Gosford Park

by Mark Rivers

Jew Bob Balaban co-wrote and stars in "Gosford Park," directed and co-written by Robert Altman. If Altman is a Jew, he is hiding the fact pretty well -- I couldn't find anything to confirm his ethnicity. "Gosford Park" is done in typical Altman style; there are multiple crossover character stories, intertwined to reach the conclusion. In this case, the setting is a stuffy old English estate in the 1930s. The rich folks live the good life and gossip about one another, while the plebes do all the work and gossip about the rich folks.

When a murder is committed halfway through the film, a Clouseau-like Police Inspector (fag Stephen Fry) investigates. The film suddenly turns from a slice-of-life period drama into a semi-slapstick whodunnit. There are no non-Whites in the film, and the Jew's presence (as an American fag filmmaker) serves more or less as a Greek chorus, explaining to Mom and Pop America things like what the difference is between a butler and a valet.

There are dashes of humor and tragedy scattered throughout, and it all turns out all right in the end. If you like, go see "Gosford Park" for a lightweight afternoon "tea-party" experience. The jabs at snooty English society are not so much anti-White as they are anti-snob, so overall, it's not too shabby.

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