For Conservatives Ignorant of the Jewish Question

They aren't liberals, they aren't conservatives, they're Jews. Miss that and you miss everything.

by CPTWC and Alex Linder

A question:

Are you a member of, or even the leader of, a so-called conservative political organization such as the NRA, Heritage Foundation, Eagle Forum, Republican Party etc.?

If so, you should know that your organization is very probably weakening itself by default; indeed, dying a slow death -- without your even being aware of the problem.

But don't feel bad. It's a common mistake today, one that most mainstream "conservative" political outfits make. One that you will be aware of after reading this.


Dr. Kevin MacDonald, professor at Cal State Long Beach, is rather unique as professionals go.

He is one of the few modern academics to tackle a very touchy subject without being fired or blackballed -- yet.

Just what forbidden subject did Dr. MacDonald dare to broach?

Jewish history -- a subject so taboo that not even the powerful Christian leader Pat Robertson, with millions of dollars and followers, dares to say anything negative about it, even though Jewish history is by far the most negative and controversial of any people's since the first historian put pen to paper.

Dr. MacDonald has written a trilogy on Jewish history, following Jews from pre-Christian times to the present. The large and diverse bibliographies in each book show he's done his homework. The message that screams between the lines is that Jews are a threat -- THE threat -- to White men everywhere. They destroy White societies as naturally and inevitably as the larvae of the wasp who lays her eggs in the caterpillar. The larvae sup their strength from the body of the caterpillar, killing it as they gorge and grow. Jews eat out and murder their host society, then ditch the steaming shell to repeat the process in a fresh victim. Three thousand years and we idiot goy cattlepillars still haven't caught on: The Jew destroys other races by his very nature.

The Culture of Critique (1998), MacDonald's concluding volume, is most important for our purposes because it exposes in detail the pervading and negative impact of Jews in general and radical Jewish intellectuals in particular on 20th century America.

He paints a detailed, devastating portrait. It is not an overstatement to say that virtually every cultural and political weed has Jewish roots, whether it's feminism, "civil rights," immigration, psychiatry, television, or gun control -- right down the line. It gives you goose bumps to read an objective analysis of the race, and bigger ones when you consider that its power goes unmentioned in public. As Joe Sobran observed, the strongest power is that which can forbid its own mention, and that aptly sums up Jewish power in America today. When you control the media, you can ensure the spotlight never shines on you, only on your enemy. You can define the people and policies that are bad, while making yours cows among Hindus.

One of the most significant observations MacDonald makes concerns Jewish involvement in modern "conservative" political organizations.

While most of us recognize the long Jewish association with the left -- Red Diaper babies and '60s radicals -- fewer know that Jewish power is nearly as pervasive on the right. Again, this is because Jews are fighting to advance their race, and political ideology is a tool and tactic for them, not their deepest concern. Whatever their politics, it is safer for their race to have flies on all the walls and stirs in all the pots so they always have advance warning and can redirect things if they lurch in a dangerous direction.

MacDonald explains that Jews tend to be much more leftist or "moderate" than Whites on political issues, especially those related to race and sex. They tend to be much more "tolerant" of minorities, and much more inclusive towards women than their non-Jewish counterparts, because they themselves are historical outsiders. And having been historical outsiders for thousands of years, they developed an outsider's mentality.

And they still have an outsider's mentality, even though they appear to be 'just like us." They use this camouflage to pursue ends opposed to ours while protesting in public they're just another religion or ethnic group. They aren't. They're a different race, as genetic studies confirm.

The same racism they deplore in others they insist on among themselves, so much so that studies show that Jews thousands of miles apart are more genetically similar to one another than to White locals in the various host countries. Jews are a race, and more than that, a racial crime syndicate, as it has been termed.

     Jews are not liberals. Jews are not conservatives. Jews are Jews...

The first and fundamental mistake White conservatives make is thinking of Jews in terms of left and right. Once we make this mistake we have fallen into the ant lion's pit and are lost without hope of recovery. That is their game, and that is the theme of this essay: Jews are destructive of our race and society by their very nature as a different and competing race. If this fact is not perceived and understood, nothing else matters. David Horowitz is not a conservative, he is a Jew. Frank Rich is not a liberal, he is a Jew. You don't understand that -- yet -- because no one is permitted to explain it to you in the media you read and watch and listen to. Liberal Rich and conservative Horowitz share a racial interest in preserving that blackout. But it is true, and it must be the basis of all further political understanding, that Jews are a race fighting other races. Jews pushing Jewish racial interests -- often in the name of "colorblindness" or anti-racism -- is the only way to make sense of social changes sweeping our society in recent decades, and the only basis from which to prepare a counterattack.

