White Men, Reclaim Your Sons!

by Soldat Xlebov

PART ONE: The Negrification of Our Culture and Society and the Elimination of the White Male

The prelude to our current madness...

Two trends in recent history drove the final dagger into the heart of White families, helping to create the monstrosity of culture we have today in our pseudo-constitutional dictatorship. These trends are in inverse proportion to each other.

One is the final marginalization and trivialization of the White man as provider, spouse, and father. The other is the "negrification of society," a reductionism to primitive pathological urges and longing wrapped in socially acceptable advertising glitz and packaging that make these pathologies palatable, even desirable for young White men and women. It is a blending mechanism to make Whites feel more black and for blacks to prey on White shame and guilt, making the White a perfect victim for black perfidy.

The former trend stripped White men of their parental authority and economic power; the latter turned their children into dancing, fornicating pseudo-jungle bunnies.

The former resulted in an abolition of respect for authority and Western Civilization; the latter brought society into the sewer, by insinuating sewage into a glorious Western, and White, culture.

Beginning in the 1980s, White men lost high-paying manufacturing and other skilled jobs as our corporate masters fled overseas. Whites in the main were forced to compete with negroes and other ethnics for remaining jobs and training in different skills, or in areas, like government employment, that were undergoing a huge shift in ethnic composition. Egalitarianism, a theme from the corrupt 1960s, made minorities, through government handouts and special treatment, more equal than Whites. Negroes and other minorities became legally entitled to a greater piece of the pie -- most of which was taken from the mouths of Whites.

Often, so-called "civil rights" groups locked up training and apprenticeships with White union bosses, who were conspirators in the racial sell-out. Their first priority was keeping their power; civil rights thugs and their hordes could provide that muscle, and often did. The same groups threatened government employers and even corporations in the patent extortion of jobs and tribute for silence and peace.

Later Jesse Jackson -- the alleged "reverend" of something or other -- brought the same dynamics of extortion to corporate boardrooms, places that had no qualms about tossing White men out of their jobs, and which were filled with timid nancys who feared the broad brush of "racism" if they did not genuflect to the new State-approved criminal extortion racket that these "rights" groups had become. The corporations were a cakewalk for the negroes and their jewish masters.

The one group that suffered the most was the White family man. He became a joke, a pariah, a fool, someone to pity and re-educate in the State's retraining camps of education, law, the media, and other venues. The new alien culture reduced White man to the status of "The Other." It used its agencies to incite his shame and guilt over his vile White nature. He was seen as abnormal, while homosexuals, pedophiles, black criminals and rapsters, angry female musicians, and tattooed satanists were accepted into the mainstream under the Rainbow banner of tolerance, multiculturalism, and democracy.

The White family man's divorce rate skyrocketed as the transformation of marriage resulted in gross unfairness in family law, the demonization and criminalization of men and their biology, and the sudden discovery of alleged social ills that lay hidden under the oppressive veneer of patriarchal society. In other words, men were oppressing their wives and children. This stiff-necked and harsh feminism ripped families apart and shrilly went after every institution in society where "sexism" was thought to exist. The long march through the institutions had an ugly, twisted jewish female face. The assault was demonic, with the ancient female demon, Lilith, the destroyer of pregnant women and small children, as a prototypical icon for this new wave of vicious man-haters.

One by one the institutions crumbled and fell to the haters, queers, and race-mixers. For those who opposed this madness, the enemy had new and old labels to use: racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, a lexicon of gas that meant nothing but caused a general stampede of common sense. Mere mention of any one of these terms -- actually developed from the anti-Church movements followed the French Revolution -- would make White man hunker down and tremble.

The society of men, women, and relationships freely entered and responsibly managed declined as the new culture became psychologized. A new and sinister cadre of professional "therapists" (the rapists) determined the interaction between men, women, and their offspring. These worm-like creatures and their Jewish ideology of manipulation and control for self-protection insinuated themselves into the fabric and foundation of the Republic, or rather its tattered remains that had been torn by the War of Secession and its tyrannical aftermath of "Reconstruction." America had been weakened long before, giving the latest assault an easy victory over a worn out political culture and confused society.

Our institutions fell more easily than Soviet communism or the Berlin Wall and the repercussions were infinitely more severe. We had a whole network of private and public relationships that functioned like political, social, and economic ganglia, ostensibly for the benefit of "American society." Communists, jews, and other leftists and their globalist "capitalist" counterparts continued their ancient agenda and devoured America, now a dictatorship of vipers under the guise of pseudo-constitutionalism and the lie of democracy in a Republic of the semi-literate.

The enemy of the White man is the dictatorship of the self-anointed who rose to power in this nation as the authority of traditional institutions continued its persistent decline. The dictatorship includes the "learned" jew and feminized "gentile" of media, academia, and finance; "White" she-males of curious and self-determined new genders, and every man or woman who owes his economic health and social well-being to the now corrupted relationships that have come about since the 1960s.

Above all the one group that suffered in the midst of this assault was the sons of White men, many of whom grew up fatherless and lost in a feminized culture that hated them and set about to change their essential masculine nature. And their fathers often were helpless to stop the obscenity.

These young men today drop out of school, have no competent men to gather them under wing, and so drift from unskilled job to unemployment to unskilled job in an endless cycle of despair that destroys their hope and future. Any hope of family life is closed to these men, unless they find a similarly disenfranchised White girl who will have them. They come together, have children, often end up encountering the State's police agencies like CPS, and are fractured by the demands of judges and social workers who remove their children, offer the girl a better life on the multicultural dole, and criminalize the father. We have a significant group of young White men who are threatened by our negrified culture and the agents of social change who permit this abomination.

Our enemies comprise a formidable army and it is easy to gulp in moral cowardice and slink away before the massed predators, but resistance is the only recourse to reclaiming our patrimony, our culture, our society, our nation, our race, and our religion.

White man, we must act, now.

We must start by restoring our culture and heritage by reclaiming our sons from the hands of this evil monstrosity! We must DO IT NOW!!


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