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Eye on Egypt

We pay it off to the tune of several billion a year to pretend it likes Israel. But growing numbers of young people and junior officers hate the corrupt government, and one day the hard-core Islamics might take control.

Gun Confiscation in Illinois

Loopholes used to round up weapons. G8 preparations... "Racist" joke hurts Toronto bid. Can't joke about Africans eating people, even if they do.

"Doc" Pollack and Leftist Lies

If this liar isn't Jewish, someone needs to get him an application quick. Here latest self-help bilge. "There is no cure for the senses, save the soul. And there is no cure for the soul, save the senses."

Jewish AP Liars Blame Whites for Spreading AIDS Among Promiscuous Sootskins

Ludicrous article... Here NYT Jew repeats the lie that Jefferson mated with negress.

White Anthropology: Grave Find May Rewrite Norwegian History

Earliest Christian grave, dates to 600s... Very old bones found in Ethiopia.

Letter from David Duke... American supporter.

David Duke Update

My ongoing political David Duke

How The Jews Engineer the American Elite

Ygg deduces it all from a single Harvard brochure. Read and learn, American parents. You are being played for suckers by the "name" schools, very few of whose names actually are worth paying for. Harvard pays big bucks for its black students, and has a very specific mission in mind for them, as this picture makes clear. They are there at Harvard to learn how to deliver the votes of their fellow blacks for the inner-party dominated racial extortion coalition, upon whose existence their continuing good fortune depends.

Movie Review: The Score

A Jew directs a movie about a White man in love with a negress. Wow, we never saw that Mark Rivers

Jewish "Holocaust" "Education" Is Evil -- Don't Let Hymie's Mindbenders Twist Your Kid

Public school children are being required by law to study religiously biased Holocaust material in the states of Illinois, California and Florida. Most other states have been targeted for the imposition of similar instruction. Educational laws relating to the Jewish genocide -- or Holocaust -- are be ing obtruded into public school systems under the sponsorship of Jewish legislators and advocacy organizations. Here some of the truth about the concentration camps in Germany. Here Podhoretz on Legally Blond.


We got it. They want it. Here Fred Reed on China. Note the odd ending. Is Fred trying to say that it would be a real tragedy to see blond Aryans like his daughter swallowed up by gook hordes? Why, bless my soul, I believe he is.

White People Get Mad Enough to Do Something!

Busted windows in Tennessee kill state tax plan. More of this is needed. The only way to get action these days is to act like EGOCs (esteemed gentlemen of color). Francis on wog riots in Britain.

How the Jewish Media Operate: Jews Lie, Iraqis Die

Commentary or UN report?

Shark-Related Moronicity

Best writer at LRC's tepid site provides good example of non-political stupidity and illogic. There are more sharks than ever, and they are increasingly peppery. Just like NA members: the other Great Whites. Jews are the remoras that tail them, slurping up whatever ploops from their cloacas.

British Cons Copy Me-Too Republicans

Single moms, dope smokers, gay bodybuilders, paks, chinks, bangs, snappers -- all have profound interests in voting Tory.


Here a summary of episode of latest MTV's Real World. Everything must push the same direction: ignorant White hick must be educated by shEGOC.

Israeli War Crimes

Bulldozing, nut-sniping, whining for money; these are few of yids' favorite things...

Alex Curtis Update

Rotting in S.D. prison...

Stalin, Doodler

Another mass-murderer/artist...

Why Hitler Came to Power

A Hymie with an inkling... Read how Jews declared war on Hitler -- first. Did they teach you that in school, or were they too busy drowning your ears in Little Lachrymose Annie?


Report on race relations... Here MP actually urges cutting non-English-speaking immigration. Here on possible Lady Godiva artifact discovery.


Review of new book on subject...

Jewish Haters Vandalize Belgian Diplomat House

Jews can mass-murder with impunity. God made it that way. Here more yids invade Iowa. Here Jews prepare to slaughter Arabs.

Fake Hate Crime in N.C.

Here complete garbage from Washington Post. Here on syphilis rates. Risk factors never mention the all-important differences in White and black behavior. Here what it's like to live in Nigeria. There's a reason we call them niggers. Wherever they go, destruction soon follows. Here Bushy threatens to veto any bill that doesn't open our roads to Mexican trucks. Bushy's fighting for la raza. Who's fighting for YOUR race, White man? Here the media enjoy White poverty in South Africa. Here an American chimp attacks De Lay aide. Boy, the niggers have been free and easy with the fisticuffs on White pols the last couple days. The chimp making the assault is the mayor of Chesapeake. You can put a nigger in a monkey suit and call him "mayor," but he's still a monkey. Good British stuff here.