Genetically linked and intensely schooled in race-consciousness and the need to stick together in a world of hostile gentiles, Jews see left and right as positions to be manipulated to confuse and control those gentiles. As long as they remember that what matters first and last is that they are Jews, they are free to assume their different positions along the spectrum. They know that the racial interests that unite them are more important than any superficial political differences that appear to place them at odds in the public eye. The differences are there for tactical reasons, helpful in the pursuit of the strategic racial purpose. Are we repetitive? It is because you will read these truths nowhere else, and they need to be pounded in that you begin to understand.

Jews are like one of those weeds that appears to be several different plants, but is under the soil revealed to be spaced growths off a common root. Money, organization and shared racial interests actuate all Jews, whether left, right, center, up, down, sideways, political, or non-political. They are intensely conscious of who they are and who you are. We Whites aren't. And until we are, our cause cannot win. That is not sandy opinion, that is iron law.

Compare what Jews say with what they do. Take any position they espouse for White America and contrast it with the LAW writ in stone in Israel. On immigration, gun control, tolerance, diversity, etc., their position in the U.S. reverses in the motherland: racist-nationalist in Israel/colorblind-multicultural in America; Whites owning guns to protect their families? Hate it, want to outlaw it. Israeli TEENS walking around with submachine guns? No problem. Mexican invasion? Inevitable and boosts the economy. Three half-dead guys entering from Ukraine? Ship 'em back. Unless they have sisters who can be enslaved as whores.

Contradictions? No. Hypocrisy? Not really, just on the surface. These opposing sets of policies both serve to advance Jewish racial interests. The inconsistencies disappear when viewed in light of Jewish racial interests.

It's a foolproof guide: Identify the Jewish racial interest, and, depending on the circumstance, you can trace your way back to the policy Jews advocate. They fill up our laws with special outs, privileges and favors for their group at our expense, while preaching race-neutrality as "fairness" to us Whites.

If they can dupe us, and they've proven they can, so much the better for them. But nothing stops us from waking up, White man. Nothing except their control of the media we use, the very pointing out of which hugely discomfits them and results in that frenzy of demonization the world has always recognized as a Jewish characteristic. The spitting hatred with which Jews react to negative reviews of Neil Diamond concerts -- denouncing reviewers as "anti-Semitic -- can stand for their reaction to anything they don't like. Any resistance to their schemes always has and always will result in demonization of the offender as an "anti-Semite." You either support Jewish interests, or you must be destroyed. Jews are not just another subset of White people, they are a peculiar race, and a race that inevitably destroys its host society if the host doesn't wake up in time and expel them.

The Jews are indeed hostile to all humanity, as the Romans said: humanity's sworn enemy. And a sure sign is the way they attack AS ONE anybody who writes the truth about their nature as a hostile race bent on destroying other races. It advances their racial interests to denounce and attempt to destroy anybody who recognizes they are fighting as a race against other races and attempts to alert his own people to the fact.

Just the way the entire bee colony responds with buzzing fury to an intruder's attempt to invade it, Jews go wild when anybody takes an objective look at their nature and behavior. Because an objective depiction of their nature is tantamount to an attack, since nine-tenths of their power lies in their successfully hoodwinking us that they are just like us. But the truth, now as always, is that they are "British in public, yiddish in private." They show one face to the world, another when they are among themselves. They can't change what they are: a hostile, exceptionally hate-filled race bent on destroying whatever host society they worm their way into.

It's up to you, conservative. You are free to reject the truths here outlined, and keep on believing that the Democrats and Republicans are substantially different, and that it makes a big difference which party is in power. But that won't change the truth. The country will continue pushing in the direction of the Jewish agenda, as it has continually since the Jews effectively "took over" at some point not to far into the 20th century. What I describe for you are very real facts and phenomena, and the fact that nobody writes about it in the newspaper you buy at 7-11 doesn't gainsay them.

The fact that Jews worldwide are pressuring to remove sites containing essays like this -- and the words you are reading and the site that hosts them are quite literally illegal in Germany and most of Europe today and would result in the authors being jailed -- is another strong indicator that we are preaching truths that the Jews are very, very afraid of, and don't want you to hear. And with good reason. Because when the White race does wake up, and does see that it is threatened by the Jewish race that intends to use it up and then discard it in a demographic genocide, the resulting fury is likely to be extremely unpleasant for the tribal crime syndicate.

     The cowbird parallel...

