Closing the Gap Between Conservatives and Nationalists

by J.R. Colson

Allow me to state a fact bluntly, right from the outset: modern capitalism and racial thinking do not mix. If you are a mainstream capitalist, you are part of our anti-White problem. You need to change your attitude about corporate coin-changers.

Unchecked capitalism allows thousands of minorities and foreigners to rise high in the political and social arenas of America and the West, usually at the expense of Whites. Due to rampant capitalism, the general status of ethnic minorities is far more "equal" to Whites than it was in the 1950s. They are climbing higher and higher in rank and stature. If Whites want to remain on top in the West, this will not do.

These minorities and foreigners open restaurants, gas stations and carpet stores, often with special government grants or loans that White tax dollars pay for. Then, if they are successful, they open even more stores. In fact, some of them own chains of stores.

That financial success eventually gives those minorities and foreigners political clout as well, since politics and money are bloodbrothers -- you can't have one without the other. For example, a campaign to become mayor of a big city requires many thousands of dollars, from the candidate's own pocket as well as from wealthy backers.

(And yes, the same features above apply to women -- they gain enormous political power via their business-related success in America and the West. Women do the business thing instead of doing the mommy thing, because Jewish TV producers convince them that they are not being fulfilled in their domestic lives. Those same Jewish producers then have a good laugh while their bank accounts fill up with gentile money that will later be given to the World Jewish Congress and other Jewish groups, to further Jewish interests worldwide. Nice racket, it's, thanks to our current capitalist system).

Think back to the time of the Founders. When America was all-White, capitalism was a good thing. In fact, it was a necessary thing. How else would one acquire things like sugar and tea? Or a butcher knife, or shoes? A general store was vital to a small community.

But the rules have changed, because Western culture has changed. While there is nothing wrong with Mom-and-Pop capitalism -- a corner food market -- those outfits are almost a thing of the past, driven under by often-Jewish-owned/minority-owned chains of stores with which they cannot possibly compete.

It is time to realize that laissez-faire capitalism has actually become our enemy. This news always seems strange to Jefferson- and Franklin-worshippers, I know, since I was one of those worshippers. But it has become a fact nonetheless.

I am amazed, due to my conservative origins, that I now sort of understand the leftist protestors who throw bottles at big anti-capitalist gatherings, such as the one recently held in New York.

Sure, the leftists are against capitalism for different reasons -- they think that capitalism is White-guy globalism, and that globalism is a right-wing ploy by stuffed suits to conquer/plunder the entire world at the expense of the environment and the indigenous minority peoples -- but, nonetheless, I have developed a bit of sympathy for them.

Let everyone to the right of the political center realize that the game has changed. Let them all grasp the fact that thinking racially is not compatible with anything-goes capitalism that boosts minorities and Jews in political and social status.

Indeed, author Ivor Benson, in his book The Zionist Factor, makes the great point that when capitalism becomes too big, e.g., a large corporation like McDonald's, it develops Communistic features, i. e., the power and reach to stifle or curb "natural" human activity, and to bankrupt honest Mom-and-Pop merchants, just as Communism did in, say, Chile in the early 1970s.

This topic of capitalism is really the nugget of the conservative/nationalist split. Conservatives cannot see that the features of Western life have changed. They are too busy listening to people like Rush "I Don't Dare Mention Race or Jews" Limbaugh tell them how great IBM's latest takeover is to grasp what has happened. And by the time many of them do grasp the horrible facts about big capitalism, the West in general, and our country specifically, will be long ruined.

We need to reach conservatives with this simple message above. We need to turn their heads. They must be made to see that Rush Limbaugh's vision of...dare I say it at the risk of sounding leftist...greed and profits at the expense of your own White culture is dooming the entire West.

Remember the motto of nationalists, and heed it: our race and culture FIRST. We can all argue about the details of governing later, after we expel or jail our riffraff.


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