Media: Lear Center

Look around on this site, you can download a couple intersting pdf reports. Latest in Jew-leftist thinking about media and particularly entertainment's globalization and effect on society. Find out what the enemy is theorizing these days...

Movie Review: Scary Movie 2

Produced by four Jews, directed by a negro, and written by a healthy mix of both, Scary Movie 2 is 85 gut-wrenching minutes of jokes about bodily fluids.... by Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Crazy/Beautiful

The Jews weren't content with just one version of Save the Last Dance this year, so they made a Mexican Mark Rivers

Economic Man or Spiritual Man?: A New Old Way to Live

Life was not meant to be drained away in a cubicle. An updated, racially conscious, agrarian life is there for the Andrei Kievsky

For Conservatives Ignorant of the Jewish Question

Why do conservatives always lose? Because their parties are controlled by Jews who have brainwashed them into rejecting White pride and embracing colorblind individualism, thereby advancing concealed Jewish interests while paving the road to White genocide. The division of Jews into conservative and liberal camps is a red herring. Understanding that Jews are a race fighting other races is the start of political wisdom.... by CPTWC and Alex Linder

Welcome to The People's Free Republic

How the world really works -- any opinion Jews don't like gets censored, its advocate fired and/or firebombed by Jewish haters. It's not enough that you don't oppose them, you must be beaten into actively loving Big B'naither: [F]rom the first day that I filed papers, formally beginning my representation of Richard Butler, my Internet world changed. Suddenly I was getting hate email from around the world. The local papers did their best to make it appear that I was a Nazi, too, making all manner of outlandish allegations in an attempt to link me up with every politically undesirable sort in the area (and this area, Northern Idaho, has far more than its share, I might add). The assembling of my dossier had begun with a Edgar Steele

U.S. Helps Destroy Macedonia

Forces it to talk until it can't defend itself.

Support Your Public Skrewools

If there's any way you can avoid them, your kids will thank you later. Contributing to the unlikelihood of serious reform is the disunity in a country that is being destroyed by immigration and by a moronic native population conditioned to despise its own heritage. Well put, Reese. More here. Twain's twist on democracy.

Why Can't They...

Force the Catholic church to hire queers and ordain women?...

We're All Jews Now

Conservatism has metamorphized into liberalism, and the young, dumb, full of cum Goldbugs don't even realize it, smearing away with nescient disdain. Gottfried says that. What he doesn't say is that his race's takeover was successful -- and essential to the makeover. We're all social democrats -- socialists -- Jews -- now: warmongers abroad, welfare-staters at home; anti-racialist everywhere except among us yids.

Media: Penthouse to Outhouse

Guccione's rag suffers as its yawning spreads spread yawns...

Jews: The Traditional Enemies of the Truth

They try to prevent a black scholar from speaking the truth about their involvement in the slave trade. Jews the friend of the black man? Not when he speaks the truth about Jews!

Black Paper Improved with Pro-White Inserts

How much you want to bet it's the first time something literate's appeared between the covers of the Daily Egyptian?

Race Hate in Seattle

Whether they're attacking girls, punching the mayor, or murdering Kris Kime, negroes make bad neighbors. This is one of the more biased articles we've seen in a while. The world would be an awfully hard place to understand if you used a Jewish newspaper for a map.

The New Battle of Britain

Click on Schmidt article... More here, from McConnell. Latest from Bradford. More here.

Pregnant Without Man?

May help infertiles reproduce, or lesbians... Here the Mason home-schooling way.

Bush Helps the Neverending Story

The people of your checkbook aided by Bush.... Here on dead Shahak. Here classic Jewish arrogance. This freeper post may even still be up when you click -- note how the freepers actually don't like the Jews. Better shut it down, Big Stuff.

Jews Pollute Micronesia

Wherever they spread, evil follows as they subvert the local culture... Here on what the ratlings do during the summer, while your beaches and parks fill up with the nig refuse the Jews' policies have loosed. And here.

Summer Reading for Jewish Kids: How to Destroy White Society 101

"Have you thought of using books to teach your children about tikkun olam -- remaking the world?" Here, more Jewish summer fun from the "change-makers," Jewish reviews of Jewish books to teach Jewish kids to be agitators, protesters, perennially buzzing gadflies, "activists" tearing away at White society. Stories like Drummers of Jericho, in which "a Jewish high school student confronts prejudice head-on in a predominantly Christian fundamentalist town that does not welcome dissent." God forbid that 2% of our population should quietly pack its bags and move to Israel to escape such awful conditions. How we'd miss them!

