Economic Man or Spiritual Man?: A New Old Way to Live

by Andrei Kievsky

I was just listening to National Public Radio's Marketplace. A commentator argued for wage insurance to provide against falling into a lower-paying job as the result of globalization. And it's true that one of the most noticeable consequences of globalism is the de-industrialization of America, with its replacement of high-paid manufacturing jobs with low-paid service jobs. Not everybody can go from making cars to programming computers. More end up taking orders or answering the phone. That's bad.

There was a time when White workers in America could support a family on a factory job. America was an industrial country -- we made our own goods. We were also an agricultural country -- we made our own food. We were a patriotic country -- we defended flag, faith and family. Those days are gone.

What we have today is nothing but rah-rah for the false god "Economy." Nothing matters but what "grows" it. USA, Inc. [USAI] Thou shalt have no other gods before the almighty Greenback. Call it NPR patriotism, for in a certain sense, Economy is the Nation of the Jews -- or at least the idol they would have us worship in place of our traditional Aryan reverence for blood and soil. We are supposed to ignore our stock and worry about our stocks.

We have become little men, subjects of King Economy, an idol that limits our lives and threatens to destroy our race by treating us as raceless, rootless, fungible field hands on the New World Order plantation. We have been reborn as Economic Men, known also as lemmings and Bubbas and suckers of the sort that are born every minute.

Economic Man is radically different from his forebears; he is much less free than the man of yesterday. Like a mouse in a maze, he is given false choices: one or another tunnel to nowhere. Leaving the maze is not an option. His food will be acquired in restaurants and from supermarkets and vending machines. Vacations will be passive, spectator affairs at amusement parks such as Disney. Regular recreation also will be passive, staring at movie or television screens, or attending a "bread and circuses" sporting event. Patriotism is not to be racially or tribally identified (except for Jews), as it was in the old days, but whatever vestigial impulse remains is channeled into the false conflicts of professional sports, whose outcomes are meaningless except to spiritual drones and gamblers. Actual participation in the arts is left to the elite. Food production is done according to a factory model, as farmers give way to MBAs.

We may think we are much more hip and savvy and cool and tough than the man of Yesteryear. But it was the White man of yesteryear who pulled the gun off the mantel and went off to fight for his freedom. The White man of yesteryear did not depend on supermarkets; among the people of his small town or village he supplied his own entertainment, and you can be assured that it was a fulfilling entertainment, much more social and substantial and satisfying than all these atomized consumers driving their cars to the multiplexes and the TGI Fridays and taking the two-week vacations to Disney World (while slaving in a cubicle the other fifty weeks a year).

As one who has seen the lives of both Economic and Spiritual Man, I can tell you that the life of the latter is much freer, as he answers only to himself and to his racial collective, the latter ensuring the continuation of his proud bloodline. In South America, blacks and mestizos readily breed; but the proud White man, wherever he has journeyed, has resisted breeding with lower races. Turning Whites into Economic Man has at last accomplished the overthrow of White Spiritual Man who fought for his collective to prevent racial amalgamation. The only hope for White survival is to return to Spiritual Man.

Don't like seeing that teenaged White girl hanging on the arms of the African primate on your American street? That disgusting sight is a direct result of your dependence on the supermarket, the multiplex, and the Disney park...

The Spiritual Man may appear at first an unattractive path. Where does one start? It's not something that one is mentally prepared for. How will one have to change one's life, one's habits?

It sounds like a lot of work to those of us, author included, who grew up tv babies. And indeed getting started is tough -- it's no fun to be an "adult beginner." Bad memories of things that you took up and quit as a child come back. You remember how you took piano for six months, ballet for a year, a low-quality karate class for three weeks, and then quit, and remembered only as something you might as well never have attempted.

I have something to tell you. Your parents were lame, half-hearted Baby Boomers who didn't see any reason to push you, to help you strive. There was a thread of thinking in those days glorifying the "common man," pushing the view that people who strove harder than others were suspicious, stupid snobs setting up for a fall, like the episode of Happy Days where Ritchie dates a wealthy girl who ends up being mean to him, while Fonzie ends up dumping lobster on the rich guy's lap.

This is the 00's, and we Gen X'ers have tasted the bitter fruits of a herdlike, television-implanted, Semitically Correct populism. All along the Jewish kids were getting the elite upbringings, studying the arts and getting groomed to be the cultural elite who would tell us Aryan middle-managers how to think and live and when to step aside for our Negro betters, who would take our sisters and daughters and potential White female mates for their own sexual playthings (after which we won't want them) because they are more masculine and moreover, because of their historical suffering, are morally superior to us.

Is there a way out, Economic Man? Is there a different way to live? Absolutely there is! You need only look to the lifestyle of the American agrarian. Agrarians lived mostly outside the money economy. They produced their own staples, or at least provided the staples to one another within a small community. They picked their own eggs from the nests of their bantam hens. They knew how to vegetable garden practically year round, even in cold Northern climes, and how to can the food for the dead of winter when it was finally just too cold and snowy for any more "winter gardening." Not a drop of fossil fuel was needed for their food; now ten calories of petroleum are required for every calorie of food, on average. Practically every person was a musician, dancer and singer. Nobody needed a Stairmaster for exercise, because they danced vigorously in evenings while they drank and ate and celebrated life and flirted with one another and socialized and fought.

We could have this sort of lifestyle again. What's stopping us? The only difference is that now we will be able to get better musical training and schooling, and we will have more of a safety net in the form of the supermarket and the money system if we really need it. But we can and should organize our social lives and material existences around self-sufficiency within the White nationalist community. There are many details involved, but the place to get started is to join the National Alliance, especially if you are a racially conscious family. When you join National Alliance, the details of this project (where to start, what to do now) and the logistics and technical support will be provided to you by the writer of this article. Home-schooling, cooperative agriculture, and White racialist informal social networks is where we are starting now. Want your kids to grow up with White racialist peers? Want to have a more secure food supply, and more financial independence (even if it entails doing gardening and farmwork as a hobby among White-nationalist comrades), and to be part of the most dangerous (to organized Jewry) group in the United States? Join us now!


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