Scary Movie 2

by Mark Rivers

Keenan Ivory Wayans got his start with a Fox Network show called In Living Color, the humor of which was so dated (and anti-White), it now finds a home only on negro-oriented stations and programming blocks.

Such is the humor in Scary Movie 2, which, like its predecessor, is directed by Wayans, and stars a handful of his relatives. It is produced by (get ready) Lisa BLUM, Eric L. GOLD, Bob WEINSTEIN and Harvey WEINSTEIN. Alongside the negroes who co-wrote the "script" are Phil BEAUMAN and Jason FRIEDBERG. I haven't seen that many Jews packed together in one place since I looked in the ashtray of my Volkswagen.

This Jew/Negro collaboration leads, as you might guess, to one thing -- an 85-minute fart joke. From the very beginning to the very end, we are treated to a series of visual gags that involve feces, urine, vomit and flatulence. True to the Jews' filmmaking M.O., Scary Movie 2 also makes jokes about handicapped people, drug use, religion and of course, White people.

The first Scary Movie attempted to parody the recent wave of slasher films; the sequel now jabs at the supernatural genre. Both films are equally unfunny and disgusting. There is nothing redeeming about this JudenSchwarze abomination. Skip it.

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