Jews Are Troublemakers

Jews are troublemakers; even Jews say so. Here, "profiles of changemakers, troublemakers, and others working for positive [good for Jews] change." Jews agitating for driving privileges for undocumented aliens, Jewish connections to Martin Luther King, Jews on campus, Jewish women agitating for "civil rights." Don't take our word for it; ask Jews. Straightforward, shameless, right out in the open. They're proud of their destructiveness. This is called chutzpah, arrogance. Reading down this page gives a good idea of the way Jews think and organize.

Movie Review: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Steven Spielberg, King of the Jews, wrote, co-produced and directed this film. Need I say more? Mark Rivers

My Summer Vacation

Spitting, rocks, dogs and empty cases of Corona: the mestizo "culture" that's driving out ours. Until Whites unite and shit on Mexicans and Puerto Ricans the way they do on us, nothing Chuck Pearson

New York Jew-Bitch Slurs Whites

"Fuck you, white trash," yells Jewess Grubman at bouncer, jumping into car and injuring sixteen people. No, fuck you, yid. No Jews. Just Right. This repugnant yidess does P.R. for nigger rappers Jay-Z and the weedy Wu-Tang Clan. Niggers promoted by yids. Juden 'raus.

Click Here!

Spotlight Down for the Count?

Final judgment againt Carto and his group, speculation the paper will reemerge with new name.

Queer Marriage Pushers

The waterbugs at Mass News don't realize that the homo agenda is part and parcel of the overall nation-wrecking agenda of the Jews. These people think Jeff Jacoby is the cat's meow, "one of us." They are wrong. Jacoby and Sulzberger and Jews that traffic in child porno snuff films in Russia and Jews that steal billions and get amnesty in Israel and Jews that want to make it legal for homos to bugger their children are all in league. There is no real dissent among them, only the appearance of dissent. Fifty years ago, the Jews would not have admitted that they wanted to make your daughter fair game for predatory niggers. Now they are open about it. Do you really doubt that fifty years from now they won't have found ways to get away with buggering children? Where do you draw the line, White man? Every inch you give, the Jew will go for another foot.

A Different View of Riots

Blames revolutionary Left... More on Bradford. May be in for long summer. Here's the BNP's view. [Anti-Nazi League] ANAL is the front group for the militant Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party... Here for Pravda. Here the website for the Jew-led Trotskyite sphincters of ANAL. Remember what Edmund Burke would say, were he alive today: All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Utah Town Declares Independence from UN

No insignia, no funding... Toning down requirements in the Marines to make it easier for our double-breasted warrioresses. Here California legislature yips about reparations. We need a national Peanut Butter and Stoplights Museum of Historic Black Achievements. Have those of you who haven't yet killed the electronic jew seen the car commercial in which a black "scientist" sagely examines CAD designs? He appears, just long enough to establish affirmative action points, then the camera jumps off him before the ludicrous tableau sets off laughter. Or thought. Who would buy a car designed by a black man?

Mayor-Beater Wants to Name Stadium After Murdered Kime

He's not a violent man "reports" the local paper of the megaphone-wielding bush bunny who hit the mayor. Read all the extenuations. When Whites defend themselves it's always and only "hate" that drives them. The Jew is the enemy, White man. He sets the tone for his papers, and the tone is relentlessly hostile to Whites. More here. Mental children, niggers will push until they encounter resistance. And the Jewish media are holding our hands back to prevent our doing what needs to be done. Whenever you read about a black man murdering a White, remember that it wouldn't have happened without the Jews behind the media and the Jews in the courts who killed segregation. Jews are nation-killers. It doesn't matter if they present themselves as conservatives or liberals, they are bent on destroying our race to further theirs. Whites must unite and treat the Jew justly before he destroys us.

Sharon and Belgium

A yid under pressure will say or do anything. Sayanim Blumert? Chandra Levy?

Media: New News Outlets

Title link to self-satisfied radio host. Here Reps salute Gunga Jim. Oh, he's big stuff all right! Here Jew Isaacson takes over at CNN, leaving Time. Here Farah regrets awarding Brock.