To draw another parallel with the animal world, consider the cowbird, an ugly bird that makes its way in the world by depositing its eggs in the nests of other species, which raise the cowbird babies unwittingly. How do you suppose non-cowbirds would react if they could understand that cowbirds were laying eggs in their nest to perpetuate the cowbird species at their expense? Jews are cowbirds. Anti-Semites are anti-cowbirds; birds who resent taking food out of the mouths of their own to feed sponging Jews and their minority tools. Ever listen to National Public Radio? Ever hear anything you agreed with? Ever hear anything you didn't pay for? I say it again: Jews are cowbirds.

We are suckered by a race that is using as one of its tools to destroy us our forced subsidization of itself and the colored races it uses as pawns, while preventing those of us who recognize this racial warfare from speaking the truth in any forum that reaches the mass mind.

Again, human beings are part of the natural world, and it is to our fellow animals that we must look to find parallels. The anti-racism and colorblindness preached by the members of the most partisan of races are always destructive of and ultimately genocidal to the race that practices them. Which is why they are served on a platter by "conservative" Jews -- and the gentiles they've hornswoggled or intimidated -- claiming they have our best interests at heart. And claiming that -- their most blatant and obnoxious lie -- they are speaking in the name of our forefathers. But George Washington was no yid. And Thomas Jefferson was no integrationist. They were White racists.

Think about that for a moment. The Founders we revere preached a virile White racism that today is ostracized and outlawed in the free country they founded. And the people who have done the outlawing have at the same time been clever enough to lie and get most of the White descendents of the forefathers to believe that the the founders "really" were dogmatic individualists just like the neocon Jews and Jewish liberals who are the only public voices we are allowed to listen to today.

That is what Zionist Occupied Government truly means. Not just that a foreign race has the power to tax us to subsidize itself in a foreign land, and cosset its members with special favors here, but that it has the power through its ubiquitous electronic amplification and repetition to lie about our race and its history and its interests. The truth is that the White race is on the verge of being lied out of existence by the Jewish race.

     Jews conjure White whirlwinds of confusion, but their way is straight...

Jews preach this and that: non-racialism for Whites, group interests for coloreds, "fairness" and "justice" for everybody. But always at the bottom, no matter what they say in public, Jews are conscious that they are a race, a group apart and better than the gentiles; a race intended by God to dominate. That really is how they think, and when we review the pitiful history of gentile slowness to pick up on their tactics, we can see where they have the evidence they need to reinforce their self-conception.

Jews are quite simply unconstrained by logic or consistency or morality or anything that gets in the way of their interests. All they care about is winning, which is defined as advancing their agenda. They are sempiternal Machiavellians in a world of dull hansels and gretels.

At the start of the 20th century, when Jews first began to stick their heads up in America in large numbers, they were seen by average Whites as weird outsiders. They were denied at the door of the good hotels, restricted at the better colleges. They were considered a crafty, nasty race of ugly and unmannerly swindlers -- i.e., they were seen for what they are -- and dismissed.

Jews didn't like this state of affairs. They sought to change it. As a race they hated their social exclusion and sought to destroy the racial restrictions that protected Whites from their 200-proof acid. They succeeded, and in very little time.

Once they achieved position, they set about punishing White society for curling its lips at them and daring to protect itself. As a race Jews promoted "civil rights" and "affirmative action" and open immigration. In the ultimate fuck-you, Jewish academics began preaching the line that the White race doesn't even exist. How about that for revenge? But you've never even heard of Franz Boas, have you, White man? You should. He has exercised a huge influence over your life, and your civilized White society has been remade around his Biggest Lie.

As a race Jews used all their intellectual power, their control of the new mass media of tv and radio, their newly acquired print media, and their lawyers and judges to destroy White racial cohesiveness, White culture and White identity the same way they had destroyed White privilege. And they succeeded. Today there is not one sector of American society outside the Ku Klux Klan in which Whites haven't been made second-class citizens.

The techniques and lies and politics Jews used were many and varied: non-racialism and colorblindness and guilt for the White majority, hyper-racialism and shoulder chips for the headless Negro minority. New schools of thought everywhere. Unceasing movement, designed to confuse. The Jews not only removed the White race from its perch of power, they split the White sexes and turned them against each other with feminism. They dumped the correct term 'sex' and replaced it with 'gender,' which of course isn't natural but "socially constructed" by White male patriarchs with their pathological "authoritarian personalities." They promoted homosexuality and all manner of sexual deviance. Always breaking down, always splitting and egging on, always promoting hate and confusion. This is the handiwork of God's people. This is what they do. This is who they are. This is the nature of the Beast that would destroy us.

The Jew is our enemy. He knows it -- do you, conservative?

You have two options, White man. You can accept that what we say is true and join with White nationalists in fighting the Jews to save our race, or you can play make believe and go bat beachballs at the Republican convention.

What would George Washington do?

That's the path you should choose.


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