The event shuts down for the night.

Outside the previous criteria for abandoning the quest, the Top 100 player will talk and flirt with a particular girl until he extracts the negative. Extracting the negative means that if there is something about you that shall turn a girl off, then it is more desirable to know this as soon as possible so as to prevent you from wasting time and energy on her. The more time you waste on a worthless girl, the less time you have to spend with the high-quality girl. This is why you always wish to extract the negative early.

Top 100 can be more than an individual effort. If you know of another available racist, then pair up with him, set up proper signaling so you don't flirt with the same girl, and back each other up when one is making conversation with an available girl. Ideally, Top 100 should be a team effort whenever possible, as well as an established local-unit activity. If there should be a local female National Alliance member, then she can help give pointers to the men seeking out a quality woman.

Early in the conversation with a female candidate, I say I'm National Alliance, I'm active, and proud of it. If I should get a negative from a girl, it will most likely be at this point. However, if you should get past this point with a girl, do not start an eight-part lecture on the decline and fall of the Roman empire. Most women are not political, so please refrain from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by getting into deep political conversations (unless that's clearly what she wants). So if she accepts you as a racist, then answer her political questions, but don't stretch a 30-second answer into a three-hour lecture. You have literature and books in your home, and she's quite free to peruse these as she desires. As a man, you need to realize that women have quite different criteria from men when choosing a mate. Women wish to know if you are strong, stable, have a good job, if you'll be a good father, have a nice place to live, etc. Keep this in mind when you date.

Hail Victory Comrades!


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