Feminism: A Reality Check

A dismaying glimpse at what happens to family, community and nation in a me-centered, adult-centered, pleasure-centered, I-can-have-it-all world.... by Angry White Female

Bradford Riot Worst So Far

Fight, Whites, fight. Send the Paks and Bangs back to their pens of origin. Here Irving on Bradford, note what he says about the yids who pester him: Will they be wailing "Why us?" in another 20-30 year? Pics here. The minute the coloreds show up, the American problem becomes the British problem. Or the French problem... Here on the state radio used to promote the breakdown of White Britain. There is no difference between Britain and America and Germany and France because they are controlled by the same Jews and traitors who are using the same techniques to the same ends. They take your real freedom and give you sexual license in return. Wow, how daring! Wow, how outrageous -- a girl rubbed and licked by girls! That is so cutting edge! What kind of bold and original mind came up with it?

Seattle Zookeeper Released from Hospital

Sustained broken face bones after one of his charges attacked. The Jewish liars who edited the story for AP say the keeper was hit by a "man," but we don't believe it. Here trial of queer Scoutmaster. Here Cantwell on Celtic-Saxon differences. Interesting stuff, but don't let his facts or bigotry cloud the big picture: If you're hot for Celtic pride or for libertarian freedoms, consider how they'll fare in the multicultural cesspool of tomorrow.

Zionism Is Racism, Affirms UN

Jews are the racists who hate racism in others. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Jews Froth Over Wagner

None so cultured and tolerant as Hymie...

Visit Jamaica, Mon, An' Bring Ya Peashootah

Love and weed and flying lead, that's what makes this land the best...

The South

Many of the books you want to read.....

Water Fight in Klamath Falls

Feds vs. locals... Here on the lies surrounding McGuckin, spread by prosecutors and media alike, all favoring the government's position.

The Rewards of Cowardice: Seattle Mayor Bitch-Slapped by Uppity Nigger

We keep pretending that niggers are human, and this is the inevitable result. White cops demoralized, afraid to bust niggers. Whites murdered or on the run. Niggers are just like their fellow animals: if they sense fear, they attack. If a Klansman punched the mayor of a big city, I will guarantee you he would have been shot dead on the spot. Cowardly White mayors punched in the face by niggers is the symptom, Jew is the disease. Dealing with the Jew is real politics, the rest is Republican beanbag. Everytime this turd-coward of a mayor takes a bite, perhaps he'll remember how he prevented cops from defending innocent Whites set on by groids during Gras. Here more on the nigger who murdered Hayes, and left her baby to rot by her soon-to-be-dead corpse. In a civilized society, this nigger already would be hanging over a tree limb. In a civilized society, this nigger would be too afraid of repercussions to attack White women. In a civilized society, Jews -- No. There are no Jews in a civilized society. Here another useless nigger murders a mother -- just look at the composite based on her four kids' description. Was "Samantha Jaume" White? Very possibly, since the Judenpresse doesn't mention her race. This is what niggers do, this is what niggers are, this is why Thomas Jefferson didn't sleep with them and said that they needed to be sent back to Africa. They are not human in the same sense we are, and to allow them to roam freely among us is to guarantee our destruction. Which is why the Jews worked so hard to destroy the segregation barriers we had wisely put in place. Niggers are never more than symptoms, Jews are always the disease. The Jewish question is the root of our problems, hence the top priority. Then comes the nigger. And note this quote: "Mandeville has grown up. Unfortunately, we have all got to watch out for ourselves a little bit more," Cappony said. The idea that dipping ourselves and our cities in niggers and their criminal depravity is more "real" or more "adult" the Jews have been very successful in putting across. Young White kids from rural America express it on MTV's "Real World" where they are exposed to and enlightened by niggers, gooks, gook-niggers, she-males, and other "real" creatures. White is abnormal and boring; nigger is mature and real. Jew is disease and deception.

Edda: Our Viking Past

Edda -- a collection of orally transmitted Icelandic tales of Scandinavian history and mythology inscribed in a manuscript of the 13th century or so. New production at Lincoln Center in New York.

Wogs on the Rampage in Old England

Whites and browniewogs have at it. Several photos, which don't really capture what's going on. More here, including the admission that the lovely little munchkin wogs were chanting "you White bastards." Boscoes back to their pens! England for Whites. Wogs OUT! Judenpresse snakes OUT! Jew Jack Straw: the gibbet for you. More here from the canting goobers at stupid British paper. More here. In one of two reported stabbing incidents, about a dozen Asian youths surrounded a White man, according to a witness. "They corralled him in a corner and started hitting him," he said. "He tried to fight his way out but was knocked to the ground and he was punched and kicked. All credit to British Whites battling the boscoes. See one of the stabbed Whites. Here a Frenchman is busted by web censors for trying to get a pro-French word in edgewise. Note that, as always, when locals complain about affirmative action programs, it's always referred to by the press-liars as a "perception." There are laws on the books in Britain and America that discriminate against Whites, but if you mention them, it's treated as an hallucination. Another good reason you should quit watching tv and buying Jewish liepapers. Interviews with brownies here. Note the way they are presented in photos as paragons of upright integrity. Compare that with the photo that ran recently of Nick Griffin, where he was lit and angled to appear quite the Jekyll and Hyde. Workaday dishonesty yids specialize in. More here. And here. And here. And here.

Invasion of the Sewer People

Like a bad fifties sci-fi movie, the dung beetles keep on coming... We're like the corpse of a fish left in a field. Different beetles and insects overrun and eat/breed in it in very regular order. Mexicans despoil and move on, can do no other. If we were a nation, we would invade Mexico and stomp it into the ground, and make something out of the land they've wasted.

Israelis, Friends of Humanity

Stay out of in front of their guns...

More Gov't Fun Cams

This time use considered in Virginia Beach. Great for when blacks discolor the beach, not so good for civilized Whites. English common law evolved to handle Whites, not niggers. "It is better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be convicted," is nice poetry where criminals are rare, but when you mix niggers into the equation, it's lethal insanity.

American Balkans

Click on "Census 2000," right side of page to read about emerging "confetti" society, where every other person's a gook, nigger or mestizo.

Debunking Rauschning's Supposed "Conversations with Hitler"

More stuff that just ain't so...

Debt Heavy: Good News for "Worse is Better"

An eye on the markets. Not everybody can be bailed out forever... Here the sorriest continent on earth tries to get its act together.

Who Was Russel "Rusty" Frasher?

A homeless Vietnam vet is beat to death by a bunch of teen savages, referred to as "youths" by their media protectors. Within ten years, these White-hating chimps will be back on the street menacing you and yours thanks to the corrupt judicial system. The media, the cops, the authorities have made it clear: You're on your own, White man. We're too afraid of the Jews controlling our papers and paychecks and pensions to protect you or fulfill our sworn duty. Are you listening, Aryan Brotherhood? Angry White Female

Zimbabwe: Chimps Hold White Farmers Hostage

After beating up a bunch of workers... The nation is in freefall because Whites will not defend White interests.

ADL: Gutless Jews Fear Debate, Addicted to the Smear

Hypocritical racists, gutless censors: Jews -- pernicious yids who can't fight fair, have no racial concept of fairness. Jews make their way by smears through darkness, always have, always will. They are afraid to debate, able only to pressure behind the facade of tolerance and inclusiveness and anti-racism. But there are none more intolerant, exclusive and racist than they. Cherchez le juif, the root of our problems. That is real politics, the rest is beanbag, beachball-batting Republicanism. Here on Barrett speech in New Jersey. Here a Jewish hate group calls for censorship.

Oldham: Semitically Correct Statement in Papers

White race traitors sign harmony pledge... Here cops work against British pro-Whites. Here Hanson under attack in Australia.

Global Gun Bans?

Rule by disarming apes... More here. Here fighting immigration in Iowa. Who's paying off Vilsack to destroy Iowa? Which yids are donating to his campaign?

Racism at Free Republic

It's open season on Arabs at JimRob's forum, but don't mention Jews or you'll disappear in a poof of Semitical Correctness. We hear the thing's riddled with ADL operatives who hit the abuse button whenever anyone crosses the line. Safe, controlled opposition. The best kind. Free Republic is where Special Olympians go to discuss politics. Here Semitically Correct terms that have replaced accurate terms.

National Alliance Is Everywhere

In Texas... In Arkansas.... Here precious yids show their support for the First Amendment. What is it with Jews and the truth? Here Dr. Pierce's address on yid ideologues behind new movie The Fast and the Furious, reviewed by our own Mark Rivers here.

Races Exist

Ygg comments on Rabbi Schiller piece... Here four pieces of nigger/Mexican/Indian excrement murder a White homeless vet. Odd thing here. Here a she-nigger bein' a she-nigger. Here U.S. to turn negro rapist over to Japan.

Jew Attacks Oprah for Not Toeing Jewish Line

Jews are a race, not a religion. A racial crime sydicate masquerading as a religion. They attack as one anyone questioning them. To know that a Jew is a liberal or a conservative is to know little. To know that he is a Jew is to know everything.

Is Levy Working for Mossad?

It's possible...

Media: Spectator Moves to Boston

Here on Brock repudiation. Caldwell worked there just after I did, and his word is to be trusted over the side-flipping queer's.

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